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Duracell Plus MN1300 29/11/2015

My batteries of choice for power hungry items

Duracell Plus MN1300 My batteries of choice for power hungry items have a bit of a thing about torches. Don’t ask me why but I am fascinated with them and love any excuse to use a torch. I have them in the car, for walking the dog, in the shed, for camping all sorts. Now that little bit of useless trivia out of the way I can get on with the review. The reason for stating how much I use torches is because they just suck the life out of batteries so I need decent batteries for them. A lot of the torches that I have take D batteries and these are my batteries of choice for the torches because through a lot of trial and error I have found that these are the batteries which last the longest and keep the torches as bright as possible for as long as possible. They aren’t the cheapest but it definitely pays to spend a little bit more on them than buying cheap ones because trust me they will last a hell of a lot longer which not only saves money in the long run but saves so much frustration. The batteries cost around about £6 to £7 for a pack of 4 but of course this just depends on where you end up buying them from and you can pick them up even cheaper or more expensive than this if you don’t shop around. I have never had a problem with finding them in the supermarket and online even though they aren’t as common as say AA or AAA. I just find that these batteries have the best quality and longevity of any of the batteries that I have tested and they are more than up to the job of powering hungry ...

Kodak Extra Heavy Duty Battery 29/11/2015

Not even worth a £1

Kodak Extra Heavy Duty Battery Not even worth a £1 I was so annoyed with myself for buying these batteries. Normally it is one of the things that I really think it is a false economy buying cheap but I seen them in Poundland and I saw the Kodak name and was immediately fooled by the name into thinking that they were a bargain and ended up buying 3 packets even though I only actually needed 2 batteries. These cost £1 as you might expect given that they were from Poundland and for your pound you get 6 batteries in a pack. Actually you get 4 batteries officially with 2 extra ones free but I have seen these for ages now and they are always the same pack so I don’t think you will even get just 4 as that doesn’t make them sound quite the same bargain. The batteries alkaline and they state on the packet that they are heavy duty batteries so I assumed that they were going to be long lasting as you would from the name. They look identical to every single AA battery out there but they are branded with the Kodak name on the actual batteries so that you know that you are getting an official Kodak product. They come in a blister pack with a cardboard backing which is really easy to open and get the batteries out of. These batteries were absolutely rubbish. That is the only way to describe them. I expected them to be quite good since they were Kodak and I foolishly let myself believe that Kodak wouldn’t sell rubbish batteries. I used these in a torch and they literally died within an hour of using the torch. ...

Energizer Ultra+ AAA Batteries 29/11/2015

Good value bulk buy

Energizer Ultra+ AAA Batteries Good value bulk buy I go through absolutely tons of batteries what seems like every week in my house. It is my own fault for having so many gadgets which rely upon batteries to work. I try and buy good batteries for certain things but for lower drain items it pains me to spend a fortune on them though I refuse to buy the cheapest of the cheap because they are just a false economy in my experience. I actually bought these batteries on Amazon for using with things like remote controls and I got a pack of 12 of them for £5.99 which I thought was a pretty good price. They are made by Energizer which is a brand I know and have used before so I was pretty confident that I was getting a good deal. I actually bought two packs at once because even though there are 12 in a packet AAA is one of the most used batteries in the house so I thought it would be good to have a stock around. One of the things that encouraged me to buy these particular batteries was the fact that they claim to store power for up to 10 years. Meaning that you can stock up on them and have them in a drawer and they will still work when you need them even if they sit there for a few years. I have absolutely no doubt that they won’t be sitting in my drawer for anything like that amount of time but I have bought some batteries before when even after only sitting in the drawer for a few months they haven’t worked so I really liked this aspect about them. They are AAA sized which is perfect for a huge ...

Sony CD-R 29/11/2015

The best quality blank discs

Sony CD-R The best quality blank discs Although it feels like my entire life is digital these days and for the most part it is I still do like the occasional feel of something solid and I do still like to burn some Cd’s to listen to especially in the car because even though I have a digital set up in the car there is also a CD player which I like to use from time to time. There is something very soothing and relaxing for me when it comes to burning CD’s and I actually really like the whole thing of making a playlist and burning the CD. My brand of choice when it comes to CD’s is Sony as I have made the mistake before of buying cheaper branded recordable CD’s and they have been useless and either not played or skipped during play and god forbid that you might accidentally scratch them ever so slightly or else they just won’t play. At least when buying Sony CD’s I am confident that I am getting a decent product that is going to work and fulfil the requirements for me. You can buy a pack of 50 blank Sony CD’s for £10 so they work out at quite reasonably for each individual CD. They are just so easy to use and when using them I know that I am not going to encounter a problem. For instance with some CD’s when you buy a pack there can be 1 or 2 which are already scratched and not for use but with the Sony ones I have never had a problem with any of the CD’s being scratched or damaged before I have even used them. They have decent burn speeds and are always recognised by the ...

