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Ugly - Constance Briscoe 23/06/2013


Ugly - Constance Briscoe I was recommended this book by a family friend, as i am aspiring to become a barrister as this is a story written by a barrister about her struggle to achieve her goal. I really enjoyed this book, it is completely different from the books i usually read, but it is definitely worth a read. Constance is one of 6 siblings bought up by her mother Carmen and step father. Constance has to battle with daily beatings, punches and abuse. We see how miserable she is growing up and the effects this abuse had on her. There does not seem to be any reason why she is beaten in such a way other than the fact Carmen is just an unfit mother, not worthy of her children. I wont go into to too much detail as to the ins and outs of the beatings as i would not want to ruing the story but it does get very serious to the point where Constance tries to commit suicide by drink bleach as she is constantly told she is a "germ" and bleach kills germs. The story does not go into too much detail about how she came to become a barrister, but the story is brilliant, it is very touching and provokes emotions so strongly in you, you just want to try and make everything better. I would definitely recommend giving this book a read it is a great story.

MAC False Eyelashes 14/06/2013

Mac False Eyelashes

MAC False Eyelashes I love my false eyelashes and have always been a huge fan of Eylures eyelash range, but I though I would try a different brand as I have never really experimented with different false eyelash brands. The Mac eyelashes come on a white piece of plastic with MAC written in back in the middle, these are then in a plastic pot packaging. I really liked the packaging it looked a lot more expensive than the other brands which are put in cardboard boxes. I bought the eyelashes in number 30 which are the individual lashes, as I feel the individual ones are a lot more natural looking. I take the smaller lengths and apply them to the inside corner of my eye, then the middle length ones to the middle of my eye and finally the long ones to the end of my eye. They can be fiddly to apply if it is your first time using them, but with practice they get easier. These eyelashes do have a down side though, they do not come with glue. I felt that they should have come with this as the eylure lashes are half the price and come with glue and remover. They do recommend a glue on their website, which I have not tried, but on all accounts it is very good. I personally buy the eylure individual lash glue as I really like their glue. The lashes stay on very well and when applied look very natural. Overall I would recommend them but I do not think I will be buying them any time soon, as I fell they do not offer anything more than the eylure ones do and they charge you £10 without a glue, where as ...

Make Up Academy Nail Varnish 14/06/2013

Make Up Academy Nail Varnish Shade 3

Make Up Academy Nail Varnish I bought this nail varnish purely because of its low price of £1 in Superdrug. I love painting and doing different things with my nails so I often find myself buying some cheaper brands so I can build up a large collection of colours. The bottle is clear so you can what colour the nail varnish is inside. Around the outside you can find the brand name and product details in silver, with a chrome effect screw on lid. The bottle does look quite up market but is rather small in comparison to other brands of nail varnish. I bought three of these nail varnishes as part of Superdrug's 3 for 2 offer in this shade as well as shades 5 and 11. My favorite colour is shade 5 which is a soft pale green shade. The nail varnish goes on very smoothly and does not get clumpy. The brush is of standard size, allowing you to paint your nails in an average of three strokes. I find for the best colour you have to apply two coats as the colour is not very strong if you only apply one. The chip resistance is pretty good, a lot better than I thought it wold be, lasting about 3 or 4 days. I did not think the nail varnish would last as long as it does with the bottle being small, but it seems to be going on forever. Overall I would definitely recommend this nail varnish it is great quality at a low price, could not asking anything else from the brand.

Rimmel Blusher Pink Rose 17/05/2013

Rimmel Blush

Rimmel Blusher Pink Rose I bought this blusher as i am often using expensive products sometimes i need to test high street brands to make my bank balance happier. This blusher comes in a black hinged palette with a clear plastic lid and brand name on the front in silver. I bought this blusher in mono pink rose as i was told this is the closest colour to a naturally healthy colour. I use my mac blusher brush and stroke it over the palette, the blusher is a lot loser than ones i have previously used. so before i apply it to my checks i have to tap off the excess. I apply this product to the apples of my checks as that is where i find blusher looks most natural. I found with the product being so lose, i easily put far too much on my checks so you really do need a minimal amount of product. The colour is a very pretty soft pink rose colour which is perfect for me but if you prefer a slightly stronger colour you can build it up, just do not go to strong too quickly otherwise it can be too over powering. The coulr lasts most of the day it, does fade and by the end of the day it is very faint, but im not too fused that it had faded by the time it had come to the end of the day as i would be taking it off soon, but if you are planning to go out afterwards it would need to be reapplied. Overall i would recommend this product, it takes a couple of attempts to get the right amount of product on the brush for a natural colour but for £3.99 in superdrug i cannot complain at all.

