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Mr. DRILLER: Drill Spirits (Nintendo DS) 18/02/2017

Mr. Driller on DS is a cheeky puzzler.

Mr. DRILLER: Drill Spirits (Nintendo DS) The very first time I saw anything about Mr. Driller was on a PlayStation demo disc, I played the demo and enjoyed the game but never sought it out. My Purchase Well when I came upon this one in a charity shop for £4 I decided it was worth me giving this game a go, since I never got around to getting it's PlayStation release many moons ago. I knew the concept for this game would be very similar to the demo I played and for under a fiver well then why not I say. My First Impression of Mr. Driller DS Well there is not much to see on the main menu screen but once you select from the two main play options you soon see that there is a few ways to play Mr. Driller. After scoping out the menus I had a quick go and my first impression was good, the standard gameplay reminded me of the demo I played a little but this is obviously a much more updated version. The Game Mr. Driller is (no surprise) a driller, you play as him drilling down through these coloured sections and as you drop down you gotta avoid obstacles in the way but also watch out for sections above you dropping down when you are forced to change your direction. This is not as tricky as it may sound though although you have to think quickly as rocks from above only delay for about one second before they drop. There are things you can collect on your travels too but your main objective is to reach the goal on each level. Modes of Play Mission Driller. This is as it sounds as each level is a mission in the sense ...

The Bourne Legacy (DVD) 14/02/2017

The Bourne Legacy, I liked this one.

The Bourne Legacy (DVD) --- FILM ONLY REVIEW --- Time for another film in the Bourne saga and time for something a little bit different, in a good way I think. This film continues the legacy (so great title choice) and left me wanting a little bit more when it was over. So What Was It That Drew Me To This Film? The trailers pulled me to the cinema when this movie was first released and I thought this film was epic on the big screen. Now on the smaller screen it is still fairly epic, I just don't have the readies to fork over to replicate the movie theatre experience yet. What is this movie about then? So this film kicks off in Alaska with an individual in Special Ops training, he is surviving on his own for the most part. He is part of a new program that is like the third step up from Treadstone. That was the name for a program involving trained assassins, this time around though they are using chems to slightly enhance both physical and mental aspects of these new assets. Only problem is that Pam Landry and Jason Bourne's information on the previous programs has made the powerful men behind them pull the plug on this latest operation in fear of this latest program 'Outcome' being uncovered. This means all current participants are terminated but unfortunately for them they miss one and as he is trained to survive that is exactly what he does, but his chem dependence means he needs help. So this film is about a ruthless bunch of men who will literally stop at nothing to prevent this secret ...

The Bourne Ultimatum (DVD) 11/02/2017

The Bourne Ultimatum, great in my opinion.

The Bourne Ultimatum (DVD) --- FILM ONLY REVIEW --- The story of Jason Bourne continues in this third film of the series. So What Was It That Drew Me To This Film? Like the second film in this series I rented this one also, of the first three films though I reckon this one has been on the telly more than the other two. I certainly recall seeing this one advertised or just happens to be on (when I'm channel hopping) more often than the other two films have been. What is this movie about then? This movie continues right from where we left off with from Supremacy with Jason Bourne in Moscow, still on the run from Moscow police he is patching himself up in a pharmacy and he has an instant memory flashback. This swings back to where it all began, this sets Jason on a path to find out where it all began and the person responsible. Meanwhile Pamela Landry knows from her experience that Jason is looking for something and he won't stop until he finds it, Pamela's superior believes that Bourne is still a serious threat to the agency. So while Bourne is after the source/man behind Treadstone a man called Simon Ross, (a journalist from the Guardian) comes to his attention as he is doing a report on him. Simon also comes to the C.I.A.'s attention when on a cellphone he mentions a keyword 'Blackbriar' to a colleague and from this point the C.I.A. has him in their sights and under surveillance. This soon includes sending an asset (an agent like Bourne but even more ruthless), Bourne manages to meet up with ...

