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Lego Friends 3184 Adventure Camper 23/05/2017

Adventuring with a Lego Camper Van.

Lego Friends 3184 Adventure Camper I may have more Lego than you could shake a stick at, well my daughter does anyway... as for my Lego? well that is in a big box sitting in my dad's attic, I know eventually that it will end up in my house but for now my daughter is queen of Lego in the house and I don't mind that as I can alter her sets to make them bigger and better by purchasing second hand sets or miscellaneous parts to expand the collection and give it our own unique twist. This set though that really won't be possible as there is not a whole lot I can do to it but now I have said it... Where to Purchase and What to Pay? Well this is another retired set and that means it will cost you, Amazon had four the last time I looked and none of them were under the one hundred pounds mark. Plenty of used ones on eBay for around £15 to £30. We got this one at a car boot, the bloke wanted £15 for the set boxed in decent condition but missing the instructions, when I mentioned this he said he would take this down to £10 then and I said "sure" bought it there and then. On the day when I first spotted it I had been considering the set for spares but when we downloaded the instructions from the internet we found this was a complete set and so decided to keep the kit as is there was no need to add the Lego to the spares box. My thoughts on pricing is go for second hand here as new is going to cost you way more as this is a getting to be a rare set. Lego Friends Adventure Camper There are three hundred and nine ...

Band Hero (Xbox 360) 21/05/2017

Band Hero Xbox 360 is great fun.

Band Hero (Xbox 360) Yes this game is without a doubt the easiest of the entire Hero family, the Guitar Hero series was extremely popular for a time but that faded out for many as each new game that was released was exactly the same with different songs, I am of course just speaking bout the games in general as there are notable differences between all the releases on the Xbox 360. Band Hero was developed and released to appeal to a wider audience and of course focus more on the band aspect of playing rather than just guitar and bass guitar, as such the songs reflect more of a band focus and a much wider mix in terms of the genres featured in the game too. My Purchase I bought this game onlne and I was fortunate as I had been saving up voucher money in my balance to buy this game with the full bundle. Well while I was doing that the bundle came on sale for just under £25 brand new, I was expecting to pay around £40 to £50 so I pounced on the bundle at that price, to get this game on it's own new these days it will set you back £4.00 as a full band bundle it can cost you at least £200 for a second hand copy. This is because it is now a very rare thing having the full bundle. The Game So like with some Guitar Hero games Band Hero has four ways to play... Guitar. When playing the guitar in single player you can select whether you want to play on lead guitar or bass guitar, the difference between the two is that the bass guitar has often got a much simpler string of notes to play with little ...

Lego Friends 41035: Heartlake Juice Bar 18/05/2017

Get all juiced up at the Lego Juice Bar.

Lego Friends 41035: Heartlake Juice Bar You know... we had a juice bar in our town for a little bit, it looked obviously nothing like this one does though, it was a pokey wee place that I never frequented myself, and now it is a tanning place (we have more beauty shops here than any other type of shop). I hope that this Lego juice bar will be around the house longer than the one in town was and more importantly intact as this one looks a lot more vulnerable than some of the other Lego sets we have bought. That is not to say that this juice bar does not look smart though, but I have plans to make this a little bigger and better in the future. Where to buy and what to pay? This is another discontinued Lego set (there are so many) but it is still widely available, Amazon have it from many sellers new starting at just under £40. eBay also have some selling new and I found one for just under £32 including postage, I saw the entertainer had them for £25 but the line is discontinued (a shame) but a complete second hand one (that is with box and instructions) had a buy it now £14.50, that is bloody good really when it is all there. So my advice here is shop around and find a great deal and certainly don't be afraid of used merchandise unless you are planning on buying this set as a gift of course because then you want it to be new, not that all my daughters gifts for birthday and Christmas have always been new, certainly most of them have though. Lego Friends Heartlake Juice Bar So this is the juice bar and it is ...

Lego Friends 41095 Emma's House 16/05/2017

To Emma's house shall we go.

Lego Friends 41095 Emma's House Yes this is one of those properly large Lego sets this one you know, but to my eyes it could have been just a little bit bigger perhaps, but I shall get to that a little later. In the meantime, what can I say about this set? That is apart from the fact that this is a big one, well it is Emma's house and it has a lot going for it but there are also a few things I think that I personally would have done a little different with this. Where To Shop and What to Pay? Since this is another discontinued Lego set, your best bet is certainly looking online for this one but you will still have plenty of options. I have seen this one on many popular retailers websites and for as low a staring price as £32 although the average price is about £40, second hand prices are pretty low and ridiculously high it just depends where you look, still if you hunt around you will certainly be able to find a great deal on this set because there are so many for sale online. Lego Friends Emma's House I have to say this is some set coming in at seven hundred and six bricks/pieces total, that is definitely a lot of Lego and the size of the house is decent but... I have a niggle with this one thought. Yes there is loads to you get three mini dolls - Emma (obviously) along with her mum and dad, the set has the usual things that you would expect to find in a house, a kitchen a lounge, bedroom, bathroom and a couple of things your typical house would likely not have an attic room and a rooftop balcony. ...

