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The Scorpion King: Rise of the Akkadian (GameCube) 22/10/2017

The Scorpion King Rise Of The Akkadian GameCube.

The Scorpion King: Rise of the Akkadian (GameCube) I remember when the film came out, I watched some of it when the film was released on DVD but I was essentially uninterested at the time. Well when I was buying some games from CEX online, this game was listed for 80p [yeah crazy price] I obviously saw this as stupidly cheap and added this game to my order. When the game arrived the disc had clearly been cleaned [it had residue on it but apart from that there were no marks on the surface] the booklet was also in great condition but the box had seen better days, still 80p too cheap to complain. Getting Started On the title screen you can listen to the modern rock track and wait for the video to load that tells you a little about the story or you can press start. When you do go to the main menu you have four selections... New Game. To begin a new game. Load Game. To load a saved game. Bonus. Here you will see lots of Egyptian style hieroglyphs and each individual one represents bonus content, there are a three available from the start before you play the game. These are lit up and the rest are dark and like I said there are a lot of them. Options. Here you can use the sliders to adjust the sound effects volume, the dialogue volume and the music volume. You can also have the rumble on or off and that is your option choices for the game. The Game You are playing the role of Mathayus [The main character from the film] this story is inspired by the film. The Akkadians are highly trained assassins and masters of combat and ...

Lego Friends 41002 Emma's Karate Class 21/10/2017

Lego Friends Emma's Karate Class.

Lego Friends 41002 Emma's Karate Class I thought Lego Friends might be stretching things out a little when I first eyed this set on eBay, I mean Karate really? Then I remembered kids do go to lessons and this is a set that would fit right in for them. My daughter won't do karate and I doubted that she would take to this set but boxed yet used on eBay for under £5 I figured why not. Lego Friends Emma's Karate Class Okay class might be a bit of a stretch really, I think they forgot the word room. Because that is what this set is, you get Emma the mini doll figure obviously and she comes outfitted in karate gear all ready to practice, to help her practice she has a chopping block that does actually break as you go hiya and chop at it [maybe not so much the hiya... maybe]. No dojo is complete without a banzai tree and one of those Japanese screens, plus if she wins a tournament there is a trophy display case. Along with this you get some accessories including a trophies [so I guess she must have won something] a kendo mask, a sword, a bottle of water [no doubt to hydrate and a handbag [this one I am not sure about but... they do say some women don't leave home without them]. A Small Set Equals A Quick Build It sure does as there are only ninety three pieces to this one, you start out with mini doll figure and then the banzai tree is next. Supremely easy steps take you on to the karate chop stand which looks complicated but isn't and then the screen which has seven steps to completion. The biggest and most ...

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz (Wii) 20/10/2017

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz Wii.

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz (Wii) When I got a Wii on facebay a couple of years ago it did come with eight games but most of them were pretty poor titles. Within a month of getting the Wii I had bought a bunch of games from Amazon and most of those were in house games like Mario party, Mario World and Smash Bros. I also got some games because they were cheap and Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz was one of them. This cost me around £3 probably £3.49 [it was back in 2015] and like many of my purchases for the Wii, the game has sat awaiting my attention for a while now but never fear I get around to my games eventually. I have all three of these Monkey Ball games for the GameCube but this is the first time I would be playing a Wii version of a Monkey Ball game so being familiar with the original games my thoughts turned to how much will I enjoy this compared to those games. Getting Started So this game is for up to four players and supports the Wii Remote with Nunchuk and you can play on the 50hz or 60hz setting depending on what your television supports. Once the game has loaded you motion control your way to what you want to play, there are three main selections available from the main menu... Options. I like to stop off here first in many games to see what changes can be made to the game or the game settings. In the case of this game al you can do from the option selection is look at the rankings or view replays. Main Game. As the title suggests the main mode of play in Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz. A ...

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (GameCube) 16/10/2017

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle GameCube.

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (GameCube) The first time I saw this game in action was when my nephew was playing it, I watched him playing the game in his room for a few minutes and my opinion was at the time that this game would not be my cup of tea... I never gave it much thought after that until I started building up my GameCube collection. Then I was like okay so long as the game is cheap enough [under £5] then I would get the game and give it a good go not caring if the game really is designed for a younger audience, the three plus age PEGI rating on the box basically slates this game in the four to ten age range I would say. The Game The story goes there is a hero side to the game and a dark side. For the Good [the hero side]. Sonic is on the run when he first sees Shadow the Hedgehog with a chaos emerald in his possession, at the same time Dr. Eggman announces his plans for world conquest, it does not take Sonic long to realise they are on the same side and so if you are on the side of good you will start a quest to stop their evil plan along with Tails and Knuckles. For the Bad [the Dark side]. Dr. Eggman upon looking for the ultimate weapon known only as Shadow he finds that this weapon is actually a dark hedgehog claiming to be the ultimate life form. As he and Shadow prepare their plans for world domination they are joined by a menacing bat named Rogue and their plot to conquer the world begins. So there are two sides to this game which is pretty neat, when you begin a new game there are two play ...

