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Premier Travel Inn, Guildford 09/10/2008

Premier Inn - A Good Nights Sleep?

Premier Travel Inn, Guildford We have stayed at Premier Inns in the past and felt fairly confident that we wouldn't be disappointed when booking Premier Inn Parkway in Guildford. Premier Inns offer standard accommodation, so you know pretty much what to expect. They guarantee their customers a 'Good Nights sleep or Money Back' and all come with a restaurant or pub adjoining, to serve residents with breakfast and evening meals. I booked a two night break in August for my husband and myself with the intention of visiting the nearby RHS Garden at Wisley and doing a bit of shopping in Guildford - and also to have a bit of a break from the kids! Premier Inn hotels should be booked through the Premier Inn website. To find the Parkway Premier Inn click on Guildford (Central) on the pull down list. On the website you will find details of hotel locations and facilities together with a facility to order breakfast and evening meals in advance. A credit card is needed to guarantee a booking and 24 hrs notice required should you wish to cancel. If no notice of cancellation is given, then a first nights payment will be taken from the credit card. I found the website to be easy to use, so proceeded to make a two night booking with a reservation for full English breakfast. I then printed off an email confirmation as proof of booking. If you add a mobile number to the booking form then you will also receive an SMS booking confirmation. The Premier Inn Parkway is located straight off the A3 alongside the A25 ...

McDonald´s 16/09/2008


McDonald´s I'm not a huge fan of McDonalds but my two children seem to regard it as a treat so we go every once and awhile. History, menus, etc can all be found in other reviews so I would like instead to share with you my most recent, unpleasant and frightening experience. I arrived at the McDonalds restaurant in the Meole Brace area of Shrewsbury at around 5pm on a Friday before Xmas with my son, then aged 10 yr. and my daughter 4yrs. The restaurant is situated in quite a pleasant retail park about 2 miles from the centre of Shrewsbury. There is ample parking and the surrounding gardens have matured to make the exterior of the restaurant quite attractive.. There are tables outside should you wish to sit in the cold or have a smoke. The exterior of the building itself is of typical McDonalds design - perhaps now rather dated and in need of a revamp. Inside the decor is looking very tired - the restaurant is around 15 years old and in need of decoration. Some of the bar stools seem to have been removed from the floor in the central island seating area leaving a couple of rusty fixings sticking up to trip the unwary customer. The floors are never clean here and the seats and tables usually have to be carefully inspected before use. The queue for food was very slow, so my two children went over to a clean table in the far corner of the restaurant to wait for me. After 5 minutes or so my 4yr old daughter came back to me leaving my son seated but within eyeshot. Suddenly a fierce ...

10 Things That Really Annoy Me 22/07/2008

10 Things That Annoy Me - Including Myself!

10 Things That Really Annoy Me The older I get the more annoyed at everything I get. Here are a few things that drive me bonkers - perhaps I just need a long holiday on my own on a desert island somewhere! 1.Tax ****** Got to be top of a lot of people's lists, particularly now they've scrapped the 10% tax band. I pay more now than I did last week. I can claim some back through child tax credit, childcare vouchers and pension contributions. Too much paper work and clearly all open to abuse by the unscrupulous. You pay tax on your earnings and then you buy something and pay more tax - VAT. There is extra tax to pay on insurance, fuel and alcohol. Capital gains tax, stamp duty, tax on savings, tax on pensions - never ending tax! 2. Waiting Lists *************** ** If you're not on a waiting list then whoopie! My most specific problem is NHS waiting lists. My daughter has hearing problems and was referred for tests last November. She sat on a waiting list for 5 months and I have just received an appointment through for a hearing test at the end of April. If she fails her hearing test she will then sit on another waiting list to see a Consultant and if he/she decides to operate then one more waiting list. There are many other waiting lists that I am sure drive the most patient of people up the wall - life is to short to spend half of it waiting. 3. Telephones - On Hold *************** ************ My record for being put on hold is about half an hour - to get through to a company I had no ...

