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Pantene Pro V Smooth & Sleek Shampoo 12/06/2003

Pantene Smooth and Sleek Shampoo

Pantene Pro V Smooth & Sleek Shampoo I try not to use products made by Proctor and Gamble (dodgy ethics but I won't go into that now), but a few days ago, I overslept and was in a mad rush to get my hair washed, showered, etc, on time. My Sunsilk shampoo had run out, so I grabbed my sister's Pantene Smooth and Sleek shampoo instead. It comes in a 400ml white bottle with the Pantene logo, and a small paragraph saying "Smooth And Sleek moisturises dry, straight or wavy hair for a smooth and shiny look". There is a flip-lid, which isn't as flimsy as some of the other cheap ones, with a green band around it. It doesn't look particularly expensive or cheap, just in the middle, which it is! It claims to have a 'smoothing formula that controls hair frizziness for a sleek, healthy look', 'nourishishes from root to tip' and 'leaves hair silky, shiny and touchably soft'. It contains Pro-Vitamin B5 as well, whatever that is! It sounded good, but I didn't expect it to live up to the name. I squirted some in my hand, and it's just normal shampoo-looking, really, nothing special about it. It's white, thick, and slightly pearlescent, with a light, clean, slightly sweet smell. It lathered really well, and it felt smoother even when I was rinsing it out! You only need a small amount for loads of lather. One blow-dry later, and I had the hair I'd always wanted! Even without conditioner, it had all three S's - sleek, soft and shiny! I had the smooth, glossy hair I normally get after hours of fussing with it, just in a ...

Superdrug (Shop) 11/06/2003


Superdrug (Shop) Superdrug sell cosmetics, hair/skincare products, deodorants, magazines and food, although the choice for the last two won't suit everyone, unless you're addicted to Heat, OK, Vanilla Coke and Walkers crisps! Some stores also do photo-processing, but I have never used this service, so I can't comment on them! I have noticed a 2-for-1 offer on Kodak film though. PRODUCTS: When it comes to make-up, they stock the usual brands, like Maybelline, Max Factor, Rimmel, etc, in stands. There are also lots of testers available, so less people take something from the shelves, try it out, and put it back in the stands for people to buy! All the branded products we all know and recognise can be found here for slightly cheaper than Boots - this thing might be 50p more expensive in Boots, and that thing 20p more, but all those 20p's add up to quite a lot if you go there regularly! And also, you can trust Superdrug because there aren't any dodgy brands called Rimmal or Herbal Essence here, like you do with smaller beauty stores! They also have an aisle dedicated to bits and bobs at the Trafford Centre store, which is useful if you want something, but has no particular category, so you don't know where to go about looking for it! There are false nails, cotton buds, nail varnish removers, eyelash/nail glue, hair mascara etc. I have seen Clinique and Clarins skincare products in the larger store at the Trafford Centre, although selection is limited. I did not take a note on this ...

My Dream In Life 09/06/2003

Porsche Boxsters, Gucci and... happiness

My Dream In Life My dream in life is to live in Belgravia with Thierry Henry and two perfect twins, called Jack and Grace. I spend my days shopping in Gucci and lunching with the stars. Of course, because of Thierry's status, we get invited to all the premieres and designers lavish beautiful dresses on me, in the hope I'll wear them! I pick a select few, and the rest find their way to my vast walk-in wardrobe stuffed with chic designer one-offs. No, that's not my dream in life. It would be very, very pleasant and all, but my dream in life is to be happy. Yes, the living in Belgravia thing would be fantastic, but it wouldn't guarantee me happiness, would it? You can be married to a road-sweeper, living on benefits, with ten kids to feed, and be just as happy, if not happier than the woman with the privately-educated children and a gorgeous husband. I want to be fat, old and ugly, in a council flat with my husband of god knows how many years, and be able to look back on my life and think, actually, I had quite a lot of fun in my lifetime! It doesn't matter - I don't need to have been a millionaire or slept with Justin Timberlake, if I am simply happy then that's enough for me! What makes me happy? Well, the most obvious are my friends. When I feel bad, then I surround myself with them until I feel 'strong' enough to face the outside world again. My friends are my protectors, if you will! I suppose I make acquaintances easily enough, but it's hard with very close, best friends - the ...

