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+++ Sorry if I am a bit silent at the moment - my mother-in-law died 16th March 2016 and my own mom died 1 May 2016 so I am busy mourning. +++ I'm dyslexic, dyspraxic (but erudite and eclectic) and physically challenged.~ ♥ ~ Jes ~ ♥

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Doro PhoneEasy 612 13/03/2015

I ADore-o My Doro PhoneEasy 612!

Doro PhoneEasy 612 I Was Looking For A New Phone! What were my requirements? * I needed a phone with Bluetooth * I needed good battery time * I needed a phone easy to use, with big buttons, clear type * I needed a phone I could answer instantly (clamshell?) * I needed a phone that wouldn't make calls in my pocket (clamshell?) * I wanted a camera, an alarm feature, calculator and FM Radio * I wanted 'silent' and 'vibration' modes * I didn't particularly want a touchscreen phone or internet access * I needed a phone unlocked or locked to O2, as I wanted to use a giffgaff SIM. Why was I looking now? I have struggled for years to find a phone handset which was comfortable to use ever since Siemens stopped making handsets. My Pumpkin coloured Motorola RAZR V3x (which I had had since 2006) had a damaged keyboard, but I struggled with the Blackberry Curve I had replaced it with in December 2013. My Rose-coloured W377 (bought in 2008) was starting to crack up, and the battery was not holding its charge. I had tried various handsets yearly when my Three contract and T-Mobile contract were coming up for renewal, and each year I had given up when all I could find were touchscreen 'Smartphones'. Changing Networks needed an Unlocked handset. The final straw came when EE, who had taken over T-Mobile, raised my contract prices twice each year for the last two years: * Once in December when I re-negotiated my 'discount' * Again in May, with a % 'Cost-of-Living' Increase. I decided to ...

Collins Readers - Private Peaceful - Michael, M.B.E Morpurgo 31/01/2012

Private Peaceful ~ How WW1 Affected the Lives of Ordinary People

Collins Readers - Private Peaceful - Michael, M.B.E Morpurgo Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo MBE is the story of how an ordinary teenager, Tommo Peaceful, and his older brother Charlie Peaceful went to France to fight in WW1. Their lives have not been easy, as their forester father died when a tree fell the wrong direction, and their mother was forced to accept work at the 'Big House' looking after the Colonel's invalid wife, or lose their home, as it was tied to their father's job on the estate. When WW1 broke out, the older Brother is forced to enlist as a private, and Tommo pretends to be his Twin brother (he was not quite 16) in order to join up with him. Something has gone terribly wrong, and this story is narrated by Private Tommo Peaceful as he spends a dreadful night's vigil. The chapters have titles of the time of night as the long night passes. Tommo gives a little summary of where he is during the night, then proceeds to tell you another flashback to his life both before and during the war, explaining what events led up to this dreadful night. I found this method of telling the story both compelling and distracting. On the one hand, you feel his dread and it keeps you on the edge of your seat, wanting to know more. As it is from his own standpoint rather than his older brother's, you feel his uncertainty more, as he always was less confident and felt his brother overshadowed him all along, yet they loved each other and looked after each other's interests. The device of the VIGIL, ...

Asda Smart Price WK8283 23/01/2012

This Kettle May Not Look That Smart . . . but it's a SMART PRICE

Asda Smart Price WK8283 WHITE goes with EVERYTHING! Unless, of course, you have a Colour-Coordinated Kitchen, with all your Appliances Chrome, or Dark Green or some other colour. Why Did I Need A Kettle? All I have ever really wanted in a kettle was an appliance which would boil water for me. Our first kettle after we got married nearly thirty five years ago was a squat round chrome coloured kettle. It was heavy and awkward to fill and pour. It also did not turn itself off, so you had to watch it didn't boil dry. Not many years passed before it was starting to leak around the seams and the lid was hard to lift up. I replaced it with a lighter plastic kettle which turned itself off when it was boiled, but it still was not cordless. Eventually, the plastic kettle became brittle, and started to leak around the clear plastic level indicator. I knew it was dangerous, but we taped around the kettle with 'Gaffer' tape to keep it from leaking as we couldn't afford to buy a new kettle. To my surprise, when visiting our local Asda store, I saw that their cut price line of goods now included a cordless kettle! At under £5 (in fact, £4.28) it was so cheap that I didn't even hesitate to put it into my shopping trolley and purchase it along with my shopping. No more leaky kettle, and no more getting tangled in the cord while trying to pour the kettle. Now all I would have to do was to lift the kettle off its base to carry it anywhere in the room I needed to pour the water. The cord attached to the base was short ...

