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E45 Dermatological Moisturising Lotion 12/05/2013

E45 As Easy As ABC

E45 Dermatological Moisturising Lotion I am a member of the great Bzzagent website which sends me some amazing products to review and try. The most recent campaign I was involved in was testing the new E45 body lotion. E45 is a well know name for making body creams. In my household it has always been known as the simple, back to basics body cream. No thrills just a simple all-rounder. To be honest, being someone that tends to fall for marketing, it has never been on my shopping list I usually go for fruity fragrances, or some form of wondrous potion offering to make my silhouette 10 times smaller and firmer. (Dream on!) I was more than happy to give this cream a go. I felt save in the familiar name and never say no to a freebie. ** E45 Lotion - the new formula ** The first thing I notices about this product is that it is a lotion and not a cream. E45 is usually a thick, slap on formula that takes ages to sink in and reminds me more of a chicken pox medication then a general body cream. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this new formula was in a fact a smooth, light and creamy lotion. It was so light that a small squeeze is all I need and it literally glides on to my skin like milk. It feels cool, light and milky. With 60 years of experience it is about time E45 came into the 21st century and they have done just that with this lotion. This lotion is formulated to be a light daily moisturiser that can be used everywhere every day. It is suitable for sensitive skin and is supposed to be easily ...

Ted Baker Bow Flip Flops 23/07/2012

For 'Tough' Beach Weather!

Ted Baker Bow Flip Flops I decided to treat myself and buy a pair of these sandals for my trip to Majorca. Sun, Sea and Sand always requires some flips flops or sandals. I had a cheaper plastic pair of sandals last year that were great as they didn't hold sand and were great by the pool but as they were cheap and cheerful they didn't last another year. I saw these sandals and they called me. I don't know if it was the pretty cute design or the sleek block colours but I decided to treat myself. At £30.00 they really are a treat! I chose the black flip flops with the cream bow. Purely because I thought they would look better with swimwear that I had prepared for holiday. They also had them in bright pink with an orange bow, very pretty but very loud. I am sure they would look great with a sun tan! The Flip Flop itself is a strong and sturdy PVC type material that doesn't bend but is a little flexible. It is very smooth and has a pretty Ted Baker logo in gold on the top of the flip flop. The sturdy bow also has a little gold pin with TB engraved. The flip flops are more worthy to be called sandals because they look so sleek and feel well made. Not flimsy at all. The best thing about these flip flops is that there were made for the trials and tribulations of a beach holiday. They are sturdy enough to glide through the warm sand. They are study enough so that they stay on your feet but let the sand glide through. With a little tap any stuck sand soon floats away. A word of warning would be to keep ...

Yankee Candle Petal Bowl Tart Burner 24/12/2011

** Burn Baby Burn **

Yankee Candle Petal Bowl Tart Burner Everyone around keeps going on about Yankee Candles and I hate to feel like I am missing out so I decided to invest in a couple of candles. They were nice, quite magical actually but I personally found that they did not burn for as long as I would have liked. I love the fact that Yankee Candles are infused with essential oils that really do spread around the room. So after reading about these wax tarts I thought I would give them a go. ** Yankee Wax Tarts ** In brief, these wax tarts are like a solid candle without the wick. A disc of wax that when heated turns into a liquid (like candles) and slowly releases whatever essential oil it is infused with. They burn for about 8 hours and cost about £1 each. They can be found on Amazon and various other places if you search for Wax Tarts. They sounded great, but my issue was having something to burn / melt them in! I had loads of little jars to put the candle in to heat the tart... but nothing for the tart to go in when it turns to liquid. So I had a quick search around and found the perfect item. Yankee Candle Petal Bowl Wax Tart Burner. ** Yankee Candle Petal Bowl Wax Tart Burner ** Because of the 'Yankee' brand being so popular, I thought I would keep with it and find one of their burners. As they are the professionals I assumed they would have the most suitable product. I was really chuffed when I came across this on amazon. The wax burner itself reminds me of a pretty tri-pod. (Although this has 4 legs!). It has two ...

