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It has been fun all the reads and rates I have received were highly appreciated thank you.

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GT (N64) 29/11/2017

GT 64 Championship Edition N64.

GT (N64) I bought this game from a friend of a friend as part of a large deal where I was buying twenty or so games from this guy at £5 per game but not all in one go. This was back in the late nineties and so I have had this game for quite some time now. The Game GT 64 Championship Edition is a straight up racing game that has an arcade feel to the racing game play but still does not entirely stray from the simulation genre either. This game features three venues with short and long versions of each. There are three play modes as well as a records option and game options, the game is an official release based around the All-Japan GT Championship with drivers and teams from the 1997 season... You can choose from these teams and drivers in the game... 5 ZIGEN-SUPRA - Drivers E.TAJIMA and M.GOOSSENS. CASTROL - TOM'S - SUPRA 36 - Drivers M.KRUMM and P.D.L.ROSA. CASTROL - TOM'S - SUPRA 37 - Drivers M.SEKIYA and T.SUZUKI. CASTROL - GERUMO - SUPRA 38 - Drivers H.TAKEUCHI and K.KANEISHI. DENSO - SUPRA - GT 39 - Drivers M.KAGEYAMA and T.TANIGAWA. ZEXEL - SKYLINE 2 - Drivers A.SUZUKI and E.COMAS. UNISIA - JECS - SKYLINE 3 Drivers M.HASEMI and T.TANAKA CALSONIC - SKYLINE 12 - Drivers K.HOSHINO and S.MOTOYAMA. KURE - R33 556 - Drivers M.KAGEYAMA and M.KONDOH. NISSAN - 300ZX - GTS - 75 Drivers T.TAKAHASHI and Y.TACHIKAWA. AVEX - DOME - MUGEN - NSX 18 - Drivers K.YAMAMOTO and T.KUROSAWA. RAYBURG - NSX 100 - Drivers A.IIDA and K.TAKAHASHI. IMAGINEER - GTR 001 - Drivers RYOJI TSUKUBA and YAN QIU ...

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 (Nintendo DS) 26/11/2017

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 on Nintendo DS

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 (Nintendo DS) I first encountered the Raving Rabbids on the Xbox 360, that game was fun but it does have a couple of glitched achievements which meant you could not get the full gamerscore from the game, still no such problems here since this version is on the Nintendo DS. The Game Raving Rabbids is a game filled with mini games and there is little more to it than just that, Rayman has discovered that the Rabbids are popping up all over the globe, people think they are cute but we know these guys are more than just harmless little fluffy bunnies. Rayman decides to prove the Rabbids are not what they seem and armed with a camera and a disguise he follows the Rabbids around taking pictures to warn the planet. The basis of the game is you taking control of a Rabbid that you get to customise and then play the mini games with, the games take place in a number of set locations around the world and each location has at least five games to play. That is really all there is to the game, it is a mini game compilation [or perhaps that should be complication] with a story that won't exactly ring true to the game as you never actually play as Rayman. Getting Started The minute you load up this game you are treated to a screen offering the language selection and then you go to another screen and touch the bunny to take you to the main menu where you get five choices... Adventure. The main game. Bunny. Where you go to customise your own Rabbid. Score. Tapping this option will take you to a ...

The Sum of All Fears (PS2) 24/11/2017

The Sum Of All Fears PlayStation 2 game.

The Sum of All Fears (PS2) Another movie based game review here and this time it is the Sum of All Fears on the Sony PlayStation 2, I had seen the film a while before I got this game and I vaguely remember that I did not think very much of the film, too much suspense not so much action I believe was the reason I never really got into it. So why buy the game? It was super cheap and it fills up my PlayStation 2 collection a bit more but mainly the low price was the reason. My Purchase Yes so the low price was how low? Well this game was bought online and the price was £2.80 which really cost me nothing as it was a voucher balance purchase. The majority of the listed price was actually postage, I believe the game itself was just a penny. The Game So this is a tactical stealth game like the Tom Clancy Splinter Cell series, you are in command of a team of elite counter terrorism experts. The game takes place in a variety of locations across the globe over eleven different missions with varied objectives. This game however, does not focus too highly on the stealth aspect and plays more like a regular tactical shooter even though the Chancellor feel is there. Training Here is your opportunity to learn the game controls although if you read the booklet it will tell you the game is designed to be exciting but easy to play (we shall see). Anyway since I am reviewing this I played the training. Once you have selected training you can choose from one of five selections which are simply all very quick ...