Logitech Z150 29/11/2015

Basic but functional speakers

Logitech Z150 Basic but functional speakers I got these speakers as a freebie when I bought a mobile phone and whilst I probably wouldn’t have bought them for myself if you are looking for some small speakers and have a tight budget then these might be a good option for you. The speakers are pretty cheap and they cost £17.99 so don’t be expecting anything remarkable from them but they are pretty good for the low price. The design of the speakers is nothing special but I do like the size of them which is really compact and quite sleek considering the price. At first glance they look good and it is only when you really have a good look can you tell they are a bit cheaper than some. They feel a bit plasticy but they are surprisingly robust and durable even though they don’t really feel as though they are going to be. The speakers have a 3.5mm jack which makes them convenient for connecting to a wide variety of devices. Because the connection of the speakers is the common 3.5mm jack you can use them to connect with anything that has a 3.5mm jack which is pretty much anything from mobile phones to tablets and even laptops. Once you have connected the speakers to whatever it is that you want to play just turn the knob and adjust the sound to the required loudness. These work just fine and the sound is quite good considering that they aren’t the most expensive speakers. The volume goes up to a decent amount though these aren’t as loud as some of the more expensive speakers they go loud ...

Integral Neon - USB flash drive - 16 GB 28/11/2015

Tough funky little USB drive

Integral Neon - USB flash drive - 16 GB Tough funky little USB drive I have loads of different USB flash drives as they are my favourite way of storing digital media because I find that they are just so convenient to use. I have a few different ones of this particular stick because I first saw it on the gadget show and was impressed with the high score it got and bought myself one. When it arrived I liked it so much I bought some more. The reason that I bought some more was because this is a so called ‘tough’ drive meaning that it can withstand more abuse than a normal USB drive so I bought it to store some documents on that were important. This is the stick with my backups so I wanted them stored on something more heavy duty than a normal USB drive. On the show the stick survived a barrage of abuse and whilst I am never going to be subjecting it to the same abuse I figured that it would be sturdy enough to store on my more important documents. I also thought that it was extremely reasonable too. It was only £6 for the 16GB stick which I thought was a bargain. Normally I wouldn’t bother with a 16GB stick because I need higher capacity memory for movies etc but since this was just for documents the 16GB memory was going to be more than enough for them and to be honest even less memory was going to be enough for documents but since the 16GB was so cheap I thought I may as well get the higher capacity one. I love the fact that these come in different neon colours as not only do they look funky but the colours ...

SanDisk Cruzer Edge - USB flash drive - 64 GB 28/11/2015

Good price but slower than some

SanDisk Cruzer Edge - USB flash drive - 64 GB Good price but slower than some If there is one thing that I have plenty of it is USB drives. I have embraced the digital revolution and have the majority of my movies, music, photos and documents on digital devices instead of having a physical copy. I now watch most movies digitally and my favourite way of doing it is by having them on a USB drive and then plugging it in the USB port of my TV. It is just really easy and convenient for me to do it this way. I have no particular loyalty to any brand and usually just buy whatever is on offer at the time when looking for a USB drive. That’s how I ended up with this one as it was selling on Amazon for £12.99 when it had a rrp of over £50. Now there is no way that this is worth anything like the rrp but I was really pleased with it for £12.99 especially as it is a 64GB drive and usually I would expect to pay a little bit more for one with this capacity. I have a few SanDisc drives and have never had any problem with them so I didn’t expect to have any with this one and I haven’t though it is different from the other drives that I have bought from SanDisc. The differences is mainly in the design as this drive has a slider design which is really simple but genius. The USB connector is hidden away and you just slide it out by pushing the slider mechanism. It is really simple but works well and I like it because I have damaged no end of USB drives when they are in my bag and this stops it from getting damaged when not in use. ...

Kingston - flash memory card - 32 GB - SDHC 27/11/2015

Good storage option especially for cameras

Kingston - flash memory card - 32 GB - SDHC Good storage option especially for cameras I have tons and tons of memory cards in my house as most of my life has been digitised over the years and with things continuing to be digitised I continue to need various storage solutions. I have loads of SD cards lying about from various old cameras that I have had over the years where all the pictures were stored to the SD cards. I don’t use them as often these days because I tend to use USB drives mainly now a days but I am not going to bother to get rid of the SD cards that I have and remove the files on them to something else. I have various different brands of SD cards but the biggest majority of them are from Kingston as these were some of the cheapest to buy and brand names aren’t important to me when it comes to these types of things so long as they work and these Kingston SD cards work great. I have four different 32GB Kingston cards in my computer drawer. 32GB is that good in between size for digital cameras. For one it costs a lot less than a 64GB card but not much more than a 16GB one and it stores literally thousands of pictures. The amount of pictures it can store will depend on your camera and how high it’s megapixels are but even with a really high quality camera it can still store loads of pictures. To be honest a 16GB SD card would probably have been enough for me if it was only pictures that I was shooting with my cameras but I always liked to shoot video too and this takes up a lot more room but even ...