Fur Real Cookie Puppy 20/12/2011

A Puppy is for life, not just for Christmas!

Fur Real Cookie Puppy I tried to be quite organised this year in terms of Christmas and in early November I asked my sister what my niece wanted. On top of the list was a Cookie Puppy. I had no idea what this was so did a bit of research and it seems to be everywhere at the moment. I was a bit naughty this year. Because I am going away for Christmas, and I won't be seeing them for a while, my sister and I agreed that I could give my niece her Cookie Puppy a few weeks ago! I think I was just as excited as her. ** Hasbro Fur Real Friends Cookie My Playful Pup ** The puppy itself is a toy version of a Golden Retriever puppy. It is part of the Fur real brand from Hasbro Toy Company, where the soft mechanical toys are supposed to have the most up to date technology to make is really life like. Cookie, the playful pup us supposed to be one of the top toys for 2011 and since hearing about it from my sister I have seen it everywhere. It is meant to be like a real puppy that you can switch off and without the mess! It is about 14 inches high so pretty big and has voice recognition so that the puppy moves in reaction to your voice. It also has touch technology and is meant to be able to move in different ways depending on where you stroke it. So for example, if you stroke its head it should bark and move its head. Cookie also comes with a squeaky, squeezy purple plastic bone, just like a real dog’s toy. Cookie has sensory recognition and is expected to turn her head to follow the bone if you wave it ...

Crayola Safety Scissors 18/12/2011

A Safe Way To Snip!

Crayola Safety Scissors My niece and I love making things together when I look after her. Coming up to Christmas we decided to make her my sister (her mum) and my mum (her grandmother) handmade Christmas cards. I thought it would be a nice idea and I knew it would keep her busy. We already have lots of craft bits such as paper, feathers and sequins. The only thing we didn’t have was child friendly scissors. Knowing my niece likes to be independent I knew she would want to handle the scissors herself with no aid from me. So to save the trouble I decided to look out for some child friendly scissors which she could use herself. ** Price & Availability ** I was originally going to buy these off Amazon as it was quick and easy. They cost £2.56 with free postage. But while out last week I popped into Hobby Craft to get my mum some knitting stuff and saw them in there for £1.19. A bargain! I am surprised as usually the internet has the best deals but this just shows that sometimes the high-street stores are worth a look at too. ** Crayola Straight & Zig Zag Scissors ** The pack comes with 2 pairs of safety scissors. A red pair that’s cuts straight and a purple pair that cuts crinkly (zigzag). The scissors are made with chunky plastic but still feel light and easy for my niece to use. The packaging states that the scissors will only cut card and paper, which is just what I wanted. When using them, the scissors go through the paper and card really easily. My niece manages to cut out squares without ...

Dell Inspiron N5010 17/12/2011

Speedy, Versatile & Efficient.

Dell Inspiron N5010 ** Why I Chose The Dell 15R N5010 Inspiron Laptop ** I previously had a Samsung Netbook which was absolute rubbish, to add my mum had the same and hers was also rubbish. It was slow, kept freezing and just a nightmare to use. So it got to the point where I just gave up and decided to go and buy a brand new Laptop from PC World. It was quite a spur of the moment thing. On hindsight I should have done more research as the customer service in my PC world is pretty lack lustre. But I had an idea of what I wanted. My request was specifically for a Dell laptop. Why? Purely through recommendation. (Word of mouth is the best marketing tool!). My boyfriend has a Dell Laptop and has had it for several years now. It works like a dream and is connected to the internet in seconds. While using my old netbook, it was only just starting up and my boyfriend was already checking his emails on his Dell! Other than being particular on this occasion about the brand, I wanted a good looking laptop that would work fast and be great for the internet. A decent battery life and preferably a web cam. I don't think this was too much to ask, and there are so many laptops around that I knew I would find one to fit my simple needs. I chose Dell as I said before, because of seeing how good my boyfriend's laptop works. I also know of Dell through their advertising and their website and I felt secure choosing a brand known for its computer technology. I guess the saying about Jack of all trades and ...

