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Bondi Beach (Sydney) 03/11/2009

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach (Sydney) BONDI Bondi beach is perhaps the most famous beach in Australia if not the World. The glowing white sand, the cool breeze from the sea and the glorious whether make it one of the greatest tourist’s attractions in Australia. Everyone will tell you if you are in Sydney you have to go to Bondi Beach, and they are right, Bondi is one of the best experiences a tourist can have. History: Bondi Beach is located in the Area of Bondi, which is in Vaucluse, Sydney with an area population of about 10,000. Bondi which is originally an Aboriginal word means “water breaking over rocks or noise of water breaking over rocks”. Between 1855 and 1877 the area was under private ownership and it was used to allow people to come and use the area as a leisure ground and picnic spot. Eventually the area of Bondi and the beach was taken over by the Government, and was used as a beach resort area. The government introduced a tram service that took people to and from the city centre to the beach, parking area were made for which people had to pay, and construction began on houses within the surrounding area. Bondi is very popular with tourist and I think the main reason is that it’s very easy and accessible to get to. The first thing that you might note is that the beach isn’t as close to the city centre as one might think. It took us a good 45 minutes bus ride from the city centre to get to the actual beach. However, buses, trains and trams all go towards the beach and thus it’s easy to ...

Taronga Zoo, Sydney 02/11/2009

Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo, Sydney This review is on my visit to Taronga City Zoo, which is located in Sydney Australia. I had heard some great reviews about the Zoo, and was told if your ever going to Sydney its one of the best places to visits in terms of finding out about the local wildlife which is indigenous to that part of the World. I was truly amazed, I have been to a lot of Zoo’s around the world, however I found the zoo, more exotic and exciting to visits and this however could be because it was set in a beautiful country, which was experiencing a 40 degree heat wave. Info The zoo was officially opened in 1916, with over 50 acres of free space which is home to some 2,600 animals. How to Get There: There are several ways to get to the zoo; these include taking modes of transport such as the bus, a ferry, a train and a local bus operator which offers a return journey, which I think most tourists, might find the easiest. Alternatively if you have a car you can park in their car park, however expect to pay a parking fee in the range of $15. The bus or coach fair has several pickup points which tourist use, they offer a relatively simple operation, prices set me back around $10, if you need more information you can contact +61 2 9969 2777. Prices and Rates: The ticket prices for admission can varies and it is usually down to the time of the year you are visiting the zoo, however the last time I checked the zoo prices were as followed; Regular admission was $41 for adults and $20 for children ...

The Blue Mountains 01/11/2009

The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains This next review is on my time on The Blue Mountains National Park, located in Sydney Australia. A few friends and I had decided to hire a van and take a tour of the national park, as we had been recommended it by several people we had met along the way. I am usually a fan of national parks; it gives you a chance to take in the scenic view, it gives you a chance to relax and unwind if you have had a busy week, and you even get to see some wildlife. It’s a great experience, which allows you to camp overnight, whilst also have a magnificent driving experience. History & Park Info: The park covers 267,954 hectares, which included several mountains and rivers along the trek. The highest point of the park is Mount Werong (1,215 m), and there are some breathtaking views from the top. The area became a national park in 1932, and ever since has become a tourist hotspot for people who like walking and hiking. How to Get There: There are several ways to get to the national park; you can either take a car, or a van through the major highways, which leads you into the park entrance. Public transport is also available from many stations across Sydney, all taking you towards the park. This park is near... Katoomba (2 km, 5 minutes) Penrith (9 km, 15 minutes) Lithgow (20 km, 15 minutes) Sydney (50 km, 90 minutes) Fees and Opening Hours: The park is open from 8:30 am in the morning and closes at 7:00pm daily, the fee to enter the park if you have a car or a van is $7 per day and is ...

Sydney Harbour Bridge 01/11/2009

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge My next review is on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is perhaps one of the most iconic monuments in Sydney, if not the whole of Australia. The Bridge is the main thing that stands out when you first arrive in Sydney, its like their gateway into and out of the City, and with its sheer size, its something that people should take the time to look at up close and personal. History: The bridge has a long history, original plans to create the bridge started in the late 1890’s however construction didn’t actually start until the mid 1920’s. The bridge’s total length is a mammoth 1149 metres (3,770 ft), and according to the World Records book the bridge has the tallest arch steel frame measuring 134 meters (429.6 ft) The bridge is accessible by many modes on transport which include, train, car toll, and walking. The bridge connects two main sides of Sydney and is frequently used by people travelling to and from work everyday. Pedestrians are also able to walk along the bridge, and there is a section from which a train service operates. If your staying in Sydney for a number of days I would try walking and taking a train through the bridge because it gives you a detailed look of the surrounding Sydney area. Whilst staying in Sydney you may hear from a lot of travels to take the Sydney Harbour Bridge Walking Tour. My review is going to talk about the tour in more detail because I think it allows travellers a chance to see what it’s all about. The tour gives visitors a chance to ...