Lego Friends 3937 Olivia's Speedboat 14/10/2017

Lego Friends Olivia's Speedboat

Lego Friends 3937 Olivia's Speedboat Lego was one of my favourite toys to play with growing up, having a toy as versatile as Lego was always fun whether you are building the set via the instructions or being creative with a set of random bricks and other pieces. Lego nowadays has changed a lot, sure we had some pretty cool sets back in the eighties but now there is a who plethora of sets to choose from to suit young and older kids and even some sets are now exclusively aimed at adults, the one thing that has changed is the price and the collecting aspect of keeping sets mint. Lego Friends Olivia's Speedboat So this is a very beach themed set [even although you would rarely see a speedboat near a beach], along with the speedboat you have a beach towel and a sandcastle with bucket and spade of course. There is also a parasol and a drink for Olivia to enjoy along with a couple of flags and that is your lot but then at only sixty five pieces this set is small. Building this Set This set only has sixty five pieces to it and well let's face it this is small for a Lego set, the age rating is five to twelve which makes sense as this is not a difficult set to assemble by any means. You start assembly with the mini doll and her bucket and spade then move swiftly on to the sandcastle [I say swiftly because doing the first part takes seconds]. The castle may be small but it looks pretty neat with an outer wall and even a sort of moat going on inside. The beach towel is assembled on a flat with some smooth pieces on ...

Wonderworld Amusement Park (Wii) 12/10/2017

Wonder World Amusement Park on Wii.

Wonderworld Amusement Park (Wii) I picked this game up on Facebay a couple of years back and aside from having a look at the disc I never go around to playing it until now, I paid £2 for this along with another title which I paid another £2 for. I don't use Face that much now but back then I picked up a number of games quite cheap. I considered this one a bargain as the price was super cheap and the woman selling the game lived very close to my daughter's nursery at the time so even picking this up was not out of my way. The Game This is one of those amusement park games that is made up of a load of mini games and rides. You select your character or avatar for the game and dress him or her up in funny outfits or costumes, you can unlock more content for your character by playing through the amusement park games. Starting Out So when you have loaded up the game for the first time you will be asked if you want to create a save, of course you would. After this you press A and B together and you are taken to the mode select screen [I was a little surprised by this layout] there are three modes plus the options selection and credits. In the options you find simply a single adjustment bar foe effects volume and another for the music and that is that. Quickplay Mode Jumping straight into here on a new save will give you access to six games, there are more than this available but they require unlocking in other modes. There are five categories of games here with the idea being you can just jump into any of ...

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (PC) 10/10/2017

Lord of the Rings the Return of the King PC.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (PC) I got this game oh about three years back and like many of those I wanted it at the time I bought it games that I have, it has sat awaiting the time that I decided that beyond testing the game when I first got it, it would get played properly. Well with PC titles I tend to buy them when I see them at a price I like and that was the case here as I paid £2 for this and that was from a local games shop not on the net. What I like about buying from them are firstly they don't put large stickers on the boxes and they can clean discs before you leave the shop without charge, that was exactly what they did with this game. The Game Obviously Lord of the Rings the Return of the King follows the plot of the film, this is an action adventure game it boasts two players in simultaneous co-op gameplay. Getting Started You will first be asked to select a language and then the intro will roll, you will enjoy some movie footage here. After this you will instantly joining the game in the heat of the battle, from here you follow a simple short tutorial and receive another movie clip and then your rating is given and stacked along with you XP points. Into the Game After level one you will see your character screen with your XP plus all the upgrades, the highlighted ones you can access right away and the rest are unlocked by gaining more XP as you play through the game. Once you have applied the upgrades you want, you continue on and have the option to save before the next part of the ...

Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii) 08/10/2017

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Wii.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii) I bought this game fairly quickly after I got my first Wii, my Wii was used but then so was this game too. I paid around £10 for the game then and aside from a nasty sticker on the back of the box the game is like new. As I am an owner of the original GameCube version of smash bros. I had an idea what to expect from this one and I instantly like the face that this game supports the GameCube controller and the Wii type of thumb stick controller. Still it has taken me over a year to get around to playing this game since my original as time just zooms away from you when you are busy. First Impression This game like the first one shows various characters that are featured in the game, most of them in their natural game environment. Just like before the sequence is dramatic in presentation and it gave me the same buzz I got when I saw that original opening for Super Smash Bros. on the GameCube, it gives you that feeling you are about to play something rather special. Once the scenes have played you go to the main screen and then the main menu, here the layout is pretty basic which I liked right away, and with the choice of a group game [you need more than one controller] or solo I jumped into the latter. So my first impression was, this game looks good and instantly with the layout I am thinking this is going to be as nice to navigate through as the original GameCube version of Super Smash Bros. is. On to Solo I Go When you select the solo option from the main menu you are ...

Lego Friends 41006: Downtown Bakery 06/10/2017

Lego Friends Downtown Bakery.

Lego Friends 41006: Downtown Bakery When I was looking for a birthday gift for my niece I opted to get her this Lego Friends set as like my daughter she has a few and this was one I knew she needed for her collection plus I got it at a good price despite the set being from 2013 and discontinued. I figured she would get a lot of fun role playing with this set too. Sure enough this set went down a treat on the day and I have seen the set still built up when my little one has played around at my sisters a couple of times now. The unfortunate side effect is because our daughter likes the set as well we have gone and bought one for her as well. Lego Friends Downtown Bakery With this set you get two mini doll figures Mia and Danielle, an outdoor cake stand display and a decent sized shop structure that is the bakery plus a lot of accessories including, the kitchen with plenty of utensils, assorted cakes, bread, croissant, cookies syrups and fruit. The Build There are two hundred and fifty three pieces to this set and that is a lot but a lot of the pieces are small ones so the set is still on the smaller side at a good bit under a standard 30cm ruler size squared. The building instructions are highly detailed but easy to follow [I think the group behind these should be contracted out to other companies for instructions because some of the booklets you get are so hard to follow but the Lego team really know how to put together a guide], you start with the mini doll figures [a common beginning in assembling Lego ...

Alien Syndrome (Wii) 04/10/2017

Alien Syndrome on Wii.

Alien Syndrome (Wii) I bought this game online from CEX in with a bunch of other titles I wanted, I figured when I bought this one that it was likely to be pants because they only wanted 75p for it. Well in my mind a spare Wii game box is worth that price on it's own regardless of the game, when the game arrived a tell tale sticker told me that this game had been pre-owned before it was handed in to CEX but regardless of the game being at least third hand everything was in the box and in very good condition, barely a mark on the disc. Plot Set one hundred years after the original Alien Syndrome that nearly wiped humanity out, this game cunningly titled Alien Syndrome [not] takes the perspective to a different level. By this time human can terraform planets to suit their living requirements and have done so on many occasions already. On a planet undergoing the process Station SAT5 has stopped communications with Earth, after a week the Kronos an earth spaceship is sent to investigate and contact is lost. When the Kronos is finally located another ship is sent out this time to investigate the Kronos and then SAT5, when the Kornos is seen it is covered with some strange growth and Earth command lieutenant Aileen Harding is sent to retrieve the captain's logs which after encountering an alien infestation eventually leads her to SAT5 where she needs to battle the aliens and save the remaining human inhabitants from certain doom. The Game At the main menu you will see a straightforward menu, ...

Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions (PS2) 02/10/2017

Wreckless the Yakuza Missions on PlayStation 2.

Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions (PS2) When I originally had a PlayStation 2 it was the old skool large console and I got it on a store card when it was £200, after almost a year it was on its last legs and actually failed the day before the warranty ran out. I contated SONY and got a replacement sent to me, when that console arrived I had just gotten Wreckless the Yakuza Missions as I had seen the game in a sale while waiting for my replacement console. The Game Wreckless the Yakuza Missions is a driving action game where you can play in over forty missions and a further twenty bonus missions. In this game the streets of Hong Kong are in need of help as the Yakuza are firmly in control you can play two separate game types with a similar mission layout. You have the flying dragons team who are going to clean up the streets or you play as a pair of supposed spies who are also against the Yakuza but more for their own gains although they can also save the day as well from time to time. During missions you have free reign to do as you please so long as you get the job done before the timer runs out. There are two play options to this game from the start... Spy Story. So you are working against the Yakuza mostly for your own gains, some mission may require you to save the day though as the good guys. All missions are timed even although some don't really need to be like in one mission that is a race for example. Still there are ten missions that you play one easy then on hard, beating a mission on har gives you a ...

F1 2002 (GameCube) 01/10/2017

F1 2002 on the GameCube.