10 Things to do before you die 08/06/2003

10 Things to do before I die

10 Things to do before you die Oh sh*t! I have accidently deleted everything in this opinion! I will write it back up when I get the chance. I need to fill up some space before it'll let me send this through. What to talk about? Oh, my dream last night! This is quite odd so I'll just share it with you all: Have you heard that Gay Bar song by Electric 6? In my dream, Thierry Henry was chasing me around a four-poster bed with a bunch of bananas singing/shouting 'I'VE GOT SOMETHING TO STICK IN YOU!' Those words are part of the song by the way, not just my mucky mind! What it means, I dread to think! I will edit this and rewrite it when I get the chance, please don't rate it.

Channel 4 - Big Brother 4 (2003) 08/06/2003

Big Brother 2003

Channel 4 - Big Brother 4 (2003) UPDATES: 30/05/03 - Bye Anouska! 6/06/03 - More food for everyone - Justine has left! ---- Never seen Big Brother? You must have been living under a rock for the past three/four years, but never mind! It is a TV game show based in a purpose-built house in Elstree, where cameras are filming inside 24/7 for ten weeks. The people living there are the contestants. Each Monday, each contestant nominates two people to be evicted from the house, and the two with the most nominations are put up to the public vote. At the end of the week, on Friday, the person with the most votes from the public leaves the house, and this goes on every week until there are three people left in the house. And so this goes on until just one person remains in the BB house - the winner, and they come out of the house £70,000 richer! Of course, staying in one house for ten weeks will get boring - they are given tasks to do, shown live at 9pm on Saturday nights, which depending on whether it is successful or not, determines the size of their shopping budget for the next week. Half-hour shows of highlights are shown every weeknight in Channel 4 at 10pm, and Big Brother's Little Brother, hosted by the lovely Dermot O'Leary is on every weekday at 6pm. This is just a light half hour of BB discussion among evictees and minor celebrities, with the odd phone-in and interview chucked in here and there. On the eviction night, there is a show at 8.30pm, hosted by DAVINA MCCALL (does she have to ...

Members Advice on Healthy Eating 07/06/2003

Healthy Eating

Members Advice on Healthy Eating I had a problem with my eating habits for a while now, and I'll never be one of those people who can eat without checking the calorie content first, but I think I've settled down now and I'm not as bad as I used to be, with a lot more experience! I hope you find this advice on healthy eating and losing weight useful, but do keep in mind my advice is based from personal experience, and is NOT professional. These are my nine tips, and I think if you stick with them, you can't go far wrong! 1) Forget crash dieting. It's not good for you at all, for a variety of reasons, and if you want to lose weight, then do it in a sensible way rather than starving yourself for a day or two so you can squeeze into that dress. It screws up your metabolism, so in the long-run, you'll find it harder to shift those extra pounds. 2) Drink lots of water. We all know that water helps skin, hair and nails, but how many of us actually drink the recommend two litres a day? It doesn't have to be mineral water - plain old tap will do! Also, if you are dehydrated, your metabolism is slowed down by up to 5%. It doesn't have to be water - fruit juices, tea, etc all count, but avoid coffee and Coke, which are diuretics, which mean you are losing water. 3) Drinking ice-cold water/sucking icecubes in summer cools your body temperature slightly, and takes 40 calories to get your body back to the normal temperature, so you are losing more calories than you are putting in! 4) Exercise. I'm not ...

