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Schwarzkopf Vital Colours Permanent Crème Colourant 01/02/2001

Smells suspiciously like a Science lab....

Schwarzkopf Vital Colours Permanent Crème Colourant The first thing you notice when you open the bottle to begin applicating this stuff is it smells rather strongly of amonia. When I say 'strongly' I mean chokingly strong. I advise opening a window. Apart from this minor flaw, the colour I used is pretty fabulous, and actually looks fairly natural (altho if u pick a purple colour then this part obviously won't happen :) It also lasts without that horrid fading thing that usually happens to hair that has been dyed with a permanent dye. My advice for this product is, open a window while in use and don't use a colour too far from your own :)

Wella Viva Long Lasting Colour 29/01/2001

All night jobby......

Wella Viva Long Lasting Colour I've been experimenting with Dyes for a while now, nothing really major, but I thought I'd really have a chance with this new Wella viva colour stuff. The viva colour made such a sticky mess all through my hair I was half tempted to just give up trying it there and then. But no! me being me I decided to persevere, but really I shouldn't have bothered as it didn't alter my hair colour in the slightest. I ended up using Swarskopf Country colours. Overall, I think Wella should spend less money on advertising and more on their products... because there's no point advertising them f no one will recommend them... is there?

Nicky Clarke Color Therapy Shampoo 29/01/2001

Beware of stained towels...

Nicky Clarke Color Therapy Shampoo Mmmmmmm..... This shampoo smells so good! although I wouldn't recommend eating it. Chocaholics unite for "sweet as chocolate" colour therapy. The shampoo itself comes in a funky bottle and costs £4.45 for 250ml. It does seem kinda expensive for the amount you get, but I find the shampoo lasts a lot longer than the conditioner does. Also another minor fault with the stuff is, it has literally dyed half of my towels pink :) Not that I'm complaining, as I've switched to a brown towel for my hair, so you can't tell the difference. It makes my hair soft, shiny and sleek and is fab for everyday use. Hooray!

Microsoft MSN Messenger 16/12/2000


Microsoft MSN Messenger Msn messenger was the first real time chat type programme i ever got. And now even after a year or so it's still my favourite (closely followed by ICQ). This is one of the few things I actually bless the name of microsoft for (and believe me it takes a lot to do that). It has some interesting features and I'm told that now you can get skins for msn messenger (begining to sound just a tad like ICQ now) due to the fact that its html based or something like that... But of course my favourite part of msn messenger is the fab and groovy emitcons created just by putting a letter in some brackets. Here is my little msn message to you all (just copy, paste and send to someone in messenger to see the emoticons) Hello 2 u, my friend :) hope ur ok not a bit :( or :s, if u r here's a flower to make u feel better (f). Is the (h) out where u r? all my (l) and (k) ........

Boots The Chemist [TV Advertisement] 16/12/2000

New staff have never been so weird

Boots The Chemist [TV Advertisement] As it says in my profile I work for BTC and I'm just a tad offended by their new adverts for the Christmas 3 for 2 offers. The one that especially gets to me is the girl who cna't get it into her thick skull that if you buy 2 you get a gift free, I mean first day or not it makes all Boots staff look like complete nitwits! So anyways I'm trying to think of good points to this ad campaign, and so far I've come up with the fact that it does actually put across the fact that you actually get soem freebies whilst shopping there (and that can't be a bad thing can it?) 04/12/2000

Seek 2 Find ICQ (I seek you) is one of my two favourite pieces of communications software. Its easy to use and can be personalised with a piece of software called ICQ+ and a skin of some descriptin that you can get from any decent skinz site or even I love it cos its very easy to use to send people messages whether their online or offline, files, chat and as a new feature send SMS messages to phones around the world (saves me a fortune on my phone bill :) As well as all this its brilliant to use for a good simple chat with a friend, you can meet people who also have it to chat to or you can chat to friends who ahve this software installed. This is defintely worht a look. (can be downloaded for free at

Dreamweaver 3.0 Complete package 04/12/2000

Internet Dreamer

Dreamweaver 3.0 Complete package Dreamweaver - well the name says it all, it can be used to create fairly professional looking sites and is pretty much a dream to use. The best WYSIWYG utility I've used for my websites. I'll admit that it does encourage people to be lazy and just drag and drop things around the screen to create the desired effect (although this may not always be the case as it does seem to have a life of its own) Tweaking code is fairly easy to do in this program as with a click of a button, you can access the entire source and begin your tweaking. I've found it useful just to copy my javascript code straight into the source and be done with it. So I'd recommend this software to anyone just starting out in creating sites as it can be a lot of fun to use if a little time consuming. ...