Member Advice on Flu Vaccination 24/08/2009

Swine Flu Advice

Member Advice on Flu Vaccination Now you will probably here a lot of stories in the news about the widespread outbreak of Swine Flu also known as the influenza A virus subtype H1N1, which has caused mass media hysteria for some months now. Now many people may have or may be in the process of writing a review about Swine Flu, but for me i feel as if i should be compelled to write a review, because i am currently at the end cycle of suffering from swine flu, something which i have been suffering for nearly two weeks now. I hope to provide as much information as physically possible, as well as share my experiences regarding the flu. Why? Well because i no just how powerful this nasty flu can be, and my aim is to try and help people currently suffering from it, to try and give some advice and what people should do, and perhaps just make people more aware of what symptoms they should look out for, anything that can either prevent or help to reduce the effects of influenza. I will also be giving some advice about the Tamiflu medication i am currently taking, what the side effects are etc. Background Information: I suppose it makes sense that i do give the readers some useful background information about swine flu. Well Swine flu which is also known as H1N1 flu, swine flu, hog flu, and pig flu, is an infectious flue, which is most common in the pig population, however sometimes the strain of virus can be passed onto humans. The type of strain virus, which has effected thousands of people in 2009 is the ...

Powerade Mountain Blast Energy Drink 19/08/2009

Powerade, let the force be with you

Powerade Mountain Blast Energy Drink Powerade Mountain Blast Energy Drink: OK so as you would have guessed it, this review is about the POW; Powerade Mountain Blast Energy Drink. Now i am a member of a running club, having run the marathon in 2007, i decided to pick up running on a more regular basis. As part of being a member, i have the opportunity to get free samples of different health products to try and test, this ranges from sports hydration drinks, health bars, clothes etc, i guess it has its upsides. I first came across the powerade drink about 7 months ago. Now i am normally one to give things a try, but to be honest their are so many sports drinks our their its hard to keep yourself loyal to one. I had been a long fan of the lucozade hydration drink, it seemed to give me everything i needed at the time, however i was willing to give this drink a try. This review will hopefully give some insightful information about the product, which may become handy to anyone thinking of trying the drink in the near future, so enjoy. History and Background Information: The Powerade Energy drink is made and manufactured by Coca Cola, the product was first launched in 1988, and at the time Coca Cola were trying to compete with Pepsi's Gatorade, as it is perhaps one of the biggest competitors in the sports drinks market in America. To date Gatorade still holds a large share of this market in America, with a market share in the region of 88%, which makes it one of the best for over a decade. It was not until 2004, that ...

Drillbit Taylor (DVD) 18/08/2009

Meet Drillbit

Drillbit Taylor (DVD) Drillbit Taylor is the 2008 comedy starring Owen Wilson, as well as an sable cast of young kids, you are not yet really known, however one of the kids is the main boy in the Ring, yes you no which boy I am talking about, the creepy, weird looking one. Now my first encounter with this film was when I ordered it office box office, it was a boring Friday night, back from work and nothing to do. I flicked through the pap per view channels and the trailer for this film just looked funny and fresh. I am a huge comedy film fan, and I have often liked most of Owen Wilson's movies and thus I thought why not give it a go and watch it, and I have to admit I was pleased by this film. The plot of the film revolves around Ryan (Troy Gentile) and Wade (Nate Hartley), to young boys and friends who are just about to start high school, however like most high school experiences, one kid happens to be fat, and the other looks like a total geek. However, they soon make friends with another geek by the name of Emmit Oosterhaus (David Dorfman). The three soon find themelseves with the biggest problem high school seems to offer, bullies. Two bullies, Filkins (Alex Frost) and Ronnie (Josh Peck), make it their ultimate mission to make these three kids high school life their nightmare. The three geeks soon device a plan to hire a bodyguard that will help protect them from the school bullies, they have tried talking to the principle but this has just made matters worse, and thus they have no ...