Cruis'n USA (N64) 22/11/2017

Cruis'n USA on Nintendo 64.

Cruis'n USA (N64) I have a lot of racing games in my collection but my two favourite styles of these games are the big takes days to get simulation style ones like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport and Arcade racers like Ridge Racer, Daytona USA and this game. My Purchase I bought this game years ago from cash generator, it cost me £3 and that was for just the cartridge of the game no box or instruction booklet present. Nowadays this game goes for more than this price as it has become a more difficult to get hold of title, complete examples are even harder to get your hands on. The Game Cruis'n USA is an arcade racer, as such this version is very much a port of that racing game but designed for the home console. This basically means this is a simple game but options have been added to make the game more suitable for the home console. The idea is you race in locations set in the U.S.A. against the clock and well... that is it really, it is like a more modern version of the original OutRun game. The only difference here really, is you have to unlock races rather than have every option available to you and this game also has some customisation options and a two player option. Getting Started with Cruis'n USA When you load up this cartridge you will be asked to insert a second controller [if you have not done so] for two player content to be available. Otherwise you go to the start screen and then you can select a Game Pak for saving [if you have one], this game supports multiple slots. ...

Orcs And Elves (Nintendo DS) 20/11/2017

orcs and elves on Nintendo DS

Orcs And Elves (Nintendo DS) Gear up for an epic adventure that takes you back to the days when dungeon crawlers where one of the biggest genre's in the gaming industry. The Game Yes Orcs and Elves is a throwback to classic dungeon crawling game but with a modern twist to it via the use of the dual screens on the DS. The story is kept to a minimum, but basically you have arrived to the Dwarven realm of King Brahm at a time of war as an Orc Army has joined forces with a Dark Elf sect known as the Vaettir. Your talking wand's magic has led you to visit Brahm Hall to investigate a strange message and find the king. You are the son of Eol an Elven adventurer a friend of the king, your job is to find the root of the treachery. Your wand is able to help you as it understands the local language and can translate for you and it will grow stronger as it nears the source of it's magic. Use your wand and listen to it's advice as this will be the key to your success. What you are essentially doing in this game is travelling through the dungeons annihilating any nasties that you encounter and collecting treasure and other lot you may find. The game works on a turn based strategy but it is played like a first person game as you make a move and any creatures around you will also move and the same goes with attacks, if you attack but don't move for instance, a nearby creature will move or attack you if in range. Your weapons consist of the wand and a sword with others available later on, the magic is the real key ...

Lego Friends 41007 Heartlake Pet Salon 18/11/2017

Lego Friends Heartlake Pet Salon

Lego Friends 41007 Heartlake Pet Salon Lego Friends Heartlake Pet Salon This pet salon building follows the same trend as other likewise themed buildings in the Lego Friends world, it has large windows that let in a lot of light. The roof is pink with the appropriate sign above the door and there are lots of items that come with this one. You get two mini doll figures [Joanna and Emma] you also get a pet figure [a white poodle], there is a grooming table and a pet bath along with a bunch of pet grooming accessories and pet food, a till, water dish, decorated bottles and more. The set has two hundred and forty two pieces which is a good amount and the age rating is from six to twelve years old. Building the Pet Salon When it comes to construction the build for this set is easy enough, you start as you do with many of the sets in this range, with the mini dolls. Then the salon itself is next, this is an easy build to accomplish as with forty nine steps to the building including contents leaving the bath and a stand to finish at the end of the build. If you have some knowledge of Lego you won't have many issues [if any] building this set but you must follow the instructions as there are a lot of pieces here and the build focuses the majority of the work on the pet salon itself. What We Like About The Pet Salon Set Firstly we love the design, the building looks smart and inside [when not played with and bits laying around everywhere] everything has it's place. Or to put it another way all your little bits and ...

