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RoyalSmokers M7 Electronic Cigarette 15/09/2009

Royal Smokers' M7, my first e-cigarette

RoyalSmokers M7 Electronic Cigarette The M7 e-cigarette from Royal Smokers I reckon almost everyone's heard about an electronical cigarette already. But what is it really good for, what does it feel like and isn't it maybe even worse (healthwise) than ordinary cigarettes? That were questions I was asking myself after a mate introduced his e-cigarette to me a couple of weeks ago, so I started my own research. Entering the first big tobacco shop and asking about e-cigarettes I got this reply from the lady: "No, we don't sell them and I hope we never will, coz it's way worse than the normal cigarettes, it's even way more expensive...blabla!" This got me even more curious. The e-cigarette consists of: 1. Battery - the long part, which in a normal cigarette would be filled with tobacco. The battery is a rechargeable Li-on and lasts approx. as long as a pack of regular smokes. In the M7 package you get only an USB charger, but it's not a problem to get an adapter for your wall socket. 2. Atomizer - this thing creates vapour by getting warm as you drag from the e-cig. 3. Cartridge - ammo for your e-cig, the cartridge hides a ball of cotton that's soaked with the e-liquid and distributes it to the atomizer. One M7 cartridge is equal to approx. 12 ordinary cigarettes. Cartridges (or e-liquids) are available in 5 levels of nicotine - extra high (24mg), high(16mg), medium (11mg), low (6mg), zero-nicotinefree(!). That means you can choose how much nicotine you need or want as well as all kinds of flavours from ...

Crumpler The Le Royale Case For cellular phone (ROYIPH-002) 06/05/2009

iPhone's pamper

Crumpler The Le Royale Case For cellular phone (ROYIPH-002) Le Royale for iPhone (please note this is the correct product name, not "Crumpler case for cellular phone", as this case was made particularly FOR the iPhone (of course suits also iPhone 3G, if you wonder). If you buy a cellphone the face of which is almost completely made of glass, you have a problem - how to keep him safe? Something so precious and potentially fragile needs good protection against all the evil sharp stuff I keep in my handbag, not to mention -god forbid!- what could happen should it fall. Since there wasn't anything from Apple and I got no other tips, I went to check my favourite store - Crumpler. And there goes the devil! Le Royale for iPhone sitting nicely on the rack. The decision was made at that instant and I'm not sorry. The MUST list for a proper cellphone case: 1. Durable - Le Royale is made of hard leather and the inside is impregnated as well as all the areas of contact where the edges are sewn tightly together. 2. Safe - This is the safest case I've seen. I don't recommend trying to house your iPhone in at the store because then you might be forced to buy it as it's quite tricky to get the phone out! Ok, let me explain this - the first few days with your new Le Royale you'll be missing your iPhone a lot because he likes sleeping inside the case so much you'll grow really big finger muscles pulling him out. I stuffed the case with my old cellphone (almost twice as thick as the iPhone) for the first two nights and it didn't seem ...

Apple iPhone 3G 16GB 28/03/2009

iPhone 3G. After long waiting now it's mine to enjoy!

Apple iPhone 3G 16GB iPhone 3G The Apple product that has been discussed, loved or hated for almost a year. I'm sure you've already read a review on it, so you might as well read one more. And just in case you are not really interested in the iPhone...did you know that the Apple logo at the back of the iPhone 3G works excellent as a mirror? Not that I care so much about my good looks, but cmon, people eat buns with poppy seeds all the time! Available versions: 8GB Black, 16GB Black or White Weight: 133g Height: 115.5mm Width: 62.1mm Depth: 12.3mm Screen: 3.5inch, 480 x 320 pix, resolution 163 ppi The iPhone 3G has a hardplastic backside, the edge is metal and the front is touchscreen. According to the size specs you can see it's not a tiny baby, but that's for the sake of a huge screen, so media are more comfortably used. I don't mind the size, it fits well into my hand and doesn't feel bulky in a back pocket. It's also well-assembled, no squeaking, the front and back hold together like a rock. Its surface and screen are lovely shiny, which means fingerprints, grease and all kinds of mess do show instantly and you need to clean it all the time. Not that I mind. I like clean things. Screen is protected with glass, so it's neither very vulnerable nor likely to scratch, but you should consider a protective case (I'm very happy with Crumpler's Le Royale for iPhone leather case - a review about that one next time) or at least not carry it in pocket/bag with keys and similar ...

