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Cats And Dogs (DVD) 11/10/2001

pussy galore

Cats And Dogs (DVD) After reading somewhere that this film has topped the box office charts in America, i knew it had to be of a certain standard and as i like cats and dogs anyway i though it would be the puuuurfect combination....i wasn't far wrong. Let's be honest here, this film ain't going to win any oscars (although the animation of the cats and dogs' mouths do deserve to win one alone) but it is great fun aimed at a family but i tend to think that some of the jokes in the film are a little too clever for kiddies to understand. The storyline is quite solid. Cats and dogs have apparently been at war with eachother since ancient Egyptian times(!) and they are still at it and that is the basic storyline. Then along comes a beagle puppy called lou who has an appetite for some adventure in his life and somehow manages to become a doggy secret agent. His mission if he chooses to accept it?... Well he is living in a house with a family with the father (Jeff Goldblum) currently working on a top secret formula to cure dog allergies. The pussies obviously know of this formula and want it for themselves and use it to find a way to make everyone throughout the world allergic to dogs and not giving to much away but they somehow manage this with an hilrious plan including....nevermind, you'll have to watch it! There are a host of doggy detectives working along with Lou to ensure the pussy cats don't come anywhere near the formula and this makes for great viewing. The scene with the ninja cats ...

BBC1 - Gimme Gimme Gimme 11/10/2001

The best British sitcom of recent years

BBC1 - Gimme Gimme Gimme After ranting and raving in my last opinion on how good Will & Grace is i felt that i must fly the flag for a good British comedy (after all, it's not very often that you get a decent one is it?) so step forward Gimme, Gimme, Gimme. Infact GGG has quite a similar format to Will & Grace except it's.... well British! The characters: Tom Farrell - He is gay and a struggling actor trying to make it big in television (a walk on part in 'Bad girls' is his biggest acomplishment to date!). A typical drama queen too and his ultra camp persona along with his tantrums are where most of the laughs come from. His humour isn't sharp as much as it is bitchy and he is constantly provoking Linda. Linda La Hughes - A full-time scrubber. Linda is a true man-eater and is willing to dive into bed with any willing male. She is in constant denial about her looks and appearance and thinks she is beautiful (she actually bears an uncanny resemblance to Olive from 'On the buses'!) She has a mouth the size of the Mersey tunnel and puts it to good use by forever insulting Tom. Jez & Suze - Tom & Lindas next door neighbours. This is a perfect example of what can happen to a couple who love eachother a little too much. E.g they often exchange endearing little pet names such as hunnykins, cupcake, sweethams, buttercup, pumpkin and...i wont go on any further - you catch my drift. They are also completely niave about how much Tom & Linda actually hate them! Berryl - Tom & Lindas landlady. She ...

Living - Will and Grace 08/10/2001

hey quit staring and just read the bloody thing

Living - Will and Grace For those of you that haven't yet witnessed the genius that is Will & Grace, read on and learn about what you've been missing. One very easy explanation of what the show is like is to say that it's the American version of 'Gimme, Gimme, Gimme' but as some of you wouldn't have seen that i will explain in full. Will & Grace is a comedy about a gay lawyer and his close friend, interior designer Grace. In America they are on their 4th series whilst over here on the Living channel we are only on the 2nd and channel 4 have only recently started showing it so they are on the 1st series. Will has just come out of a long term relationship and so has Grace and they are now both single. After a lot of convincing and a guilty concience Will takes Grace in as a flat mate and this is where the fun really starts to begin. Apart from Will & Grace there are other very funny 'sub' characters, so i fell now is a good time to explain each character in detail. Will Trueman - A sucessful lawyer living in a rather lavish block of flats in Manhatten. He is gay and looking for Mr. Right whilst having a little fun along the way! Likes to think of himself as a very attractive man eater but his character is too sensitive and emotional to ever carry it off properly. Grace Adler - An interior designer (though we never see her doing more than standing by her design table and talking). She is very attractive but still a little niave to life. Both her and Will are nothing short of magic together ...