Everything that starts with S ... 07/06/2003


Everything that starts with S ... Time Started: 10.05am Date: 7th June A LITTLE ABOUT ME: First name: Jess Age: Too young to drink and drive (not at the same time!), take a guess What are you listening to right now? My sister on the phone downstairs making odd noises, I don't have a clue what she's doing. Last thing you said? How's your eye? to my sister who's got conjunctivitis or something. Who is sitting next to you right now? Nobody. Who would you like to spend the rest of your days with? One person who shall remain nameless. Where do you want to go on your honey moon: The Maldives. Daughters name if you have one or want one: Holly, Lauren, Dani, Tatiana, Layla or Grace. Son’s name if you have or want one: Simon, Jack or Ben. Who makes you happy: My friends and shopping. How many people are on your buddie list (msn, aol, Yahoo): 56 on MSN, but I don't know half of them! I'm not really on it a lot. What do you like to do: Lie around the house doing bugger all. What did you do yesterday: Went to school and then the chippy - it's my mum's, and I get a pittance for slogging my guts out every Friday and Saturday evenings. Well not quite, there's a TV there, so of course, I have to have a break for Big Brother, Friends, Will and Grace, V Graham Norton... ;-) Last person you talked to on the phone: My friend Sam telling me she would be coming round my house in exactly half an hour so get my arse out of bed. In her words, not mine. She'll be here any minute now, so I ...

Bourjois Suivez Mon Regard... 05/06/2003

Bourjois Suivez Mon Regard

Bourjois Suivez Mon Regard... The latest product to come from the French cosmetics brand, Bourjois is Suivez Mon Regard, a loose eyeshadow in a little pot, complete with a mini-brush and screw-on lid. I was wandering around Superdrug, and spotted these on sale. Of course I had to have them! The cute little pots had me interested instantly. They retail at £6.50, but they were £1 off. There were a huge variety of colours, from green to purple, and I decided on 05 Regard Gris Pepites, a sparkly grey. The pot weighs 2.6g, and offers no clue about how much eyeshadow you actually get for your money. It is tested under ophtamological control, and has been tested on contact lens wearers, so should be fine for people with sensitive eyes. Mine weren't particularly irritated, but then again, I don't have sensitive eyes! There doesn’t seem to be a lot of actual eyeshadow in there for the price you pay… it appears like it will be full, but there is just a tiny hole for the brush to slot into, and if you look, there isn’t much eyeshadow inside! I was a bit disappointed, but I decided if it was good quality, it would be worth the money! There didn’t seem to be a lot of eyeshadow on the brush either, but I applied it anyway. The brush is a bit coarse, but is better quality than most of the applicators that come with eyeshadows. I applied it to my eyelid, but surprisingly, the amount of powder on the brush was just enough for both eyes. If you press on harder, you get a more dramatic, deeper colour without ...

Bookends - Jane Green 05/06/2003


Bookends - Jane Green Bookends follows the life of Cath - a hugely disorganised, scatty, well-meaning thirty-something who's entire wardrobe consists of black who has lost all motivation for her job in advertising. She has had bad experiences with men, and as a result has built up a barrier, preferring to seek comfort in her friends. She and her group of close-knit friends are seemingly happy - there is Si, Josh and Lucy in their group. Si is her bitchy gay best friend, Josh is an old university friend who works in the City, and Lucy is the likeable, maternal wife of Josh, the mother of his son, Max, who dislikes Cath immensely. Cath has always wanted to open up a cafe/bookshop, but she has never had the guts to quit her advertising job and go for it. Lucy manages to persuade her it is a worthwhile idea, and they set about opening a bookshop/cafe with the help of a hunky estate agent called James... She secretly hankers after her old best friend, though she'd never admit it. Portia was the filthy-rich, glamorous girl who Cath secretly envied and Josh was desperately in love with. Underneath her glitzy facade though, she was secretly insecure, and when Josh found himself a girlfriend, she had a one night stand with him, hating the fact he had found someone else to follow round like a puppy dog. This drove a wedge in the group and they drifted apart. This all happened years ago, but when Portia reappears at the opening of Cath and Lucy's cafe/bookshop, old wounds are reopened. That ...