Valentines Day Poem 12/02/2009

I Don't Like The Valentine

Valentines Day Poem I Don't Like The Valentine What a shame our days are dullness In which we lose the sense of time So we need big glaring banners To make us see, to remind Of something that we should have paid Much more attention just anytime Instead of using one day to satiate The love-telling demand All that red to catch your eyes Check your agenda and what a surprise! You see the big screamer sign There's no doubt to claim The day of St. Valentine Is here again With all its Heart-shaped boxes full of Heart-shaped sweets in Heart-shaped wraps Run out for a bunch of flowers It's time to get smart, so better start To be the one who cares "Baby, I bought you a heart-shaped heart!" Love is a burn An internal file To see they turn It into a pile Of paper hearts coloured red Just makes me feel sad - all of my poems appear somewhere else on the web, under "jeanie" nickname, including my personal website -

The Stand - Stephen King 02/11/2008

The stand you have to make

The Stand - Stephen King Introduction Do you think the Evil can ever win the battle against the Good? I think I know the answer and this book only made my stand concrete-hard. The Good guys will always win, at least in books, that's why it's called fiction, isn't it? Of course, the way to victory is not always that easy, sometimes it's marked by more or less serious partial losses and casualties, but the end is the end. A happy end. That's why we have fiction, to let us know despite any kind of shit you are forced to go through, you'll be a victor (at least from the moral point, if nothing else) in the end. So very different from the real life, isn't it? I suppose that's why people read books...if books very just reflecting the reality, who'd bother, it's enough to watch the evening news to get an account of a few sad stories, if your own is not enough for you to wade in. In books the Good always wins, in a way or another, however, the victory is not final, in some time the Evil will always come back and try again and again. The idea of Evil is appealing and attractive, but it won't last long, which is why it can re-occur endlessly. Funny is that this (the almost forced victory of the Good) implies that IF the Evil would have won, the Good would be helpless and subdued forever without any chance for rebellion. So if the Evil won, that would be the real end of everything and this is the reason why the Evil will never make it, because we want the show to go on, don't we. And you know what? ...

Red Bull Simply Cola 01/11/2008

Red Bull make Cola, too!

Red Bull Simply Cola Somewhat funny cola I've never been a fan of Red Bull and if I have drunk 5 cans of it in my life, it's a lot. The taste just isn't for me, too fizzy and tastes "artificial". So Red Bull is not sth I would pay attention to, but this time it was different. Doing my last week's shopping I came across a new Red Bull can in the cold-drinks rack and to my surprise, it read "cola", hmm, now that was sth to try. Just the can already made me interested, typical thin Red Bull can, but quite taller, so I just couldn't have not noticed. Package and price One of the reasons I decided to try this drink was also the price. I won't bore you with numbers much, just let me say that a typical Red Bull can cost 38 - 45 CZK, which simply is too much for a single can of drink in my opinion and now this cola was "just" 24, not super cheap, but already way more reasonable. Disadvantage of RB Cola is definitely the packaging. Coca Cola can (330ml) costs 19 - 25 CZK but a 2-litre bottle is 30 - 40 CZK, so of course I'm economical enough to get the big bottle of Coke instead of a sixpack of can or similar, if I feel like drinking it. This little calculation is not in favour of RB Cola, because it necessarily comes out as the more expensive one. The can (355ml) is taller than normal Red Bull can, thin and goes in similar colours, blue and red stricken with a diagonal silver stripe with a red "Red Bull" inscription in it and just below it reads "simply COLA". The can popper (I ...

