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Lego Friends 41128 Amusement Park Space Ride 27/06/2017

Blast off with the Lego Friends Space Ride.

Lego Friends 41128 Amusement Park Space Ride Although this set has nothing to do with space apart from the theme, the words Lego and Space take me back to those days when I was a kid as my primary Lego build was the Space Lego because that was the Lego I grew up with, it was simpler in those days since us youngsters only had the space theme or the city sets to choose from. Now there are a lot more options out there of course from one off themed sets to full series encompassing all sorts of popular culture and of course those city sets that just keep on going, with the ladies in mind they created Lego Friends and as the series has expanded from its inception the sets cover a variety of things, from general things to more exciting things the Lego Friends series has brought out some interesting sets and on the more fun side of life they have done amusement theme park items. This set is from that series where if you have the cash you can create your own Lego Friends theme park. Lego Friends Amusement Park Space Ride The space ride for us came in the form of a present from a relative for our daughters birthday, it was known that she had Lego Friends sets and as such it was fairly obvious that one or two might appear as birthday or Christmas presents. This set has the Olivia mini doll, the space ride consists of three little shuttles for the riders to sit in, it comes with a photo booth so the little ones can pretend they are snapping pictures of the mini doll/dolls having fun on the ride. You also get a little ice cream ...

Greggs the Bakers (Shop) 25/06/2017

Fancy popping into Greggs today?

Greggs the Bakers (Shop) For me it is a no, although it used to be a yes, review based on my experiences with my local shop. Picture courtesy of Google. Location 10/10 Our Greggs is conveniently located slap bang almost in the middle of our high street, it is certainly to the point that you cannot miss it unless you really were not paying attention. Having a good location on the high street though means they get plenty of custom, parking nearby is a hit or a miss situation but on the weekends you have next to no chance if you are peckish at lunchtime. There are car parks very near though, less than five minutes walking distance and just two minutes from the nearest bus stop. Amenities 3/10 There are only four small tables in our Greggs and each table has a chair to go with it and these are placed next to a wall on one side of the store with bench style soft seating that goes right along that wall. So you can get at least three people to a table (four if you squeeze up a bit, or pinch/borrow an unused chair) and that is your lot. There are no toilets as apparently you can get away with this if you are under some seating capacity. Value for Money 5/10 if sitting in 0/10 When compared with some of the alternatives on the high street in our town Greggs is reasonably cheap, this however depends on what you are buying and what your plans are. Greggs charge you additional prices on every single item you by if you are sitting in, now this to me is laughable as you only have limited seating (which ...

Lego Friends 41125 Horse Vet Trailer 22/06/2017

The Lego Friends Horse Vet Trailer.

Lego Friends 41125 Horse Vet Trailer My fondest Lego moments growing up were playing with the sets that had vehicles in them, mostly the vehicles themselves though. I had a lot of space Lego so my vehicles tended to be either space craft or moon buggy type things, I did get a plane from the city series which was pretty cool. Since a vast majority of the Lego Friends sets are buildings or accessory sets that go with buildings it is nice to see vehicle sets pop up now and then, this one is what I call a pure vehicle set as there is accessories but there are no buildings to speak of, I certainly do favour these Lego vehicle sets myself as I think they are a little more versatile than buildings and the small ones can be taken out of the house when we go out visiting so my little one can have something from home to entertain her if needs be. Lego Friends Horse Vet Trailer With this Lego set you are getting a small vehicle and a large trailer which is detachable, the trailer can be opened up in three different areas and has room for a horse stretcher (supplied). The set comes with two mini dolls Olivia and Sophie, you get a bunch of little veterinary accessory items like a stethoscope and a thermometer (sorry Nelly you know where that has to go!) there are also two medicine bottles, a horse blanket, an equestrian medical book, saddle and a carrot for when it is all over (aww Nelly that was not so bad). Building The Set This build is fairly big at three hundred and seventy pieces the books start you off with some ...

