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TOCA 2: Touring Car Challenge (PlayStation) 21/08/2017

TOCA2 a worthy sequel on Sony's PlayStation 1.

TOCA 2: Touring Car Challenge (PlayStation) Yes it is true, there are a lot of racing games available on Sony's PlayStation 1 and it's slimline brother the PlayStation One. Still the good thing about this is apart from having a vast choice of racing games to choose from, the pressure is on developers to be at the top of their game to deliver something really good if they want us to part with our pennies. TOCA2 has advantages and disadvantages in this area, the main disadvantage is that the game is a sequel, this means the game should be better than the original and hopefully not too similar to the first game to not appeal to those that already own TOCA. My experience with this franchise stems through all the releases staring from the beginning (TOCA Touring Car Championship) right through the (TOCA Race Driver) and on to the Grid series which is like the evolution of TOCA Race Driver for modern systems, the CodeMasters development team have stuck with this series from the start and even developed rally games and other racers because of the success of the TOCA series and if you played any of these early TOCA games you will know why. TOCA2 on PlayStation This game is available for other formats of course but on the PlayStation it supports the standard PlayStation Controller, the Analog Controller, the twisty Negon Controller, single player and two player split-screen, Controller Vibration and Link Cable compatible offering up four player split-screen gaming of two players without a split-screen, linking requires two ...

Lego Friends 41037 Stephanie's Beach House 18/08/2017

Lego Friends Stephanie's Beach House.

Lego Friends 41037 Stephanie's Beach House Beach house but not a beach ball in site... Our little one has quite a lot of Lego Friends sets, in fact she has way more than I ever accumulated growing up. Of course back then I did not have a large group of family and friends contributing to my collection, as such this is a set my parents bought for her and it was not even a present. I think my dad got it on a deal though, or he got some sort of store reward bonus points or something (he only lets on a little without giving you the full story). Lego Friends Stephanie's Beach House So this set is a 2014 release that has since been retired, it has three hundred and sixty nine pieces to it and includes the mini doll Stephanie and mini doll Kate. The main feature in this set is of course the house which has a terrace, kitchen with a bar, outside stairs to the next floor and the bedroom with an adjacent shower room and the house also has a jetty. There is a terrace on the upper floor and a seating area out in front of the beach house and the roof can be opened for better access. Included with the set you get a windsurfer, a telescope, it has a television for the house and a radio and there are plenty of smalls for the kitchen and a sofa bed as well. There are also a number of small hairstyle items in there as well, these include, bows, brushes, hair dryer and hair decorations. Building That Beach House As ever with the Lego Friends sets we begin with the Mini Dolls, these are easy and you can let the younger builder in ...

Dirt 3 (Xbox 360) 16/08/2017

More of the Same with Dirt 3 on Xbox 360.

Dirt 3 (Xbox 360) And that is not a bad thing... I have played a lot of racing games in my time, going way back to such racing titles as outrun and Ayrton Senna's Grand Prix Simulator, but the very first game I remember playing was simply called Stock Cars and it was a cassette game that featured on a ten in one bundle. That was a very simple overhead view game and nothing even close to what we are treated to nowadays, but the principal is still essentially the same, run around a course lap after lap. Aside from just having races though the Dirt games have however always provided you with much more styles of off road racing than you can almost handle and it is the same here but with a twist as now there are even more events than ever before. Getting Started When you begin a new game you will annoyingly be asked for your VIP pass code (unfortunately this will be asked everything you boot up the game hence why it is annoying). Said code will grant you some extra privileges like being able to upload your race and event videos to YouTube, well I got my game free with Xbox Live's Games with gold promo, so I don't have a code. After this you can enter some simple details to get your profile started, that is all straightforward stuff but you can also have a nickname that the announcement guy will call you by, there are quite a number of choices available in there too which I liked. Once you are set up you can go ahead and select your difficulty (this can be altered at any point during the game ...

