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Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns (PC) 11/01/2016

Guild Wars 2, HoT: I Have A Problem

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns (PC) I love Guild Wars 2. Maybe a bit too much. Luckily, my partner is addicted to some pointless spaceship-rock-mining simulator of an MMO right now, so I can get away with bingeing on it for hours at a time without too much trouble. Hooray for gaming couples! I moved over to GW from another, much worse MMO That Shall Not Be Named Unless I Do It In Another Review Obviously. At the time, Heart of Thorns was just about to be released and you could no longer access a lot of the multiplayer functions unless you had the HoT expansion. That's a definite disadvantage, except that after about two days playing GW2 I was basically ready to sign over my debit card information, life savings, soul and hypothetical first-born. So yes, I bought the expansion, AND a bunch of gems (in-game currency that allows you to buy special content such as outfits and novelties), apparently because I hate having any money or free time. But it's so pretty! And so satisfying! Pretty landscapes, dyeable armour, decent character customization options - all the things a decent MMO should have if you're like me and spend more time decking your characters out in pretty dresses than actually doing anything. (Shut up! Only Kormir can judge me!) The setting of the Guild Wars base game is a variation on your standard swords-and-sorcery setting, with elements of steampunk and sci-fi dotted around, and the plot is your usual fight-the-big-dragon-in-the-end dealie, but to sum it up as such does the game a disservice as ...

Tangle Teezer Brush Original 11/01/2016

The Tangle Teezer: Saved Me From Ragequitting My Hair

Tangle Teezer Brush Original I have a lot of hair. That's not as fun as it sounds: it starts to tangle if you so much as look at it funny, and I have to regularly police my shower drain for thick, gingery blockages that wouldn't look out of place on a Star Trek episode (if Star Trek episodes were all written by the lady who did Wetlands). Most of all, though, keeping it brushed is a huge pain, and when I got sick last year with an illness that sapped 90% of my energy and turned my arms into pathetic, weedy fleshnoodles, I got to the stage where I was genuinely considering just chopping it all off in a fit of rage. The Product Enter the Tangle Teezer! It's an all-plastic brush that fits snugly in the hand, even if you have stubby little fingers like mine. Unlike most brushes, it doesn't have a handle, which I feel helps with the energy-saving aspect as my wrist and arm aren't doing quite as much work. It's also hollow and lightweight, so even on bad days I can at least discipline my fringe a bit without too much trouble. The best bit, however, is the plastic teeth, which are flexible and arranged in two different heights to reach the tangles much more efficiently. The fact that I am able to leave the house without looking like I've tried to do my hair in the tumble drier is solid testament to how much quicker and easier the Tangle Teezer makes the task of brushing. It comes in a small variety of colours such as pink, pink and blue, pink and purple, and black, plus there seems to be some variance ...

Nakd Cocoa Delight Bar 09/01/2016

NAKD Cocoa Delight: Chocolatey Feel Without The Guilt

Nakd Cocoa Delight Bar Technically this isn't a chocolate substitute, but if you can get over the texture, it's almost as good. I mean, that's a lot like saying having a bath is "almost as good" as sitting in a hot tub on a warm evening somewhere tropical with a martini in your hand and a big wad of cash in the other, but at the end of the day, baths are still nice and NAKD bars are much better for you than chocolate. NAKD bars are largely made out of pressed fruit and nuts, and most of them are produced using entirely raw foods, which suits pretty much any diet. It's half to a third of the calories of a chocolate bar of the same size. The texture is ever so slightly dry and gritty, and occasionally you might find a big bit of nut or shell, but if that's not an issue for you, you'll be consuming these by the boxful. I also find that it fills me up nicely and keeps my energy levels high without pumping me full of sugar - essential criteria for someone whose body has basically decided to throw its toys out the pram on a semi-permanent basis. Even before I got sick, though, NAKD bars were my preferred post-workout snack, and they tasted ENOUGH (but not EXACTLY) like chocolate that I could use them to offset any cravings. The Cocoa Delight flavour is not as nice and squishy as the Cocoa Orange flavour, but if you don't like citrus and can deal with the texture, this will be perfect for you. Enjoy your bath. (Note: That was metaphorical. Do not bathe in NAKD bars. Probably not good for you.)