OPI O.P.I Gel Nail Varnish 13/05/2013

OPI Gel Nail varnish

OPI O.P.I Gel Nail Varnish I bought the O.P.I gel nail varnishes, as i love the brand, and was very intrigued by the idea of a gel nail varnish, hoping it would last longer than a standard nail varnish. I am pleased to say this nail varnish does exactly what it offers. The nail varnish comes in a black glass pot, that is a little bit annoying as you cannot see the nail varnish inside, not enabling you to see how much of the nail varnish is left. The screw on lid is quite long and is the same colour as the nail varnish so you can see what colour you are buying. The lid is a slightly different shade, its not completely different but the shade is a little bit darker than you would expect, I really think this nail varnish would be better with a glass pot. I bought the nail varnish in strawberry margarita, which is a barbie pink, but it is sold in lots of different colours, all of which can be found on the brands website. When i first bought this nail varnish I only bought the nail varnish itself. I got it home and found out to that to have full gel effect that lasts a couple of weeks you need to purchase the base and top coat to accompany it. I was a little bit disappointed as I was not guided properly in this purchase, but I got it sorted in the end. When I finally had all the right coats I took to my nails. I stated with the base coat and then went onto the nail colour. The pink nail varnish is a lovely colour it is very bright, it pops and is a lovely girly shade. The brush itself is a good size, ...

Mac 209 Mac Eyeliner Brush 13/05/2013

Mac Gel eyeliner brush

Mac 209 Mac Eyeliner Brush I bought this brush as at the moment I am going through a phase where I love to wear the winged eyeliner look, and after first buying the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner which I loved, I then moved onto using the Mac Gel eyeliner, I bought the Maybelline one first as it has a slightly lower price tag and I wanted to see if gel eyeliner was worth all the fuss and it really was. The Maybelline liner comes with a brush which I was pretty pleased with as after I bought the mac eyeliner I found out it does not come with a brush. After a short while of using the Maybelline brush I began to get a little frustrated as the brush is rather thick and blunt on the end to my flick on the end on my liner was not thin and elegant, rather thick and stumpy so I decided it was time to invest in a new brush. The Mac 209 eyeliner brush has a black thin handle with the brand name in silver writing on the brush. The tip is longer than the Maybelline brush and has a much nicer point to the end. I find this brush works best with not too much product on the brush and too much can cause the brush to clog and then the line will not look as fluid and effortless as you would like. When I apply my eyeliner I find the brush works best when I start in the middle of my eyelid bringing the brush up slowly to meet the crease of my eye. The best way I have found to check that the angle of the flick is most natural is to use the handle end of the brush and it along your bottom lash line, then begin the to move it ...

Bourjois Bronzing Powder 08/05/2013

Bourjois Bronzer

Bourjois Bronzing Powder I was bought this blusher as a birthday present last year from a friend, and i am pleased she did. This is the first time I have ever tried a product by Bourjois so I was not quite sure what to expect. The bronzer is in a palette form held in a flip cardboard packaging, which when closed is held together by a magnet. The bronzer looks like it is set in little chocolate cubes. The outside of the box is a golden brown colour where you can find the brand name and product details. The first thing i noticed when I opened the lid was the chocolate smell that wafted out of the packaging, I suppose I should have expected it see how the packaging was set around a chocolate design, but I did not expect it to smell at all. The smell is not too over powering, it does smell a little bit sickly from the packaging, but that is because that is where the product is concentrated, but when you apply it to your skin the smell is very subtle with just a hint of chocolate. When I began to apply the bronzer and found it had a slight shimmer to it. I personally do not mind shimmer in my products it is very fine and only noticeable when out in the sunlight, but if you do not like products with shimmer, keep in mind this has some. I take my blush brush and very gently sweep it over the powder, the product is not very lose but it is very pigmented so you do not need much of the product at all. I like to apply bronzer only as a contourer so i find it best to apply this to make my check bones more ...

Revlon Matte Lipstick 07/05/2013

Revlon Matte Lipstick

Revlon Matte Lipstick I am a huge fan of Revlon products and I am very faithful towards the brand and this lipstick once again has not let me down. The lipstick comes in a black and silver twistable tube with a black lid. The brand name can be found on the tube in black writing, with the product details on the base. I bought this lipstick in shade stormy pink, as I love to have a pink lip. I have found that red lipstick draws to much attention to my teeth which i am not very comfortable with, where as shades of pink, focuses attention else where whilst making your teeth look a shade whiter. The lipstick is also sold in a variety of other colour I had initially planned to use this lipstick for evening events, but when I applied it, I found the colour was a lot more subtle than I thought it would appear, so i changed my mind and opted to wearing it for the day instead. When I applied the lipstick I found the texture was very smooth and left my lips feeling very soft. The could is very nice, it is a soft pink. I was not sure if I would like the matte effect as I usually opt for something more shiny, but i actually really liked it. It looks very natural and finishes your whole make up off to look effortless. On average the lipstick lasts quite a while, the colour does fade a little bit through out the day and will need reapplying after you have eaten a meal or drunk something, like most lipsticks. If you wear it without eating or drinking something it lasts till the afternoon. Overall I would ...

