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ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 ME173X 16 GB 02/09/2014

Easy and friendly cheap android tablet

ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 ME173X 16 GB After I returned from my holiday I had decided to buy an android tablet so that I could play better games on it than my Blackberry Playbook could so started looking around for different options, I set myself a budget of £100 - £150 and eventually came across the Asus Memo Pad 7 on the Tesco Direct website for £99, having read the reviews for this product I decided to order it for collection the following working day When I collected the Memo Pad from Tesco I was surprised at the size of the box, it was about as wide as a dvd case (13.5cm), 20cm tall and the depth is just under 5cm. Once I got home I immediately set about un boxing the tablet and getting the first time set up out of the way. The tablet already had some charge so I could immediately switch the device on by holding the power button for a second or two, I took the charger out of the box and plugged the supplied usb cable into it, I then plugged it into the mains and my tablet. The first time set up didn’t take as long as expected, I would say around 5 minutes including date and time, wi-fi and adding my google account. Touch Screen The touch screen on this tablet is very responsive and allows me to open and close apps and switch between menus without having to press hard on the screen, the on screen keyboard is also large enough to be used whether you have the tablet in portrait mode or landscape mode, the buttons are big enough to press without accidentally pressing the wrong key or pressing multiple keys at ...

Nokia Lumia 520 31/08/2014

Decent phone for less than £110

Nokia Lumia 520 --------------- --------------- --- When I bought this phone --------------- --------------- --- Around the end of July of this year my previous phone was really starting to annoy me (crashing, freezing etc) so I started looking at the choices available on the internet, in the end I found this phone on the Carphone Warehouse website for £110 + a £10 top up, although I got it for £80 as I had a T-Mobile SIM that allowed me to upgrade and keep my existing SIM and phone number, this is handy as I didn't fancy changing my number. --------------- --------------- -- My Experience / Features --------------- --------------- -- I ordered this phone around 6pm and received it the following day around 11am (I didn't expect it to be delivered until the following day), the box to the phone was smaller than I expected at around the size of the phone and deep enough to hold all the contents included with the phone. Inside the box was the phone which was the first thing you take out of the box as it's at the top, everything else such as the charger, headphones etc are located underneath the phone. The charger included with the phone is a full block rather than the USB adapters included with most other phones which is handy as I usually end up misplacing the plug while the phone is connected to the computer. The headphones included in the box look to be of very good quality although I haven't used these yet so can't comment on them. The USB cable included is pathetically short at ...

LG E2211S-BN 21.5 in 02/09/2013

Decent sized PC monitor for around £100

LG E2211S-BN 21.5 in When I bought this product Shortly before Christmas 2011 I decided I wanted a new monitor for my PC so started looking on the Argos website and eventually decided on the LG Flatron E2211 which I think was selling for £100 - £120 at the time, unfortunately Argos no longer sell but it is available from Amazon around the £130 mark. My Experience / Features After I opened the box and removed the contents which included the Monitor, base stand, VGA cable (D-SUB) and the instruction manuals I decided I would fit the stand first which is done by lifting the monitor and aligning the base of the monitor with the hole at the top of the stand and push the stand and monitor together until it clicks into place (it is secure once you hear this click). The next thing I did was place it on my desk and connect it to the computer by connecting the VGA cable into the VGA port on the back of the monitor, although it's labelled D-SUB on the back of this monitor, and to connect the to the mains you need a standard three pin kettle lead which should be included with the monitor, once the monitor is switched on and has a signal to the computer it should detect the monitor almost straight away and auto adjust itself (this can be done manually by pressing the menu button which is the first button from the left of the power button and then pressing the third button from the left of the power button). Connections As I mentioned above this monitor only has a D-SUB (VGA) port which may be limiting ...

Hitachi L22VG07U 01/09/2013

Excellent TV for under £200

Hitachi L22VG07U When I bought this product In June 2011 I bought a Toshiba TV from Argos that stopped working properly within a month of owning it so one night I got a lift to the store I bought it from and requested a replacement, they didn’t have the same TV in stock so allowed me to choose another TV, after looking through the options in the Argos catalogue I decided to go for the Hitachi 22” TV and pay £30 towards it having already paid £169.99 for the previous faulty TV making it a total of £199.99, although I don't think it is sold by Argos anymore but it is available on Amazon for around £180. My Experience / Features I got the TV home and set about removing it from its box and getting it set up, the TV was thinner than I expected and easily fit on my desk after I fitted the stand (which I believe just clicked into place). Once the TV was plugged into the mains and I had my free view recorder etc plugged in I switched it on, I changed straight to the Ypbpr (HD Component) source which I believe was where I had my recorder plugged into at the time, at the time I didn’t bother doing the auto set up of the TV as I just plugged the aerial lead into the back of the free view recorder. Auto Tune Although I never used the TVs built in freeview I did set it up once as I wanted to record an extra channel, the auto tune can be done by pressing the Menu button on the remote control and selecting “automatic channel search” from the menu that appears on the screen, it only takes about a ...