Lego Friends 41009: Andrea's Bedroom 14/05/2017

Andrea's Bedroom from Lego Friends series.

Lego Friends 41009: Andrea's Bedroom When I was growing up Lego was really consider a boys toy, we know this because your two main Lego themes back in the eighties were either Space or City, and of course for the older bunch we have Lego Technic which is a totally different thing altogether but still Lego. The point being that if you were looking to by a more girl friendly set... well you could not, example I played quite often with Lego (great toy) growing up and my sister played with her Sindy doll's and things, sometimes she played with Lego but where I liked making my sets, she preferred to use her imagination with random bricks creating things she liked. Well of course times have changed and we now have numerous Lego set on a variety of themes for both girls and boys to enjoy and now even adults (although secretly we love Lego anyway because it is not something a lot of us will grow out of, it is just a matter of having the time to let one's inner child loose). Still to bring more of a feminine side to Lego we have got Lego Friends and this is a blatant set for me to rest my Lego Friends was created with girls in mind case on because this one is Andrea's Bedroom and it is very girly to boot. Where to Buy and What to Spend? Well this is another discontinued Lego set (I think they make so much stuff they can't keep them all going, hence why they stop making stuff after a short while) but thanks to the internet this set is still easily available at a variety of places and a variety of prices as well. ...

Rocky (GameCube) 12/05/2017

Rocky on GameCube is a contender.

Rocky (GameCube) Boxing games are not exactly a dime a dozen when compared to other fighting game in the video game world, also boxing games tend to offer up some kind of theme like Electronic Arts did with Facebreaker even although they had some success with the Fight Night franchise, Ready 2 Rumble was another example and then there was also Black and Bruised and I could go on but you get the idea, yes boxing games have often been themed. I reckon the reason is that bringing out a straightforward boxing game will not interest the masses and therefore it needs a hook and so we get crazy titles and then someone hit on this idea as here we have an already created set of boxers under the Rocky franchise and so why not build a game around them. It does seem like an excellent idea to do this but the burning question for me is of course will the focus be on the content here or will the game engine be as well made as the idea is? My Purchase I picked this game up online just a month ago and it was priced at almost £3 which I promptly paid with my voucher balance, now obviously at that price I knew I was not buying gem of a game but this did not bother me as the game was boxed and complete and in great condition for the price paid. The low price that I paid is extremely common for what is a decent game really. The Game Rock is centred around the world of Rocky the boxer inspired by the films also, there is a number of different boxers in the game but the well known ones are those you are most ...

Lego Friends 41022: Bunny's Hutch 10/05/2017

Run rabbit... oh wait, you are made of plastic.

Lego Friends 41022: Bunny's Hutch When it comes to buying presents for my daughter the list of choices is not endless, there are so many toys out there that I know she would not play with and Lego can be a bit of a hit or miss except when it comes to animal related stuff. That is where the Lego Friends Bunny's Hutch comes in because it is not just a Lego set, no this is more like an add on to help boost up the bigger sets in the Lego Friends collection. It is funny really when you think about things though, given the style of packaging used for this (what I would call a mini kit) it is reminiscent of the surprise bags that we are seeing more and more in stores today. Just like the ones where you do not know what is inside until you open the bag (of course it is such a rip off marketing ploy like Lego do with the mini figure collections) thankfully though this does not apply to this mini kit as you know exactly what you are getting. Where to Purchase and What to Pay? So despite the abundance of Lego out there some sets and mini kits can be hard to find, this is usually the case with discontinued lines or thanks to online selling you can find the kits but they will cost you often at least double what they originally cost when they were first released. Second hand is the other option and it usually is the cheaper one too although your second hand choices here are unlikely to include the complete kit as the packaging just encourages you to rip open and remove the good stuff and then throw away the packet and ...

Lego Friends 41312 Heartlake Sports Centre 08/05/2017

Get your kicks Lego style at the heartlake sports centre.

Lego Friends 41312 Heartlake Sports Centre AH Lego the fun never ends.. well these days that is abundantly true with oh so many sets out there and so many new ideas and themed sets coming out all the time, yes the world of Lego is pretty much infinite. Well Lego friends came on the scene a few years back and I noticed it straight away and my first though was aye here we go this is one they have created to appeal to the girls and widen the market. Well true it makes sense anyway and the idea offers ever more set creativity in the long run. Lego Friends Heartlake Sports Centre This kid is of course a sports centre and it has two figures that come with it (Mia and Robert) the set includes sporting elements that you can interact with like gymnastic rings, a punch bag, yoga mat and basketball hoop. There is also a football goal complete with a ball and also a bike to ride home on when your character is finished working out at the gym. Just maybe when you think they have though of everything for this kit you also find that you have a smoothie maker and even a till for purchases with real Lego money, there is even a silver and gold trophy that you can have in the corner for show or possibly set up a play tournament for with friends but then that is the whole idea here. The basketball hoop forms another game as it has a shooting device which is great as that adds yet another play element to this set, and if you are a little vain then there is a mirror included for your mini doll to pose and check out those new biceps ...