Lego Friends 41090 Olivia's Garden Pool 18/06/2017

Fancy a dip? Olivia has a pool.

Lego Friends 41090 Olivia's Garden Pool Yeah, but it is not very big though and it is not going to be very relaxing, F.Y.I. NO WATER WAS REQUIRED IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF THIS SET. I have noticed lately that regardless of the size of a Lego Friends set large or small space is becoming a bit of a premium. You can see this in many sets and it is a little ridiculous, like with this set... I mean they have called this a pool but I would say it is more like a pond. I think they could have used their imagination a little more here a made this a pool party set, it is just an opinion of course but I figured the whole point of Lego Friends was about the socialising of the friends, honestly this pool is barely big enough for Olivia and her turtle, I do love the fact that the turtle gets his own slide though. Lego Friends Olivia's Garden Pool So Olivia's Garden Pool, lol it still cracks me up that they call this a pool, I mean come on really... a pool? Nah. You are getting the so called pool (that has to be the smallest in the world surely) an Olivia mini-doll figure and a funky looking turtle. The set also includes a heart-shaped pool, an adjustable slide with stairs, parasol, an MP3 player (no not a real one), a tiny table and a floating ring (it does not really float though). There are some accessories included as well, you get a pair of sunglasses, a ball, cherries, two drinking glasses, sunscreen and a hair flower to make your mini doll all pretty, so there is plenty here. Building This One So this may be a small ...

Lego Friends 41314 Stephanie's House 15/06/2017

Fun times at Stephanie's Lego Friends House.

Lego Friends 41314 Stephanie's House Yes there sure are fun times to be had for everyone who wants to visit Stephanie's house, as with many Lego Friends series kits there is more things to do here than you might think of at first glance of this Lego set. My daughter has a few Lego Friends sets already and she is often keen to build upon her collection, sometimes we pay (like when it comes to purchasing these big sets) and other times she has pocket money and money from people we know who sometimes give her money for sweets or the say get yourself a little something. Well this gets put in her change purse and we buy her the sweetie, anyway this cash builds up fairly quickly as it is not getting wasted and it efforts her in getting the smaller set while mum and dad buy the larger ones. Lego Friends Stephanie's House So Stephanie's house, well there are plenty of things included with this set but firstly there is the house itself. This house has two floors with six rooms providing you count the little ones and it comes with a porch swing (better to say a garden swing as there is no porch here). There is a garden space as well and the rooms start off with a kitchen, a reception hall, the lounge (lol all that there is room for is a sofa and a table) further back has the stairs for egress to the next floor which has a decent bedroom by Lego standards. Then there is a shower room (no room for a bath) and a study area (they basically split one room to make these last two. So space in this house is at a bit of a ...

LEGO Friends 41036: Jungle Bridge Rescue 12/06/2017

Lego Friends Jungle Bridge Rescue.

LEGO Friends 41036: Jungle Bridge Rescue THERE IS A CUB IN TROUBLE!!! QUICK CALL IN THE LEGO FRIENDS JUNGLE BRIDGE RESCUE TEAM... Yes you certainly can call these friends in to the rescue poor but cute jungle critters as they are fully equipped to handle this. Lego Friends Jungle Bridge Rescue When jungle cubs get into a bit of bother they can be rest assured that the Lego Friends are on hand to save the day, here we have the Lego Friends bridge rescue set. This set has a bridge, well a jungle bridge with a vine on one side and a tree on the other, the main part of the set looks like a bridge on a rocky outcrop with water running below it. Included with this you get a helicopter that also comes with a winch and a cradle basket, along with that you get a Jeep and a Mia and a Mathew mini doll. Aside from the cool vehicles there are a few single studs around to represent flowers and also a leafy plant, all said you are getting some neat items with this set. Where To Shop and What to Pay? I recommend eBay for this set as prices are reasonable, used sets start from around £20, you might get one for even less if you are patient enough to nab a bargain. New kits on the site start at around £40 and can go up as high as £60, the ridiculous prices are at £140. Amazon likewise has sellers looking for a minimum of £80 and as much as £103 but each of the four sets I looked at (June 2017) were brand new. Granted it would not hurt to shop around for this set as you might happen upon a true bargain, in my opinion though, if ...

