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ATV Quad Frenzy (Nintendo DS) 27/03/2017

ATV Quad Frenzzy, another bare bones racer on DS.

ATV Quad Frenzy (Nintendo DS) Yes indeed this game truly is one of those lacklustre titles that looks okay on the outside but manages to miss the mark from being a truly fun racing game. My Purchase I bought this game online for £4 which is about the average price, that is of course for a good condition second hand copy of the game, this immediately tells you that this is neither a rare or sought after title. The Game The premise is that ATV Quad Frenzy offers a high octane Quad racing experience (nah not really) over a variety of courses (yes that is sort of true) with all the excitement of off road racing packed into a tiny game card (not quite). Yes that is what you might be looking for in a game like this, but I guarantee that you won't find any of that with this game. What ATV Quad Frenzy actually has is a selection of race modes running the typical to Nintendo DS four racers (including yours truly) over three laps in a variety of race courses. But that is really all there is as everything in this game is so one hundred percent generic. That means no characters to root for, no interesting content to unlock, an absolutely appalling way to navigate a menu system and other basic game content that keeps the below par racer from being anything unique or special. So to the Game Modes Then Practice Mode. Wanna have a play around? Then practice is where you need to go, what practice mode is put simply is a race without anyone else racing. You just pick any unlocked course and you get three laps to ...

James Bond 007: From Russia with Love (Xbox) 24/03/2017

007 From Russia With Love is a good game.

James Bond 007: From Russia with Love (Xbox) I have played a number of James Bond games on a lot of systems over the years, my most recent title was an Xbox 360 game. This game of course is a much older one and is available for the Xbox, GameCube, PSP and PlayStation 2. Now most of the James Bond games that I have played have either been on the GameCube or Xbox and this one was played on the Xbox. My Purchase I bought this game as part of a mega bundle online purchase a while back, this is where I like to put together a bunch of titles that I wanted all second-hand, but I only had to pay a one off postage fee for the bundle which means the more you buy the more value for money you are getting. Prices for this game on Xbox vary a lot, mine was complete and not including postage was £3.50. The First Impression When it comes to a bond game I find that you never know what to expect (especially with these older ones). What I hope to get in a game like this is a game that is good to play with nice movement. Good targeting is also a must and a logical control system allowing easy access to weapons and gadgets alike is a must, well after a little while with 007 From Russia With Love, I found that this game has all these qualities which is great. Playing 007 From Russia With Love This game begins with a kidnap attempt on the Prime Minister's daughter, you play as Bond of course , it acts as a bit of a tutorial level and in typical James Bond fashion... this is the intro bit before the main title theme. The title theme ...

Stratego (Nintendo DS) 19/03/2017

Stratego DS, it's all about the strategy you know.

Stratego (Nintendo DS) Yes the clue is in the title I suppose but Stratego is not truly all about strategy along you know. No you need some luck too, ideally you want to uncover the prime pieces before your opponent finds yours. My Purchase of This One I did not buy this game but instead borrowed it from a mate, I did look on the internet and found the price can be anywhere from £2 to £17 based on condition. The Game The basic premise of Stratego is a bit like like a variant on chess, so in that respect you have your one Vs one board with a set number of pieces. But in Stratego each piece has a specific value attached to it to determine how powerful it is, you can of course see the full compliment of your pieces and their individual value on the game board, but you only see the value of an enemy piece after you have attacked it. If you lose an attack the value of the piece you lost to will be displayed for the rest of the battle until it gets destroyed. The idea is so simple as in that your piece valued at say seven can defeat a six but not an eight, in a typical game with default settings you each take turns and both sides have an equal number of pieces with the same values. There are a number of duplicate pieces in a game but there is only one Marshal the highest piece valued at ten, other unique pieces are the bombs (there are a few of these and if you attack one these then value does not matter it is an instant loss unless you use a miner who is the only one that can disarm them). The ...

The Sims Bustin Out (Xbox) 17/03/2017

Bustin Out is more fun with Sims on Xbox.

The Sims Bustin Out (Xbox) As you may know the Sim's has been around in various forms for years, the genre has covered a lot of themes from a tower through to a full city and most recently the series has had a run of games focusing on the Sim's themselves. The most recent title being The Sim's 4 and also its expansions, Bustin' Out is a much older title and appeared on the big three consoles of the time. These being the PlayStation 2, GameCube and of course the Xbox and also the PC, there is a big difference between the console versions to the PC version though. My Purchase. Once again I bought this game using my online voucher balance but the main reason I actually went for the game when I did was the seller had put up a price that I could just not resist, £5.52 was a cracking price to me as this game is a little harder to get hold of than the standard Sim's game on this system and it is a game that is getting rare to purchase in very good condition on the some consoles, not so much for the Xbox though. My First Impression. Okay so my first impression of this Sim's game was good, I noticed when you begin a new game you are shown just two options at the main menu and one of those is to view the credits with the one other being a play option called Bust Out. Upon selecting that I was taken to where you get to create your Sim and as someone who has played Sim's games before this was like old skool to me and as such I just went straight to work creating my Sim and this I found as easy to use as the ...