The Bourne Supremacy (DVD) 07/02/2017

Jason Bourne returns in the Bourne Supremacy.

The Bourne Supremacy (DVD) --- FILM ONLY REVIEW --- Yes the story of Jason Bourne continues in this second film he learns more about his past and he faces one of his toughest challenges so far. So What Was It That Drew Me To This Film? This was a rental for me when it was first released, I rented it because I already had the first film and simply wanted to see this one and have seen this plenty of times since both on television on occasion but mostly on DVD. What is this movie about then? This movie continues the story on from the first film Jason has settled down to a degree, he is remembering shards of his life since the amnesia he suffered. Bourne is never off yellow alert so to speak and he notices immediately when a man appears where he is currently living and to him is out of place and he believes that this guy is from Treadstone (the very black op government agency he used to be part of). Unfortunately Bourne is correct but not completely as the man is after him and is out to kill him, he believes after a car chase that Bourne is dead. That is of course not the case but it does cost the life of Marie, Bourne has no idea that he has actually been framed. As in Berlin an Agency operation was underway when someone took out the target and an agent that was with him but a fingerprint was left on purpose. Agent Pam Landy who was running the op comes across the print and Treadstone, she needs to know who Bourne is and why he has suddenly appeared on the Grid. Bourne is looking for answers as ...

The Bourne Identity (DVD) 04/02/2017

The Bourne Identity, I think it's superb.

The Bourne Identity (DVD) --- FILM ONLY REVIEW --- So What Was It That Drew Me To This Film? This was bought back in the days of when "if I had the cash and liked the look of the item it was bought". Yes as simple as that, oh to be able to throw money away like that again what a great time that was. What is this movie about then? A man is found by a fishing boat, they think he is dead but once on deck his arm moves and so he is taken below. The small boats doctor examines the unconscious man and finds two bullets in his back, he also find that he has bank account information on a small device in his hip. When the man wakes up he almost takes the poor doctor out, the doctor asks him what his name is... he cannot remember. After the boat comes to port he heads to the bank and in a safe deposit box he finds a U.S. passport that bears the name Jason Bourne. He soon realises that he is no ordinary citizen as he also finds a bunch of other passports for different countries, lots of cash and a few other items including a gun. What he does not know is that he is a government agent, a very highly trained one. He has the knowledge but no memory, which is confusing enough as he is highly trained he has no problem encountering cops and anything else that stands in his way. What he also does not know is the government team that handles him is now on a full on mission to bring him in, preferably dead but he soon gets the idea that something is up when he encounters another highly trained agent who tries ...

FIFA 10 (Nintendo DS) 02/02/2017

FIFA 10 DS the more you play the better you get.

FIFA 10 (Nintendo DS) FIFA is a series that has been around since the early nineties, the original game was released not having a year tied to it at all. That game was simply titled FIFA International Soccer, well after it's success back on those classic consoles like the Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo Entertainment System the next title in the series was soon released. This game was titled FIFA Soccer 95 encompassing they year of the season it represents (season 95 through to 96), this is a trend that has stuck and continues with every new release and so here we are with FIFA 10 on the Nintendo DS. My Purchase of The Game I bought this game in a charity shop just before the holidays, it was priced at £2. I had a look online today and found that this game can go from £1 secondhand up to about £15 new. Getting Started and First Impression So the minute you load this card up you have to create a profile which requires that you put a name in and then select a team. Once that is done you are taken to the main menu which had five simple main categories with more options in each. My first stop was to play a quick match to see what like the gameplay is on the default settings without me making any changes. After my match my first impressions of this game are mixed, the gameplay is fair but there are things that don't make a whole lot of sense yet. The Game FIFA 10 just like some of the games that have come before and all the ones after offers up a number of play options encompassing various ...

Driven (DVD) 31/01/2017

Driven, I liked this movie.