Belkin Car Charger Power adapter - car (F8M864BT03-BLK) 27/11/2015

Inexpensive but good car charger

Belkin Car Charger Power adapter - car (F8M864BT03-BLK) Inexpensive but good car charger Most mobile phones these days are powerful enough, they have great cameras and even cheaper phones can browse the internet with ease. The biggest drawback with these powerful mobile phones which can be considered mini computers is that none of the manufacturers have managed to sort out the battery life and none of them have particularly brilliant battery life which is understandable considering how power intensive that they are. Until they finally manage to invent a better battery phones are still going to be needing charged often. I hate my phone dying on me as it always happens at the most inconvenient times. I have my main charger as well as a portable charger for using on trains and planes and this charger which is always in my glove compartment so that I can always give my phone a power boost when I am driving to ensure that it doesn’t die before reaching my destination especially as I use my phone a lot for GPS navigation. It is by Belkin which is a brand that I really like. It might not be as popular as some more well known brands but for me Belkin do some really good electrical products that work well and cost as lot less than some more well known brands. The car charger comes as a bullet shaped power base which you connect a USB cable to. It comes with a cable but it is compatible with any USB charging cable which is something that most people have plenty of. The charger is really simple to use as you just plug the bullet ...

Dead Sea Spa Magik Rich Moisturiser 22/11/2015

A bit too rich for me

Dead Sea Spa Magik Rich Moisturiser A bit too rich for me I love using anything with Dead Sea Salts in them because I am a big fan of the mineral rich salts and believe that they are one of the best things for a whole host of skin complaints. One thing that I wasn’t keen on was the rich moisturiser because for me it was just too rich and greasy for my skin. When I bought this it was because there was a 3 for 2 offer on and I was buying something else from the range. I get really dry skin in the winter and this is supposed to protect skin from the elements. It is supposed to be light and non greasy but I found that when I used it the moisturiser reminded me almost exactly of an emollient cream. It was really heavy and greasy looking on my skin and it left it with a shiny greasy layer that took ages to soak in. I do have to say that if you have dry skin then this will defiantly help it and any dryness that you might have will be gone after using this but unless your skin is particularly parched you will probably find that this is too heavy for you. I just didn’t like how this felt at all on my skin. It was more the fact that I just couldn’t get it to absorb properly so I was left with this greasy layer on the top of my skin. It does absorb eventually but it takes ages and until then there is no mistaking that you have something on your skin. It does work and left my skin feeling amazing but I just didn’t like the feel of it so I personally wouldn’t buy it again. I can imagine that this ...

Nickel Super-Clean Face Scrub 21/11/2015

Helps prepare the skin for shaving

Nickel Super-Clean Face Scrub Helps prepare the skin for shaving I have been using Nickel products for a few months now and am really liking them. They are a bit more expensive than equivalent products that you can buy from places like Boot’s but I think that the extra price is justified as they are really good and keeping my skin in good condition. The Super Clean Scrub is something that I use really often as it is less harsh than some scrubs so it doesn’t damage my skin and I can use it as often as I want. I shave almost every single day and I like to sue some sort of scrub before shaving as I think it really prepares the skin for shaving and helps makes the stubble stand out which makes shaving less harsh and helps to minimise ingrown hairs. I used to use a face wash and then a separate scrub and still do if I haven’t shaved for a few days but this is a good product to use for everyday use as it is a face wash and scrub combined. It works as a scrub to prepare the stubble for shaving but it also works really well as a face wash to clean your skin and remove greasiness. I have quite oily skin and never feel as though my face is properly clean unless I use something that foams up and unlike most scrubs this foams well and really leaves my skin feeling clean and it helps to mattify my skin because greasiness is something that I suffer from and if it isn’t cleaned well then the grease just starts producing again almost straight away and makes my face shiny looking. Although it cleanses my skin ...