Happy Feet Two (DVD) 05/01/2012

HAPPY FEET Meets Ice Age . . . TWO

Happy Feet Two (DVD) I asked my grandson what topic I should write about for my 150th Review, and he said, "Write about the film you saw yesterday, Happy Feet Two!" I have only ever seen the trailer for 'Happy Feet' and I believe I only saw 'Ice Age' and trailers for the sequels to it, so I might have got entirely the wrong end of the stick. My overall reaction to this over two hour film I saw yesterday however was not really very positive. My six year old granddaughter had seen the original HAPPY FEET at school and really enjoyed watching the tap-dancing penguin Mumble (voiced in both films by Elijah Wood). Both she and her nine-year-old brother were thus keen to watch HAPPY FEET TWO when it hit the cinemas on the 2nd December 2011. When my husband and I visit my daughter and her family the last week of the year, we generally take the children to the cinema as the 'Birthday Treat' for the grandson whose birthday is 29th December. Two years ago we watched Planet 51 and last year The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (the third 'Narnia' film). We looked up the cinema times for Happy Feet Two at both Leamington Spa and Rugby, and, although the only showing at Leamington Spa Apollo was at 10am, it was only £5.40 (Senior + Orange Wednesday) for each adult and child combination going. (instead of £6 at Rugby Cineworld) Z decided he'd rather wait to see War Horse in January, and R was naughty, so in the end, I went alone with my six-year-old granddaughter. Happy Feet Two (A George Miller Annimation Film) ...

Hasbro Boggle Classic 02/01/2012

The Mind "BOGGLE"s

Hasbro Boggle Classic The last week of every year we always spend with my eldest daughter and her family. This seems to be a tradition which has developed due to several factors: * One Monday about that time, there is a Meeting in Northamptonshire at which my Husband is supposed to be present, as is my son-in-law. It makes sense to share transport. * On the last Saturday of the year, we ALL go to a meeting at the Northampton Jesus Centre. * They live halfway between Home and Northampton, so travel is easier. * It is the only time of year we do not have 'church responsibilities' at our own church, so we can share in their congregation. * It is nice to see them, and we celebrate three of their birthdays at that time: MG on 21st, her husband on 26th and our grandson Z on 29th. This is ALWAYS the first game my daughter brings out for us all to play when we arrive. BOGGLE My daughter's box states that it was copyright 1992 by Tonka Corporation ... Distributed in the United Kingdom by Hasbro UK Limited, Owen Street, Coalville, Leicester LE6 2DE It was originally made by Parker Brothers (as was Monopoly, Cluedo, Risk, and the card games Rook, Pit and many other games). The firm, started in 1883, was purchased by General Mills (whose cereals are now made by Nabisco) in 1963; Parker Brothers merged with Kenner Toys in 1985, and Kenner Parker Toys Inc was acquired by Tonka in 1987. As 20 years ago or so, Tonka was bought by Hasbro (1991) the newer versions, although still ...

MSI Wind PC 05/12/2011

My Travelling White Angel (MSi WiND)

MSI Wind PC My Travelling White Angel (MSi WiND) . + Connects instantly to previous networks; 1kg easily carried; WindowsXP; Big Keyboard; Bluetooth; Has Intel® Atom™ inside - Pre-installed Office 2007 Professional w/60-day trial; MSi Q-face; Function Key Micro-Star International WiND U100 10-inch Netbook Wireless Network Device with Bluetooth Colour: Angel White Genuine Windows XP® Home Edition 10" Widescreen LCD (non-glare) Backlit Display Ergonomic Big-Size Keyboard and Touch Pad 3x USB Sockets Integral Webcam 1.3mp Memory Card Reader Slot . . What was wrong with your old laptop? I suppose this review will come as no surprise to the many members who have put up with my comments (and occasional moans about keyboard sticking and lack of memory) about my husband's Dell Latitude CPx Laptop which has been my only source of Internet access at home ever since ORANGE decided to split their ADSL to ADSL2 necessitating a change from the USB SpeedTouch modem to the Ethernet connection of the LIVEBOX . The Laptop was cumbersome and heavy. It had a tendency to overheat, and about a year ago the battery decided to stop charging, meaning that if there was a power cut I no longer could continue working even if I was not online, and I lost my work. The keys were sticking and either skipping or doubling letters; Internet Explorer was running out of memory and apologetically closing regularly; the case was developing a few cracks, didn't close properly, and, quite ...