Fallout 3 (PS3) 29/08/2013

Best first person shooter i've ever played

Fallout 3 (PS3) --------------- --------------- ----- When I bought this product --------------- --------------- ----- A few years ago I was looking up games on the internet as I wanted to try something different, I found videos of Fallout 3 on You Tube showing off the features available within the game, I liked it so much I went on eBay and bought a copy for around £3 or so. ------- Story ------- This game is set in the year 2277, 200 years after a war lasting two hours destroying most of the world and leaving it a barren wasteland full of irradiated species such as Super Mutants, radiscorpions and mole rats. The main character, known as the Lone wanderer grew up in a fallout shelter known as Vault 101 until he turned 19 and found out his father had left the vault and had no idea why, before he even has the chance to take in this news he is being hunted by the vault security as they believe he had something to do with his father leaving, he is forced to enter the wasteland and try to fend for himself. ---------- Combat ---------- This game features a wide range of weapons ranging from melee weapons such as baseball bats to heavy weapons such as missile launchers and energy weapons. The game also features a system known as V.A.T.S (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System) which allows you to pause time while you select an area of the target’s body such as the head, arms, torso and legs etc, once you have chosen the areas to target the enemy will be shot in slow motion with the damage ...

Pokemon Emerald (GBA) 10/08/2013

Pokemon Emerald still one of the best games of the series Pokémon

Pokemon Emerald (GBA) --------------- ------- When I bought it --------------- ------- I originally bought this game after it was first released having previously played Pokemon Sapphire, I believe I paid around £30 for it at the time and even bought it again from eBay after I lost the original cartridge. --------------- ----------- Price and availability --------------- ----------- As the game is no longer in print it is very difficult to buy a brand new copy as I've seen them selling for £150 on Amazon for a sealed copy, buying it used from ebay would cost about £20 due to the number of counterfeit cartridges out there. --------------- ----------- Pokemon availability --------------- ----------- This game changes the pokemon that are available in the wild and even some of the legendary pokemon available to catch, in Ruby and Sapphire you would be able to catch Groudon or Kyogre respectively depending on the version of the game you are playing, in Emerald it is slightly different as you have to go and awaken Rayquaza and have it stop Kyogre and Groudon fighting (who had been released by Maxie and Archie of Team Magma and Aqua) and therefore stop the weather effects created by the two legendary pokemon, once this is done you can make the trip back to Sky Pillar where Rayquaza is located and catch it (it is at level 70) --------------- -- New features --------------- -- Much of the game remains the same as the original apart from that you fight both Team Magma and Team Aqua in this game, ...

Argos Value Range Oscillating Pedestal Fan 09/08/2013

Home cooling for less than £20

Argos Value Range Oscillating Pedestal Fan --------------- --------------- ------ When I bought this product --------------- --------------- ------ About 3 months ago I had moved my bedroom into the loft, as my bed isn't near a window I knew I would need a fan to keep me cool during any warm nights, a desk fan wouldn't have been suitable as I wouldn't have anywhere for it to stand while in use, in the end I decided on this fan as it was being sold for less than £20. --------------- --------------- -- My Experience / Features --------------- --------------- -- I got the product home and opened the box, the instructions weren't the best I've seen as I found them very confusing, in the end I got it assembled and used it occasionally at first as it wasn't that warm when I first bought it. --------------- ---- Speed Settings --------------- ---- This fan has three speed settings (slow, medium and fast), which up until around June 2013 I only needed to use the slowest speed setting during the night to help keep me cool, when I got back from my holiday in July I came back to a sudden heatwave so I knew the fan would need to be used. With this in mind I put the fan into place and switched it on to the lowest speed setting, I also had the fan oscillating as my brother was in the room, I found that the oscillation was too slow on the first setting so I increased it to the second setting which is perfect for the room we're in and only have to increase it to the third setting on really warm ...