10 Things That Really Annoy Me 03/06/2003


10 Things That Really Annoy Me 10 Things That Annoy Me? I can think of a hell of a lot more, but here we go! SCALLIES The annoying 13-18 year olds who hang round on street corners, wearing stripy tops/hoodies, trackie bottoms tucked into their socks, and half of Argos hanging off their neck, you know who I mean! What's with the attitude? They think they're more important than everyone else, but come on, there's more to life than drinking, taking drugs and being abusive to anyone and everyone! POP UPS You'll be happily surfing a website and then a million and one pop-ups ambush you, you try to get rid of them, but then your computer freezes up and you have to restart. If they were on the page, so I could choose for myself whether I want to look at them or not, then I wouldn't have a problem, but pop-ups are so annoying - especially Ciao ones! I'm trying to log in, aren't I? So you don't need to give me pop-ups asking me to join, do you now? CLOTHES SHOPS where the sizes are completely wrong! I can't say what size I am as I'm different sizes in different shops! In most, I'm an eight, in some I'm a six, and a couple I'm a ten! Same goes for bras as well. Life would be so much easier if clothes were all the right sizes! My weight is a steady six and three quarters, so it's not to do with my body weight fluctuating either. SELF-HELP BOOKS I have a few of these, I admit, but I have come to the conclusion: THEY ARE A PILE OF RUBBISH! Don't waste a tenner on these books - they're useless. Say, if ...

The Matrix Reloaded (DVD) 03/06/2003

The Matrix Reloaded.

The Matrix Reloaded (DVD) The Matrix Reloaded... I was originally going to not write an op on this, as it's just so confusing and it would be a case of the blind leading the blind, but I'll have a go anyway! If you haven't seen the Matrix, then here's a quick summary: Neo (Keanu Reeves) is a computer programmer. He meets Morpheus, who is the one who inform him of The Matrix. The Matrix is much like a computer programme, controlled by machines, where we (normal humans) are living, completely unaware our whole lives are just one big hoax. There are a group of people who have escaped from The Matrix and are desperately trying to put an end to it, and have a way of dipping in and out of the real world and The Matrix. They believe that someday, a certain someone, The One, will come along and destroy it. Morpheus thinks that Neo is that someone who will save the world. Confusing? Completely! My description is a bit cloudy but you can get the gist of it! Anyway, The Matrix Reloaded is set a few months on from The Matrix, and Neo is much more in control and confident. He has also changed, and looks much like a priest in his get up! The machines are now trying to get to Zion, the only city on earth where the humans are in control of their own minds, in an attempt to destroy it completely. Neo has to stop them in 72 hours, with the help of Morpheus and his girlfriend, Trinity (Carrie-Ann Moss). New characters come in the form of Niobe (Jada Pinkett-Smith, Will Smith's wife), Morpheus' old ...

Top 10 TV Programs ever 02/06/2003

Top 10 TV Programmes

Top 10 TV Programs ever Top 10 TV Programmes? I love TV, so here we go... FRIENDS: A comedy following the lives of thirty-somethings Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey. Who HASN'T watched this? If you ask me, it has gone downhill, but still better than most of the comedies out there at the moment! The episodes in the first five series never fail to crack me up, and the current one still raise a laugh here and there. They should have stopped at season seven though, and ended on a high. SOME MOTHERS DO AVE EM I'm a bit too young to remember the originals, but I watch reruns on BBC2! I know it sounds sad, but I love it. The escapades stupid Frank Spencer and his long-suffering wife get up to is pure escapism, and takes you away from all the troubles of the world today. If you haven't seen it, try it! I admit, I love stuff like Butterflies, The Good Life, etc, and watch them whenever I can! THE SIMPSONS Yes, the yellow family! I don't think The Simpsons is as aimed as kids as people think really, there is some things occasionally in there which only ahem, people with dirtier minds will get! I used to have a crush on Nelson, like Lisa, lol. My favourite episode was the one where Lisa visited a fortune teller and the episode was set decades later, and Lisa was marrying some English guy, who of course, because he was English, spoke like the Queen and lived in London! COLD FEET I cried so much when Rachel died - which was strange, seeing as I hated her when she was alive! This ...