Lego Friends 41098 Emma's Tourist Kiosk 14/08/2017

Emma's Tourist Kiosk Set, Lego Friends.

Lego Friends 41098 Emma's Tourist Kiosk Lego Friends have a large range of sets now and some of them can seem a little strange, especially this one. As you see the original concept for Lego Friends was all about a group of friends fun adventures in Heartlake City, the idea being they all hang out together along with their pets and some animals. This is strange because there were no mention of tourists in the idea and more so who are the tourists, I mean surely not the fellow friends? Anyway I guess someone at Lego Friends development department thought this set made sense as the person that approved the idea did also. I suppose when you think about it like a child the tourists could be imaginary, then it all makes sense, heck they can have anything visit.. Lego Friends Emma's Tourist Kiosk Emma's tourist kiosk is the place to go for visitors wishing to buy a treat or send a postcard. This set has ninety eight pieces and it comes with the Emma mini doll with a set of skates, the tourist kiosk, a post box and bench plus a rotating display. Accessory items include sunglasses, magazine, hair accessories, sunscreen, bottles, lollipop, envelope and a postcard. That is quite a lot of items included here but then the build is quite small as you would expect considering that this is just a kiosk and the extra items help build up the piece count. Building this Set Coming in at just a shade under one hundred pieces, this is one of the smallest sets that I have seen that includes a mini doll included. The build begins ...

Lego Friends 3183: Stephanie's Cool Convertible 11/08/2017

Stephanie's Convertible, Lego Friends.

Lego Friends 3183: Stephanie's Cool Convertible When I was little I always enjoyed the Lego vehicle sets, I think that they are often very cleverly designed and interactive with their moving wheels and opening doors, roof and such. It seems that my daughter is also fast becoming a big fan of the vehicle sets as well, even although she adores the big sets the most, she still manages to spend a good amount of time playing with the Lego Friends vehicles that she has. So I like to add a new vehicle to her collection every so often when I can, this set I found for sale locally second hand but still complete. Lego Friends Stephanie's Cool Convertible This neat little car comes with the mini doll Stephanie along with her puppy named Coco, along with the car you get some extras including car washing gear. That is a water tap, a brush, a bucket and there is a lamppost (I guess if you were to wash the car at night, in theory obviously because it does not light up). Along with this you also get a bench, an MP3 player, hairbrush, mirror, hair dryer, sunglasses, bow and a mirror. A Speedy Build Then? Yes there is only one hundred and twenty nine pieces to this kit (it sounds like a lot but in Lego terms this is a fairly small set) beginning this build you start with the mini doll and the little things (there are about twenty items here). Then you construct the little washing station which has ten steps to follow, this leaves the car which is done in three sections, the body, then the bumpers and then final details including the ...

Lego Friends 41122 Adventure Camp Tree House 09/08/2017

Lego Friends Adventure Camp Tree House.

Lego Friends 41122 Adventure Camp Tree House Lego Friends is a Lego series that has become as much of a main stayer as the Star Wars set of kits and even the City series. Originally aimed at female builders the series has been a huge success with new kits hitting the shelves at regular intervals. With this comes a lot of retired sets as well many sets only getting a few months store time and this makes some of the sets in this series highly collectable. The Lego Friends Adventure Camp Tree House is one of those, originally released in 2016 [not that long ago really] has been retired, in my opinion before it's time too. Lego Friends Adventure Camp Tree House This is a pretty nice set, it is essentially what you would call the main part of the Adventure Camp series. This series has a few smaller sets to combine with this large one to make a much more interesting camp. Truth be told though this set could stand alone as it is a sizeable set that looks superb, with this one you get a few little bits and pieces but the focus is truly on the tree house itself. With this set you are getting three mini doll's Stephanie, Emma and Joy, you have the camp house that has a kitchen inside it. Up from that you have the access to a tree with a tyre swing via a set of stairs, next to this making up the other side of the set is a waterfall with rocks that can be climbed, there is also an obstacle spinning bridge. The accessories here are plentiful and include, a fishing rod, a camera, a trophy, flags, a helmet, a book, saucepan, a ...