Samsung BD-F5100 04/06/2013

Excellent media player

Samsung BD-F5100 Why I bought this product About a month ago I was looking for ideas for my birthday, I thought about something like a DVD player so I looked at the DVD players available from Argos but I noticed that Blu Ray players were only about £15 more expensive, in the end I decided on the Samsung BD-F5100 which was £54.99 from Argos My experience I opened the box and pulled out the Blu Ray player which is a lot smaller than I was expecting, it is 269mm in width, 189mm in depth and 38mm in height, it is small enough to place on my desk in front of my TV (there wasn't much room to begin with). Due to the surface finish (has a glossy feel to it) it gathers a lot of dust so needs regular cleaning to keep it looking shiny. Ease of use The player has a USB port located on the front for easy connectivity to USB devices, on the top (straight above the USB port) is a touch panel containing the eject, stop, play/pause and the power button making it very easy to eject the tray and insert a disk, it is also useful to quickly pause whatever is currently playing. USB Connectivity As I mentioned above the device features a USB Port which allows you to easily connect an external USB device such as a flash drive or an external hard drive, it also supports file systems such as FAT 16, FAT 32 or NTFS which makes it much more user friendly than some other devices as it means that most devices will work without having to be re formatted. Media Playback As well as playing Blu Rays, DVDs and Music ...

Microsoft Xbox 360 4GB S 16/05/2013

Xbox 360 Slim: Brilliant Gaming device

Microsoft Xbox 360 4GB S When I bought this Product Around October 2011 I had been viewing trailers and game play videos for the game Forza Motorsport 4 and decided that I would buy myself one providing they weren’t too expensive. I saw that they were selling them for £149.99 in Argos and were also doing an offer where you got Forza 4 included for free which I thought was very reasonable as I’m sure that the game had only been out no longer than a month or two. My Experience / Features I bought this from Argos and started to set it up as soon as I got home, it was very easy to set up and took me through all the steps to connect it to my wireless network and set up an Xbox live profile. Storage This model of Xbox has eliminated the use of the plug in memory cards used in the previous versions of this console, it now offers up to 4gb of internal flash storage instead (although I believe you lose a little bit of space as it’s reserved by the system) which offers plenty of storage to store your save files and one or two demos (depending on size). As well as the internal flash memory there is a slot located on the side of the console for you to insert a hard drive which has been changed from the big plastic casing to a really thin black casing that just clips onto the hard drive (if you own an original hard drive you can remove it from the casing and buy the newer style case from eBay for around £5). Installing games To save wear and tear on the consoles internal components games can be installed ...

Red Dead Redemption (PS3) 10/05/2013

you better go dunk yer head in the horse trough out there

Red Dead Redemption (PS3) When I bought this Product Shortly after the release of Red Dead Redemption in May 2010 I was looking for ideas for my birthday which was just over a week away, after viewing some game play footage on YouTube and hearing that it was made by Rockstar I knew I would buy this game no matter what. My Experience / Features I bought this from Argos on my birthday with some birthday money I got and played it as soon as I got home. I was instantly hooked within minutes of starting to play and was on it all day everyday for a few days. Story and setting The game is set in the year 1911 where John Marston, is taken away from his family by the Bureau of Investigation and forced into the uneasy task of bringing the members of his former gang to justice. The map of the game is based on two fictional United States counties known as New Austin and West Elizabeth, the game also includes a fictional Mexican state known as Nuevo Paraiso. The United States and Mexico share a border and are separated by the San Luis river. Travel As the game is set at the time when modern technology such as automobiles, machine guns and oil drilling projects were beginning to appear the main form of travel was primarily by horse of which there where a few different breeds. The Infested Ardennais and the Jaded Tersk are some of the slowest breeds of horse available within the game, they also had the lowest stamina and health than some of the other breeds available. Breeds such as the Dutch Warmblood and ...

Argos 10/05/2013

Argos: The Book of Dreams

Argos When I first started using Argos I first heard of Argos around ten years ago (maybe more but I just can't remember exactly) when a family member brought home the latest catalogue I actually used Argos myself a few years later when I wanted to buy an Action Replay for my Playstation 2. My experience with Argos I have always enjoyed my experience at Argos as I have never had to wait longer than 15 minutes for a product (I usually only have to wait less than 5 minutes but can be longer if it's busy). Returns and Refunds If a product purchased from Argos less than a year ago breaks down you can take it into the Argos store you purchased it from and are usually given the choice of a replacement, repair or refund. With most products I've had to return I usually get a refund straight away which mostly happens with cheaper items such as headphones. I bought a TV which broke down about a month after I bought it so I took it back to Argos where I was given a replacement straight away, although as they didn't have the item in stock so I was able to choose another TV from the catalogue and pay the difference (If the replacement was cheaper I would have been refunded the difference). There is also the option to have the item repaired which I have only had to do once or twice, the first time I took a phone for repair which ended up taking a month or two as I was always told there was a delay at the factory every time I checked on the status of the repair, I ended up with a ...