Play-Doh Barrel 14/12/2011

A Barrel Of Fun!

Play-Doh Barrel ** Play-Doh ** Play-Doh is pliable coloured dough that can be moulded, cut, squashed and shaped into a million different things. The dough comes in little plastic tubs with lids (the lids correspond to the colour of the dough), and as long as the lids are put back on the product can last for months. Play-Doh is non-toxic and does not contain peanuts, peanut oil, any milk by-products or latex. However, the packaging states that those allergic to wheat gluten or specific food dyes may have an allergic reaction to this product. ** Play-Doh Barrel** The play-Doh Barrel is a large clear tub filled with lots of goodies to help your child be as creative as possible with Play-Doh. I bought this for my niece last week because it is on offer and she loved Play-Doh. We often just use things around the house to help her make things but I thought this looked like fun and picked it up for her. The Barrel itself is quite large and in my niece s little hands it looked huge! It has a bright red resealable lid so everything can be kept in the tub without anything going missing. Inside the tub you get 4 normal size tubs of play-doh and 2 smaller tubs. The colours we got were Green, Dark Pink, Blue and Yellow in the big tubs. The two smaller tubs were light pink and white. I could not see any difference in the colours of the tubs available when I bought ours so I am not sure if the colours change in other barrels. Along with the tubs of Play-Doh you also get 16 tools to help mould, build ...

Hasbro Play Doh 4 Tubs Set 13/12/2011

Rub-A-Dub-Dub- We Love Play-Doh In A Tub!

Hasbro Play Doh 4 Tubs Set My niece and I love to create things when she stays with us. Everything from painting to making castles out of loo rolls. I remember doing it all as a child and I secretly love bringing back all those great memories and being a child again. ** Play-Doh Tubs ** Play-Doh is pliable coloured dough that can be moulded, cut, squashed and shaped into a million different things. The dough comes in little plastic tubs with lids (the lids correspond to the colour of the dough), and as long as the lids are put back on the product can last for months. The pack of play-doh I bought comes in a pack of 4 tubs, each tub is 130g and you get a good amount of dough in each tub. The pack my niece chose had the colours Purple, Pink, Green and red. But the packs come in lots of different colours so it is nice to let the child choose or if you want to buy more than one pack. The cardboard packaging that the pots come in is a good resource of ideas if you get stuck. The packaging we have has a picture of a play-doh dog, an apple and a hot air balloon. The point of Play-Doh is that it encourages creativity and hand to eye co-ordination. Plus fun in general! ** In Use ** My niece is 5 and loves getting a bit messy. She used play-doh she likes to squeeze and squash it, but the great thing is that it isn’t messy! It cannot spill or stain, plus she is out of the age of wanting to eat it. She is at the age where she can create things easily and she is more than happy to sit there and create little ...

Crayola Colouring Pencils 13/12/2011

* A Crayola Classic *

Crayola Colouring Pencils ** Crayola Colouring Pencils ** The pack of Crayola Colouring Pencils I have is a pack of 24. They come in a yellow, green and orange box with a little window so you can see the pencils inside. I bought these mainly got my niece as she loves drawing. But I also bought them for myself as I love drawing myself. I don’t have much time for it but decided I would do it in my spare time to relax. I did art at college and have always had a soft spot for a fresh bit of paper and newly sharpened pencils. Anyway, as Crayola is one of the best arts and crafts brands around I was hoping for good quality pencils and my niece and I were not disappointed. The pack of 24 pencils gives you some brilliant shades. Not just your standard red, yellow and blue. Some of the other colours are peach, tan, black and even white. My niece really liked drawing on dark coloured paper using the white pencil and when it was Halloween we cut out some shapes with black paper (spiders etc.) and she used the pencil to makes the eyes and other features. The pencils are great quality and come pre-sharpened so ready to use straight away. The high quality grained wood means that the pencils sharpen really well without breaking or getting mangled. They only need a couple of twists and the pencil is ready to go. I also find that the lead in the pencil doesn’t snap easily and you get a lot of use out of the pencils in general. These pencils are really smooth and easy to hold. No matter if you are a child or ...