Changing Faces (Best of Louise) - Louise 08/10/2001

Get naked with Louise

Changing Faces (Best of Louise) - Louise Aaaah, Louise now there'sa nice girl for you. Someone you'd like to take home to meet your parents (except she's married so you'll have to keep your bloody mits off her or Mr Redknapp will 'ave you). We can always rely upon Louise to belt out a good pop song or two and on here we have all 16 of them! So come on Lou, get your hits out! 1. Naked - Ooooh, this is saucy! It's all about getting erm... naked really. Quite an uptempo RnB number. 10/10, reached no.5. 2. Just a step from heaven - Louise did this one with Eternal but must have the rights to the song as she has plonked it on her album. RnB with a good twist of pop and dead catchy. 7/10, reached no.8. 3. Undivided Love - Carrying on with the faster hits this one has great vocals, great lyrics along with a feel-good dance beat. 10/10, reached no.5. 4. Stuck in the middle with you - This is a cover of that dodgy old track and hats off to Louise for making a very bad song sound bearable. 7/10, reached no.4. 5. Stay - Another one of those tracks from the Eternal days. Super sassy and super cool. 7/10, reached no.4. 6.Let's go round again - Ooooh, sooo disco, they'll all be dancing around their handbags to this one. And girls you can join in aswell if you want! 9/10, reached no.10. 7. Light of my life - This was Lou's first hit as a solo artist and it's a drippy ballad effort. Nicely sung, easily forgettable. 5/10, reached no.8. 8. 2 Faced - A good, strong, bitchy song here all about those sad people ...

Mudd Peel Off Mask 06/10/2001

I feel like such a sissy

Mudd Peel Off Mask This is going to seem very strange that a 20 year old lad is writing an opinion on a face mask but firstly i must come to my defence and explain how i come to discover this product. When it comes to shaving my skin is the worst for sensitivity. The blade scrapes off what seems to be a layer of skin every time i shave. After i rinse the foam off my face i am left with bits of dry skin cells all over my face. Using a moisturiser solved the problem in the short term but tomorrow the same would happen again. So my sister suggested that i use this product as i could help with my problem skin, and boy does it work!! What is it? The one i use is a sticky-like substance which comes in a squeezable tube and contains fruit AHAs and ginseng extracts. How is it used? You squeeze a small amount on your fingertips and apply all over your face avoiding the eye and mouth areas. Your face will feel quite sticky at first and as the gel dries on your skin you face will feel quite tight. You are to leave the product to dry for around 15 minutes and then starting from your cheek, pull the mask away slowly. It's a nice, tingly feeling that you'll experience when doing this. After you've pulled the entire mask off, rinse with warm water and pat dry with a towel. What are the benefits? For me, the biggest benefit was that i no longer have those dead skin cells after shaving which is a blessing and i can't belive how well it worked even after the first time. My skin also feels ...

Can't Get You Out of My Head - Kylie Minogue 05/10/2001

Cant get it out of my head

Can't Get You Out of My Head - Kylie Minogue Ok so now that the battle for the number one single is over between Posh and Kylie we can pretty much guess who is going to winn the race for the no.1 album between the 2 can't we? Anyway moving on... and back to the subject of this op - the single. Klie continues to re-invent herself time after time and again has come up trumps with this one. The song actually sounds like a decent dance track featuring a few of Kylies vocals over it but it is truely her own. the dancebeat is a pulsating, 4-to-the-floor, sexy, anthemic and downright catchy offering that works wonders on the dancefloor. kylies vocals are nothing amazing but good enough to lodge themselves inside your head for the rest of the day (or week, possibly month). Lyrics are not too special either but are easily rememorable (is that a word?) and great to sing along to. The song is actually written by Cathy Dennis ('Waterloo sunset', 'Touch Me' fame) and some bloke who has written no.1 hits for Fragma 'Tocas Miracle' and Spiller 'Groovejet' which is a co-incidence as it was 'Groovejet' that kept dog rough victoria Beckham off the no.1 spot last year. Don't let this man and Posh in the same room together or i sense there will be hell to pay. CD 1 has 2 new tracks on it which are 'Boy' and 'Rendezvous at sunset'. Boy is not too disimilar to the title track and the other is a disco-flavoured track that sounds like an album track from the 'Light years' album. CD 2 has 2 remixes of CGYOOMH neither of which are ...