Nokia 6300 09/05/2013

Decent Nokia Phone

Nokia 6300 When I bought this Product About early to mid 2007 I had previously owned a Sony Ericsson phone which was supposedly being repaired by Argos, I had waited months with no news on how my phone was doing, my dad had been repeatedly visiting the store trying to get an explanation of when my phone would be available, in the end he requested a replacement phone (basically something that would do the same thing as my other phone). I remember coming home from college one evening and my dad calling me into the living room. He told me that Argos couldn't repair my phone and gave me a replacement instead, he pointed out an Argos bag and told me to look inside, I was expecting the same model I'd previously owned and was amazed when I looked in the bag and saw a brand new Nokia 6300 which at the time was a very good phone at the time. My Experience / Features I used this phone for about two to three years and I never had a problem with it while it was my main phone, the sound quality was very clear when speaking to people on the phone and it could store my music on a micro SD card (max 2gb) and assign songs as notification tones. Camera This phone has a 2 mega pixel camera built in which is only rear facing but I found it took some very good photos and could store plenty of photos on the memory card which made it easier for transferring them to the PC. This phone also doesn't have flash support either which could affect the quality of some of your photos and would limit you to ...

The Getaway (PS2) 08/05/2013

You don't do what I tell you, the kid dies

The Getaway (PS2) When I bought this Product I first heard of the Getaway after playing Grand Theft Auto 3 and stumbling across it in a Game Station store probably about a year or so after it was released. As I mentioned above I believe I bought this from Game Station but I can't be too sure as it was over 10 years ago I bought it. Story The story is split into two sections where you control one character for the first half and then the other character for the second half, the two characters also end up crossing paths at various points throughout the game. The first character is Mark Hammond who has just been released from prison and has settled down with his wife Suzie and son Alex, his son is kidnapped by members of the Bethnal Green mob resulting in Mark being blackmailed into doing suicide missions for their boss Charlie Jolson. The second character is DC Frank Carter who wants nothing more than to take down Charlie Jolson and his gang. As his and Mark's stories run parallel to each other he spends most of his portion of the game cleaning up after Mark's mess. Setting This game is set in London which has been recreated almost exactly like the real city, the game uses real car names such as Vauxhall, Citroen, Ford, Range Rover, Alfa Romeo, Saab, Lexus, Lotus, Renault, Nissan, Optare, Honda, Toyota and Mazda. To keep the game as close to real life as possible there are very few weapons in the game, these weapons include a Handgun, Shotgun, Assault Rifle and an Uzi, there are also ...

Iomega Select Desktop 34463 500 GB 07/05/2013

Backup now before it's too late

Iomega Select Desktop 34463 500 GB When I bought this Product Around June 2011 I had been using a laptop hard drive inside a cheap caddy which decided to stop working so I thought I would look on the internet to see how much a proper external hard drive would be, I wanted an external hard drive as I had been having to access the laptop hard drive by plugging it directly into the computer which would mean switching the computer off and on again every time I wanted to access something on the hard drive. I bought this external hard drive from Comet (at least my warranty has already expired) for £42.99 and have found it to be one of the best investments I have made for personal storage and backup. My Experience / Features After purchasing this hard drive I got it home and promptly opened the box and pulled out the contents, the box contained the hard drive, a USB cable to connect to the computer (the cable you would use for a printer) and the power lead, I think it also contained instructions but can’t remember exactly what the box contained. This unit is also small enough for me to store it on the keyboard tray next to my keyboard. This means that you could easily unplug it and connect it to another device such as a laptop. The only thing I would recommend for this product is to get a spare USB cable to make it easier to plug into another device without having to reach around the back of the computer to unplug it and then plug it back in again. Large storage space This external hard drive comes in various ...

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2) 07/05/2013

Grove Street: Home

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2) When I bought this Product I first heard of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas about year or so after I finished playing Vice City, I was already a big fan of the series so I decided to pre order it from Amazon for the PS2, I can’t remember the exact price but I think it might have been about £30 - £35 I bought this from Amazon as at the time it was the only place I’d ordered from online, plus as I was still under 18 I couldn’t just go an buy it from a store. My Experience / Features As soon as I removed the shrink wrapping I immediately opened the case to stare at the disk, I then read the manual and took a good look at the poster that I received with it which I believe also had a map on one side which I found useful to see what kind of size the map would be compared to the previous game in the series Story Unlike the previous two entries in the series (Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto Vice City) this game took place in the state of San Andreas in the year 1992, consisting of three cities known as Los Santos (based on Los Angeles), San Fierro (based on San Francisco) and Las Venturas (based on Las Vegas). The main character is Carl Johnson (CJ) and is returning home from Liberty City after hearing about the death of his mom, he is promptly harassed by some local cops known as C.R.A.S.H who decide to threaten to frame him for a fellow officer’s murder unless he assists them in illegal operations. The game sees him return home to Grove Street to help out his brother ...
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