Grand Theft Auto 2 (PlayStation) 13/03/2017

So good they simply called it GTa2.

Grand Theft Auto 2 (PlayStation) Yes one of the greatest and most popular PlayStation One games got a sequel and as it turns out that this is a very good one. My Purchase Like Grand Theft Auto, GTa2 for me was another intended purchase but this time around I was too fussy about overall condition. It had to be complete and in good condition though, mint did not bother thus time so long as the price was good. I thought at £6 it was a good price, but again like with Grand Theft Auto there a loads of copies of this game around going at varying prices based on condition. The Game The premise in GTa2 is exactly the same as in the original Grand Theft Auto, you start out in a city and are required to hit a score target to progress to the next. In this game though the city aspect has changed so levels are now classed as areas as if you are now in one large city. Another major change is the gangs, there are now three major gangs in each city and you have a reputation with them based on your actions. So in area one we have... Zibatsu. The Loonies. Yakuza. The on screen reputation meter helps you keep tabs on where you stand with these three and any others you encounter in the later levels. You start out with all three on green, this means you can do a green or easy mission for any of the gangs. If the respect goes up you will get into the yellow are and harder missions and following that the highest level of respect is red which is when they entrust you with highly important and difficult missions. Gaining ...

Driver 2 (PlayStation) 11/03/2017

Don't run, just walk or better yet drive in Driver 2.

Driver 2 (PlayStation) Well at the time when this game was released my friends raved about Driver 2 a lot, but it never impressed me back then. I saw this as just another driving game and never bothered about attempting to get my hands on it. So having never owned it and recently purchasing it this is to me a nearly new game, I say that because I did have a wee shot on my friends copy back in the day. But as for actually giving the game a true proper go... well that happend just recently. My Purchase I bought this online bundled in with the first Driver game, I also bought the game dirt cheap later on platinum as well. The reason for that is because my first Driver two case has damage and the other one was so cheap I was essentially buying the two disc box which thankfully was intact. I did not need the discs luckily since it seems one of them was faulty, never mind all in I have paid around £6 for Driver Two in a now near mint box complete with instructions. The Game Like the original Driver game your taking on the role of an undercover cop named Tanner, the game follows a story which kicks of with a hit on some dude in the 'Red Driver Bar' a guy known as Pink Lenny sees it all and manages to high tail it outta there, when the cops go over the body at the morgue (by that I mean Tanner, The Chief and Tobias Jones) they know about the witness and so you go to chase him down. This leads you to a deep and thorough story trying to track down a Brazilian mob boss named Alvaro Vasquez, but nobody ...

Grand Theft Auto (PlayStation) 07/03/2017

Grand Theft Auto PS1 is quite a game.

Grand Theft Auto (PlayStation) Okay if there was just one game I would have happily have burned out my original PlayStation One playing then Grand Theft Auto would certainly have been a contender. My Purchase I bought this game online and it was a planned purchase, I was in the market for this game and it had to be complete. I had been keeping an eye on the usual haunts online looking for a complete in very good condition second hand copy and I got one maps and all for £8. When it arrived I was pleased as the condition was excellent overall and the maps were near mint as if they had never been used. There are loads of copies of this game on sale online, you just have to decide how complete a copy you want and the price you want to pay if you happen to be interested of course. The Game Grand Theft Auto is all about doing whatever you want in the virtual cites that you play in, the primary goal for the game is to get to the target score (what they class as your earnings) by doing whatever you want. The quickest way for a player to get there is by completing the missions because they pay the most, on top of that you get a bonus multiplier which continues to go up as you complete missions. You can just as easily run around flattening or shooting innocent people that are all around the cities if you prefer but this quickly gets the cops attention. The good news is that you can lose cop heat by going to one of the auto shops where they will either spray the car or change the number plates and then the ...

Eagle One: Harrier Attack (PlayStation) 04/03/2017

Eagle One Harrier Attack on PlayStation.

