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+++ At last a NEW REVIEW !! . . . We have generated over 9979kwh electricity with our solar panels since October 2012 . . . £1350+ FIT . . +++ I'm dyslexic, dyspraxic (but erudite and eclectic) and physically challenged.~ ♥ ~ Jes ~ ♥

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Doro PhoneEasy 612 13/03/2015

I ADore-o My Doro PhoneEasy 612!

Collins Readers - Private Peaceful - Michael, M.B.E Morpurgo 31/01/2012

Private Peaceful ~ How WW1 Affected the Lives of Ordinary People

Asda Smart Price WK8283 23/01/2012

This Kettle May Not Look That Smart . . . but it's a SMART PRICE

Asda Smart Price WK8283 WHITE goes with EVERYTHING! Unless, of course, you have a Colour-Coordinated Kitchen, with all your Appliances Chrome, or Dark Green or some other colour. Why Did I Need A Kettle? All I have ever really wanted in a kettle was an appliance which would boil water for me. Our first kettle after we got married nearly thirty five years ago was a squat round chrome coloured kettle. It was heavy and awkward to fill and pour. It also did not turn itself off, so you had to watch it didn't boil dry. Not many years passed before it was starting to leak around the seams and the lid was hard to lift up. I replaced it with a lighter plastic kettle which turned itself off when it was boiled, but it still was not cordless. Eventually, the plastic kettle became brittle, and started to leak around the clear plastic level indicator. I knew it was dangerous, but we taped around the kettle with 'Gaffer' tape to keep it from leaking as we couldn't afford to buy a new kettle. To my surprise, when visiting our local Asda store, I saw that their cut price line of goods now included a cordless kettle! At under £5 (in fact, £4.28) it was so cheap that I didn't even hesitate to put it into my shopping trolley and purchase it along with my shopping. No more leaky kettle, and no more getting tangled in the cord while trying to pour the kettle. Now all I would have to do was to lift the kettle off its base to carry it anywhere in the room I needed to pour the water. The cord attached to the base was short ...

Happy Feet Two (DVD) 05/01/2012

HAPPY FEET Meets Ice Age . . . TWO

Happy Feet Two (DVD) I asked my grandson what topic I should write about for my 150th Review, and he said, "Write about the film you saw yesterday, Happy Feet Two!" I have only ever seen the trailer for 'Happy Feet' and I believe I only saw 'Ice Age' and trailers for the sequels to it, so I might have got entirely the wrong end of the stick. My overall reaction to this over two hour film I saw yesterday however was not really very positive. My six year old granddaughter had seen the original HAPPY FEET at school and really enjoyed watching the tap-dancing penguin Mumble (voiced in both films by Elijah Wood). Both she and her nine-year-old brother were thus keen to watch HAPPY FEET TWO when it hit the cinemas on the 2nd December 2011. When my husband and I visit my daughter and her family the last week of the year, we generally take the children to the cinema as the 'Birthday Treat' for the grandson whose birthday is 29th December. Two years ago we watched Planet 51 and last year The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (the third 'Narnia' film). We looked up the cinema times for Happy Feet Two at both Leamington Spa and Rugby, and, although the only showing at Leamington Spa Apollo was at 10am, it was only £5.40 (Senior + Orange Wednesday) for each adult and child combination going. (instead of £6 at Rugby Cineworld) Z decided he'd rather wait to see War Horse in January, and R was naughty, so in the end, I went alone with my six-year-old granddaughter. Happy Feet Two (A George Miller Annimation Film) ...

Hasbro Boggle Classic 02/01/2012

The Mind "BOGGLE"s

MSI Wind PC 05/12/2011

My Travelling White Angel (MSi WiND)

Death Comes to Pemberley - P. D. James 30/11/2011

Baroness P D James writes a Sequel to 'PRIDE AND PREJUDICE'

Avon Beyond Color Triple Benefit Lash Conditioner 05/11/2011

~ An Inconspicuous Eyelash Strengthener & Mascara Undercoat ~

Tesco Fruity Blackcurrant & Blueberry Jelly 15/10/2011

A Light Refreshing Fruity Treat from Tesco for a Hot Afternoon

Everything that starts with G ... 14/10/2011

"GUIDE ME OH THOU GREAT JEHOVAH!" (Childhood Memories Challenge)

Newsletter Creative Writing 20/09/2011

We're Splashing Back to School in the September Showers!

Taislim Blender Bottle 31/08/2011

Shake it Smooth and Shake it Well . . . The Blender Bottle®!

Dentek Dental First Aid Kit 20/08/2011

For "When Bits Start Falling Off" . . . Dental First Aid Kit

Dentanurse First Aid Kit for Teeth 29/07/2011

Dentanurse, HOLD MY CROWN! . . . This is an EMERGENCY!

A-Z for Members Challenges 29/07/2011


A-Z for Members Challenges The title of course comes from my favourite song from Sesame Street – it is the only word which has every letter from the English alphabet, only once, and in the correct order... I was brought up with various poetic verses to help one remember the alphabet – including “A was an Archer and shot at a frog” - “Nursery Novelties” - “The History of an Apple Pie Written by Z” - “Peter Piper’s Practical Principles of Plain and Perfect Pronunciation” (which includes not only the famous “Peter Piper picked a peck of pepper,” but also tongue twisters based on every letter of the alphabet except X, Y & Z who share the last verse) – and when my children were young I discovered “Aldiborontiphoskyphorniostikos” – all of the above verses are reproduced in “A Nursery Companion” (with 22 other lovely illustrated poetic tales for the young) provided by Iona and Peter Opie and published by Oxford University Press in 1980. Other verses (which I can hardly remember) included one with a verse for each Letter, the most memorable of which went “I was once a bottle of ink; inky…” which always had us rolling on the floor laughing. I think the first verse of this particular one was “A was once an apple pie…” but the bottle of ink was the funniest and has remained when everything else has drifted into obscurity. Of course, with this background, and my overactive sense of syntax, I was bound to eventually choose this topic for discussion. Having just read an "About Me" review which was ...
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