Equazen Eye Q Fish Oil Liquid 07/04/2008

Little Devil to Little Angel in 12 Weeks???

Equazen Eye Q Fish Oil Liquid Are the following foods included in your regular diet? Sardines, mackerel, pilchards, salmon, tuna, linseeds, green leafy vegetables? If they are then there's a good chance that you are achieving the correct levels of fatty acids required to maintain brain function and eyesight in optimal condition. If you do any of the following then think again - smoke, drink alcohol, eat sugary foods, use processed vegetable oils, drink coffee or other caffinated products. Any of these factors will affect your bodies ability to absorb essential fatty acids such as Omega 3. About 30% of the tissues of your eye and brain are made up of long-chain fatty acids. These cannot be manufactured by the body and can only come from the diet. These fatty acids are crucial for moment to moment functioning of your eye and brain, especially in cell communication. There have been many studies using Omega 3 supplements to regulate children's behaviour. Perhaps the most memorable is Sir Robert Winston using Omega 3 supplements to great effect on a unruly child in one of his many programmes. More comprehensive studies were carried out in the Oxford-Durham School Trials. Omega 3 supplements and placebo supplements were given to children ranging in age from 3yrs - 15yrs. Significant improvements were recorded in behaviour and concentration in pre-school children after 5 months of Omega 3 supplement use, with no change recorded in children taking the placebo. Even more dramatic changes were noted in ...

More Brain Training: Dr Kawashima's How Old Is Your Brain (Nintendo DS) 27/01/2008


More Brain Training: Dr Kawashima's How Old Is Your Brain (Nintendo DS) My eleven-year-old son took to this game straight away, it took me a little longer but now I enjoy it too. On the other hand my husband had to be restrained from throwing it across the room and my Dad couldn't get on with it at all. The game had difficulty recognising his rather unique style of handwriting and at 67 years old he thought it "rather too late to be changing it now!" INTRODUCTION *************** **** More Brain Training, a follow up game to Brain Training, was developed by Japanese brain expert Dr Kawashima. His theory is that once maturity is reached, certain functions of the brain may begin to slow down with age. He believes that exercising the brain everyday can help prevent its physical decline. For younger people - under the age of 21 yrs - he believes that exercising the brain can help with creativity and memory and hopefully develop resistance against decline in later life. My own theory is that the older you get the more your brain becomes choked up by clutter, commitments and stress! Anyway, to achieve its aim of increasing your IQ over time, More Brain Training takes you through a series of exercises at regular intervals - preferably everyday. Results are recorded and displayed on graphs so that you can view your improvements or in my case - at times - considerable decline. The game will store details and exercise records for up to four different people, so you can compare results with family and friends. CONSOLE REQUIREMENTS AND ...

How to write opinions 25/01/2008


How to write opinions I have read a few reviews on this topic and many have been very interesting, some a little controversial. I am certainly not a talented writer - I attended a short course in journalism a few years ago that pretty much confirmed that for me. I don't think my slightly shakey abilities as a writer should deter me from experiencing the pleasure to be gained from writing and sharing opinions with others. I believe that honesty and personal experience are more vital to a review than worrying about double precursors and definitive endings - made those last two bits up, please question my honesty! Without these two elements a person may as well be copying from a manufacturers marketing blurb or instruction booklet. I can't see a valid reason for trying to make reviews look lengthier than they actually are by treble spacing , adding unnecessary lengthy lists of ingredients or irrelevant safety information. (Is that hp compaq processor on your desk really suitable for under the under 3 s and can we guarantee that peanuts were not involved in its manufacture!) I may be heading into middle age and my eyesight might not be as good as it used to be but I think my brain is still capable of deciphering single text. A good review, read fully by the reader, will stand out on its own merit. A good introduction to a review should be designed to grab the reader's attention. Would you like them to read your review or scroll down to somebody else's? Make it amusing, controversial, personal ...