Eagle One: Harrier Attack (PlayStation) Here is another what I considered to be a PlayStation gem that I bought ages ago, the reason I call it a gem is because I enjoyed the game for the one full play through that I had with it back in the day. I have also enjoyed many a flight based game over the years which is strange as it is not a genre that I actively seek out and yet most flight based games that I have played I have enjoyed. Well upon my replay of this game the simple question had to be would this rekindle fond memories or would it be a case of what did I ever see in this. My Purchase of This One Once more I bought this game online using my voucher balance and once more this was a very cheap purchase in my opinion. In fact it was the low price that encouraged me to buy this game since it was listed in very good condition (which in this case I would agree with by the way) the game cost me £4 no doubt priced to go with the condition which I would say was an accurate price and therefore this in my opinion was a good buy. The Game You are introduced to this game via a series of news broadcasts and you soon learn that an organisation calling themselves the Army of the New Millennium or ANM for short are responsible for a number of acts including computer hacking to cause unrest to such an extent and that the U.S. President was forced to declare martial law. The islands of Hawaii have become a battleground but since the threat to the mainland from the ANM is too great the President opts to send the U.S.S. ...

Micro Machines V4 (Nintendo DS) 02/03/2017

Micro Machines DS is nothing to shout about.

Micro Machines V4 (Nintendo DS) I really loved the first Micro Machines game I owned back in the day on the now classic console the Sega Master System, it was so unique to race in a game featuring everyday household items and that just made the game very cool and fun to play. I knew this game would never be up to the standard of the original but how then good could this one possibly be? My Purchase Picked this game up online, at the time I was not really looking for a particular game just browsing. This game popped up at £5 which I thought was a good price for a complete game, so I made the purchase. I took note that the average online price for this game is £4 second hand and available for around £10 new which I think is not too bad at all. The Game Micro Machines V4 is a racer and you start out like you do with most racers on the Nintendo DS, you create a profile (by that I mean put a name in). Then you get the main menu which simply has single player, multiplayer, Garage and Options as your choices. The options has few adjustments available but you can adjust the music and sfx, change the default camera and the control method as well as viewing the credits. The garage houses every vehicle featured in the game but if you want to view them you gotta' unlock 'em first, there are three sets to collect under each of the numerous categories and they are known as... common, special and rare. Single Player has two main options... Practice which offers a quick battle and a time trial option. Then there ...

Mario Kart DS (Nintendo DS) 27/02/2017

Mario Kart DS, need I say more.

Mario Kart DS (Nintendo DS) Well sure of course I must... When the first Mario Kart arrived for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System it was a massive hit and no wonder. Set with a handful (plus three) beloved characters from the platformer franchise and filled with themed courses and a great battle feature it was inevitable that the franchise would spawn more of these kart games. My Purchase Bought this game brand new when it was first released, I have seen it go online for anywhere from £2 up to £100 for still sealed copies, it is not a hard game to find, in fact I saw one in a charity shop recently for £4 so you never know. The Game This is simply a handheld version of the traditional Mario Kart, that is to say it is very similar but it has a few things unique to the Nintendo DS. The racing remains pretty much the same as the Super Nintendo version, there are eight participants in a typical race and the race is three laps in length. On your way around the various themed courses you collect power ups that will randomly give you an item, this you will use to either help you gain a position or two, or defend your current position. This is of course the basic idea of the game but there are a number of modes that have some differences... Game Modes Grand Prix. Time Trails. VS. Battle. Missions. Between them we a have mix of heavy karting action, the Grand Prix races are the standard deal three laps with eight racers competing over four rounds, Time Trail is all about setting fast lap times ...

Asphalt: Urban GT (Nintendo DS) 25/02/2017

Urban Asphalt GT DS, it is good, not great though.

Asphalt: Urban GT (Nintendo DS) So here we have another racer on the Nintendo DS and having played a good number of them the big question for me here was... as I had also played the rather decent sequel to this game before now, could this first game that obviously made the sequel happen be nearly as good? My Purchase I got this game online for £5 second-hand but it was also in like new condition, I could have went a little cheaper if I had wanted to but whenever possible I like to have my games in good preferably complete condition, sometimes though I will be happy if a hard to get rare title comes just boxed but this game is hardly a rare one and there were plenty of options for purchasing. The Game This is your typical racing game on Nintendo DS and I say typical as in it plays out and has many features that are commonly found in racing games on the dual screen wonder. So there are two main single player game modes and also a multiplayer option featured here too. In the two single player modes you will find a variety of race modes, the game also features extensive options to adjust which offers a little more than you usually get from typical racing games. Game Modes So kicking off we have single player arcade where you find... Instant Play. Exactly as it sounds here, you just hit this selection and choose an available location and then you are locked in a three lap race with eight cars is typically what you will get, you won't unlock anything else from it though. Road Challenge. For this one ...

Mr. DRILLER: Drill Spirits (Nintendo DS) 18/02/2017

Mr. Driller on DS is a cheeky puzzler.