F1 2002 (GameCube) I am starting to get through a few of the older games that I have in my collection now. This is another game I have had sitting for a couple of years waiting for me to get around to it, I tested the game to be sure that it worked okay and left it to pursue other things. I do have an immense stack of games [a few still sealed] but it tends to come down to what you are in the mood for, and so as I happened to be this is F1 2002 for the GameCube. The Game So this game by the EA Sports branch of Electronic Arts is based around the 2002 season of Formula 1, this game is an officially sponsored title which means everything is accurate for the time barring any last minute changes before the season start. So we have proper teams that participate, proper named drivers and proper race locations in the correct season order. This also means you have the proper rules and regulations for the time as well, there are several game modes on offer in this game along with support for up to four players in simultaneous gameplay. You can adjust your car as well to suit your driving style and the game requires five blocks for a memory card save. Getting Started To get going in this game you are first asked to select a language and then if you want the auto save on [silly question to ask, of course we do]. At the main menu you have three game modes the option and the credits to choose from... Options Selecting this from the main menu brings you to another menu with the selections you can ...

ZooCube (GameCube) 29/09/2017

Zoocube on GameCube, great for puzzle fans.

ZooCube (GameCube) I bought this game a couple of years back and it was cheap then and I suspect it would be just as cheap to buy now. The reason? well Zoocube is a simple puzzle game, or rather simple to play but no too simple to master. The Story Zoocube is an invention that was created because of a dark genius gone mad. Dr. Buc Ooze had been reshaping animals for some time. In a careless attitude he discarded animals which due to their unusual shapes got the world's attention pretty quickly. With many species facing extinction the zoocube was created to save the altered animals and stop Ooze. The zoocube takes two of an animal and reshapes them back to normal, Ooze was captured before the plan was initialized but after construction was completed. Thirteen years on and reports come in of animals found locked into unnatural shapes, this means Dr. Ooze has escaped. You are considered to be the best pilot and so you are ordered to take the Ark [the ship that transports the zoocube] out and use the device to save as many animals as you can. The Rules The way the zoocube works is you have six sides that can be filled [because it is a cube] but you can only stack five animals on a single side. You only need two of a the same animal to return them to their original forms and they vanish, they will come in from all sides though but you can rotate the cube to accept any incoming animals on any given side you wish. Tutorial If things were to not make sense to you the game has a tutorial mode, ...

Die Hard: Vendetta (Xbox) 27/09/2017

die hard vendetta on Xbox.

Die Hard: Vendetta (Xbox) When we heard about this game back in early 2000 me and my friends were certainly interested in the idea of a new Die Hard game that was not directly a movie based tie-in. Sure the franchise and John McClane are from the movies as are other things you will see in the game but, the story itself is original if not unique. The first Die Hard Trilogy game was pretty awesome on the PlayStation even if the sequel to that was not up to scratch, this game is not a trilogy though it's just a single person first person shooter. The Story As John McClane the story begins at an art gallery in Century City, McClane works in a less dangerous position at the precinct there since Holly had left him and now works for Nakotmi's company in Japan. His daughter Lucy has recently graduated the police academy and is on her first assignment as a rookie cop at the gallery, when gunfire is heard on Dick Thornberg's live report [for an entertainment show not the news, guess they figured he was less likely to get involved with anything there] at the scene McClane wastes no time in heading to the location. This is where you come in and after a very short interaction with Al Powell [classed as a captain... but he has sergeant stripes on his uniform, oh dear] Powell wishes you good luck [as there is no talking John McClane out of an idea that has gotten into his head] you head in, after clearing out the gallery you save Lucy but the story is just beginning. There has been a major art theft involving ...

V-Rally 3 (Xbox) 25/09/2017

V-Rally 3 on Xbox.

V-Rally 3 (Xbox) I am not the biggest rally fan in the world but I have still managed to collect an abundance of rally based games and I was not really that much of a fan of the gaming genre either. I have been converted a little by the rather impressive dirt series of games though, as they mix arcade style racing with off road racing and other racing styles but allow you to customise the challenge, V-Rally 3 is of course far from this type of gaming as the Dirt series is a full console gaming generation above it and V-rally 3 focuses fully on the typical style of rally racing. Beginning The Game Before you start but once the game has loaded you will see a rolling introduction where there is various scenes of the game in play running to a modern [at the time] rock tune. Hit the start button and you see the main menu, your first task will be to create a driver profile. For this you enter a name, that was a little confusing at first for me since it asked for your last name first and then your first name second. Once you have done that you then select the nationality you want, there are a bunch to choose from even British along with the specific countries as well so you can prefer to select English, Scottish or Irish if you like. Lastly you will have to decide your look for the driver, this is simply a selection of pre-set looks you just choose which one you like the best and you are good to go. Game Modes Now that you have a driver it is up to you to build the career stats for the ...
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