Driven (DVD) --- FILM ONLY REVIEW --- Stallone plays a race car driver in this film based around an open wheeled racing championship. So What Was It That Drew Me To This Film? The cover and description on the box was what drew me here, me and the missus were doing a late night shop and I saw this on the shelf when it was just out. I had the cash and so it was bought. What is this movie about then? Rookie racing driver Jimmy Bly is a promising young driver who has raced his way into the title race. As a rookie though the pressure of the championship and the new found celebrity is getting to him. Since Jimmy has these issues and his team mate is not really doing his job helping him gain position on the track. The team owner decides to bring in an old driver to help, the idea is that he and Joe should work as a team but Jimmy's manager (his brother) is so controlling that even getting five minutes alone with him is an issue. Things get even more complicated when defending champion Beau Brandenburg's fiancé gets involved in his life. Yes Joe Tanto has his work cut out for him but eventually he does get his opportunity to help Jimmy. But with all the thrills, drama and spills that come with racing can Jimmy get back to top form or will he crash out? Notable Cast Members Sylvester Stallone, Burt Reynolds, Stacy Edwards, Estella Warren and Brent Briscoe. Did Any of The Characters Stand Out For Me? Nah there were no standout performances here but I did enjoy watching the ...

Death Race 2000 (DVD) 28/01/2017

Welcome to Death Race 2000.

Death Race 2000 (DVD) --- FILM ONLY REVIEW --- When this race is going on you definitely do not want to be a pedestrian. So What Was It That Drew Me To This Film? Originally a friend of mine had this film, and when I was at his I set eyes on the cover I was intrigued and so I borrowed the film and watched it the next evening, that was a number of years ago. So recently I went and got my own copy and got comfortable one night and watched the film once more. What Was The Film About? Death Race 2000 is set in the future (this is a 1975 take on a Dystopian year 2000) and the yearly Transcontinental Race is about to get underway. This is a coast to coast road race where the five competitors can do whatever they want to win, this primarily includes running over innocent people. Because points are awarded for splattering innocent pedestrians or anyone who happens to be an easy target, this means that a racer can win by scoring loads of points even if they don't finish the race in first place. People have wised up to this of course and so it is not like there are plenty of people out and about (because they obviously know better) but... there are of course one or two that don't get quite so lucky. The race is set over three days and there are two overnight pit stops set up at designated locations. The racers are however, free to take whatever route they want to get to each stop after they have set off. The race is very popular nationwide but the aspect is not favoured by everyone, so much so that ...

Death Race 2 (DVD) 25/01/2017

Death Race 2 not the worst prequel.

Death Race 2 (DVD) --- FILM ONLY REVIEW --- So Why Did I Choose This Film? I wanted to see this after I had spotted it online, I was browsing movies at the time just looking to see what was out and pending and even older films and saw this. I knew that it was a prequel which immediately incurred my interest as it has to do with how Frankenstein came to be. What Was The Film About? Death Race 2 is the story of Carl 'Luke' Lucas and the birth of the Death Race itself, it begins with Carl having a meeting with his long time friend and well known crime boss Markus Kane. They are talking about a bank and Carl has been given the job of making sure it all goes to plan. Unfortunately it does not and after twenty years of getting away with it, this time Carl is forced to shoot a cop, it was an instinct reaction. Despite being sent down for life his loyalty to Kane is unfounded but Kane believes at some point Carl will crack and so he puts a one million dollar bounty on his head. When he is sent to Terminal Island nobody knows a whole lot about him but the warden does and he tries to warn Carl that Kane will not be as loyal to him. The prison is of course run by a private company called Weyland corp, the main source of income from the prison is ammunition made from scrap metal that has been melted down and recycled. They can of course sell it cheap because they are not paying for labour, the grunt work is all done by prisoners. Another source of revenue is the cage fights or so called Death ...

Ice Age - Continental Drift (DVD) 21/01/2017

Ice Age Continental Drift.

