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Boots Active Stretch Nappies 01/03/2012

Boots "Active Stretch" nappies, good and girly!

Boots Active Stretch Nappies Recently I have bought Boots own brand "Active Stretch" nappies size 4 for my son in the day as he has began to move around alot more.To be honest there has been no problems with the absorbancy of the nappy or fit, they have been perfect, but my only problem is they are like a lilacy/purpley colour with pink/purple butterflies and a sun on the back. Now as I have a son, when he wears these they just look too girly. Fair enough they have tried to make them unisex by a picture on the front of a dog/bear which shows it doing different activities on the front, but also he is surrounded by butterflies! :) This is just my personal opinion but because of this I don't think I would buy them again.They come in a handy purple packet which is easy to carry but they do not make a big pack so value for money is not very good as for a pack of 26 nappies in a size 4 you pay £4.99 for these.They are also very soft and flexible, with double lining, which infact I personally think every nappy should have because this just helps prevent "Explosions" from leaking. Boots "Active Stretch" nappies have fitted my son perfectly and we have had no leaks, or problems such as rashes/burns etc. My personal reasons for not buying again would be value for money, they don't do big packs and they also have designed them too girly. :(

Pampers Baby-Dry 29/02/2012

Pampers Baby-dry, keeps baby dry!

Pampers Baby-Dry I have been using Pampers Baby-dry since my son was in number 3 nappies, but only at night. No other brand of nappy keeps my son dry all night long. There has been the odd rare occasion when they have leaked, this is usually from the side of the leg so I can only guess it's something to do with him being a boy! :) But as I said this is rare and at max has happened 3-4 times and my son is side sleeper.I absolutely love the design which includes pictures of cartoon animals, their is a picture directly in the middle front band of the nappy so you can easily judge where the sticky tabs go. And the colour of the nappy is white with a light bluey/green print all over and at the back of the nappy is the pampers logo and another animal picture to one side, so in other words very cute and babyish and a good unisex design! It is also very soft to touch and on baby's bum, plus I have not experienced any rashes or other from this nappy on my son.I wish that my son could wear these all day long but unfortunately its far too pricey. Which I can say is the only problem I had with this nappy!A highly recommended night time nappy!
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