Frys Turkish Delight 31/10/2008

The best Western Eastern promise of a candy

Frys Turkish Delight My experience with the best "fake" Turkish delight I've come across the Fry's Turkish Delight in Scotland for the first time, so it's another thing I've learnt to know (and love) there. Soon after arriving to Auchinleck I was invited to my employer's house to watch a movie, have a little chat, that kind of thing and she sure was being a very kind host offering all kinds of snacks and sweets. I'm this kind of person who declines politely to about 90% of food or snacks being offered just coz I was taught that way and also coz any kind of nuts when combined with chocolate I hold a grudge which is borderline allergy or sth and sometimes I find it hard to explain this to people. So when asked if I felt like sth sweet I was about to say "No, thank you, I'm fine" but this rather heavy small bar in a fancy wrap was already placed in front of me, and despite the bigcase reading "TURKISH" on its top made me think initially of the Turkish honey (superthick crunchy honey-tasting thing bustling with nuts = a big NO fo rme), I thought "what the heck" and unpacked the cute pinkish violet wrap to find sth covered in a think layer of chocolate inside. "Ok, this smells pretty nice, so plz just don't let it be nuts in there!" I wished and took a little bite of the bar - you never know. Now there I was nuts and the kind of jelly was absolutely delicious! It is of a funny dark pink colour matching with its package and actually pretty sticky and somewhat dense, just the way I think ...

200 Km/H in the Wrong Lane - t.A.T.u. 31/10/2008

Taty: 200 Po Vstrechnoj - The coming out story

200 Km/H in the Wrong Lane - t.A.T.u. Taty - 200 Po vstrechnoy. This is the coming out story Warning: Read further on your own risk. I will talk about the band Taty in connection with myself, specific time of my life and social tendencies in general, so it's not just a pure review of an album. All the lyrics in this review are they way I took them down from listening to the songs and translated more or less literary into English by myself as well, some 6 years ago. It's a review of my experience with Taty and how they influenced me and my life, so if you expect a strict matter-of-fact review, you can rate this as off topic and move on. Taty, also known as Tatu or t.A.T.u. in the English-speaking world, is a Russian duo formed back in 2001 by Ivan Shapovalov who put together two teenage girls Yulia Olegovna Volkova and Elena Sergeyevna Katina. The girls were to sing pop and dance songs written for them and conquer the world of music, trained well as it's so typical for Russian performers or sports people, if you have never watched any of them at the Olympics or similar. Obedience to strong authority was one crucial moment in Shapovalov's effort, but beside this he held another joker in his hand - the girls were to "come out" as lesbians. I can still perfectly remember when I have seen their video to the first single Nas ne dogonyat where Yulia and Elena simply run away cruise the Siberian snow on a huge truck rushing towards..towards what? My bro's friend downloaded and brought this video to play on our ...

Another Gay Movie (DVD) 22/10/2008

Forget the American pie, it's quiche Lorraine

Another Gay Movie (DVD) Another Gay Movie Released to the web of the wide world in 2006, Another Gay Movie is another one in the line of American-Pie-alikes, this time suited to the 4% minority. Directed by Todd Stephens and casted with to me till then unknown actors this comedy became an openly fresh caric of what your life could be like if you were a gay teen lad. The main cast is male and the main focus is on the boys, too, despite there is a little of the she-part. This cathegorizes the film into a typical gay-boy movie filled with all the clichés: boasting, funny, fast, crazy, open and proud compared to typical lesbian movies which in my opinion are the perfect opposite: rather slow going stories subtly dealing with "confusion", coming out or inner view of the girl that are kept in a serious and often a bit tense atmosphere. But okay, here I've averted from the film itself, so back to that. Running time: 90 mins. Rating: 18 years for explicit sex scenes, which I agree with Cast Michael Carbonaro - Andy Jonah Blechman - Nico Jonathan Chase - Jarod Mitch Morris - Griff Graham Norton - Mr.Puckov Ashlie Atkinson - Muffler Plot Now what could the plot be?? Let me see...teenage gay boys, sex-curious, all-into-it, bit frustrated from the lack of what? Yes, here we go, losing the virginity and learning the secrets about the big It, that's what the movie is all about. Plus a little on the side, you'll see. teens vs. parents? What does it feel like when your dad secretly is ...