LEGO Friends 41059: Jungle Tree Sanctuary 06/05/2017

Kicking it in the jungle with Lego Friends.

LEGO Friends 41059: Jungle Tree Sanctuary When I was growing up my Lego collection consisted mostly of the space stuff, that included a rather awesome moon base and a spaceship that could explore as it had a detachable front and a cargo rear with a buggy in it. This is nothing really when compared with the new and very collectable Star Wars Lego sets we see now and it is also a fay cry from the Lego Friends range which has got quite the collection of sets to it's credit these days. But like many of the other Lego ranges we have sets that are no longer being produced in the series and with that in mind here we have the now discontinued set that is 41059 Jungle Tree Sanctuary. The Set Well this one is all about looking after the cute little jungle animals that have been rescued, the kit only has the one mini doll and that is Mia and here she is wearing a typical jungle style outfit (the top with the hem sleeves and in this case a skirt) but the only difference from normal attire of this type is that she has the emblem for the sanctuary on the shirt. You get several animals with the kit including a lion cub, a parrot, a monkey and a turtle. You also get loads of other smalls in this kit too, including a camera, binoculars, table and stools, bed, backpack, flag, bucket of water, ladder, a bone, an apple, banana, biscuit, leaves, chicken leg, walkie-talkie, microscope and a computer (well Lego laptop really). There are three main features that make this set what it is, the tree house (the main set), the laboratory ...

Line Rider: Freestyle (Nintendo DS) 04/05/2017

Line Rider Freestyle DS not so good.

Line Rider: Freestyle (Nintendo DS) I have played many a puzzle game in my time but this is something quite different to the games I usually play. The concept is far removed from the more traditional puzzlers that I enjoy and the theme is rather unique as well. From the game's title you may think that this is another extreme sports game but nothing could be further from the truth. My Purchase This game was one I picked up in a local charity shop for £2 a while ago. If one was searching online for this then you can expect to find the prices go from £7 to £20 all of this based on condition of course. The Game So this game is all about sledging but... said sledging gameplay is not action based but rather puzzle based, so you do not control the sledging guy or girl (your choice) but instead you draw a line that completes the course so that they can slide to the finish safely. Sounds simple right? Wll thanks to poor implementation of the DS's stylus capabilities and opportunities missed it would seem that results in this game being just satisfactory but that also depends on what you are paying for it. Gameplay Well since this game is all about creating or finishing courses you can instantly imagine a lot of stylus work and you would be spot on. Unfortunately though this is where your main problem with this game will begin for you, this is because the Stylus portion of the gameplay is just not good enough. The problem being that in like the story mode the main job you have is to complete the course of your ...

Raa Raa the Noisy Lion (Nintendo DS) 29/04/2017

Fun for kids With Raa Raa on Nintendo's DS.

Raa Raa the Noisy Lion (Nintendo DS) Raa Raa the Noisy Lion Jingly Jangly Adventures came to my attention a couple of years ago by chance, we were looking for programmes on the box for the little one to watch. She at the time was indifferent to how she felt about the show, since she hit three and onwards our little lass started asking for Raa Raa (it still isn't her favourite) to be put on, so with regard to that I decided to see what else I could get and that is how we ended up with Raa Raa the Noisy Lion Jingly Jangly Adventures on Nintendo's DS. My Purchase of This Game So I bought this game for my daughter who still would rather play the Peppa Pig ones but this one gives her the option to play something else at least. I paid £5 for this one complete but second hand, prices online start at £6 for used and around£20 new. The Game For those that do not know Raa Raa is an animated television programme featuring Raa Raa the Noisy Little Lion and his friends, it is set in (as the title song calls it) the Jingly Jangly Jungle. This game features some of those characters in this very simple game. This game is basically a collection of mini games set over five categories that are select from the main menu by simply using the stylus to tap the corresponding icons to get you where you want to go. It is an extremely simple system designed no doubt for this games target audience and more importantly it means you won't hear those dreaded words "I need help" all too often. Games To Play So five categories to ...

Monster Jam Urban Assault (Nintendo DS) 22/04/2017

Monster Jam Urban Assault DS is excellent for the fans.