Rimmel London Vinyl Gloss Mirror Shine Lipgloss Cosmic 07/05/2013

Vinyl Lip Gloss

Rimmel London Vinyl Gloss Mirror Shine Lipgloss Cosmic This is by far one of my favorite lip glosses. I was looking for a natural nude tone, which i could wear on its own during the day and to sweep over lipstick at night to make my lips very glossy, and this works perfectly. The lip gloss comes in a plastic tube with a black screw on lid, the brand name and product details are around the tube in silver writing. I bought the lip gloss in nude colour with a slight shimmer in it; the thin shimmer not the clumpy glitter effect, but it is sold in a lot more colours. During the day I like to wear this lip gloss on its own as the colour is very natural but the glitter has a nice shimmer girly effect creating a lovely day time look. For night I like to wear a bright pink lipstick with this on top as it slightly tones down the colour whilst adding a gloss and shimmer, really making your lips pop. I like the texture of this lip gloss, it goes on very smoothly hydrating your lips and keeping them very smooth. The gloss is also a nice texture not leaving a sticky residue on your lips which really gets on my nerves as my hair is always getting stuck in it. The gloss wears off after about 2 hours, but even once that has gone you can still feel it hydrating your lips as they are still very smooth. I do like to apply a thin layer of lip balm underneath it as if your lips are slightly chapped, the gloss emphasizes this, so its better allowing your lips to be over hydrated than under hydrated not leaving your lips looking as smooth as you ...

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Pink Truffle 05/05/2013

Revlon Lip Butter

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Pink Truffle Revlon is one of my favorite beauty brands so i did not hesitate to buy and try this new lip butter. But I am upset to say I am not too sure what all the fuss is about, I can not find anything overly special about it in fact i think it is one of their weakest products. The Revlon lip butter comes in the same type of tube as a standard lipstick does, it is a chrome colour with black twistable bottom which has the product brand in white written on it. The lid colour matches the colour of the lipstick, so in my case it is a bright pink colour, but it can be bought in lots of different colours and shades. I was very excited when I bought it as in the past Revlon products have been fantastic for me but I was so disappointed when I got it home and sat down at my make up table. I took the lid off and the first thing I noticed was the lid felt very plasticy and cheap not something you would expect from Revlon. The next thing that came to me was the gorgeous smell it was giving off, it smelt of vanilla, a fragrance I love, so first impression was very good for me. I loved the colour of the stick of lip butted but when applying it to my lips I found it it was no where near as pigmented as it should be and took quite a few coats to build a decent colour out of it. When applying it did go on very smoothly and felt like I was applying lip balm rather than a lip stick, which I thought was rather nice as I could feel it was keeping my lips nicely hydrated. I was not top impressed with ...

Broadway Nails 05/05/2013

Broadway nails

Broadway Nails I am obsessed with getting my nails done but like most salon products they are quiet expensive at £25 every two to three weeks, as much as I love them by bank balance does not so I have found myself looking for a cheaper alternative. I found these do it yourself stick on nails in boots, so decided to be optimistic and try them out. The nails come in different widths allowing you to find the ones which suite your nails natural nails the best. They come on a try which are placed inside a box with a pink glue. The box has a clear window which allows you see what the nails shape and colour are before you purchase them, on the outside of the box you can find product details and the brand name Broadway. I opened up the box and very easily found the nails which fitted onto my natural nails, I then proceeded to lay them out on the table in the order I would be applying them as I found it is easiest to apply them and not get them confused this way. The nail varnish inside is pink which i think is a nice touch as it is the closest colour to your natural nail colour, therefore making it less visible. The first nail I applied went slightly wrong as I put too much glue on the nail so once I had pressed it onto my finger you could see glue marks under the nail making them look very unprofessional. I took it off and filed off the glue and tried again this time with less glue which worked much better, but you still have to make sure there is enough glue so that it stays glued. I have ...