Mr. DRILLER: Drill Spirits (Nintendo DS) The very first time I saw anything about Mr. Driller was on a PlayStation demo disc, I played the demo and enjoyed the game but never sought it out. My Purchase Well when I came upon this one in a charity shop for £4 I decided it was worth me giving this game a go, since I never got around to getting it's PlayStation release many moons ago. I knew the concept for this game would be very similar to the demo I played and for under a fiver well then why not I say. My First Impression of Mr. Driller DS Well there is not much to see on the main menu screen but once you select from the two main play options you soon see that there is a few ways to play Mr. Driller. After scoping out the menus I had a quick go and my first impression was good, the standard gameplay reminded me of the demo I played a little but this is obviously a much more updated version. The Game Mr. Driller is (no surprise) a driller, you play as him drilling down through these coloured sections and as you drop down you gotta avoid obstacles in the way but also watch out for sections above you dropping down when you are forced to change your direction. This is not as tricky as it may sound though although you have to think quickly as rocks from above only delay for about one second before they drop. There are things you can collect on your travels too but your main objective is to reach the goal on each level. Modes of Play Mission Driller. This is as it sounds as each level is a mission in the sense ...

The Bourne Legacy (DVD) 14/02/2017

The Bourne Legacy, I liked this one.

The Bourne Legacy (DVD) --- FILM ONLY REVIEW --- Time for another film in the Bourne saga and time for something a little bit different, in a good way I think. This film continues the legacy (so great title choice) and left me wanting a little bit more when it was over. So What Was It That Drew Me To This Film? The trailers pulled me to the cinema when this movie was first released and I thought this film was epic on the big screen. Now on the smaller screen it is still fairly epic, I just don't have the readies to fork over to replicate the movie theatre experience yet. What is this movie about then? So this film kicks off in Alaska with an individual in Special Ops training, he is surviving on his own for the most part. He is part of a new program that is like the third step up from Treadstone. That was the name for a program involving trained assassins, this time around though they are using chems to slightly enhance both physical and mental aspects of these new assets. Only problem is that Pam Landry and Jason Bourne's information on the previous programs has made the powerful men behind them pull the plug on this latest operation in fear of this latest program 'Outcome' being uncovered. This means all current participants are terminated but unfortunately for them they miss one and as he is trained to survive that is exactly what he does, but his chem dependence means he needs help. So this film is about a ruthless bunch of men who will literally stop at nothing to prevent this secret ...

The Bourne Ultimatum (DVD) 11/02/2017

The Bourne Ultimatum, great in my opinion.

The Bourne Ultimatum (DVD) --- FILM ONLY REVIEW --- The story of Jason Bourne continues in this third film of the series. So What Was It That Drew Me To This Film? Like the second film in this series I rented this one also, of the first three films though I reckon this one has been on the telly more than the other two. I certainly recall seeing this one advertised or just happens to be on (when I'm channel hopping) more often than the other two films have been. What is this movie about then? This movie continues right from where we left off with from Supremacy with Jason Bourne in Moscow, still on the run from Moscow police he is patching himself up in a pharmacy and he has an instant memory flashback. This swings back to where it all began, this sets Jason on a path to find out where it all began and the person responsible. Meanwhile Pamela Landry knows from her experience that Jason is looking for something and he won't stop until he finds it, Pamela's superior believes that Bourne is still a serious threat to the agency. So while Bourne is after the source/man behind Treadstone a man called Simon Ross, (a journalist from the Guardian) comes to his attention as he is doing a report on him. Simon also comes to the C.I.A.'s attention when on a cellphone he mentions a keyword 'Blackbriar' to a colleague and from this point the C.I.A. has him in their sights and under surveillance. This soon includes sending an asset (an agent like Bourne but even more ruthless), Bourne manages to meet up with ...

The Bourne Supremacy (DVD) 07/02/2017

Jason Bourne returns in the Bourne Supremacy.

The Bourne Supremacy (DVD) --- FILM ONLY REVIEW --- Yes the story of Jason Bourne continues in this second film he learns more about his past and he faces one of his toughest challenges so far. So What Was It That Drew Me To This Film? This was a rental for me when it was first released, I rented it because I already had the first film and simply wanted to see this one and have seen this plenty of times since both on television on occasion but mostly on DVD. What is this movie about then? This movie continues the story on from the first film Jason has settled down to a degree, he is remembering shards of his life since the amnesia he suffered. Bourne is never off yellow alert so to speak and he notices immediately when a man appears where he is currently living and to him is out of place and he believes that this guy is from Treadstone (the very black op government agency he used to be part of). Unfortunately Bourne is correct but not completely as the man is after him and is out to kill him, he believes after a car chase that Bourne is dead. That is of course not the case but it does cost the life of Marie, Bourne has no idea that he has actually been framed. As in Berlin an Agency operation was underway when someone took out the target and an agent that was with him but a fingerprint was left on purpose. Agent Pam Landy who was running the op comes across the print and Treadstone, she needs to know who Bourne is and why he has suddenly appeared on the Grid. Bourne is looking for answers as ...
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