Onken Natural Biopot Set Yogurt 09/01/2016

Onken Natural Biopot Set Yogurt: Does What It Needs To

Onken Natural Biopot Set Yogurt I don't like yoghurt, but my dietitian makes me eat it. Well, she doesn't come round my flat and force it down my throat, exactly, but she's got quite an effective "disappointed face" and following her instructions has helped me quite a bit with my life-ruining neurological illness, so I suppose I shouldn't complain. Yoghurt, though. What's the point? It's basically an inferior version of cream. Unlike cream, though, it is a viable breakfast food for someone who can't eat too much in the mornings and you can spoon it greedily into your mouth without having to imagine the disappointment on a medical professional's face. So for me, yoghurt needs to fulfil three basic criteria: - it needs to be reasonably priced - it needs to taste alright and not have a weird texture - it needs to contain a minimum of sugar without actually containing any artificial sweeteners Onken Natural Set Yoghurt fulfils two and a half of those criteria. The problem I have is that it gets a bit "watery" so you have to mix it a bit before eating it, and even then it's a little lumpier than other products out there. It tastes alright though. I'll be trying other brands, but if none of them pass muster, I'll be going back to this one. Onken: Does what it needs to. I suppose that's not a bad epitaph. 09/01/2016 - keeps me sane at work I've been using Spotify for years, and for good reason - it's my go-to when I have an inbox full of frustrating emails and need to pipe something soothing into my ears to prevent me from savaging all my colleagues and customers with a stapler. More than that, though, it's great to just listen to at home or stick on speakers at a party (although for that it's better if you've got the premium version, with no ads). If I wasn't trying to save money, I'd be a subscriber - I'd definitely recommend this if you're a music-lover with cash to spare. You can do a thirty-day trial for free and it's £9.99 a month afterwards, which for basically unlimited music isn't bad. I had this for a few months and would definitely continue if I hadn't spent all my money on food or rent or other pointless rubbish. I have the Spotify program installed on my computers at home and use the web player while I'm out and about. The latter can be a bit problematic depending on your connection, refusing to work at random intervals and freezing up occasionally, but that's usually solved by closing and reloading the page. The best thing about Spotify is that it's helped me discover whole new genres of music through the "Spotify radio", "Discovery" and genre playlist features. Just starting a radio station based on your favourite song can lead you to fresh new artists you've never even heard of. I'm also a big fan of the "Create a playlist" function and have about a billion of them which I really should ...

Nicorette Freshmint Gum 09/01/2016

Nicorette 2mg Freshmint Gum - the only thing that helped me quit

Nicorette Freshmint Gum Quitting was tricky for me, first because I have all the willpower of a toddler on her fifth pack of Haribo and second because I can happily stay on 10 cigarettes a day without going up or down. Yeah, I guess it's mostly psychological at that stage, but the point is that many nicotine replacement therapies (including vaping) are better for people who smoke 20 or more a day, which at best made me feel a bit sick and at worst made me just need more cigarettes when I inevitably ragequit and run to the corner shop at 9pm in the pouring rain to shove more burning tobacco in my face. The idea with nicotine gum is that you chew for a bit, shove it between your gum and cheek until the taste fades, and then chew again (otherwise you start to feel really rotten). I'd tried other gums but they just made my mouth feel foul even when I wasn't chewing. Nicorette has a much fresher, gentler taste, which means that unlike other brands, you never get the feeling you are chewing on car tyres. Plus, it doesn't contain aspartame, which disagrees with a lot of people in unpleasant ways. I'm sure my partner and colleagues are grateful for that aspect of it. I'd definitely recommend this to other people trying to give up. It's an easy way to nip cravings in the bud, and you can even take out one of the little inner packets to keep in your handbag to use on the go, although I'd recommend wrapping them in something otherwise the silver foil can wear away and all the gum falls into the bottom of ...
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