The Ruins (DVD) 18/08/2009

Ruin this

The Ruins (DVD) The ruins is a horror film that was released in 2008, directed by Carter Smith and starring Jonathan Tucker, Shawn Ashmore, Jena Malone, Laura Ramsey and Joe Anderson. The book was originally based on a Novel that was written by Scott Smith. I had the pleasure of watching this film, last week, and I was one of mixed feelings. At times this film was brilliant, a fresh new plot, which didn't have any ghosts, or villains, but at times it was hard to pick up the film, in the sense that there were moments were the film slowed down. A great horror film should be one that has a constant flow to it, one that constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat. Plot: So the film starts of in a dark cold place, the viewers see a woman, who is trapped in a dark dungeon type area, one that looks more like a well, or a cave. She tries to call for help, but with no success, she has her phone with her but she can't seem to pick up a signal, then suddenly she is dragged away into the dark by a mysterious force, that we can't see, I guess this is to add a great suspense and a greater build-up. So we fast forward now to a scene that is of a different nature, Two young American couples (Jeff and Amy, and Eric and Stacy) are on a holiday in Mexico, sitting by the pool, they soon realize that they want to do something exciting and different on their last days in Mexico. They soon befriend a young man by the name of Mathias a German tourist. Mathias lets the others no that his brother Heinrich and his ...

Luxor, Las Vegas 14/08/2009

Luxor Hotel

Luxor, Las Vegas This next review is about my experience at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas Nevada. I went to Las Vegas once before, which I think most people would no if they had read some of my previous reviews, however the excitement and thrill of Vegas once again attracted me to the Sin City. My previous review focused more about the whole experience of what can be done in Vegas, the next set of reviews will focus more on the two hotels I stayed at whilst on my trip, the first being the Luxor which I stayed in for 3 nights, followed by the Bellagio, which I stayed in for two nights. Now most people will probably ask how the hell he goes to so many places, well it does have a strain on the wallet, but I work dam hard so I don’t see why I can’t indulge in the nice life. Hopefully this review will be informative for anyone thinking of staying at the Luxor hotel and casino, so enjoy. Hotel Information: Ok so let’s give some background information about the hotel, the Luxor hotel is located in Paradise, Nevada, along the main Las Vegas Strip, which has the famous casinos and hotels. Construction began on the Luxor in 1991, with the idea of creating the first fully themed hotel resort in Las Vegas; the idea was to create an Egyptian theme, which revolved around creating a pyramid design for the main building to incorporate the name. As noted the hotel is named after the famous city of Luxor in Egypt. The Luxor was fully opened in 1993, and at the time the building was the tallest on the strip, ...

CN Tower, Toronto 13/08/2009

The CN Tower

CN Tower, Toronto So this next review is about my experience in the CN tower, when I visited Toronto Canada. I had visited a number of big attraction sights in Toronto, but this was one of the one’s that a enjoyed extremely. It was fun, exciting, bold and out of this world, it was a plus that I wasn’t afraid of heights, so for anyone who does suffer from vertigo, it might be a challenge to visit this place. I had been to Toronto once before, however I was only 8 and thus didn’t have the chance to visit the CNN tower only views it from outside. I promised myself that I would come back one day to visit this attraction, only took me over a decade to come back, but it was highly worth the wait. Information and the CN Tower: The CN tower started its construction in 1975, once the construction was complete it stood at a mammoth 1,815.4 ft) tall, making it the tallest free standing building in the world, until in 2007, when the still under construction Burj Dubai exceeded its record. The construction and planning of the tower took many years to do; it created over 15,000 jobs in construction, sanitation, and cleanup, helping to create a net profit for the economy. It was seen as Toronto’s big building, something all the world could come and admire, to overlook, and somewhere were tourists could come and enjoy the views of the breathtaking Niagara Falls, which isn’t too far from their. The original plan was not to include a sky deck, but rater make it a simple tower, however architects and city ...

Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai 12/08/2009

The Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai This review is about my time at the magnificent and luxury hotel the Burj Al Arab. I was lucky enough to spend two nights at this hotel during New Years Eve and New Years day 2008/2009. I had a friend who’s dad did a tone of import export business and thus I even managed to stay their for free, yes that’s right for free, under the condition that I paid for all my own food, and drink, which I was more than happy to at the time. Now everyone has either heard about this hotel, been their or at least seen the pictures of what it looks like, and let me tell you its even more breathtaking in real life. This review will hopefully give you an insight into the hotel, information regarding all the rooms in particular the one I stayed in, what the facilities are like, what the food and bar is like as well as the service provided by the hotel concierge. Now most people will probably think what is the need for me to read this review when I have no hope in ever going their, will I beg to differ, you never no, and its always worth doing a big of reading just in case you get that once in a life time chance of staying their. Background Information: So The Burj Al Arab is located in Dubai, which is in the United Arab of Emirates, about a 7 hour flight from London. The hotel is the second tallest building in the World, which is used as a hotel. The hotel itself is built around an artificial island 280 m (920 ft) out from Jumeirah beach, and is connected to the main land via a private ...