Mortal Kombat 4 (PC) 10/09/2008

Mortal Kombat IV

Mortal Kombat 4 (PC) Mortal Kombat IV I feel like a slightly less serious review just for a change, so I'm going to let you all know sth about the game I've got my hands on again these days after literary years. Just a note, before I start: This in fact is a serious review but I'm gonna try to make it a little more on the easy side and remember I'm a person who likes to use contradictions and sarcasm a lot and sometimes ppl find my sense of humour to be somewhat harsh. I used to be quite a gamer (have grown up now :p) and with such a background I'd say almost everybody must have at least heard about Mortal Kombat. That ugly game, as my mom calls PC games where one is meant to spill blood of monsters or bad guys, regardless that it's done sheerly for saving the mankind or similar pure reasons. That's exactly what MK is, except if you wanna see it as a brutal and senseless kind of shady entertainment. (A short note on violence in games: I do not support violence as lifestyle and I wouldn't plead for anybody who does harm to people or animals trying to copy sth they learnt in games. I think it's better to kill things made of pixels on computerscreen than kill living beings and I do believe that unless you are an emotionally or psychically unstable individual, it's NOT true that violent games can turn you into a murderer or criminal. I played lots of such games and am I a serial killer? Well, not for sure even a monovalent one(at least not yet), I'm an ICU nurse who enjoys saving lives of ...

Mamma Mia! (DVD) 06/09/2008

Mamma Mia! How could I resist you?

Mamma Mia! (DVD) Mamma Mia! Finally I've seen the film and afterwards I was jumping with energy the movie boasted me with, so I couldn't not start writing this review. I can't tell about elsewhere, but here in Prague Mamma Mia! has become a symbol of this summer, full of fun, dancing and singing, love, sun, friends, joy and happy ends. It was my first time that sitting in the cinema I would feel all the ppl there shared sth and created such a happy and cheerful atmosphere like this time when everybody sang along to the songs. Cast Meryl Streep - Donna Amanda Seyfried - Sophie Pierce Brosnan - Sam Colin Firth - Harry Stellan Skarsgard - Bill Christine Baranski - Tanya Julie Walters - Rosie Running time: 100 mins. Director: Phyllida Lloyd Screenplay: Catherine Johnson in cooperation with ABBA members Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus Rating: PG-13 which in my humble opinion is nonsense as there is neither strong language nor any explicit or hidden sexual content. The storyline We're on a beautiful Greek island where Sophie lives with her mother Donna, an owner of a hotel who's single but men aren't her problem as she is this kind of an independent aging hippie who now has to worry about the business and most importantly at the momemnt, her daughter's wedding as Sophie plans to marry her boyfriend Sky. The wedding will be perfect besides she doesn't have a father to give ger away. Spying in Donna's old diaries she realizes there are three possible fathers, so why not ...

Death Becomes Her (DVD) 14/08/2008

Death Becomes Her

Death Becomes Her (DVD) Death Becomes Her A fab comedy from Mr. Zemeckis' workshop, this is one of my most favourite films ever as it's hilariously funny, I didn't find it a single bit dull and despite I've only seen the dubbed Czech version, the dialogues were pure genius! I've watched the video tape many many times, for me this is always gonna be a damn great classic! Main Cast Madeline Ashton - Meryl Streep Helen Sharp - Goldie Hawn Dr. Ernest Menville - Bruce Willis Lisle Von Rhoman - Isabella Rossellini I've never liked Goldie Hawn very much and Bruce Willis is an actor I've always liked, even if I think he only now (I mean, later than in DBH) has grown into his acting best. This was the first film ever I've seen Meryl Streep act in and it made me fall in love with her forever since. Until seeing Mamma Mia! her role of Madeline Ashton was the only comic part I've seen her act and she was just stunning. According to me the cast couldn't have been better, the actors fit their parts and were very convincing. Plot We have a classic here, a love triangle. Ah wait, a loving couple at the beginning: Ernest and Helen, who unfortunately don't last long as Ernest becomes enchanted by this singer star Madeline (never, but never introduce your fiancés to your best friends!) and ta-daa, very quickly Helen is out of the game and we have a new happy couple. At least, so it seems like. Now that could be prety much it, but it's just the start. Let's see what has the change brought to our ...