Snood 2: On Vacation (Nintendo DS) 16/11/2017

Snood 2 on vacation DS.

Snood 2: On Vacation (Nintendo DS) If you have not heard of Snood it's a game that first appeared as a shareware title, this would most likely be due to the fact that the game is pretty much a clone of the Bust-A-Move puzzler. I mean it is nearly identical but there are subtle differences in the way the game looks and the game play but this is Snood 2 and so is there any big differences between this game, the original Snood and Bust-A-Move...? Nope. The Game Snood 2 on vacation is a bubble pop style game where you match at least three of the same bubble [or icons idols or something, Snood they seem to be anyway, as the items appear in this game] to make them disappear and any others affected by the loss of those will drop off the screen. The goal being to clear the area on screen before the bubbles [emoji's] reach the line at the bottom known as the foul line. There are some variations to this in other game modes but that is pretty much all that you need to know about in the game play area. Getting Started When you load up the card you have a few options available to you from the main menu, the main mode is called world tour. You can also access multi-card mode or check out the other game mode menu but before you do any of this you may want to go through the options menu as it has selections that will make the game easier or harder for you. Options The options for this game are pretty simple, the difficulty of the game can be set from child up to evil, normal is the default. You also can set SFX ...

Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves The Mermaids (Nintendo DS) 13/11/2017

Dora Saves The Mermaids on Nintendo DS

Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves The Mermaids (Nintendo DS) My daughter has been a fan of Dora the Explorer for a little while now and as such I decided to get this game for her, she loves the show and is often repeating what Dora says while she watches. As she is a fan of the television show and also a Mermaid lover, I figured this game would go great when she gets her own Nintendo DS as a present from us at Christmas. Dora Saves The Mermaids When you load up the game you are asked to select a shape to represent your game [save profile] there are four to select from, a yellow star, a green square, a blue triangle or a red circle. Once you have made your selection the next screen gives you two choices, story mode or play any game... Story Mode. The story mode in Dora Saves The Mermaids is a series of mini games that involve using the stylus and the microphone, the game teaches basic skills like identifying certain objects or putting the correct items in their places. The story mode is interactive asking you to say things to progress in the game or tap the correct item, as well as teaching you how to identify objects the game has words in Spanish you are required to say and tells you what they mean in English, everything when it comes to directing you in the game is spoken word, so Dora tells you what you have to do in each game and you just follow here directions. There is a bunch of little games here but as the game plays out in a linear pattern it is basically like a single episode of the show which make the story rather ...

Turok: Evolution (GameCube) 11/11/2017

Turok Evolution on GameCube.

Turok: Evolution (GameCube) This is another of my 'bought a long time ago and recently got around to it' games, yes I bought this last year for £2.29 and that was a voucher balance purchase. I mainly bought the game because it was cheap but I also wanted to add another title to my GameCube collection which currently sits at around one hundred and fifty games now and might actually be my biggest collection at the moment, I still have not counted all my Xbox 360 games yet though.. The Story As the introduction reminds you there have been Turok adventures before and the warriors who carried the mystic mantle of Turok and their stories are told wherever grateful people gather to honour them. Turok Evolution concerns the greatest of them all, Tal'Set, leader of the Saquin nation. He is about to battle Captain Bruckner a brutal butcher and vengeful veteran of many campaigns, suddenly both of the men are plucked out of the world into an ancient place and Tal'Set is going to have to battle in various places in this lost land against a unquenchable raging fury. If he is smart and good enough he may survive to show all who follow the meaning of the name Turok. Turok Evolution This game is a First Person Shooter and on the GameCube it supports four players simultaneous game play and requires just one block of space from a GameCube memory card for game saving. This game has single player and multiplayer modes of play along with a few options and it even has a cheats section. Single Player The single ...