Shrewsbury in General 15/11/2007

Shrewsbury is Special!

Shrewsbury in General Shrewsbury, county town of Shropshire and 10 miles from the Mid-Wales border, hits the headlines every once and awhile - usually when we're upto our eyeballs in flood water! Not surprising really when you consider its situation, slap bang in the middle of a loop in the River Severn. Shrewsbury has been my home for over 15 years now and I'd like to show you that there's more to Shrewsbury than its river. I hope that you will agree with me that it is a very special place. Shrewsbury is a genuine historic market town with markets having been held here for centuries. The heart of the town, The Square, has been a market place since the 1300s. It was also the site of the town's ducking stool and pond. Some associate Shrewsbury with Dickens. The famous Christmas Carol with George C Scott was filmed here. You can still visit Scrooge's grave in the graveyard of St Chad's Church. To really experience the Dickensian atmosphere you must visit Wyle Cop. Dickens not only stayed here, he also wrote about it. As he looked out of his window at The Lion Hotel - you can still stay here - he described the scene as follows; "looking all downhill and slantwise at the crookedest black and white houses, all of many shapes except straight shapes." Shrewsbury is full of black and white timber buildings and intriguing haunted alleys with curious names such as Grope Lane and Butcher Row. Visiting these winding streets and narrow alleys you will find one of the best collections of independent ...

Premier Travel Inn London - Southwark, London 13/11/2007

Premier Travel Inn Southwark - London

Premier Travel Inn London - Southwark, London I try to arrange a couple of days break for my husband and myself, away from the children, every Easter holiday and we like to visit London and see the sites. If you are looking for reasonably priced accommodation in central London then Premier Travel Inn is probably your best bet. I considered three - County Hall, near the London Eye; London Bridge, north side of the bridge and Southwark. I have to admit that I didn't know where Southwark was until I looked on a map and I was surprised to find out how central to everything it was, so I chose to stay here. The Premier Travel Inn Southwark is about eight minutes walk from London Bridge Underground Station - so make sure that your luggage has wheels! I struggled but had a rest in the grounds of Southwark Cathedral at the halfway point. Doctor Who fans may remember the episode featuring Southwark Cathedral - Shakespearean times. The Globe theatre is five minutes walk from the hotel and the Golden Hind nearby and Vinopolis - wine tasting and restaurant - opposite. The whole area, which includes the well-known Borough Market, is very atmospheric and you can easily imagine yourself back in old London. The Anchor Inn adjacent to the hotel is where Samuel Peeps sat to watch the Great Fire of London. It's one of the oldest pubs in the area and is used to serve breakfast to hotel guests in the morning. We had a full cooked breakfast, which was delicious and set us up for the day - didn't need lunch! The hotel itself was ...

Felbridge Hotel, East Grinstead 12/11/2007

The Felbridge Hotel, Sussex

Felbridge Hotel, East Grinstead The Felbridge Hotel, East Grinstead, Sussex - 'four star luxury grade' - changed hands this year and has been completely refurbished to a very high standard in a contemporary style - all chocolate, beige and cream. Maybe not to everyone's taste - not very cosy and perhaps lacking a bit of character - but I loved it. Everything clean, shiny and brand spanking new. It is situated next to a main road but this didn't really detract from the hotel and we didn't notice any noise. The road is quite hard to cross on foot and it isn't easy to turn right against the flow of traffic - although we managed ok. I booked for a weekend break in August, staying with my other half, on a special deal of £110 for executive double room including full English breakfast. Standard rooms, luxury studios and suites are also available - please check the website for the latest prices. My room was quiet and spotless. The king-size bed was very comfortable and every detail had been considered - blackout blinds, 26" flat screen tv with satellite channels, courtesy tea and coffee tray, variable lighting, air conditioning and fridge. The shower room was clean, spacious and the shower excellent - although I avoided the Japanese cold water jet feature! Not really a criticism but maybe a problem for some - the room was a long walk away from the main areas of the hotel. Our room was on the ground floor with a long straight corridor march to reception. There is a first floor and ...

