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Easy Dj Software a must to have! When the debut of my sister is fast approaching, I was working with the video and audio committee. They assigned me to edit the music of the debutant production number. I get nervous on that task because I am not really that good on mixing music, I just know a little bit but I am not contented with it. Everyone is expecting a very good production number from a debutant so I must really get my self prepared for the edited music for her to practice and also for me to meet the expectations of my co committee. And also, I don't want to mess the debut party of my sister so I decided to work with it diligently. I was searching on the internet a software that would help me. A lot of software I have researched and only one which I think is the best for all of them. It is like a Virtual Dj. I downloaded it right away so that I can also start to edit the music. So, download finish around 5 minutes. Then viola! I have now my own Easy DJ that is perfectly the solution. This software is for FREE so it is one thing which caught my attention. This software has Fast, Database-Powered Library, MP3, OGG, WAVE, and FLAC playback, Automatic Crossfading With Auto DJ, Reads iTunes and Rhythmbox Libraries and Advanced Software Mixing Engine. It is like a Virtual Dj that are used by the DJ's to edit, create and mix music. I have started to make the music and I was blown away with this software because it is very manageable and even I am not a real Dj that can create great music but I am sure that ...
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