Monster Jam Urban Assault (Nintendo DS) Monster Truck... as a child back in the eighties Bigfoot was certainly the king of these trucks for me. I never really understood much about monster truck racing back then since well we know it is way more popular over in America than here in the U.K. but certainly Bigfoot is well known all over the world. In Monster Jam Urban Assault on Nintendo's DS there is a great variety of Monster Trucks to play around with and a good number of events to use them in. My Purchase of This Game I did not buy this game but instead borrowed it from a friend who is very much into the genre and has pretty much every off road game for the DS, Monster Trucks are his favourite though and he does not really care if a game is good or bad. I on the other hand do and I have played some stinkers in this genre, so I rarely shell out for these games, this one though looks pretty impressive. If you are looking to buy this, it can be found online selling from £5 for secondhand copies and from £20 new. The Game In this game you are fully immersed into the world of monster trucks, so from straight up racing to fancy jumps and plenty more besides you can have a ball with this one. Once you have created a profile you are free to select from the championship events or play the instant action selections. However, if you are just starting out with the game a lot of the features will not yet be available to you. The game also has a multiplayer selection and this allows you to create or join another ...

Cruise Line Tycoon (Nintendo DS) 19/04/2017

Cruise line tycoon on Nintendo's DS.

Cruise Line Tycoon (Nintendo DS) Over the last few years I have played a lot of different tycoon games and the vast majority of those games were PC oriented, however I have also played one or two console examples and a couple on handheld systems as well. For me the results vary in how good or bad these games end up being, it does not matter which system you play on as it all comes down to the theme and personally I like the ones involving the restaurant business because of the variety you can have in them with regards to the menu and locations and such. So to me they are usually the best in the tycoon franchise, as for cruise line.... well this is my first. My Purchase Given my previous experience with tycoon games (that is mostly bad... but then I have played a lot of different genres/themes in the tycoon series) I won't invest a lot of sheckles in these games, however seeing this game in a charity shop for a pound is exactly what I like to find (and to spend whenever possible). Should you want to get this one and you are looking around online, you can expect to pay anywhere from £7 to £40 condition does vary a lot with this one and it is actually quite rare too. The Game Cruise line tycoon is pretty basic when you get right down to it, there are only two modes of play on offer. Scenario Mode. This mode starts off with two of simple levels intended to help you get to grips with the game. Should you be feeling bold (or you have played lots of tycoon games) then you can jump right in at the deep end ...

Warhammer 40K - Squad Commander (Nintendo DS) 15/04/2017

Warhammer 40,000 Squad Command.

Warhammer 40K - Squad Commander (Nintendo DS) Warhammer is a very popular game franchise that started out as a tabletop game with little miniature figures that you could paint yourself to suit a variety of factions. The series has evolved over time to include a larger variety of games and game types, like wise there are books and of course a variety of different computer games based on variations of the Warhammer games. Warhammer 40,000 or 40k for short, this is the franchise that I was introduced to and followed for a few years. It covets the Space Marines at it's heart as the good guys and various other factions as the baddies, Tyranids and Orcs are the two fairly big factions but the Elders are probably the biggest, but there are also Chaos Marines as well. Suffice to say that the Warhammer universe is large and diverse, my first foray into the video game franchise was Space Hulk released on the Sony PlayStation and that sees the Blood Angels chapter take on the Tyranids on these gargantuan masses of old space ships that have been joined together to make a massive vessel. Traditionally these are used by Orcs but Tyranids are known to inhabit them as well, anyway that game was not a great game as I saw it, this one I expected to be far superior. My Purchase I bought this game online new but not brand hew for £10, not brand new meaning it had no cellophane wrap on the box. Online prices for this game in used condition start at £2 and new games go for about £12 upward. The Game This one starts out very simply as ...

Powerplay Pool (Nintendo DS) 12/04/2017

Power Play Pool DS is basically basic.

Powerplay Pool (Nintendo DS) I have played a number of pool games on a number of systems from the days of the likes of Side Pocket on the Sega Mega Drive right up to the more modern World Championship Snooker games which also have the pool championships to play. Hand held versions of this game are common enough and I have played a couple of those as well, often I have found the hand held games to be rather inferior apart from the World Championship Snooker one which was very good. To be as good as that this game needed to really have the great gameplay and easy on the eyes setup but right from the beginning I could see this was not going to be the case. My Purchase of This One I bought this game as part of a bundle online, the price averaged out at £2 which I was perfectly fine with. Buying this one online is easy enough as you can find it at all the usual retailers selling second hand games. The Game This is of course a pool simulation game, there are three modes of play on offer... Quickplay. League. Tournament. Whichever game mode you choose it simply does not matter, this is because there are no fancy features here just straight up pool. You have a selection of characters to represent yourself in the game and there is a decent number of them but no customisation options unfortunately. Each one has a unique personality and a supposed special skill but there is no evidence of those skills during play so far as I saw anyway. You can play standard U.K. eight ball, U.S. eight ball (we call it ...
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