Oriflame Rosy Tone Colour Corrective Cream 09/04/2005


Oriflame Rosy Tone Colour Corrective Cream Apparantly Anglo Saxons should all be blessed with an English Rose complexion. If you're anything like me - spent too much time outdoors suffering the UK climate, averse to wearing sunblock and rather too fond of curry sauce on chips - then you probably allocate the odd minute or two every morning to peering at the expanding mass of tiny, broken, red capillaries spreading quietly but rapidly across your chiselled cheeks. The good news is that you are probably the only person who peers at your face looking for every possible microscopic imperfection. Nobody else will notice that one eye is placed half a centimetre above the other or that you've been rather too enthusiastic with the Tweezermans. The bad news is that the good news is probably not going to make you feel any better. Those little red veins do not equal 'jolly personality' to you, more 'Laughing Policeman'. If you have the elusive perfect complexion then read no further, if not then Oriflame's Rosy Tone Colour Corrective Cream could be the answer you have been looking for. I must admit that I was a little dubious at first. I'd always thought that the colour to correct redness was green. This cream is yellow and you only need the tiniest amount to have an instant affect. Too much and the yellow will be all too clear - jaundiced is not the effect you want to acheive! The cream applies smoothly and easily, but I would advise an application of moisturiser first as it can be a little drying. Use on bare skin, ...

Oriflame Midsummer Woman Antiperspirant Spray Deodorant 19/01/2005


Oriflame Midsummer Woman Antiperspirant Spray Deodorant First we had IKEA, now we have Oriflame - the Swedish invasion continues? Well not exactly, Oriflame, founded in Sweden in 1967, has been around since 1970 in the UK and although I have only recently started using their products, I had vaguely heard of the brand before. They are now gaining pace and becoming a serious contender in the battle of doorstep cosmetics. Watch out Avon and Body Shop at Home, Oriflame products are seriously good and represent excellent value for money. ************ POSITIVES ************ One of my favourite products is Midsummer Woman Antiperspirant Spray Deodorant. It comes in an attractive, bronze, metal container with a silver cap, looks good in the bathroom cabinet and smells wonderful. “A citrusy, green floral scent with a contrasting touch of musk and cedar.” The spray mechanism operates well and is easily controlled, the impression being of a well thought out, quality product. The 150ml volume is generous and lasts a considerable time, unless you are rather wild with your spraying technique. The claim is that sprayed onto clean skin, you will receive 24hrs of deodorising and antiperspirant protection. I can confirm that this claim is valid - no sweaty armpits or nasty niffs around here! As yet, I have had no reactions to the spray and have even used it on recently shaved skin without any discomfort. White marks on clothing - no, absolutely nothing. Unusually for an antiperspirant, it seems to be completely ...

Remington Ceramic Straighteners 31/10/2004


Remington Ceramic Straighteners I'm lucky to have thick, long, dark blonde hair and should be very happy with it, I know, but the one annoying problem with my hair is its tendency to become wavy in particular areas in a non-uniform way. I can wake up in the morning with kinky hair on one side and dead straight hair on the other. Other than rewashing and blow drying up until now there has been little else I could do. About a year ago I purchased a Remmington teflon coated steam straightener for my hair which proved, pretty much, totally ineffective. I tried straightening serums and various other products with the straighteners but concluded in the end that I'd wasted my money and alot of valuable spare time. These straighteners finally broke last week and have now found their way into the dustbin! Feeling a little exasperated, I mentioned the problem to my hairdresser, a friendly young girl who loves a natter and a bit of gossip. I told her that my sister's wedding was coming up and I'd really like to take control of my hair so that it looked half decent for the photographs. She washed and trimmed my hair as normal and then added some l'Oreal Protective Hair Serum. Only a small amount, about the size of a grape. This was stroked in from the roots downwards and the hair then blow dryed until it was completely dry. Taking out a slim pair of black ceramic straighteners she then gently ran the blades down the top layer of hair from about half way down, where the kinks start, to the ends. ...