London Olympics 2012: Will the games be a success? 13/12/2011

** It Isn't Just the Thought That Counts **

London Olympics 2012: Will the games be a success? ** OVER BUDGET ** The total budget for the London Olympics was set at £9.3 billion. They have already nearly hit this with 7 months left to go before the opening night. With only £1.7 billion earmarked for regeneration in London, obviously this is going to be the first pot that will be used in order to ensure the game go ahead as planned. Other cities that have hosted the games have a successful sporting show and then been left with bleak aftermath of debt, derelict buildings and children yearning for sport activates to be told the sites had been closed. ** LOCAL AREA ** During the Olympic Games I will be working as normal. Travelling to the main borough hosting the games, the London Borough Of Newham. Newham is one of the poorest boroughs in London. During the games you would expect local businesses to be rubbing their hand together thinking of £ signs from the 80,000 travelling through the borough over the sporting period. This, I believe is also the thoughts of many people thinking about the games and the money and tourism it brings with it. But I have another opinion. Recently the new giant Westfield’s was opened in Stratford just in time for the Olympic Games and for those big shopping names to prepare for the footfall that will be passing through. This shopping mall has now attracted the attention of many and those business’ that were struggling before are now closing. Over a million motorists will now new permits to park outside their homes or businesses ...

Tesco Value Straws 11/12/2011

** A Real Bargain! **

Tesco Value Straws I have come to the conclusion that using ice in drinks is a money saving technique. If you put 4 or 5 ice cubes in a class then you don’t actually need that much drink to fill the glass up. I say this because fresh Mango and Orange juice is drunk it my house like it is going out of fashion. Even though I buy the own brand stuff I was feeling bewildered that the cartons were just being used in hours let alone days! So during summer I started filling the glasses with ice first and the cartons of juice literally lasted double the length, because we only used half the amount in the glass. A cheap trick but it works. The only problem was that it was hard to have a sip of the drink without getting my lip stuck to the ice or my teeth getting knocked by the ice! Quite frustrating yesterday when you have just has some spicy food and you need a sip of drink. So I decided to buy some straws… I didn’t actively think about it, I just saw them in the Tesco’s while doing a normal shop and had a light bulb moment. A small one anyway. ** TESCO VALUE STRAWS ** These straws come in a pack of 50 for 18p. Yes, that is correct. 18p!!!! I cannot think of anything you can buy for 18p these days. A complete bargain. The straws are the basic kind and are quite thin in size but sturdy enough to be flexible in the glass when knocking the ice about. They are white plastic with red, yellow, green or blue stripes and are just over 7 inches in height so brilliant for big or small glasses. They don’t ...

Tesco Party Poppers 10/12/2011

Make Your Party Go With A Bang!

Tesco Party Poppers I changed jobs about 18 months ago, luckily for me just in time to hear that my old company was ‘restructuring’ and people were leaving, being made redundant and having to re-apply for their jobs. Very sad for my friends that are still there, but every cloud has a silver lining and they decided to throw one of the biggest Christmas and leaving they could arrange! Everyone decided that we would all bring a few part pieces with us and I decided to bring party poppers as they always add a bit of a bang to any party. Literally. ** Tesco Party Poppers ** I decided to pop into Tesco’s and look for a few party supplies, purely because it was the nearest supermarket to me at the time. I found these party poppers for £2.47. No bad for a pack of 50. (They also come in a pack of 20 for £1.75). The 50 pack works out at about 4.9p per popper. I generally don’t know how much party poppers are so working them out at under 5p a popper I considered to be ok. Each popper is in a little black tub and is wrapped in Red, Green, Blue, Yellow or purple paper and each had the same corresponding cardboard stopper. So they look very bright and party like. Each popper has a little piece of string attached with what looks like a tiny bit of strong metallic plastic or aluminium and the string is long enough so that you can wrap it around your finger to get a good grip. ** Let The Popping Begin! ** There was a special bit of our party where a few speeches were made and tears were cried. It was ...