Sega Superstars Tennis (Xbox 360) 10/06/2017

Sega offers up some fun in Superstars Tennis.

Sega Superstars Tennis (Xbox 360) When Sega gave up on the console race it was a wise move, the Saturn could not touch Sony's PlayStation and the Dreamcast must have been rushed through. It never really stood a chance when faced with the competition, so jumping onto the development band wagon focusing on games was a great move for Sega and in my opinion they have produced some quality titles and a couple of them are firm favourites of mine. Sega Superstars Tennis is not one of those games that I rate highly, but nevertheless it is quite a fun game. Funnily this one did give me a warm fuzzy nostalgic feeling as this game involves playing tennis with a number of characters that I fondly remember from various Sega games, there are also themed courts to match each characters original environment which adds to the nostalgia. My Purchase of This One I bought this game from a website ages ago and it was a dirt cheap voucher balance purchase, all in I was under £3. I mean the game was 1p and the rest was postage and this title can still be picked up for pennies even now, just look on Amazon or eBay. The Game So it is tennis and you might think oh how dull just playing tennis with classic Sega characters. Well I can tell you there is a bit more to this game than that, sure tennis is an important part of this game but there are also tennis mini games that do make up a large part of this game too. The general idea with this game though is you play various tennis matches or tennis mini games and online ...

Lego Friends 41028 Emma's Lifeguard Post 08/06/2017

Emma's Lifegaurd post, Lego Friends.

Lego Friends 41028 Emma's Lifeguard Post IT IS SAFE TO GO INTO THE WATER. Well if the water is made of plastic it is safe anyway, but imagination makes anything possible. With that in my here we have Lego Friends Emma's Lifeguard Post complete with a dolphin. My Lego sets when I was young were interesting, I had a few city sets but the majority of my Lego was space themed and I reckon that might explain my interest in science fiction and science facts, like the formation of the universe like planets, other galaxies, what is out there? and so on... the idea of space Lego sparked my imagination and my daughter has a vivid imagination also, of course the Lego Friends sets that she has are much more down to earth than my space ones were. Where to Buy and What to Spend? This set is not to hard to find over the internet, the low price on Amazon for this set new is around £15 and eBay has the set in various conditions for a wide range of prices, some are great deals and others are ripping you off silly. The best deal I saw on there for this set was a new one with instructions but no box for £8 which is almost half retail, not a bad buy if you are interested in having a new product without a box, well what is the first thing that gets ripped into and then thrown away after all. Lego Friends Emma's Lifeguard Post Emma is on alert and she's kitted out and totally ready in case of an emergency on the beach. She has her lookout post complete with a first aid kit (that even opens and has a get well pill inside) a set of ...

Lego Friends 41310 Heartlake Gift Delivery 06/06/2017

Special Delivery, the Lego Friends Way.

Lego Friends 41310 Heartlake Gift Delivery We all have some experience with Lego, whether directly or indirectly pretty much everyone has held a piece of Lego in their hands at some point in their lives, heck I have found the odd piece of Lego lying on the street on more than one occasion. I personally would not allow my daughter to take anything from a complete set outside but if she takes the spares box out into the garden that does not bother me. With Lego sets being so abundant and now certain sets are massively collectable makes certain ones pretty valuable and these days there is something for everyone. This set is one of those that combines something you would really expect to get in the Lego City range but this one has been designed for the Lego Friends series and such it will appeal to the female audience, anyone who knows anything about the Lego Friends sets will notice that there are not a lot of guys about in the sets and it is the same story with this one as we have mini doll Stephanie doing the deliveries for Heartlake. Lego Friends Heartlake Gift Delivery So this what you would class as a medium set, the first key feature is that this one has a vehicle (always a favourite of mine) and a sort of post office building (I say sort of because there is really only a side to it and a little bit of a corner) it is pretty cheap of Lego to do it this way but it does keep the price down which is not exactly a bad thing. Stephanie also has a barrow to cart her parcels around and the back of the van has double ...