Journey to the Faerie Ring (A Guided Meditation) - Alicen Geddes-Ward 24/09/2001

aqua dont make diluted pop

Journey to the Faerie Ring (A Guided Meditation) - Alicen Geddes-Ward Aqua first burst onto the pop scene in this country with their single "Barbie girl" and it was a case of either you loved them or you hated them. The single sold millions yet very few people owned up to owning a copy so there are still many closet fans out there! This, the debut album from Lene, Rene, Soren and Claus is full with predictable europop but each one is pure undiluted pop, anyway aqua cant be diluted can it? 1. Happy boys, happy girls - A very string start to the album and this is the sound of the things to come on the album. High pitched vocals from Lene and the deep, husky rapping from Rene. Completely bonkers! 2. My oh My - This has got the sound of a very old super mario game in the intro but then builds up to a disco-dance frenzy. This was released over here and reached no.6. 3. Barbie Girl - Do i really need to explain this one in any detail? I don't think so! You would have to have heard this one if you have been copable of turning either the telly or radio on in the past 3 years. Sexy, raunchy, very tongue-in-cheek and totally addictive, a huge no.1! 4. Good morning sunshine - And shock, horror for this one, it's mid-tempo! More emphasis on the vocals rather than a frantic eurobeat and this shows off Lenes' beautiful, strong voice. This reached no.17. 5. Dr. Jones - This was the big follow up to "Barbie girl" and all eyes were on Aqua to see if they could avoid the one hit wonder status that has captured so many dance acts. It was another ...

Party Album! - Vengaboys 18/09/2001

We are talking super strength stilton here

Party Album! - Vengaboys Yes, the Vengaboys are about as cheesey as the best of them (think Aqua, Steps, Cartoons etc) but they do manage to keep the hits coming and this is the album to start it all off. This is not their debut album, but it is the first to have full-time vocalists - Kim, Denise, Ray and Yorick. This is certainly more commercial than the real debut and if you're wondering what it sounds like then read on. 1. We like to party (the Vengabus) - The album starts where it means to go on. Easy to learn lyrics, good karoke style vocals and an amazingly catchy back beat. This was their second single and although it did better in the charts (no.3) it lacked the respect that the first single demanded. 2. Boom, boom, boom, boom - I shouldn't really have to descibe this one. You Will have heard it unless you have been living in lapland for the past 3 years (hey santa probably has it pumping out the cd player on his sleigh anyway). Huuuuuge no.1 from 1999. 3. Up & Down - This was the first single and was a huge hit in the clubs, yes even DJ's were admitting to have it in their collections. It has an irresistable beat to it but virtually no vocals which is why it probably did well in the clubs. 4. Ho Ho Vengaboys - This is so cathcy it's not even funny. It has a chorus that will stick in your head for days after listening to it and a catchy 4-to-the-floor beat. Cool. 5. To brazil - Hmmm...cheese overload here. It's disposable pop at it's best and once again those lyrics to tend to ...

Steptacular - Steps 14/09/2001

The next step

Steptacular - Steps After establishing themselves as a new 90's sensation with 'step One', all eyes were on Steps' follow up album - Steptacular. We see a slight change of direction for this album as the group move into more ballad territory which is always lethal. All 14 tracks are perfectly polished pop but i'm afraid they could have done better. The album explained: 1. Tradegy - Is this perhaps the best cover version ever made? Many would say no but even more would say yes as this was huge. It spent around 8 weeks in the top ten before going to no.1 and selling over a million. Superbly cheesey dance cover of the Bee-Gees hit. 2. After the love has gone - This is in my opinion the weakest single they have ever released and there are several other tracks on the album they should have released instead. A faint dance beat with Claire singing her head off should have been effective but i think it's weak. Still, it reached no.4 anyway. 3. Love's got a hold of my heart - Claire has a good sing on this one. It's probably my favourite track on the album as it has a strong europop feel that will drag you on that dancefloor after too many shandys. Reached no.2. 4. Say you'll be minem - This was their christmas release twinned with "better the devil you know" (which is on the Buzz album) and went to reach no.4. A mid tempo offering, not quite enough to get those handbags out and start dancing around them. And i dont know what you girls use... 5. I think it's love - I think it's crap. Tries ...