Logitech M280 - mouse 20/11/2015

Comfortable and accurate mouse

Logitech M280 - mouse Comfortable and accurate mouse I have had wireless mouses before and not been too impressed with them and ended up going back to using a wired one instead but I do find that the wire can be a bit of a pain and end up getting in my way when I am using it so I decided to give a wireless one a go again. I ended up buying a Logitech mouse because I have used many Logitech products before and always been more or less satisfied with the quality of them and with how they work. The mouse that I am reviewing is the Logitech M280 wireless mouse. The mouse is available in both black and a rather nifty blue colour which is the one that I have. The mouse has a rrp of £29.99 but I bought mine from Amazon from a third party seller where I paid £15 which also included free delivery which I think was a bit of a bargain for this particular mouse. The mouse is shaped a little bit weirdly and curved on one side but this is because it is designed to be more comfortable for right hand use. Sorry all the lefties out there but for right handed people the shape is actually more comfortable than a bog standard shaped mouse and my hand sits on it comfortably and it feels like it settles into a more natural position. Whilst you might not notice it too much the shape actually does make a difference when you are using the mouse for long periods of time. The mouse size is also good as it is quite compact but it isn’t one of those really tiny mice that looks and feels as though it is for children. I ...

HTC Desire Eye 28/04/2015

Flagship specs without the flagship prices

HTC Desire Eye Flagship specs without the flagship price Technology moves so fast and something that was top of the range can become almost obsolete in only a few months which is really annoying when you are forking out a lot of money on something. Because of this and also just because I do like technology and gadgets I change my phone more than most people. It might seem like an expensive extravagance but it doesn’t have to be. I usually switch phones every six months or so and try and to take care of the handset so it is in good condition and with the phone not being very old I can usually get a good price for it on eBay which means that I only have to put a small amount towards my new phone. My current phone is the HTC Desire Eye which was actually cheaper than most new phones so I ended up selling my last phone and having enough to buy the Desire Eye outright. I normally go for flagship phones as these are the most powerful and top of the range phones that each company release on a yearly basis but this time I was attracted to the Desire Eye after having seen it in the shop and although it wasn’t HTC’s flagship phone the specs were still pretty good for a lower end phone and it actually on paper beats a lot of phones that are about at the minute. I have had the phone for a few months now and I have been happy overall with the phone with the exception of a couple of minor niggles. First Impressions It is usually first impressions that attract us to buying something and I ...

Gone Girl (Blu-ray) 17/03/2015

Fincher does it again

Gone Girl (Blu-ray) Fincher does it again I save buying Blu Rays for those films that I really think that warrant them as I have really downsized my CD and DVD collection and keep most of them as a digital copy now but I do still like having a physical copy of certain films. I went to see Gone Girl at the cinema and thought it was fantastic and I couldn’t wait to watch it again so I pre ordered the Blu Ray on Amazon. FILM Gone Girl is an adaptation of the 2012 novel by Gillian Flynn which was also adapted for the screen by herself. The plot is really difficult to explain without giving too much away and if you haven’t read the book then it will be even more enjoyable as there are twists galore so I am going to do as much of a spoiler free review as I possibly can. The main plot of the movie concerns Nick who’s wife Amy goes missing on their wedding anniversary and the following investigation into what happened in their seemingly perfect marriage and whether Nick killed her. One of the main reasons that I wanted to go and see this originally at the cinema was because it was directed by David Fincher who is a director that I really admire and I always love the look and tone of his films. They are always quite dark and gritty dealing and this film is no exception. It is quite a long film in term of minutes but for me it didn’t feel too long as it had a great flow and moved from one act to another without slowing down. It doesn’t mean that it is constant action either as it isn’t but even ...

Veho Pebble External battery pack (VPP-002-SSB) 26/01/2015

Makes wasting your time on your phone last even longer

Veho Pebble External battery pack (VPP-002-SSB) Allows you to waste even more time on your phone I have to travel a lot and I rely upon my gadgets to keep me entertained on long journeys. I think it is safe to say that my mobile especially gets a battering in the battery department as I use it constantly. Not only do I use it for making calls and sending texts but I am forever on the internet and listening to music. I also use it to watch a lot of videos and all this contributes to the battery flattening at an alarming rate. I miss the days when a mobile battery could last a week in between charges. Unfortunately those days are gone and modern mobiles are power hungry mini computers and need charged regularly. I try and buy things that have a decent battery but even with the biggest batteries available if you use modern gadgets then they aren’t going to last all that long which is why I bought myself a portable battery to take with me so that I could extend the life of my phone or tablet when I was traveling. The Veho Pebble Even though plugs are available in some trains and other places they are few and far between and it can be really difficult trying to find somewhere to plug in your phone to charge it. The Veho Pebble is designed to be used as an emergency battery pack to extend the life of you gadgets when you are travelling. I picked this one over the others that I was looking at because I really liked the size of it. Some external batteries are bigger than the phones that they are designed to charge and ...
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