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Sony PlayStation Vita (Wi-Fi) 05/03/2012

Great device and great games, shame you have to pay through your nose

Sony PlayStation Vita (Wi-Fi) Note: This is a pretty lengthy review, if you'd prefer a bitesize version then I'll be summing up in a few hundred words at the end. Ah! Another year, another game's console. The PS Vita launched at the end of February and is Sony's successor to their PSP console. The device retails at around £230 for the Wi-Fi model and £280 for the 3G version, but if you shop around you can beat those prices by at least £20. This review will not cover the features of the 3G model, but I will cover why I chose the Wi-Fi model. In marketing the PS Vita, Sony have boasted of some of the best graphics on a handheld device as well as two analogue sticks and double touch inputs. The Vita is being pitched as a real gamer's device, and retailing at the same as the 3DS did at launch, Nintendo could be looking at some serious competition if the device lives up to Sony's claims. After taking the time to play about with it as much as possible, I'm ready to give my thoughts and they're mostly very positive. - - - Construction and Quality At first glance the device looks a lot like a PSP. It's somewhat bigger and sits comfortably in a two handed grip. The central feature is the big shiny screen which is larger than most phones and takes up most of the face. Either side are the D-Pad and face buttons to match any Playstation controller along with the two little analogue sticks which are much smaller than they seem in pictures. Honestly, the buttons feel a little cramped but it doesn't take too long to ...

Professor Layton and the Curious Village (Nintendo DS) 19/04/2011

Layton's apprentice saves the day!

Professor Layton and the Curious Village (Nintendo DS) It took me far longer to play Professor Layton and the Curious Village than it should have done. Arriving from Japan after a lengthy localisation process in 2008, the puzzler mystery series failed to grab my attention. It seems I was in a minority there and after three major successes Professor Layton finally won me over. I have initially been put off by the emphasis on brain teasers. The box proudly claims the game contains "Over 130 Puzzles!" Unfortunately, I have owned nearly that many puzzle games on the DS and Wii and most of them have been little more than useless shovelware. Still, I couldn't argue with the sales figures and so, with a little trepidation, I plugged Professor Layton and the Curious Village into my DS. The game impressed me immediately with its style, greeting me with a beautiful hand drawn title screen and some whimsical, very French sounding music. Getting the game started I was very impressed to find the story being revealed through some beautifully animated scenes with full voice acting. I was introduced to Professor Layton and his apprentice Luke, a puzzle solving pair of not-quite-detectives in a world that seems take from the heart of an Agatha Christie novel. Soon I was prompted to solve a simple little puzzle involving a roadmap and rewarded with some local currency for my trouble. Despite its Japanese origins, the game has a distinctly European feel. Both the Professor and Luke speak in hammy English accents that seemed only to improve the ...

Amazon Kindle Keyboard Wi-Fi Only 18/04/2011

Like books, but clickier.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (PS3) 18/04/2011

It ain't heavy, it's my brotherhood.

Lego Star Wars III (Nintendo DS) 12/04/2011

Do Lego men even have DNA?

Nintendo 3DS 27/03/2011

Easy, peasy, more than 3D.

The Royal Road to Card Magic - Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue 22/03/2011

The first word in magic literature.

Marvel Trading Card Game (Nintendo DS) 21/03/2011

You can't even play snap.

Marvel Trading Card Game (Nintendo DS) t is probably very telling that the deciding factor in my purchase of Marvel Trading Card Game was price. This was a very cheap game, in fact it is easily the cheapest game I have ever bought for the DS at a very impulse friendly £3. Of course there were contributing influences. I enjoy Marvel's various franchises and I still have pleasant memories of the surprisingly original Pokemon Trading Card Game on the Game Boy. However, having never played the card game upon which this is based and having heard very little about it, I wasn't suffering from any high hopes either. Marvel Trading Card Game is a very complex game spawned out of a very basic concept. A computer version of the real life game is worked into a loose story involving famous Marvel characters. This story is told through some very pleasant comic book art that is clean and sharp on the DS screen, always looking authentic and well put together. Each "Chapter" of the story contains a few card battles and progressing through them will unlock new cards, "puzzles" and continue the story. The story itself is not very deep, serving as little more than a framework to put the player into increasingly difficult matches and that's about it. The card game itself lost me early on, unfortunately. I do not intend to go into great depth with the rules, they are numerous and intricate even at the earliest stages. It involves taking turns picking cards, placing them, placing things on them and drawing new cards through multiple ...

Assassins Creed II: Discovery (Nintendo DS) 17/03/2011

Discover a great handheld transition.

Alice in Wonderland (Nintendo DS) 27/02/2011

Just on Time

Super Princess Peach (Nintendo DS) 15/09/2010

Mario is Missing!

Resident Evil 4 (Wii) 14/09/2010

Shooter, survival horror, puzzler.

Doctor Who - Dalek War (Box Set) (DVD) 13/09/2010

Dalek and Ogrons and Thals, Oh my!

Rayman Raving Rabbids (Wii) 13/09/2010

Bunnies just want to have fun!

The Conduit (Wii) 12/09/2010

Shady dealings in Washington D.C, I'm shocked!

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