Trackmania DS (Nintendo DS) 07/11/2017

Trackmania on Nintendo DS.

Trackmania DS (Nintendo DS) A track racing game that is somewhat different from the norm. Getting Started The minute you load up this game you are asked to create a save in one of the three profiles available, then you name it using the touch screen and you are taken to the main screen. This is a very basic looking menu and there are three options... Play. Selecting this option takes you to the play options screen. Backup. Allows you to backup your save profile. Erase. After selecting this option you will be asked if you want to erase your profile data. The Game As if the name did not already give it away Trackmania is a racing game, in this game you have a bunch of modes you can play and you can also create and swap your own content with others using the WiFi on the DS which also allows for multiplayer gaming. The game starts you off like many other racing game on the DS by giving you a little of the content and you have to race and earn coppers to buy more things for some parts of the game but also you have to unlock other play modes as well, it is however not that complicated. You are essentially racing other racers ghost cars as it is the time taken to finish that counts mostly in this game. Play Modes There are a few modes of play in Trackmania... Solo. There are five options available to you when you first select this option, on a new start only two are available to begin with... Race. This is only available on practice for your first attempt, easy, medium, hard and extreme will be ...

Virtua Striker 2002 (GameCube) 05/11/2017

Virtua Striker 3 GameCube.

Virtua Striker 2002 (GameCube) To give the game it's full title it is actually called Virtua Striker 3 Ver.2002 and this one is a GameCube exclusive. Yes this was back when a rather large selling point for any one of the big three consoles on the market was that certain games were only available on specific consoles, the likes of Mario and Kirby titles on GameCube, Gran Turismo and Kill Zone on the PlayStation 2 and Halo along with Forza Motorsport on the Xbox, that is just to name a couple of exclusive games for each home console there were plenty more. I bought this game because I really wanted an arcade style football game for the console, ISS Pro 2 is pretty close to the arcade style I was after but I figured since earlier versions of this game had been in the arcades, it turned out that this game is actually much more advanced than a simple arcade style soccer game. Road To International Cup This is the main single player game mode in this game, you take on the role of an international teams head coach. Your job is to build a team to compete in the next International Cup [World Cup if this was a licensed game, but it is not] scheduled in four years from when you take charge. The main goal of the game is to make it to the tournament, if you do not qualify it is game over the moment that becomes impossible, you are effectively in charge of the team in training and you still get to play the matches. The problem with this mode however, is it is too drawn out, you spend lots of time going through menu ...

Lego Friends 41091 Mia's Roadster 03/11/2017

Lego Friends 41091 Mia's Roadster

Lego Friends 41091 Mia's Roadster Ah vehicle sets, these were always my favourites growing up, although back in the day those sets mainly consisted of some type of space vehicles for me. My mum and dad selected this series for me through my childhood and I think it might be one of the reasons I am like Science Fiction and space science in general. My daughter likes anything doll related at the moment and has already got quite a lot of Lego Friends sets, mostly from us and occasionally my parents have given us a one or two, they recently picked up this one for her. Lego Friends Mia's Roadster So Mia has a roadster to get around Heartlake city... or possibly just the bedroom carpet, depending on how much Lego your little one might have in their collection. With this set you get Mia obviously and she comes along with the car and in this case some related items so it is not just a vehicle you are getting here. The items make up a sort of self service petrol station, you have a manual car washing station along with a petrol pump and a tool chest thingy with a few tools and an oil can. Mia is not exactly dressed for the role of fixing the car mind you, but she does have access to a bucket of soapy suds and a few other items to help keep her car clean and running right. Building This Set Although there are a number of items with the set, they are all small and as such the total pieces to the roadster set is only one hundred and eighty seven, of course this might sound like a lot but really it is not, the build ...