Báthory DVD 10/08/2008

Báthory, the story of Countess Erzsébet

Báthory DVD Báthory, the story of Countess Erzsébet This is the latest film of Juraj Jakubisko, a well-known Slovak director, who's sometimes nicknamed "Fellini of Eastern Europe". The preparations for this drama started already in 2005, then were briefly interrupted by a member of the crew stealing and threatening to air the unfinished film, to continue again and finally be ready for the cinemas in early July this year. It was introduced on 5th July at the 43rd International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary. The DVD's not out yet, so I'm reviewing the cinema version. I should also mention there are both a Czech and an English version of the film, I have seen the English version and I liked it - speaking about the language now. The English of Czech and Slovak actors was fresh and very good and I preferred this to going to watch a Czech version with the main character dubbed, even if I don't doubt the quality of dubbing, I preferred her in original. Anyway, I want to see the Czech version as well, just for the fun of it. The English being the main filming language, the film united actors of Czech republic, UK, Slovakia, Hungary and maybe some more, it was created in co-production. It was filmed in Slovakia (Bratislava, Čachtice and High Tatra mountains) and Czech republic (famous castles such as Lednice, Pernštejn, Telč, Křivoklát, Buchlov and other), 23 locations in total, 13 out of those were castles. And btw, with the budget around 300 million CZK it's the most ... 07/08/2008

Rainbow rose will brighten up your day! Happy Roses I've come across by pure accident, when I was searching for a gift for my girlfriend. As we're not so lucky to live close to eachother, I was going for sth I could order on the internet and have mailed to her. Long ago I've seen pictures of rainbow coloured roses, but I always thought those were just computer-made pictures, what was my surprise to find out they were real and you can order a delivery of a bunch! The colouring process is an invention of River Flowers company who together with rose specialists F.J. Zandbergen & Zn. form Happy Flowers. What's a Happy Rose? Definitely a special flower that will make anybody happy! The flowers are given water that contains dye agents and as the rose sucks water in, the dye does its job in the petals. If you look at the stem's cross cut, you'll see colourful circles on it, so it's obvious the water goes up the stem through the plant's tissues. Don't ask me to explain how exacly can they make a flower to dye every petal in different colour, the important for me was the roses came just as lovely as they looked on the pictures! Most flowers offered are rainbow-coloured, but also other colour variations are available. Despite the "roses" in the name, you can also order chrysanthemums, hortenzias, orchids or various bouquets or flower art. Order and delivery It's very easy to order the flowers using a web form on (there also is a Dutch, German, French, Spanish, ...

Tulip Garden, Alanya 05/08/2008

Tulip Garden restaurant

Tulip Garden, Alanya Tulip Garden Located on the Atatürk blvd. in Alanya, south Turkey, Tulip Garden is a neat café restaurant serving meals from 9:00 till 2:00. Now probably you wonder what's a Tulip Garden doing in Turkey, well, that's because the owner is a Dutch Turk, very nice guy who speaks fluent Dutch and English and who's come to Alanya some 7 years ago to start up his own business. Being smart, he focused on the Dutch tourists and their needs, which are: 1. Dutch food: frikandel, krokant (both kind of minced meat which is rather spicy, dressed and fried), basmati rice, bami, nasi (ok, all these are indian dishes the Dutch eat often, but don't ask me what those are, I had it explained a number of times but always forgot), filled toasts and of course beers. 2. TV screen: The Dutch ppl love to watch sports, particularly football, so owning two big TVs and another two large projection screens I'm more than sure Tulip Garden was packed with Oranjes from terrace to kitchen when Euro championship was on. 3. Dutch: Dutch ppl love if they can talk Dutch to you, especially where everyone babbles English, German or Turkish, so apart from Hassan - the owner, all the members of staff speak at least conversational level of Dutch. I'm sure if I were Dutch I would find all the above listed even neater than I did already, which means I liked it a lot! Now about the restaurant a bit more detailly. The restaurant Location is great, right on the main street of Alanya, you have a lovely ...
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