Toronto 10/08/2009


Toronto This review is about my time in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I spent just under two weeks in this province, and so I thought I would share my travel experience with everyone. I have been to Canada once before, however I was very young and thus didn’t really get a feel for the province; I was too young to travel around and to young to do the things I enjoy doing now. These reviews won’t list all the things that can be done in Toronto, but rather just the things I had done during my stay. Hopefully, this information will be of some use to anyone reading this and hoping to travel their one day. Brief History: Ontario is a province located in east central Canada, and is the second largest province after Quebec. Most of Ontario is bordered by the US, and for this reason many of the tourists visiting the northern tip of America will also stop by to Ontario to see some of the sights. Ontario’s capital is Toronto, which is I stayed and visited. With a population in excess of 2.5 million is the fifth most municipalities in North America. Europeans first landed in Toronto in the early 1500’s, and they have left a lasting impression, with the European language spoken, the architecture and the cuisine. The main language spoken in Toronto is French, however English is also universally known, and is used everyday. The climate in Toronto is one of much change, it can be both extremely cold and wet, whilst at the same time during the summer months exceptionally hot. This next stage ...

New Orleans 07/08/2009

Forget Katrina

New Orleans This review is about my time in the wonderful and majestic place known as New Orleans. This may be a long review, and for that I apologise in advance, however I don’t want to write multiple reviews about the different places you can see and visit, I just feel its fitting to fit it all into one large informative review, which will hopefully attract people to visit this place, or to at least get some idea of what the culture, lifestyle is al about, what there is to see and do and so on. New Orleans has never been the same since Hurricane Katrina hit a few years back, the devastation and destruction it caused is still evident even today, with many abandoned house’s, shops and bar. What really astonishes me about this city is the sheer grit and determination of the people to move on and stay where they belong. There were a number of people, who left the city along with Katrina, but there are countless numbers who have stayed, who have helped rebuilt their city, and this is evident wherever you go. History: New Orleans City is the largest city in the state of Louisiana, and is one of the major US ports in America. It’s evident that New Orleans has a French feel to it, and obviously this is natural considering the French found the city in the early 1700’s.However, during the 1800’s the city was captured by the Spanish, until Napoleon sold the land to the US in 1803. The European influence is still evident today, with the existence of the French Quarter of New Orleans, ...

Home Alone (DVD) 06/08/2009

Home Alone

Home Alone (DVD) Home Alone, was a classic hit comedy film that was first released in 1991. Even in my adulthood, I am more than happy to watch the film again, and when I was a kid I use to remember watching this film a hundred times during the Christmas holidays and summer holidays. It was such a feel good family fun film; it was the sort of film that even if you’ve watched it once you would never gets bored watching it over and over again. Plot: The film opens with the entire McCallister family packing for their Christmas vacation to France. The family is exceptionally big, some 30 plus including adults. Kevin McCallister the youngest in the family needs help packing his luggage, the older kids simply don’t have the time or the patience to help him, he feels left out and unwanted, just like most teenagers. A patrol police man Harry played by Joe Pesci, comes ask the family that they take the appropriate precautions as they don’t want to get robbed. The pizza man finally arrives, and the family starts to eat, before the get an early night. Kevin who loves cheese and tomato pizza is looking for his pizza, however his older brother Buzz eats the last slice deliberately knowing the Kevin wants it. Kevin vents his anger out on Buzz by pushing him, in turn Buzz land on the table and causes a big mess. As punishment Kevin is sent upstairs to the lost to sleep by his mother, Kevin is upset and angry and says he wishes he lived alone. Here comes the night, everyone sleeping, a storm brews ...

Mars Maltesers 04/08/2009

You Tease

Mars Maltesers Maltesers I’m a huge chocolate fan, give me a chocolate and ill eat it in a heartbeat. I’ve recently given up chocolate for three months, so rather than dwelling about how much I miss it, I figured why not just write reviews about the worst and best chocolates. I have always been a fan of the Mars Maltesers, ever since I was a young child I would get to buy a packet as a treat every week and boy did I enjoy eating it. It’s a luxury, but at the same time you can enjoy it as it’s not packed with hundreds and hundred of calories. Brief History: Maltesers is part of the famous Mars brand which is an iconic symbol when is comes to chocolate confectionaries. Maltesers were first created way back in 1936, however at the time it was known by another name “Energy Balls”. Nutritional Value per 37 g packet: Calories 187 Calories from Fat 0 Total Fat 9.1g 14% Saturated Fat 0g 0% Cholesterol 0mg 0% Sodium 0mg 0% Total Carbohydrates 23.2g 8% Protein 2.9g This is one of the things that have attracted me to this product, it’s got some calories theirs no hiding that, however compared to most chocolates in the market this is relatively less, and this product should be used as a treat, rather than an everyday essential. Taste: I love the taste of this product; it’s got a soft gentle type texture to it when you put it in your mount. As soon as it’s in your mouth, you first get the soft chocolate melting in your mount, and then a nice gentle crunchy biscuit taste. ...
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