Death Comes to Pemberley - P. D. James 30/11/2011

Baroness P D James writes a Sequel to 'PRIDE AND PREJUDICE'

Death Comes to Pemberley - P. D. James Death Comes To Pemberley by Baroness P D James * PUBLISHED: 3 November 2011 by Faber & Faber * Selected edition: Hardback (with dust jacket) * ISBN: 9780571283576 * No of pages: 320 * RRP £18.99 (currently available on £8.55; Kindle £6.64) "Pride and Prejudice" has long been my favourite of Jane Austen's novels. When I was young, I owned various abridgements of the original, including a play based on the main plot lines of the book, and I at times imagined myself in the shoes of the witty but practical and bookish Elizabeth Bennet (second daughter of five of a man whose estate is entailed), who is won, despite her prejudice and Fitzwilliam Darcy's pride by that same member of the nobility with a large estate of his own, Pemberley. There was always that question when you finish reading a good story, "What happened next?" When you get so absorbed into a story, and fall in love with the well rounded characters of a story, you will naturally want to know how their lives progressed after the story finished. There have been several previous attempts by authors to continue the story, but I have never actually found myself enticed enough by the storyline proposed to purchase any of them. Here at last, is a fitting sequel, written by an author who has been reading and re-reading Jane Austen's writings, by her own admission, for 80 years! Phyllis Dorothy James, who chose her initials P D James as her pen name because it "would look best on ...

Avon Beyond Color Triple Benefit Lash Conditioner 05/11/2011

~ An Inconspicuous Eyelash Strengthener & Mascara Undercoat ~

Avon Beyond Color Triple Benefit Lash Conditioner I have always been quite casual about makeup usage, unlike my younger daughter, who rarely leaves her bedroom (let alone face the world outside) without full war paint. I was bemused, therefore when the category for October 2011 was BEAUTY as my collection of beauty enhancement supplies is very minimalistic . . . and definitely geared toward a very natural look. So what is in my Beauty Bag arsenal? . . . Surprisingly little . . . * A shimmering lip and eye sheen stick * Boise de Rose Lipstick (Yves Rocher) * A Plum Lipstick (unknown make) * A No7 Petal Eye Palette (limited edition from 2008?) * Maybelline Pure liquid Mineral 'breatheable' foundation virtually unused * A couple of No7 samples: SPF15 tinted moisturiser, and Stay Perfect Eye Mousse * Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum (full size 30ml tube) * Nearly unused Boots No7 Extreme Length Mascara (it was free with the other samples) * ZamBuk Herbal Balm * . . . and this BEYOND COLOUR Triple Benefit LASH CONDITIONER I go through phases of remembering that I have these available, and as I rarely go out anywhere special, I tend to use only two or three of these items with any regularity. The Beauty Serum I use at least daily, and I often use either a lipstick or the Zam-Buk on my lips. This Lash Conditioner (the Standard size is 7mls) is one of those items which I have found particularly useful. It is very similar to an ordinary mascara, with a narrow tube containing a white liquid and a ...