Sainsburys Reward Card 14/09/2001

shopping can be rewarding

Sainsburys Reward Card My Sainsburys card is one of the most ferequently used cards in my wallet and has been for the past 3 years, ever since i started shopping at the 'burys. The card offers 2 points in every pound with 2 points being worth 1p. Not a fantastic reward but i look at it like this - you have to go supermarket shopping, so it's great to get something back in return. And there are ways to really boost your points balance which i will come on to later.... So that's 1p in every pound. You have to save up 500 points (£2.50) until you can recieve any reward. So in theory you would have to spend £250.00 to get anything right? Wrong. They have excellent offers on around the store offering '200' extra points when you buy this and '500' points when you buy 2 of these. These kind of offers really give you card balance a boost and you will be on your way to your first voucher in no time. Then there is the Sainsburys credit card which gives you double points if used in conjunction with your reward card at the checkout (these points are transfered monthly). The promotional offers are not doubled though - damn. You can use your rewards in several different ways. When you reach your 500 points you can take it as a voucher and keep it in a box at home until christmas. Or you can take the £2.50 off your bill at the checkout (you must have 500 points on your card BEFORE the transaction to be able to do this), or you can carry on saving your points up and up on your card until you are ready to ...

Member Advice on Shopping Online 14/09/2001

Try a little online retail therapy

Member Advice on Shopping Online Shopping is one of my favourite pastimes so when i received my computer early last year i was very keen to hop onboard the internet shopping wagon. There are still a load of sceptics out there on whether shopping on the internet is rewarding. Some think it's dangerous because of credit card fraud and some think web pages are too slow and inconvinient. I hope to try and provide a bablanced opinion but i have a feeling it will be a little one-sided, but i will try to get every point covered. *Credit card fraud I have never had any experience of this in my entire online shopping experience. I have bought products over the internet now on what must be over 100 different occasions, so it aint a bad success rate thus far. I always use websites that have a secure server and sites that usually come with some sort of recognition or recommendation advertised on the homepage. This shows that the company has put a lot of thought and effort into their website and your shopping experience will be safe and secure. I also always look for contact addresses and numbers. Ideally the company i am shopping with should have a snail mail address, E-Mail address and telephone number for any queries i may have. If i cant see any of the above i don't carry on shopping with them. Where possible i do also tend to favour big, well-established companies as the chances of anything going wrong are remote because their reputation is on the line. It might also be worth remembering that if you use ...

Step One - Steps 13/09/2001

One giant step for mankind

Step One - Steps This was the album that started it all off for Lisa, Claire, H, Lee and Faye. All those watches, posters, keyrings, backpacks and millions of other merchandise and thingies are the result of the success of this first album. Steps were only meant to produce one single ("5,6,7,8") but after sales of that single went through the roof the producers obviously saw a big money making opportunity and so started the rise and rise of steps. Here's a step by step (you knew tht was coming) guide to the album. 1. Steptro - A boring and rather pointless intro that we really could have done without. 2. Last thing on my mind - This is a cover of Bananaramas classic and is ultra disco-friendly. It soared to no.6 in the charts and gave steps their first top ten hit. 3. 5,6,7,8 - The first single. Went on to no.14 in the charts and claimed the rather unusual title of being the highest selling single not to reach the top ten. Ok then. Unashamedly europop meets line dancing! What were they thinking?! 4. One for sorrow - And when this one reached no.2, the UK realised it had found the new sensation of the 90's. Not as fast as the previous 2 and more effort was put on Claires' fantastic vocals. Just a point to make that this has been remixed for release in the U.S in the next couple of weeks. 5. Heartbeat - And they can do ballads too. This was their christmas effort teamed up with "tradegy" (not on the album, on steptacular album instead). Big swishy vocals for a big swishy ...