Ice Age - Continental Drift (DVD) --- FILM ONLY REVIEW --- The gang return for their fourth installment and it is actually not too bad, the kids will certainly enjoy this one. So Why Did I Choose This Film? Simple, having watched the previous three with mixed results I was interested to see what happens to the characters in this film. I did hear a little about this film before it was released but only a little and I saw just the one trailer that really told me nothing about the story. What Was The Film About? Well this film opens with Scrat once again and this could quite possibly be the most insane acorn chase ever... but it is absolutely hilarious. Thanks to Scrat the world is taking the shape we now have today, in the meantime things are carrying on as normal for the moment. Sid's family shows up and end up ditching the granny on Sid, Manny is having trouble keeping Peaches (his daughter) from being a teenager. Well with the world changing quakes begin affecting the area and Manny, Diego, Sid get washed out to sea forced to leave Ellie and Peaches who are in less danger. Neither group is completely out of danger though, Ellie and all the other animals have to get away from a massive rock wall that may crush them. The main trio plus recently discovered Granny must sail the ocean, unfortunately they have to deal with a gang of pirates lead by a Gorilla named Gutt and his crew. Scrat of course has his own adventure where he has discovered a map to a stash of acorns, the end result of that adventure ...

Ice Age 3 - Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (DVD) 19/01/2017

Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

Ice Age 3 - Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (DVD) --- FILM ONLY REVIEW --- Sid becomes a dad... sort of, you'd think that number three would be a less than interesting but not here as the series comes back to from from the overly child friendly the meltdown. So What Was It That Drew Me To This Film? This was one of those films that I first saw when it appeared on the television, eventually though it was bought on DVD, reason being we already had the other two films in this collection. What Was The Film About? Well we open with Scrat (the Prehistoric Squirrel with a passion for acorns) which is a regular theme now as the previous two films have done this. He is on the hunt and gets to his prize but a female squirrel has already claimed it, she tricks him into a flight not of his choosing and that is when we see Manny the Woolly Mammoth rushing saying "its happening." Ellie his mate is pregnant but she is not there yet (just a kick), Manny has gotten very parental and has created a play area for the new bundle, Diego the Sabre-tooth meanwhile thinks it is time he left. This thought gives Sid the wrong idea and he heads off too, as he is pondering what to do he falls into a cave and happens upon three large eggs. With no one around he takes it upon himself to take care of them, while he is doing this the real parent discovers the eggs are gone. They soon hatch three rather rambunctious dinosaurs, Manny's play area is soon wrecked thanks to Sid's three and it is not long before the parent shows up on the hunt for her ...

Ice Age 2 - The Meltdown (DVD) 16/01/2017

More animated fun in Ice Age 2 The Meltdown.

Ice Age 2 - The Meltdown (DVD) --- FILM ONLY REVIEW --- Well we are not talking about an epic disaster, (well not a nuclear one anyway) in this film our intrepid trio return for another adventure, meet new friends and attempt to save themselves from impending doom. So What Was It That Drew Me To This Film? In the case of this film it was a rental, so I was not really sucked in to go and buy the premise of this film the first time I saw or had heard anything about the film. In film terms I rarely get excited about a sequel anyway as their track record of improving on the titles that came before is often poor and I seriously doubted that this film could live up to the first one. What Was The Film About? This film opens with our little buddy Scrat (the prehistoric squirrel) scaling a mountain, why? An acorn of course. The moment he grabs his precious acorn a plume of water begins shooting out, despite his best efforts he cannot prevent the water from escaping. It is not his fault though it is just that the Ice Age is coming to an end and ice is melting all over. At first Manny does not believe there is anything to worry about despite what Fast Tony (he really would sell his own mother for an olive) is spouting. Sid has a kids camp but it is more like a pick on Sid camp, the others don't see Sid as being able to be a responsible animal, to prove them wrong he aims to bet the first to jump from an insanely high spot. The other two have to go up and talk him out of it, but after Manny and Diego stop Sid ...