Tesco Fruity Blackcurrant & Blueberry Jelly 15/10/2011

A Light Refreshing Fruity Treat from Tesco for a Hot Afternoon

Tesco Fruity Blackcurrant & Blueberry Jelly TESCO Fruity Blackcurrant & Blueberry Jelly: A Light Refreshing Fruity Treat for a Hot Afternoon! The first time I ever tried this dessert was on Friday afternoon, the 29th April 2011, as we celebrated the Royal Wedding with a couple of friends at their house (and watching their television, as we don't have one). It was in very average packaging - simply a cardboard sleeve slipped over a sealed clear recycleable plastic cup containing the Fruity Blackcurrant and Blueberry Jelly. The design had a slightly Retro feel about the pattern, but it looked appropriate for a celebration, and I had a tingle of anticipation as I looked at it, and could hardly wait for the chance to taste the contents! ~~ AT LAST IT WAS TIME TO TRY IT. ~~ I peeled the lid back carefully and the first whiff of fruitiness escaped from the pot . . . hmmmmm . . . not too strong, but a sweet berry scent. It was a deep reddish-purple jelly with dark blobs scattered throughout the jelly and blueish-red blobs of fruit on the surface. I dipped my teaspoon in, feeling the slight resistance of the jelly before the spoon broke through the surface, and took a small spoonful, carefully lifting a couple of blueberries from the top of the pot, lifting it carefully to my mouth, and letting it slide into my waiting mouth. . It was sweet, and cool, and yet with a bite, the blackcurrant jelly overpowering the slight blueberry taste; the blueberries seeming to add mainly texture and appearance, and a sweetness rather ...

Everything that starts with G ... 14/10/2011

"GUIDE ME OH THOU GREAT JEHOVAH!" (Childhood Memories Challenge)

Everything that starts with G ... Maggieedwa said: "Now I know there are a lot of challenges going about at the moment but I thought, 'why not another?' This one is to re-discover your childhood and remember all the things you forgot. Or made yourself forget! " Later she said, "Hope this was fun! Now here are some people who should give this a try: BadCompany77, Garleon; Soho Black; Sghawken; Salem witch; Pussycat37; Jesi; Missy0303" At first I demurred - but in such noble company, perhaps it behoved me to do this challenge early rather than leave it until all the good answers had been taken. As some of the questions didn't really apply, I have adapted my responses to give you some insight into the childhood world of jesi, anyway. So on to "Maggies Childhood Challenge" ≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡ ~~ Into what Era were you born ~~ If I said I was born in the '50s, you'd say I couldn't possibly be only 23 (as my 26 year old son declares), so I'd have to say that although I was born in the '50s, I joined Eternity in the '60s (ie was "Born again") and from then on, Time has ceased to matter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~~ Name 3 songs you can remember from that era ...

Newsletter Creative Writing 20/09/2011

We're Splashing Back to School in the September Showers!

Newsletter Creative Writing What is my 'BEST' Autumn Activity ? . . . Puddle Splashing, of course! .. I think I would have to put myself back into the mind-set of a child, starting off for school in the September rain for the first time with his brand new shiny wellington boots on his feet. Can't you just feel his excitement, as he is bouncing along beside his older sister or brother and parent . . . running ahead a little and then running back? What do you think will be catching his eye next? Maybe it will be a Horse Chestnut 'Conker' freshly broken from its casing, still slightly furry and white as it is extracted completely, and dried slightly before stuffing it into a pocket with other treasures! Quickly, shuffling through the reddish golden brown leaves under the tree, seeking that elusive GIANT conker that might have fallen in the night, so he can have the BIGGEST in the class, for 'show and tell' time! Ah! Now I can see what he has been waiting for, all the way from home. "No, Dont!" the parent cries out. It's too late. SPLISH! SPLASH! as those boots are christened at last in the first puddle on the paved footpath. AT LAST! The puddles are forming in the little dips in the path. Now, he walks more sedately, being careful to wait until the last possible moment before jumping or just stomping a single boot into a shallow pool! There really is something rather contagious about the pleasure given by that random splashing sound . . . now the older brother and sister ...

Taislim Blender Bottle 31/08/2011

Shake it Smooth and Shake it Well . . . The Blender Bottle®!

Taislim Blender Bottle Before I go any further, I would like to explain that the BlenderBottle® which I use is 'Personalised' with the name of a nutritional supplement shake which I use occasionally. Apart from the name on the outside, it is identical to the patented BlenderBottle® and other personalised 'MyProtein' and 'MP MAX' BlenderBottles® available on various websites, with or without protein shake mixes. My particular Protein Shake/Meal Replacement brand is TAIslim®, which is a brand name of Freelife International in the USA, and I procured mine through Freelife International. My version is the 24fl oz (700ml), but there is also a 20fl oz (500ml) version available directly from the BlenderBottle® website and the Atkins® diet website. This is like a whisk but without the stem; a stainless steel wire ball which whisks within the bottle with a patented seal which keeps the liquid secure. The sides of the transluscent plastic container are grooved to help in holding the container to shake it, and there is a clear panel with gradation measurements both in mls (100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600) and fluid ounces (marked at 2fl oz intervals from 4 oz to 20oz). This assists in measuring the appropriate amount of fluid for the protein shake according to how thick you want to make it, which you add to the bottle before you add the correct number of scoops of shake powder. Using this is just so simple that you wonder why it took so long for someone to ...