Peppa Pig Giant Playing Cards 10/12/2011


Peppa Pig Giant Playing Cards We look after my niece on a regular basis so I am always on the lookout for cheap little items that will help amuse her and keep her entertained rather than staring at the TV for hours. She adores Peppa Pig. (Along with Dora The Explorer of course!) And went through a period where everything was Peppa Pig. Pyjamas, knife & fork, books etc. So when I saw these while browsing on Amazon I had to give them a go! ** Peppa Pig Giant Playing Cards ** Peppa Pig is an animated character that has won the hearts of many children. These giant playing cards are about the twice the size of normal playing cards. The cards are bright and quite thick, making them durable and easy for little ones to hold and pick. My niece is now 5 but had no problems with these when she was 4 and still plays with them. There are 36 cards in the pack, with 8 characters each having 4 cards each. The characters are easily recognisable and each card has the character’s name written in large lettering on the front of the cards. The characters are Peppa Pig, George Pig, Rebecca Rabbit, Zoe Zebra, Emily Elephant, Candy Cat, Suzy Sheep and Pedro Pony. The pictures are clear and look just the same as in the TV programme. The pack of cards comes with game ‘ideas’. The main ones that my niece and I play are snap and pairs. The cards are big and clear enough to play snap and they can withhold the bending from my niece being a bit over enthusiastic. The pair’s game is also good if my niece wants to keep herself ...

Access All Areas - Dave Hogan 09/12/2011

The Story Behind THOSE Pictures!

Access All Areas - Dave Hogan I randomly ended up winning this book after entering some random competition or another. I have never really looked at it, until I recently found it hiding in my wardrobe one recent spring clean. ** ACCESS ALL AREAS ** Access All Areas is a large hardback book with a strong embossed dust sheet. It looks like a great quality book and one that would look great on the shelf. The black cover is embossed with film show reels and celebrity bright glossy pictures. A bright yellow star on the front gives the idea that it is a picture about those who are classified as famous. The book itself is a collection of celerity photographs and the stories behind them. It is a look at the behind the scenes of some of the biggest celebrity events and the reasoning behind them. Some of the photographs are unique shots that have never been seen before and some are the more famous shots but with the real story explained alongside it. The photographs spans 25 years in the celeb world and has glossy photographs and stories on everyone from The Rolling Stones to The Beckham Family. One of the most interesting sections is the photographs and stories from The Nelson Mandela Concert. It is interesting to look at the serious and in depth pictures that have been taken, but also the funny and bizarre acts captured on film. The Elton John section was quite good for this. The book itself is glossy, interesting and a unique item you have on your book shelf. ** DAVE HOGAN ** The book is a collection of ...

JML Toasta Bags 08/12/2011

Quick Comfort Food!

JML Toasta Bags I love make toasted sandwiches. Cheese and ham being my favourite, but anything really! Chicken Bacon, corned beef…. You name it I will toast it! **JML Toasta Bags ** I am aware that they have spelt Toaster incorrect, but they must have a reason for it even thought I don’t know what it is! These are little greaseproof brown paper bags that you can pop in the toaster (with the toast inside) to make quick, easy and mess-free toasted sandwiches. You create your sandwich as normal for example, ham cheese and tomato. You pop it into the bad and place in your toaster. After a few minutes you will have yourself a nicely perfected toastie! Any mess that may be made from the cheese or crumbs is left in the bag so you are ready to go. As well as sandwiches you can use them to heat up other fold snacks such as pasties, apple pies and samosas. Handy to have in the work draw for a quick lunch. These bags can apparently last for up to 100 uses and can be wiped clean to get rid of any food residue. It also has a little handle at the top of the bag so you can get the bag out of the toaster without burning your fingers. ** What Are They Like To Use? ** The 'toasta' bags are really simple to use. Like I said before, I just made my sandwich and it was ready to go. The bags themselves are 18-16 centimetres, which means there were slightly longer then my little toaster. In some cases the bag and the sandwich will fit right in, but not in mine. I easily overcame this by taking the bag ...
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