Boots 17 Magnetized Nail Polish 05/05/2013

17 Magnetized nail varnish

Boots 17 Magnetized Nail Polish I bought this nail varnish as i like to use nail varnishes which has effects with them, but not having much success with Nails Inc. i wanted to try a different brand rather than wasting my money on a product i do not feel confident in, so i decided to go with a slightly cheaper brand, so that if it did not work i would not be too disappointed, but actually i was pleasantly surprised with this product. The nail varnish comes in a clear glass bottle with a black lid which has a magnet on top. The brand nme and product information can found on the bottle in white writing. The brush inside is of standard size, so you can paint your nails in an average of three strokes. The nail varnish comes in four magnetic tones, but i have mine in gun metal, which is a silvery colour. I painted my nails with one coat and left it to dry before i rubbed the magnet over it. The nail varnish comes out fairly thick so you do not need more than one coat otherwise it will leave your nail looking too thick. It takes the standard time to dry so it is not particularly but it is not overly slow either. Once it was completely dry i took the magnet to my nail and swirled it over the top gently, it does take quite a few rubs to see a good pattern, but of course it depends on what effect you want to see as to how long you rub the nail for. It stays on for a few days on average so is pretty good at not chipping. Overall i would recommend this nail varnish as i think it works really well, i cannot comment ...

Models Own Nail Art Pens 05/05/2013

Models Own Nail Art

Models Own Nail Art Pens I bought these nail pens as i am always in search of things i can do to my nails to give them a more personal touch rather than just a plain coloured nail or a french manicure. I decided to go with this brand as i have previously used model owns nail varnishes and think they are pretty decent so decided to try their nail pens too. I have all the colours as i like to be creative with my designs. The nail varnishes look like a standard nail varnish but instead have a lid which can be pulled off to reveal a pen, which if you twist, can be unwound to reveal a brush, enabling you to paint with it as well as draw with it. The nail varnish is very good quality, it dries very quickly and does not chip very easily. I do not use it to paint the whole of my nails as i think there are better nail varnishes for that, but i do think the pen is very good. My favorite design is to paint my nails a nude/brown colour and use the black pen do draw a leopard print pattern on my nails. I get so many compliments when i draw patterns, it really allows you to create a unique design to math my outfit or mood. The tip is very thin enabling you to create very thin lines and build up to thicker ones. The nail varnish flows out fairly quickly so you only need to squeeze it lightly otherwise you will end up with big blobs on your nails and that is not a great look if you are not looking for that desired effect. The nail varnish inside lasts quite a long time as you do not need to use too much for when ...

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula 04/05/2013

Palmers Cocoa Butter

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula This is by far my favorite moisturiser, i always make sure i have this in my room as i wear it all the time. I was brought up around this moisturiser when i was a child, it was a favorite of my parents and the smell takes me back every time i open it. It comes in a white bottle with a flip lid to prevent the moisturiser from drying up. On the front of the bottle you can find the product information information, some ingredients and the brand name. The bottle is squeezy which when coming to the end of the bottle can be rather frustrating as you can not always get the last bit out. I have very sensitive skin and have found myself reacting to many moisturisers over the past years, but having used this since being a child i have had absolutely no problems with it. Once the product is in your hand it is very thick and heavy duty so you may need to use a fair amount if you are planning to cover your body with it after a shower. When rubbing it in it goes on very smoothly, and you can feel it doing deep into your skin. It rubs in very well and does not leave white patches, but due to its thickness you do have to rub it in well. My favorite aspect about this moisturiser is its amazing smell, as soon as you open the lid a coconut fragrance just oozes out of the bottle. The smell lasts most of the day and i regularly get people stopping me in the street complimenting me on my moisturiser asking me where they can find it. It is not only the smell that lasts all day the moisturiser ...

MAC Bronzing powder 04/05/2013

Mac Bronzing Powder

MAC Bronzing powder I bought this product as with the sun finally making an appearance, i like to give my face that extra glow after the cold winter months, and i have to say this works perfectly. The bronzing powder comes in a black hinged pot, with MAC written on the top in white. The powder inside is fairly lose so when sweeping over your brush, be aware you do not need to do it too hard other wise you end up with far too much on your brush, and then you feel forced to apply that amount to your face and it just ends up looking very dirty. When i apply it i like to take my 134 Large powder brush and very gently apply a small amount to my brush, i then tap off the excess and lightly apply it too my cheeks. The powder is very pigmented so for a very natural glow you really do only need a small amount. For a day time look i like to apply it only under my cheek bone to highlight it and bring more shape to my face. The powder has a very light shimmer to powder so it looks gorgeous in the sun, bringing lots of light to your face. For a night look i like to apply slightly more, to my chin, forehead and nose bringing a lot more structure to my face. The powder comes in four colours, with my favorite being Golden to Shop as i find it gives the most natural look. The colour lasts quite a long time, it does begin to fade through out the day but never to the extent where you feel you need to reapply it. Overall i would definitely recommend this mac bronzing powder as it gives your face more structure ...
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