Dentek Dental First Aid Kit 20/08/2011

For "When Bits Start Falling Off" . . . Dental First Aid Kit

Dentek Dental First Aid Kit " You Know You're Getting Old When Bits Start Falling Off " . . . So Said My Husband The Other Week . . . It is almost ironic that shortly after saying that, I lost the crown off one of my front teeth, and about a week afterwards, one of his teeth broke a piece off outside a rather large filling. WHY WOULD YOU EVER WANT TO BUY THIS? I have seen various Dental First Aid Kits at the chemist, but never thought them worth the £10+ at which they were priced, as I believed they were expensive for a single emergency use for one person and easily mislaid. Of course, if you were going to travel to somewhere where dental treatment and/or dental centres were generally unavailable, you might want to buy something like this to keep in your travel case. You could (for instance) buy the Dentanurse pack (with or without sterilised needle) which contains a mixing disk, mixing tool, pic/spatula, handled mirror and two tubes (a bit like araldite) to mix your own temporary filling or crown re-fix cement (containing zinc oxide & eugenol). Currently you can also buy a 'temporary filling syringe' for about £5 which will give one person about 10 treatments, so it is not as expensive as it used to be, although you still need individual kits for hygiene reasons (this I saw at a local independent chemist while researching this review). Or, you could buy this DENTEK self-contained case (made in USA). The original hard plastic case design (as pictured by Ciao) has ...

Dentanurse First Aid Kit for Teeth 29/07/2011

Dentanurse, HOLD MY CROWN! . . . This is an EMERGENCY!

Dentanurse First Aid Kit for Teeth I am fond of my teeth, and have been known to quip that they are ALL mine . . . after all, I have paid for all the crowns covering the stumps of damaged and over-filled broken teeth, and I have only permanently lost two lower back teeth (and all four wisdom teeth). However strong the cement which holds your crowns in place, though, it WILL deteriorate with age, and they will never be as strong as the original teeth. Until this month, I had never found a reason to buy any of the various 'Dental Repair' or 'Dental First Aid' kits on the market. They had always seemed to be overpriced, and I could not anticipate ever having it available when I had a need for one. I might have bought something like this had I been going to travel abroad, particularly where dental care is unavailable, but the need never arose. Dentanurse First Aid Kit for Teeth FROM THE BACK OF THE PACK: " Weekends and holidays can easily be ruined by an unforseen dental accident. You know the feeling... If a filling or crown comes out, it's often at an awkward time or place, and professional help is not always available. Dentanurse ensures that a simple dental problem will not ruin your plans. Developed by a dentist for emergency treatment only, this pack enables you to refix dislodged crowns, bridges, fillings and inlays, restoring appearance and function. This pack contains full usage instructions and sufficient material for several applications. The tubes contain zinc oxide and Eugenol." ...

A-Z for Members Challenges 29/07/2011


A-Z for Members Challenges The title of course comes from my favourite song from Sesame Street – it is the only word which has every letter from the English alphabet, only once, and in the correct order... I was brought up with various poetic verses to help one remember the alphabet – including “A was an Archer and shot at a frog” - “Nursery Novelties” - “The History of an Apple Pie Written by Z” - “Peter Piper’s Practical Principles of Plain and Perfect Pronunciation” (which includes not only the famous “Peter Piper picked a peck of pepper,” but also tongue twisters based on every letter of the alphabet except X, Y & Z who share the last verse) – and when my children were young I discovered “Aldiborontiphoskyphorniostikos” – all of the above verses are reproduced in “A Nursery Companion” (with 22 other lovely illustrated poetic tales for the young) provided by Iona and Peter Opie and published by Oxford University Press in 1980. Other verses (which I can hardly remember) included one with a verse for each Letter, the most memorable of which went “I was once a bottle of ink; inky…” which always had us rolling on the floor laughing. I think the first verse of this particular one was “A was once an apple pie…” but the bottle of ink was the funniest and has remained when everything else has drifted into obscurity. Of course, with this background, and my overactive sense of syntax, I was bound to eventually choose this topic for discussion. Having just read an "About Me" review which was ...
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