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (GameCube) 07/08/2017

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 Nintendo GameCube.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (GameCube) Need for Speed is a franchise that has been around for a good length of time, even by the time that this game was released for the GameCube, Xbox and Playstaion 2 generation. The brand was fast establishing itself as a well known name in video game racing. A number of titles were released on the GameCube along with other consoles and handhelds of this era but this was the first in that series on the GameCube titled Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2. My Purchase I bought this game online ages ago and it has sat in the pile of games that I have, patiently awaiting it's (like it had a choice LOL). Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 was bought online for £8 from a seller on Amazon this was for the game in very good condition, sure enough the game was complete and the disc is in near mint condition so no complaints there by me. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 is available on the Xbox, GameCube, PC and PlayStation 2, the majority of the formats this game is available for go for less money than what I paid but that is common with GameCube versions. The Game This is an arcade style racing game, (that is what Need For Speed games used to be all about back then) and as such the cars drive with arcade handling (or rather all over the place). Again this game like other versions is mostly about getting the better of the cops, or being the cops which is a neat addition to the series. Need For Speed games like to use licensed cars and Hot Pursuit is no exception, you can expect to get behind the ...

Lego Friends 41313 Heartlake Summer Pool 04/08/2017

Enjoy Summer At the Pool with Lego Friends.

Lego Friends 41313 Heartlake Summer Pool Well I can say that we have not had much of a summer here where I live but we have had some nice hot sunny days. Before the season is truly over though I figured I would review the Lego Friends set we bought for our daughter as a summer holidays toy, the idea being if we did have some lousy weather then she'd have something to enjoy that was new to her Lego Friends collection. Suffice to say the way that some of the days in last few weeks have been she has had some enjoyment from this set. Lego Friends Heartlake Summer Pool I knew when I bought this that my daughter would enjoy playing with the set because the for starters this set is big, there are a lot of pieces to this one. The main feature is of course the pool which has a very nice curvy slide, a television, springing diving board, an outdoor shower behind the aquarium and a swim-up bar. Also included are a lifeguard stand, a restroom and a hot tub with day bed. The accessories here include an ice cream, newspaper, glasses, cherries, pineapple, bill, basket and a ball. Building The Set Well there are five hundred and eighty nine pieces to this and this means there two books to build from because that is a lot of Lego. The instructions as ever are nice and clear on how things go together, they recommend this set for ages six to twelve which I would say is about right as there are a lot of small parts in this set so a little supervision for young builders is advised as with this amount of Lego it would not be ...

Lego Friends 41123 Foal's Washing Station 02/08/2017

Washing That Foal Lego Friends Style.

Lego Friends 41123 Foal's Washing Station Who has a foal? Well Emma does, in fact she has loads of pets, probably too many when you look at how many sets has Emma's this and that and even when the set is not specific to an animal there is often something like a pet included, but although this Lego Friends is an Emma set it is not titled as such. Lego Friends Foal's Washing Station This is quite a small set where they have given you bits and pieces rather than going too far, you have the washing station with the Emma mini doll figure and the foal. There is a small table and a feeding area with a tiny bit of fence, the idea being of course that your little ones big imagination can fill in the gaps. Your accessories include grooming brushes, spray bottle, a bucket, an apple, a carrot, horse soap bottles and a few bows and ribbons for decorating your nice clean foal. A Quick Build There are seventy seven pieces to this set so as you can guess it does not take very long to build it, as per the instructions you begin with the Emma mini doll and the foal, nothing difficult there. The feeding area is next and again that is very simple to assemble because it consists of a green base, a chest, a flower, hay, a carrot and an apple. The table has a little bit more to it as you have the grooming pieces along with the bottles but again this is a simple build. The washing station ids the biggest part of the set but it has less small parts in the assembly and the build is straightforward enough, there are just fourteen steps ...

Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox 360) 31/07/2017

Call of Duty Ghosts Xbox 360

Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox 360) Ghosts takes the Call of Duty series in a slightly different direction, the gampeplay remains the same but this storyline is very different from what veterans of the series will be used to. I have most of the Call of Duty console games and I much prefer the single player or co-op elements of these games to the online, speaking of which Ghosts has two disc and the first is the main game disc (the one you us to play the game) disc two has in fact to be installed to play the single player campaign. This shows how the series has evolved to support multiplayer over single player, that being said though the game still has a good single player campaign with an interesting story that takes you to an earth where things have not gone the way they were supposed to. The Game Ghosts is another first person shooter in the Call of Duty series of games and this one has an individual story that takes place in a very different environment to what fans will be used to. You generally play as Logan who is one of two sons to a man named Elias, he tells a story of a division of highly trained men sent to deal with an outnumbering threat and many of them fall but a few remained after the first assault. Those men waited under the bodies of the dead with their fallen comrades blood running over them, when the next battle came the fifteen men killed all ninety of the remaining enemy and became known as ghosts (as they were forever changed because of the events of that battle and considered ...

Farming Simulator 2013 (Xbox 360) 30/07/2017

farming simulator 2013 Xbox 360.

Farming Simulator 2013 (Xbox 360) I have been a fan of the Sim series of games genre ever since i got my feet wet playing the rather brilliant Sim City on the Super Nintendo and ever since then I have had a love for anything simulation or resource gathering but more so creation and this game offers a little bit of each. My Purchase I became interested in this when I had heard friends chatting to each other one night about this game over Xbox live but at that time I was not in a rush to buy it myself. I wanted to wait and pay a lower price and it was a while later when I saw it was on sale for under fifteen pounds and since I had the voucher balance available I was happy to pay that price as the game was being sold new and sealed. The Game This one is very simple really, you can choose to go for the Achievements which will involve you completing certain tasks like going after the collectables, or you can please yourself and explore the game in your own way. You start out with very little but certainly enough to get you going but to get the most out of the game you are going to need to raise cash, now I cannot sugar coat this but in terms of money raising you are going to have to work for those pennies, there is no way around that. The equipment you kick off with is fairly basic but there are tractors here that go all the way up to silly money, I mean you can buy ones made by Lamborghini. Now before you say aye come on JB you are pulling my leg they do not make tractors I can assure you that they ...

Lego Friends 41300 Puppy Championship 29/07/2017

Time for the Lego Friends Puppy Championship.

Lego Friends 41300 Puppy Championship If your little one likes puppies and loves Lego then what better combination could you think of than a Lego set featuring puppies. But there is of course more to this set than just puppies as this set is the Lego Friends Puppy Championship, a far cry from the Lego that I knew growing up and the fact that this is a series exclusively targeted at the female Lego builders of the world. Lego Friends Puppy Championship Right from the outset this Lego set looks pretty nice, you get the mini doll figure called Mia with two pups named Scout and Tina. The main feature of the set is the dog show stage which has an entrance door, a podium, a turntable, a microphone and a raised area for judging, there is also a slide on one side and stairs on the other. There is also a grooming station in the set as well and a couple of dog show obstacles for the dogs to show their stuff. As ever with these sets there are some accessory items including, rosettes, a judging paddle, a dog bowl, a bone (for the winner presumably), bows brush, comb, and a spray bottle. Building the Puppy Championship Set This is a medium sized Lego set coming in at one hundred and eighty five pieces. You start out with the mini doll and then all of the other small parts as well, these include the jump, see-saw and the grooming station, since they are all small it takes no time to assemble these parts of the set but there are quite a few small pieces to them. The main stage is next and that takes a while longer since ...

Lego Friends 41308 Stephanie's Friendship Cakes 28/07/2017

Stephanie Can Make Cakes For Her Lego Friends.