Everything that starts with A ... 16/10/2004


Everything that starts with A ... I've been feeling a bit fragile this week, so to cheer myself up and to have a little sly dig at a few people who've not been to kind to me of late, I've decided to write this guide to what you shouldn't do when you pass the age of 35. This is all a bit tongue in cheek, so please don't take offence - I'm 38 myself and quite happy about it. I'm sure people can up with a few more that I can add. . ********* RULE 1 ********* Don't dance in public and in particular, don't dance in front of your children. I've been dragged into the odd nightclub by friends who seem to forget that they're actually old enough to be mothers to the staff behind the bar. Perhaps, when its so dark, noisy and half the youngsters inside are intoxicated on alcopops, the over 35s think nobody will notice the wrinkles, post-baby bellies and the fact that they were brought up to believe that John Travolta's dancing style would forever be cool. ********* RULE 2 ********* This leads onto - never say cool, rocks, energy, action,wicked etc,... These terms are actually best left to the under 18's, anyone else is highly at risk of embarrassing themselves. What on earth is 'bling' supposed to mean??? Am I the only one that cringes everytime someone says this? ********* RULE 3 ********* 3. Over 35 is the time for less makeup - not more. I'm afraid to have to break the news that makeup, when not applied with extreme care, can actually make you look 10yrs older, not 10 years younger. ...

Ikea 15/10/2004


Ikea The first time I paid a visit to IKEA, Wednesbury branch, I made the fatal mistake of choosing a Sunday, just before opening time. The queues stretched right along the front of the building and half way down the carpark. *************** ************* STORE AND PRODUCTS *************** ************* Once the doors opened and everyone piled up the escalators with their large, plastic, yellow IKEA holdalls, the crush quickly dispersed into the huge maze of isles on the first floor. IKEA is a Swedish owned chain of warehouse style stores. The IKEA principle is 'good design for everyone - without the need to save hard first.' On offer is a wealth of individually designed furniture, furnishings, kitchens, ornaments and utensils. Some of which is set out to resemble a complete room, with the rest displayed for easy comparison. You can always find bargins at IKEA and if you have more expensive taste, the higher price tags are there too. I've never had a problem with the quality of the products and every purchase has so far come complete with all the necessary instructions and fixings. Each item is tagged with a price, dimensions and a warehouse location code. Note down the code and take it to the ground floor warehouse where you will find a huge area filled to the roof with flat pack boxes. Each isle and box is clearly signed and labelled, so finding what you want is never a problem and there is plenty of assistance available should you need it. You may get the ...

Nokia 1100 09/10/2004

A Mobile for Technophobics and Small Handbags!

Nokia 1100 My employer has at last seen fit to issue me with a mobile phone. I asked for one years ago, as I often have to make site visits to isolated places, but was turned down. At last, a Health & Safety Review recommended that all lone workers be issued with a mobile phone or radio. This is how I came to be excitedly ripping open the box to my new Nokia 1100, much to the envy of some of my colleagues who still have older, larger phones which were issued to them two or three years ago. My first thought was how small, light and compact the phone appeared - brilliant as I've only a small handbag and even carrying that around gives me an annoying shoulder ache. How do men manage without handbags and why can't I? Why is womans workwear always designed with sewn up trouser and jacket pockets? Could this be a conspiracy between the clothing and the handbag manufactures? Size: 106mm x 46mm x 20mm Weight: 86g Anti-slip grips Anyway, not being one to spend hours pouring over the instructions, I turned the phone over and immeadiately determined where the SIM card should go and slotted it in. Next, in went the battery and then the charger lead. I plugged the whole thing into the wall socket for the recommended three hours - I did look at the instructions to check this out! A little battery symbol waves up and down the rather small grey screen to indicate that charging is taking place. Once this has vanished the battery is fully charged. Talk time: 2 - 41/2 hr Standby: ...
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