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Vo5 Surf Style Texturising Paste 08/05/2009

Surfs up...

Vo5 Surf Style Texturising Paste This is the one product I could not live without! I started styling my hair like one of the pictures I have included for your viewing pleasure. This style was hard to achieve with many of the products available for consumers to buy. I found it hard to find a wax/gel that would fit my criteria and let me: Keep the style all day. Let me be able to move my hair if I need to. Not make my hair greasy. last a long time. I used the well known brand Brylcreem, unfortunately this didn't fit the criteria. I nearly gave up on styling my hair until I was recommend "Alberto VO5 surf style". It was like a stroke of genius, I was able to make my hair look exactly perfect every day, and never experience "bad hair" days. The putty allows you to Add texture and definition, and is perfect to sculpt and create choppy/surfey/messy styles, and leaves a matt finish, not only are you able to achieve this, you can easily wash the putty out in minutes. I would defiantly recommend this product to men and boys who have short/medium hair, and who want a quality product, who want to stay in control of their hair. The product is found in a blue appealing tub of 150ml, and ranges in price between £2.00 - £4.00 You maybe thinking " that's pricey?" well yes I agree, but in this case you pay for what you get. I have found this product in many good shops which sell a variety of hair care products, if you want to purchase the product I would recommend visiting Tesco or Boots. The putty is a white color, and ...

The Inbetweeners - Series 1 - Complete (DVD) 07/05/2009

Wouldn't say no...

Liverpool Home Shirt 2008/10 13/04/2009

A brilliant shirt for a brilliant club!

Marks and Spencer 05/11/2008

Is it a cut above the rest?

Haribo Giant Strawbs 04/11/2008

Are you going big____?

Alberto VO5 Extreme Style Rework Fibre Putty 03/11/2008

Never want a "BAD HAIR DAY"_____?

Maximuscle Promax Extreme 17/09/2008

Want the perfect summer body____?

Maths and English (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Dizzee Rascal 17/09/2008

Are you Dizzee______?

Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum 23/07/2008

*******Its unbelievabubbbblleeeee******

Football Factory (DVD) 23/07/2008

Are you ready for a football ruck? ?

Apple iPod touch MB376ZD/A 32 GB 22/07/2008

******Are you running out of memory??**********

Apple iPod touch MB376ZD/A 32 GB I have a iPod Touch, I would give it a pretty high score, because it is simply awesome. I use to have the 8GB but I upgraded, and got the 32GB best decision of my life. The best part of having this device, is that it is new and it is the latest one to own, I don't know but some how that just feels cool and trendy. Also it has YouTube, iTunes, and Safari plus all these other applications that just make it even cooler. But the iTunes is just plain convenient, mean now if you are in a different state or not close to your computer then you can just simply go to the iTunes on your phone and buy it. Also the whole touch interface is pretty cool over all. The size of it is really convenient too, it isn't all that big, it is really thin so you can easily put it in a jeans pocket. The cons, there are a few things that sort of get annoying after a while. The first is the whole touch screen, the finger prints really bother me, luckily though I got a case for it so I don't really ever see them but the first week I had it, I was like OCD. Also it takes sort of a long time to turn it off, like I am pretty sure it takes a few minutes which is sort of irritating. Then its also really fragile like I know people who have drop there and have permanently ruined it, but these people didn't have a case for it so they are pretty much silly to do this. Lets see then also to access the YouTube and Safari and iTubes you have to have a WiFi hotspot or whatever. Its not like cellphones where its just ...

Kidulthood (DVD) 21/07/2008

******This is my favorite movie (kidulthood)**** 21/07/2008


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