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Logynon Contraceptive Pill 09/04/2006

Logynon ED

Logynon Contraceptive Pill I have been on this pill for 12 months, and at first it took a while to get used to. In the first month I had nausia, mood swings and aches but they soon passed after the first pack. Since then I am on my second spell of depression! The first time it lasted 1 month, now it has been nearly 3 months. If you are a person who has experienced depression before do NOT go on this pill! I have lost my sex drive, it started out as increased but not it has almost fully gone! I do not recommend it if you have had bad mood swings before/prone to depression. The pill is not worth depression! If you have not had a history if it do still be aware. I had never suffered depression before I came on the pill! and now I have suffered enough. Im seeing my doctor soon about coming off it, I do not want any more bad side effects.
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