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Kelloggs Nutri-Grain Elevenses Chocolate Chip Bakes 18/09/2010

Elevenses bars...keep you full for eleven minutes

Nails Inc Victoria & Albert 18/09/2010

Perfect colour? Nailed it!

Nails Inc Victoria & Albert I hate nail varnish that chips easily. You know, you apply it for a night out and then by the time you’re going out the door half of it has already chipped off. And that’s not using Claire’s Accessories cheap £1 varnish, but slightly-more-upclass £5 bottles you buy from Boots, such as Rimmel. I’ve been hideously disappointed in the past, and there is nothing worse than keep having to touch up nail varnish – it’s so time consuming and you can always tell the chipped bits. Mainly, it’s the finger nails that leads to the disappointment, since they are the ones on display. But on summer holidays, the toe nails can be just as bad. They’re on display while sunbathing and swimming, and are so much more awkward to apply polish to, especially on the little toes. I got Nails Inc Victoria and Albert free with Glamour magazine. I’d seen the nail varnish before, but considering the price (about ten pounds for a ten ml bottle) I’d never even considered buying it. THE PACKAGING The nail varnish comes in a little white-and-gray box, with the front open so the nail varnish can be seen. It gives the usual details such as how to use it: it suggests an undercoat, two layers of the colour, and then an overcoat to seal it. The bottle is glass, like the majority of nail varnish, so the colour of the varnish is clearly seen. The lid is about the same size as the bottle, and a silver colour. The front gives the product name, location (London) and colour (Victoria & Albert). On the ...

Durex Play Lubricant Feel Very Cherry 12/09/2010

Tastes so good makes a grown man cry, sweet

Veet Immac Hair Removal Cream 3 Minutes Softening with Silk Extracts 12/09/2010

Remove the hair, veet, veet!

Veet Immac Hair Removal Cream 3 Minutes Softening with Silk Extracts I’m not one for pain. I’ve only ever tried waxing once, with DIY strips and it just left me with blue waxy lumps on the hairs, and shaving takes ages, only lasts for a little while and I don’t know about anyone else but I always tend to miss a wee bit when shaving in the shower. It’s also good for bikini lines on holiday, and easy to top up, while meaning you don’t get the ingrown hairs that shaving leaves. My mum’s always used Veet (formerly known as Immac) so I began using it too. Now there are three types: this, the original one with pink packaging; the sensitive one with blue packaging; and the newest addition to the family is the purple supreme essence hair remover. Of course, now they’ve invented sprays and in-shower hair removers but I stick to the original version. This comes in a toothpaste-style tube, with a spatula shaped like this ~ to apply it and help removed the cream. One of the new inventions is a pump-bottle with the same cream, and this also comes with a spatula. I tried this once but had a wee bit of trouble getting the pump to dispense where I wanted it too – i.e. on me and not on the carpet. I now have a line of carpet much paler blue than the surrounding area. The product does stain clothes if it gets on them and isn’t removed straight away by being washed. There are two different type sizes and although the larger one costs about £4 compared to the £2.something the smaller one costs, it does work out cheaper to buy the big one. Shops tend to have ...

Remington S 9950 Shine Therapy 07/09/2010

A daily dose of my straighteners

Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser 04/09/2010

Moisturising made Simple

Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser My sister only uses this brand of moisturiser: she has sensitive skin and this is the only kind that doesn’t bring her out in a rash. When I ran out of my usual moisturiser and had to get some from my local supermarket, I chose this one because I remembered she liked it, and I was really pleased with it. WHAT DOES THE BOTTLE LOOK LIKE? As traditional with Simple, the bottle is white and green. The lid is clearish-white, with a green dispenser (which says ‘not coloured not perfumed’ on it), and the bottle is white with green writing. On the front it says ‘Simple’ Kind to Skin replenishing rich moisturiser. Underneath this title and description are the words ‘Vitamin goodness for naturally healthy skin’, and in a circle ‘defending UV filters’ (although nowhere does it say what level of UV protection it has). In little boxes down below it says 1 vital vitamin 3 skin loving nutrients and 0 no perfume no colour. In letters made to look like handwriting it says ‘smile, it’s simple’, with ‘From the experts in sensitive skin’ in silver capital letters at the bottom. There are also some curling lines in different shades of green across the bottle, obviously to make it look more exciting. On the back it has the blurb about the product and how it contains vitaminy-goodness. Under this is a slightly-more-informative blurb, which says what is in it. It contains pro-vitamin B5 (softens and smoothes), glycerine (hydrates and nourishes), bisabolol and allantoin (which soothe, ...

Tesco DPA08 04/09/2010

Play it again,'s a good DVD

Morrisons First HOME MI1 29/07/2010

Steam me up, Scotty!