Call of Duty 3 (Wii) 01/11/2017

Call of Duty 3 on Wii.

Call of Duty 3 (Wii) This is not toy soldiers... I originally owned this game on Xbox 360 hoping it would be a lot like Call of Duty 2, well as it turned out the game was not. COD 2 was a fully single player game whereas COD 3 [this game] has online elements and additions to the gameplay that I did not like. So it was sold on pretty quickly, then last year I saw this game in CEX for £1 and I though hmm I wonder what the Wii version might be like? For that price I figured why not buy it and see, the disc was pretty marked though but I decided to get it cleaned at a shop I know and that was another £1 and so was it worth my while...? The Game Call of Duty 3 is a World War 2 set First Person Shooter, the game has many of the traits the first two games have but it is nothing like the Modern Warfare game series that followed it in terms of the gameplay. The Wii version sees you getting into the action further by using it's motion controls. This game on the Wii is actually only single player as well unlike those found on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. When you start a new game you can choose from one of six save profiles, on entering your name for the save the movement is done via the thumb stick on the Nunchuk [which I liked, no messing around with a pointer here] and pressing A on the remote when selecting the characters on the old yet alphabetical type writer. When you are done you can jump into the game from the next menu or manage your profiles from that selection or view bonus content. ...

The Incredible Hulk (Nintendo DS) 30/10/2017

The Incredible Hulk on Nintendo DS.

The Incredible Hulk (Nintendo DS) I bought this game a while ago it was an internet purchase for £5 in used condition and although I am not a massive fan of the Marvel franchise I do enjoy the odd superhero game from time to time. The Incredible Hulk on Nintendo's DS is a two dimensional platform game which really has very little in the way of a story, you are told however, that you are Bruce Banner who is trying to stop a monster then the Hulk appears, screams out "BANNER!" and this is about as in depth as the game is going to get when it comes to the story. Getting Started When you begin the game you only have a couple of choices to make firstly single player or you can create or join a session in multiplayer. When you choose the single player you have the option section which allows you to map the buttons for the game if you do not like the default settings and you can adjust the sounds. You can also view the credits and that is your limit to the options, if you have a save you will see that at the top of the three available profile slots and it will tell you exactly via a percentage scale how much of the game you have completed on that save. Gameplay Right so as I mentioned before The Incredible Hulk on Nintendo DS is a two dimensional platform game you begin the game in Alaska [there is no mention why that is though] and you go from A to B thumping these soldiers who are shooting at you [you are not told who these guys are though]. You are playing as the Hulk and there are some unique power moves ...

Lego Friends 41307 Olivia's Creative Lab 28/10/2017

Lego Friends 41307 Olivia's Creative Lab

Lego Friends 41307 Olivia's Creative Lab The words Lego and Lab or Laboratory if you will would never have been placed together back in my day, nope the words most likely to follow Lego would have been City or Space because really those were all we had. Sure some of the sets were pretty smart to look at and some really clever to assemble and often great fun to play with. The imagination or the technology on the other hand back then was clearly limited, as now there are so many sets and series you can get your hands on but here we have Lego Friends mixing in a bit of science to their brand, robotics too as Olivia gets to be creative in her very own lab. Lego Friends Olivia's Creative Lab An interesting set this one, firstly you have the Lego Mini Doll Figure Olivia along with a Lego Charm. The set is a robotic laboratory so you have lots of tools to work on the robots including things like an oil can, a socket, a wrench and a tyre iron that all have their places at the work station. The work station itself has a drawer that opens and closes for storing things, there is also a drawing board with a schematic ready for Olivia to create another robot friend. Speaking of which there are three robots that come with the set, they make up a robot family actually as you have a little one a feminine one and a large one. Their names are Zobo, Zuzu and Zobito, to go with them they have a docking station for the three robots that comes with a monitor. Other items include a baby bottle, a cup, binoculars, a remote control and a ...
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