Boots (Shop) 01/06/2003


Boots (Shop) Boots is a well-known chemist with stores up and down the country. If you don't have one near you, or find it inconvenient, you can buy products from the website at Boots sell cosmetics, medicines, perfumes, haircare products, even sandwiches, and they are even branching out into areas like Botox, photo-processing, opticians, and laser-eye surgery! I have seen these advertised, but I have not used these services, so I can't comment on them. I have two stores near me, but I'm concentrating on the Trafford Centre branch for now. It is spread out into two floors - the ground floor deals with photo-processing and baby products, ie: nappies, bottles, etc. The upper floor is dedicated almost entirely to cosmetics, haircare products, etc, with a small section for the food (sandwiches, crisps, drinks, etc). Everything is neatly laid out in widely spaced aisles, large enough to comfortably fit a wheelchair through with plenty of space to spare. The place is really clean and tidy, and I have yet to see any litter or mess! Everything is well-stocked - I have never seen any empty shelves or have been unable to find what I wanted. Boots sell all the usual brands; such as Maybelline, Rimmel, L'Oreal, Astor, etc in stands, but in the larger branches, they have beauty counters for the more expensive brands like Max Factor, Lancome, Clinique, Elizabeth Arden, etc. They also have a few own brands: Natural Collection is one of my favourites, with all the ...

Everything that starts with J ... 01/06/2003

Jessica reveals all...

Everything that starts with J ... HAVE YOU EVER Been so drunk you blacked out? Never, but I have fallen asleep in a bath. I was only tipsy though, and I didn't dare risk going up the stairs in case I fell down them (has happened), so I made myself comfy in the downstairs bath of the person I was staying with! I have never been pissed out of my head, it doesn't appeal, and at my age, you'd be appalled if I had done! Been hurt emotionally? Who hasn't?! I wasn't thinking about them when I wrote this, but I don't get on amazingly well with my parents. It's just a culture difference really - they come from Hong Kong, and I've been brought up in England, I have a British passport, etc, but they just don't understand why I speak English at home to my sisters, why I watch English TV, etc, and accuse me of wanting to be white. That can be really hurtful because they're saying that I'm racist. I'm not in any way ashamed of my roots but at the end of the day I am British, I live in Britain, and I'm surrounded by British people, do you know what I mean? Anyway, I was thinking about someone else when I put down yes to the answer for this question before I edited it. Kept a secret? Of course. Had an imaginary friend? Sort of - I had a McDonalds Happy Meal Penelope Pitstop doll who was my best friend when I was five! I buried her though a year later in a flower-bed. Had a crush on a teacher? Well... I do, yes. Well I think they're good-looking and all, but it isn't a proper crush. They're nice to look ...

Rimmel Eyeliner Pen 30/05/2003

Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner

Rimmel Eyeliner Pen My best features are my eyes, and I definitely play them up! I can't wear bright or pale eyeshadows as my eyes don't take it very well, so my only option is the natural look or the smoky look. For the smoky look, I apply two coats of mascara, charcoal or brown eyeshadow and now and then, some eyeliner, which I usually use in a pencil form. I read that liquid eyeliners give a more defined line, and are more precise and accurate. Good enough for me! I went out to Boots, and came back with Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner, which set me back £4.49, which I think is a bit pricey for Rimmel. I have it in 100% Black, which is the only colour I have seen available. It is opthalmologically (what a mouthful!) tested for those people with sensitive eyes, and contains 2.5ml of product. It comes in a small black pot with a long tapered lid with an applicator attached to the inside of it, like you do with a mascara. The writing is in silver. The applicator is a thin brush. It doesn't really stand out to be honest, but it does the job! I think I'm quite lucky to have a steady hand, and applied it no problem on my lower lashline. If you have a wobbly hand, just go for it - don't be too careful, just apply it very swiftly, and don't worry about getting it perfect! It should be okay, and it does get better with practise. It applies very smoothly, and there is just the right amount of liquid on the brush for both eyes. Do not press on, just hold it very lightly! It didn't irritate my ...
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