Morrisons First HOME MI1 This review is for Morrisons ‘first home’ steam spray iron. The first home range describes itself as “affordable home essentials when you need them the most”, and are very, very cheap. I got this iron for about £5, which is pretty good! WHAT DO YOU GET? In the box, which is orange and white with a picture of the iron on the left, there is the iron, an instruction guide and a small plastic measuring cup for use while filling the water inlet for steaming clothes. The instruction guide is pretty good, and explains quite clearly how to use the settings. DETAILS, PLEASE! The iron is 1600 watt, with a 150 ml transparent water tank (there is a line on the tank which lets you know when it is full, although the measuring cup has gradients marked which should also help). It has a stainless steel soleplate (the metal bit you iron with!), a steam control dial, spray button and nozzle, a water inlet hole with cover, a temperature control dial and an indicator light. It also has a self-clean function on the steam control dial (the self-clean position looks weirdly like a pencil to me!) which is supposed to remove limescale and mineral deposits from the water tank of the iron. WHAT DOES THE IRON LOOK LIKE? The iron is white with turquoise buttons and water tank, and is quite cute looking! It is small, with a ten inch bottom (eight of which is the soleplate). The cord is short – just over 60 inches – but I’ll talk about that in more detail later! On the top of the iron, from ...

Butterkist Microwave Popcorn Salted 28/07/2010

Butterkist pops my corn

Butterkist Microwave Popcorn Salted Butterkist microwave salted popcorn is a great snack while watching a film to put you in the cinema mood. It tastes almost identical to cinema popcorn and works out much cheaper! I love the salted one because it has a lot of flavour, while I think sweet microwave popcorn isn’t as good because the flavour sticks to the side and just seems to be like hot sugar. Without the flavouring there’s not much taste to the popcorn so I advise shaking the popcorn pack after popping it and before opening it to make the most of it. You get three 100 gram bags in each cardboard box of popcorn, although I have seen a few places selling them as one packs, for a one-off snack. As shown in the pictures, the salted pack is ble, with a picture of popcorn. The writing is in white, apart from ‘pop’ in yellow, and there is the red and yellow heart around the word Butterkist. The best before date is on the bottom of the pack, as well as the barcode for buying it (so you don’t need to do the whole turn-over-multiple-times thing to find the barcode at the funky new self-scan checkouts). HOW DO YOU MAKE IT? The packaging tells you to take out a bag of microwave popcorn from the packaging, take off the plastic layer around it (because the obvious thing would be to keep the plastic on! Obviously written so they wouldn’t get sued by silly people), then stick in the microwave for between two and four minutes. It tells on the pack what way to put it in. I like to give the package a little squidge ...

Baskin Robbins Ice-Cream 24/07/2010

Baskin in the taste of minty ice-cream

Baskin Robbins Ice-Cream I’d obviously heard of Baskin Robbins ice-cream before, but only saw (and ate!) it for the first time this week. I saw in when I was doing my regular Morrisons shopping, and it is new in store so it was on special offer at £2. The ice-cream carton is 500ml. There were two flavours available: praline ‘n cream or mint choc chip, and I chose mint choc chip. According to the Baskin Robbins website, Morrisons stores will stock between two and four flavours of ice-cream. Looking at the flavours displayed on their website, which include pistachio almond and very berry strawberry, I’m quite disappointed that the rum raisin flavour isn’t in my Morrisons, because I love that flavour of ice-cream! Baskin Robbins description of each: Praline ‘n cream: “creamy vanilla ice cream with praline-coated pecan pieces and a caramel ribbon.” Mint choc chip: “mint ice cream with rich dark chocolate chips.” ERM, WHAT’S BASKIN ROBBINS??? Quick basics, Baskin Robbins company is a subsidiary of the Dunkin’ company (Dunkin’ Doughnuts etc). The company was founded by Burt Baskin and Irvine Robbins in 1945. They became famous for their slogan of having ’31 flavours’ – designed so there would be a flavour for every day of the month. They sell ice-cream in over 30 countries. WHAT DOES THE PACKAGING LOOK LIKE? The packaging is a pretty pink and creamy-yellow combo, with the company name in blue and pink. There is a picture of two crossed ice-cream cones with the flavour of ice-cream – ...

Imode IP1007 20/07/2010

iPod tunes, radio and CDs...oh my!

The Love Academy - Belinda Jones 20/07/2010

I fell in love with Belinda Jones' book

Acoustic Solutions LCDW2295F 01/07/2010

Argos 22 inch TV provides an acoustic solution

Alberto Balsam Shampoo Pomegranate 30/06/2010

Pomegranate the products out your hair...

No.1 Magazine 30/06/2010

No 1 magazine: the Scottish Hello

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