Lego Friends 41308 Stephanie's Friendship Cakes One of the ranges that the Lego Friends series does is eateries, these can be in many forms from sets like the Heartlake Juice Bar that is simply a set with the idea of it being a location, then there is the small sets like this one where the location could be anywhere that the imagination can take your kids. My daughter has mostly animal themed sets but with so many around her collection has expanded into other areas and themes in the Heartlake city setting and I am planning to get a few more of this types of set as we continue to build the collection. Lego Friends Stephanie's Friendship Cakes This set is small but it comes with a lot of little things, as you might have already guessed the mini doll that comes with the set is Stephanie and she comes along with the bunny Daisy. There is a bunch of kitchen equipment included here, a mixer and an oven that opens, a cupboard that can be opened with a worktop as well. The phrase may be everything but the kitchen sink... well this set has one, as well as two stools and a table that has a revolving cake stand. Plus there are lots of little accessory parts included as well these include a mixing bowl, saucepan, storage jar, spoon, a check-list, an icing pump and selection of cupcake toppings. Another Quick and Easy Set Build Ninety four pieces are all it takes to put this one together and most of those pieces are small ones. You start out with the mini doll and the rabbit plus a couple of smalls and then the oven is put ...

Lego Friends 41120 Adventure Camp Archery 27/07/2017

Lego Friends Adventure Camp Archery.

Lego Friends 41120 Adventure Camp Archery Well if you are going to create a Lego Friends adventure camp then archery makes sense. There are a number of different Lego Friends sets around some focus on the friends, others focus on the animals and some focus on things the friends can get involved in. The Lego Friends series is all about these girls and guys hanging out and having fun in and around the fictional Heartlake City. In traditional modern Lego fashion there are many sets out there, although many of the sets in this range only tend to have one mini doll but some of the small ones don't have any, the big sets can have as many as three though. This is a small set that does have a mini doll (but then they really had include one here, after all who would fire the arrows). Lego Friends Adventure Camp Archery With the Lego Adventure Camp Archery set from the Lego Friends range we have the Mia mini doll (looks like she is ready to hit a few bullseye's in her sportswear) along with her there is a hedgehog that has it's own little shelter. Mia also has a shelter with a chair and a little table. There is also the target which falls over when hit, along with this the accessories include a barrel with projectiles, a bow with shooting function, a trophy, flag, apple, cherries, a bottle of water and a sandwich. Putting Everything Together So this set has one hundred and fourteen pieces to it, that means this is a fairly quick set to put together. As with every Lego Friends set we begin with the mini doll and then the ...

Lego Friends 3186 Emma's Horse Trailer 26/07/2017

Lego Friends Emma Has A Trailer For Her Horse.

Lego Friends 3186 Emma's Horse Trailer We found this Lego set in a charity shop (of all places) on a recent trip to the city that is nearest to our town, the set only cost us £5 as there was no box nor instructions it was just sealed in a clear plastic bag. A quick look on the mobile showed us that this was Emma's Horse Trailer set, as for the lack of things... well, personally I was never bothered about the boxes as a child and neither is my daughter, the lack of a booklet was no problem to us as the instructions can easily be found online anyway and I doubt we will ever sell any of our used Lego sets anyway, best keep them for the next generation I think. Lego Friends Emma's Horse Trailer This set is another one of those where the design team it seems though of just about everything and then a little beyond perhaps. We have the Emma mini doll figure with her horse Robin, there is a nice vehicle and trailer along with a staging area and a jump for practice. As usual with the Lego Friends sets you get a few small accessories, these include, the saddle, a bridle, prize ribbons, soap, hairspray (yes really not sure if it was tested on animals though... okay it is plastic so doubt it is harmful he he) brushes and a comb. You also have an apple and a carrot with spare hay for the practice jump so you can double the height if you want to. Building this Set This is an older set in the Lego Friends range as it was released in 2012 but the instructions were super simple to find, we kick things off in the ...
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