Vodafone 03/12/2000

Vodafone SIM for sale

Vodafone Vodafone! ha spawn of the devil! I didnt think this until tonite. Unfortunately for me Vodafone seems to have its own agenda with my phone, they keep barring my SMS service for no other reason than it is amusing to therm, to hear me ring up their customer helpline and demand that it is turned back on. I find it rather disturbing when they do this, ok so its not life threateningly important that I receive the odd SMS or 2 during the day, but hey its my right as a paying customer of their service! So now I'm getting rid of my evil SIM and hoping for better prospects on a new network, who hopefully aren't quite so callous. Maybe I'll burn my old one...... 02/12/2000

Believe me I DONT Do I what? I wonder. do I think this site is such a rip off of ciao its unbelieveable? well actually YES I do! Unfortunately for dooyoo (but fortunate for us)their signing up option does not work (having tried it I know) there are more bugs in their software than the whole of Microsoft (thats saying a lot!) I'm also aware that dooyoo members have been ripping off those opinions of the good people of ciao and claiming that they are their own work. Personally I think thats just not on, as far as I'm aware. I wrote this so therefor it is copyrighted to me and so other people may NOT earn 25p off it thank you very much! So to everyone reading this I advise you dont go to they may pay mroe but it really isnt worth it for the hassle they give u if someones stolen ur idea before you've written it. Really it is safer here at ciao and the staff are so much friendlier (*smile*)

Polaroid I-ZONE 22/11/2000

Funky Lickle Piccies

Polaroid I-ZONE My i-zone was a present from a distant aunt, and to tell ut eh truth I wans't that impressed with it until I actually started playing with it. The sticky pics did baffle me for a while but the siz of them makes them perfect for putting in a wallet or a diary or whatever and they're very cute little tiny pictures. Also the camera is a little bulky but it does come in funky colors (silver, purple, red, green & blue) which can be a bonus sometimes also the films are quite expensive depending where you buy them from.

Jackson C. Frank - Jackson C. Frank 22/11/2000

Truly buzzzzing album

Jackson C. Frank - Jackson C. Frank Ok so I got this albuma month early (thank you marc!) and now it is still on continuous play on my cd player. The songs are all very different to the usual Steps poptastic offering, from pure dance to R&B/reggae and ballads. There are one or two weird songs on the album (such as turn around and learn to love again)Also there are some truly steptacular song such as their new single "Its the way you make me feel" and "never get over you" (hope that one gets a release too) This album shows a definite change in the steps persona, from the happy pop chappy's to a more serious band, hopefully this will carry on for a long time to come.This album is defnietly worth a listen.

Channel 4 - Sex and the City 14/11/2000

Hey there girl friend.......

Channel 4 - Sex and the City This tv show is an intriguing look into the way female minds work. If something interesting happens between you and your man who do you turn to? your friends of course. Sex and the city is the best alternative to listening to your friends talk about their men, and the best thing is you dont have to proivide the cast tissues when they find out they've been dumped or cheated on although it does bring similar emotions once you get into the plot. Carrie is the main character in this show, with her friends a few select women from the tough city of New york, trying to find 'the one' in the millions of men they meet. As well as her friends her job as a columnist in the New York Times is also part of the show as she writes about things she has discovered through her men and from her friends

Chu Chu Rocket (Dreamcast) 14/11/2000

So cute its adorable

Chu Chu Rocket (Dreamcast) I love it! I love it! This game is all about lateral thinking, to stop the cute lil mice/cows/fairies from being got by the evil cats/spaceships/animals by using very simple arrow tiles. the styles of game play can go from the very simple one player direct the mice by yourself kinda thing to up to four multi players where everyone is out for themselves trying to get the most mice. I really enjoy playing this game a its very addictive once you begin although trying to figure out a way to help the tupid little mice avoid the cats can drive you completely round the bend. the graphics are fantastic although its a little strange to get hold of the controls the first time, but afterwards the play is fast furious and mind bending!

In Demand - Texas 14/11/2000

Now I know why they're in demand

In Demand - Texas I have a long standing vendetta with Texas, and it appears that evey single song of theirs released I have hated, until now. "In Demand" has been buzzing around my head all day, leaving me singin little snippets of it much to the annoyance of my friends. But it is a highly catch tune :) (if a little annoying after 100 or so playings). Im actually even tempted to buy it (because its gotta be better for people around me to listen to the original song plus tune rather than me going "when we were together I was blown away, just like paper from a fan...." ... 14/11/2000

e-wahey! Ok so I LOVE ebay! Well...... not literally obviously (altho it does get cold at night *sorry!* just kidding). I have this thing about not believe ing in credit cards (probably because I spend more than most people.... its one of my flaws :) So anyways the deal with ebay is you can send the person you're buying off cash.... which I find highly good because of the no credit card thing. So far I've bought a Nokia phone from there, several Cd's and a load of games for my pc.... and all have arrived in great condition in a really short time. I warn you, after your first purchase has arrived and you're happy with it buying from here can become very hazardous (to your wallet that is) as it just becomes addictive but defintely well worht looking, you never know what you may find there.
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