Lego Friends 41304 Puppy Treats & Tricks 03/06/2017

Puppy Treats and Tricks set from Lego Friends.

Lego Friends 41304 Puppy Treats & Tricks The one thing that often was the highlight of my days when my mum and dad took me and my sister away for the day to the city was the times when they allowed me to buy a small Lego kit, we did not always get a treat when we went away but for me when we did get something it was pretty much always a single Lego vehicle set to go with my collection. Back then though Lego was not really as pricey as what it is today and there were not as many choices, nowadays we are spilt for choice like with the Lego Friends series where there are a number of sets ranging from extremely cheap small things to very large high priced ones, this one of course is in the former category and there are many retires unfortunately which drives prices up but that at the moment is not the case with this set. Where To Shop and What to Pay? Well the beauty of this Lego kit is that it is an extremely small set and thus means it is a very cheap set, the downside is that there is not really a lot that you can do with this one. You can find this at a number of retailers, Tesco have it for £4 which is a great price and the retail average. The reason I call this a great price is when you look at some of the other toys on the market you are getting less for your money than what you are getting here, take the hatchimals for instance £2.99 buys you one, £4.99 buys two £9.95 buys a five pack and there is nothing to them, they just sit there oh and the big ones well let's not talk about them. Then there is those ...

Dream Pinball 3D (Nintendo DS) 01/06/2017

Dream Pinball on the DS, it is good but not dreamy.

Dream Pinball 3D (Nintendo DS) My favourite all time pinball games are the 2D style ones that came out on the Sega Mega Drive, I am also a fan others that were released on the Sony PlayStation also in 2D and that is the key feature with the pinball games that I love on those consoles is that they are in 2D and not 3D. Playing 3D pinball does tend to give you much more detail and this usually makes the tables look fancier, that is fine but for me when it comes down it, I want the game to play well and so it all comes down to how good the gameplay is and how well the game presents itself in this genre so can Pinball Dreams 3D be good enough for my reality? The Game The title really tells you what this game is about and so yes this one is pinball focused and there are three play modes in this game and several tables but lets go through the modes first... Classic Game. When selecting this mode you can go ahead and choose the table you want, nothing is locked in this game which is great. Once you have made your selection you can then choose from a set of four difficulty options, the rule options are the same regardless of which table you choose, you can play on... Easy, Normal, Hard or Expert, and the difference is the number of balls you get, how long ball save is active, ball change time and special time, and that is it once these two simple selections are done you are free to go and play your table. Mission Mode. Well calling this mission mode may have been a bit of a mistake, given how it plays I ...

Lego Friends 41015: Dolphin Cruiser 29/05/2017

Set sail and go dolphin cruising with Lego Friends.

Lego Friends 41015: Dolphin Cruiser I loved Lego growing up and my two favourite categories in the series were trains and boats (especially those large ships) but since mum and dad were picking in the end I was a child of space set, I did not mind though because they were fun to play with, just would have loved to have had the trains and boats back then. Ah well the Lego Friends sets have been on the go for a while and when I saw this one and the boat instantly took me back and I figured with the dolphin idea that this might be a good set for my daughter to play with. Where To Shop and What to Pay? Well this is another retired Lego set, you know they made a load of these different Lego Friends sets but many were only available for a limited time, a matter of months really. Anyway since this is a retired product you are best to look on Amazon or eBay, the former is expensive with prices for this product used about £70 and new is starting around £109, eBay on the other hand has sellers offering this from about £50 new and all sorts of prices above and below this for used sets. Lego Friends Dolphin Cruiser This is a pretty cool looking piece of kit, for starter the boat can be separated into two pieces allowing for interactive play in side the boat or you can play with the boat as it is (this one is not designed to float though but there is a set of circular smooth pieces that go underneath so running around the carpet with it will pose no major issue). You get three mini dolls with this set, Mia, Maya and ...