Ice Age (DVD) 14/01/2017

Ice Age is an hour and a half of animated fun.

Ice Age (DVD) --- FILM ONLY REVIEW --- Ice Age was an early addition to my DVD collection and it was a film I had on order before it was released. Having seen the trailers back then the pre order of this one took very little thought, we knew it would be a pretty good film. So What Was It That Drew Me To This Film? Aside from the really funny trailers that I saw featuring Scrat, it was my partner that talked me into buying the film. I of course liked the look of this one anyway and really did not need much encouragement to put the order in. What is this movie about then? This film opens with Scrat a prehistoric squirrel trying to find the perfect spot to store his precious acorn, well the spot he picks causes a massive glacial shift and very nearly ends him... welcome to the ice age. All the animals are migrating south except for a Woolly Mammoth (going north) and a Sloth who overslept and got left behind (on purpose), Sid the Sloth decides to stay with Manfred the Mammoth because he upset a pair of Rhinos who now want to pound on him. Meanwhile a group of humans have a camp and they have wiped out half of a Saber tooth Tiger pack, these tigers are out for revenge the and their leader hatches a plan to take one of the hunters baby. The attack is a success but before the snatch can be made the baby's mother gets away with the child, at the end of the pursuit she has no option and jumps into a waterfall and ends up washed up on the shore. When Manfred and Sid show up she passes them ...

Transporter 3 (DVD) 12/01/2017

Transporter 3... this was not my favourite.

Transporter 3 (DVD) --- FILM ONLY REVIEW --- Statham returns to play Frank Martin and this time the threat is environmental but it just does not have the same impact as the other two films delivered. So Why Did I Choose This Film? Well after thoroughly enjoying for the second time that I have just recently watched the second film, that made me kind of keen to see the third. Must be honest though and say that before watching this film I was completely unsure if I had seen this before or not... I have seen a lot of movies and sometimes if I have seen one only once I have a tendency to forget, lost in the madness. Still with a three in the title I had my shields up so to speak and was expecting to be disappointment with this one and I was in the end. What Was The Film About? Well Transporter 3 is a little different as Frank turned down a job and offered up the name and number of someone else. That person failed and went to Frank unfortunately he smashed through Frank's wall and was in pretty bad shape, if this was not bad enough he had a proximity explosive on his wrist. That detonated as he went too far from the car, Frank discovers a woman in the car and she has a similar bracelet, before he can do anything he is knocked out. The person who initially asked him to do the job has appeared and has taken the liberty of strapping one of these wrist bombs on him. So reluctantly Frank has to do as he is told, he cannot go more than one hundred yards from the car or kaboom. Frank being Frank ...

Transporter 2 (DVD) 09/01/2017

Transporter 2 was a thrill from beginning to end.

Transporter 2 (DVD) --- FILM ONLY REVIEW --- Frank is back but things are a little different this time around. So What Was It That Drew Me To This Film? Absolutely nothing typical drew me to this film, it was actually a terrestrial viewing. I had no interest in purchasing this sequel as in general sequel films tend to be rather poor and let down the original and at the time this one came out on DVD I was more into gaming than movies. What Was The Film About? It is no surprise that this film starts off in a parking garage as this was how the first film introduced to us. Similarly his watch goes off but before he heads off a girl and some homies attempt to jack him (bad idea), well we know how that ends up. Frank heads off and eventually pulls up outside a building and as the clock strikes three a load of kids run out. Yes Frank is doing the school run, the reason being that the boy is the son of a government official. You see this job is different from his usual role as Frank is doing a favour for a friend and it is just temporary, unfortunately a bad guy has a plan and he needs the official's boy to accomplish this. In his first attempt to intercept the boy Frank prevents them from carrying their plan out, but despite his valiant efforts they do manage to get him by rigging the car. Frank has no choice but to let them take the boy, in return they let Frank go but they did attempt to blow up the car, Frank luckily had spotted the bomb and managed to dislodge it from the car. He soon ...
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