V Shop 10/09/2001

Ourprice has just had cosmetic surgery

V Shop At last some clever boffins somewhere have decided that Our price shops needed an urgent make over and needed to be completly re-invented to get customers back in their stores. They have suceeded with the make over but underneath all that stainless steel and those bright colours, Our price still lives on. Sort of. Our price stores were well known for being a little cramp, understocked and....well sweaty little venues really, so the make over has breathed life into them. Stainless steel fittings with bright, bold red colours throughout the store with ample space for customers to walk about and browse. Why didn't someone think of this earlier? V shops look V modern and futuristic but the make over to me is not enough. The main problem is that they're still V. pricey. Most albums will still set you back around £13 and doubles still cost around £16. However they have simplified prices a little and now they no longer use the £3.99 price tags, it's put in much more simple figures like £4.00. Clever idea, and you dont get the annoying penny change. So the prices are still the same, no saving there then, but what about the selection? This seems to have improved slightly. There does seem to be more selection and range and everything is so much easier to find. They often seem to be well stocked and have all the latest releases in. They have a top 75 album chart and a top 40 singles chart with all new releases at there side so finding the latest C.D is simplicity. All music ...

Lidl (Shop) 05/09/2001

Enter at your own risk

Lidl (Shop) Many people try to hide the fact that Lidl is a discount food store and often say that the quality of food is as good as other leading brands - these are the people who shop at Lidl. The sensible people who stay away from Lidl will tend to agree with me that their overall quality is poor and the standards of the store even worse! Yes, worse. Lets start off with a quick description of what exactly Lidl tries to do as a food supermarket, just incase you haven't got one in your area yet as a few places are lucky enough not to have one. It is basically a discount food store. No, not like Kwik Save because Kwik Save sell branded products (along with their naff no-frills) but Lidl do not. Well, we in this country would never have heard of them anyway as virtually all their products are made overseas. Fair enough, unfamiliar names, but what does the stuff taste like? Well, to me, it's nearly all bad i'm afraid. I have had the displeasure to eat Lidls food a couple of times when i lived at home with ma&pa when they were going through a rough patch (but people generally don't like to admit they can't afford to go shopping at the bigger supermarkets) and it was quite awful. Biscuits are often have a soggy sort of texture as do crisps etc. Coffee and tea tend to be quite weak in flavour and you have to put double the dosage in your cup to get any real flavour. Tinned beans are like bullets (don't eat if you have toothache) and spaghetti is awful. My mum used a lot of the ...

Wilkinson (Shop) 31/08/2001

You've got to go to Wilko

Wilkinson (Shop) At a glance you'd be forgiven for thinking that Wilko was a cheap, nasty discount store that sold naff products and staff who think excellent customer service is talking to you like crap. You'd be wrong then. Next time your passing go on in, if you haven't already. They are rapidly expanding their stores nationwaide so if you don't have one in your area now you soon will. They are basically a housewares store come D.I.Y chain and seel own branded and well known branded products at quite low prices. It's one of those shops which is hard to go in and come out without having spent a fortune on products you think are "too good value not to buy". Household products are aplenty and extremely good value. They sell bleach to washing powder, clothes pegs to disinfectant and batteries to polishes. It's well worth buying all your household products from here as it could save you a bit of dosh. They have a great pets section which sells foods, bedding, accesories, cat litter and much more. The sell items for all popular pets like cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, fish, birds and Guinea piggies. I get all my supplies from here and again it saves me loads compared to supermarkets. There D.I.Y section is also impressive. It has all the products you need if you're doing up your home like paint brushes, paint, wallpaper, borders, white spirit and paste etc. They haven't got a section as grand as say Homebase but there is plenty to choose from, so go here before venturing anywhere ...
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