Lego Friends 3185 Summer Riding Camp 26/05/2017

Summer fun at the Lego Friends Riding Camp.

Lego Friends 3185 Summer Riding Camp When I was a child Lego was one of my favourite toys and no wonder, you can build just about anything you want, the reason I loved Lego was because I like building things, and that is true in games for me also as I have spent many hours in Minecraft just building things and chilling out when I am not too busy working on other things. Lego Friends is of course something totally different to the Lego that I played with in my younger days, and the Lego Friends series is intended to be a combination of doll play and Lego really, hence why the figures are called mini dolls rather than mini figures and also they are a little bit bigger than mini figures as well. The settings are often things that the female Lego fan would like and since the boxes are generally pink and purple aside from the image of the product of course, you can also see butterflies and flowers on some of the larger boxes like this one. We started getting Lego friends sets for our daughter because these sets offer up some pretty unique ideas from other Lego toys and the pricing is generally reasonable. Where to Buy and What to Spend? The two places you can easily find this set are on the internet, first is Amazon but it will cost you here with new prices starting from around the £250 mark and use at £80. However, you can score this on eBay for around £30 without the box, now what is the first thing you child tends to throw away? The box. So if you ask me then eBay is your best choice for this set and I mean ...

Lego Friends 3184 Adventure Camper 23/05/2017

Adventuring with a Lego Camper Van.

Lego Friends 3184 Adventure Camper I may have more Lego than you could shake a stick at, well my daughter does anyway... as for my Lego? well that is in a big box sitting in my dad's attic, I know eventually that it will end up in my house but for now my daughter is queen of Lego in the house and I don't mind that as I can alter her sets to make them bigger and better by purchasing second hand sets or miscellaneous parts to expand the collection and give it our own unique twist. This set though that really won't be possible as there is not a whole lot I can do to it but now I have said it... Where to Purchase and What to Pay? Well this is another retired set and that means it will cost you, Amazon had four the last time I looked and none of them were under the one hundred pounds mark. Plenty of used ones on eBay for around £15 to £30. We got this one at a car boot, the bloke wanted £15 for the set boxed in decent condition but missing the instructions, when I mentioned this he said he would take this down to £10 then and I said "sure" bought it there and then. On the day when I first spotted it I had been considering the set for spares but when we downloaded the instructions from the internet we found this was a complete set and so decided to keep the kit as is there was no need to add the Lego to the spares box. My thoughts on pricing is go for second hand here as new is going to cost you way more as this is a getting to be a rare set. Lego Friends Adventure Camper There are three hundred and nine ...

Band Hero (Xbox 360) 21/05/2017

Band Hero Xbox 360 is great fun.

Band Hero (Xbox 360) Yes this game is without a doubt the easiest of the entire Hero family, the Guitar Hero series was extremely popular for a time but that faded out for many as each new game that was released was exactly the same with different songs, I am of course just speaking bout the games in general as there are notable differences between all the releases on the Xbox 360. Band Hero was developed and released to appeal to a wider audience and of course focus more on the band aspect of playing rather than just guitar and bass guitar, as such the songs reflect more of a band focus and a much wider mix in terms of the genres featured in the game too. My Purchase I bought this game onlne and I was fortunate as I had been saving up voucher money in my balance to buy this game with the full bundle. Well while I was doing that the bundle came on sale for just under £25 brand new, I was expecting to pay around £40 to £50 so I pounced on the bundle at that price, to get this game on it's own new these days it will set you back £4.00 as a full band bundle it can cost you at least £200 for a second hand copy. This is because it is now a very rare thing having the full bundle. The Game So like with some Guitar Hero games Band Hero has four ways to play... Guitar. When playing the guitar in single player you can select whether you want to play on lead guitar or bass guitar, the difference between the two is that the bass guitar has often got a much simpler string of notes to play with little ...
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