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HTC Desire Eye 28/04/2015

Flagship specs without the flagship prices

Gone Girl (Blu-ray) 17/03/2015

Fincher does it again

Gone Girl (Blu-ray) Fincher does it again I save buying Blu Rays for those films that I really think that warrant them as I have really downsized my CD and DVD collection and keep most of them as a digital copy now but I do still like having a physical copy of certain films. I went to see Gone Girl at the cinema and thought it was fantastic and I couldn’t wait to watch it again so I pre ordered the Blu Ray on Amazon. FILM Gone Girl is an adaptation of the 2012 novel by Gillian Flynn which was also adapted for the screen by herself. The plot is really difficult to explain without giving too much away and if you haven’t read the book then it will be even more enjoyable as there are twists galore so I am going to do as much of a spoiler free review as I possibly can. The main plot of the movie concerns Nick who’s wife Amy goes missing on their wedding anniversary and the following investigation into what happened in their seemingly perfect marriage and whether Nick killed her. One of the main reasons that I wanted to go and see this originally at the cinema was because it was directed by David Fincher who is a director that I really admire and I always love the look and tone of his films. They are always quite dark and gritty dealing and this film is no exception. It is quite a long film in term of minutes but for me it didn’t feel too long as it had a great flow and moved from one act to another without slowing down. It doesn’t mean that it is constant action either as it isn’t but even ...

Veho Pebble External battery pack (VPP-002-SSB) 26/01/2015

Makes wasting your time on your phone last even longer

Samsung EVO MB-MP64D - flash memory card - 64 GB - microSDXC UHS-I 20/01/2015

Tiny card but lot's of storage

Wahl ZX772 James Martin 31/12/2014

No more mushy vegetables

Wahl ZX772 James Martin No more mushy vegetables When I was growing up I hated vegetables and I put that down to my mum always overcooking them until they were just a tasteless mush. When I left home and had to cook for myself I discovered that they weren’t that bad as long as they were cooked correctly and steaming them is a great way of ensuring that they not only retain their flavour but cooking them this way is also healthier because they don’t lose all their vitamins and nutrients in the cooking water. The steamer comes with three different tiers which are all stackable on top of each other and combined they give you 9 litres of space which is more than enough room to cook a mountain of vegetables if you want or need to. They all stack together neatly too when you aren’t using them so that they don’t take up too much room in your cupboards. The steamer is electric and works by you adding water to the base unit then using the programmable function buttons to select the time etc. It is all pretty easy to use and self-explanatory but it does come with both a good instruction manual and also a DVD if you find that you have trouble with it and need more help. I honestly haven’t needed any sort of instruction to use it as it is all pretty easy to set up and use straight out of the box and there is nothing overly complicated about it. The DVD also has some recipes and ideas on what to do with the steamer but I haven’t watched this as James Martin annoys me so I can’t really comment on that. ...

Molton Brown Bushukan Citrus Body Wash 27/11/2014

Fantastic smelling shower gel

Calvin Klein CK Be Deodorant Stick 24/11/2014

Too weak to be useful

Paco Rabanne Black Xs Deodorant Spray 18/11/2014

Expensive but quality deodorant

Yardley Citrus and Wood Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 17/11/2014

Should have been much better

Yardley Citrus and Wood Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Should have been much better I bought this because I had read some whisperings online that Yardley Citrus and Wood was a dead ringer for one of my favourite aftershaves Terre D’hermes. Now Terre D’hermes is one of the most expensive aftershaves for men that you can buy in high street stores so I thought if the Yardley smelt even anything like it then I wanted it because it does smell amazing. I couldn’t find the Eau de Toilette anywhere in town to try it out so I ended up just buying it from the Yardley website and because it was so cheap I also bought the matching shower gel, talc and this antiperspirant deodorant. Because it was all on sale I managed to get everything for less than £20. I ended up paying only £2.99 for this deodorant though its normal rrp is £3.99. I really like the look of the packaging of the whole Citrus and Wood range. It looks very masculine and contemporary. I always associate Yardley with older people but they seem to have really tried to have given this a modern and contemporary look to appeal to a younger market. Along with the packaging the scent of this is obviously there way of trying to appeal to a different and younger market. The fragrance in Yardley Citrus and Wood contains top notes of bergamot and lime, middle notes of poivre, birchwood and oakmoss and base notes of sandalwood, amber and vetiver. The combination of all these notes give a really gorgeous smelling fragrance that both warming and spicy with a really nice citrus feel. ...

Baylis & Harding Mosaic French Lavender Handwash 13/11/2014

Posh handwash for not so posh price

Baylis & Harding Mosaic French Lavender Handwash Posh handwash for not so posh price Baylis & Harding are a brand that I am not all that familiar with. I kept seeing their shower gels in the shops and every single time on first glance I would confuse them with Molton Brown and it was only on closer inspection that I could see that it was an entirely different brand. I was always put off buying them because of this as I assumed that they were just a low quality knock off of Molton Brown but then I was discussing it with a friend who told me that she used them and thought that they were great. I bought a shower gel and really liked it so when I needed a new hand wash for my guest toilet I bought this one. I don’t use my guest toilet at all as it is only for people visiting so they don’t have to go in the tip that is my bathroom. Because it is for guests I like to have something quite posh looking and I do think this looks quite posh in the toilet. I still can’t get over the fact that it is almost identical on first look to Molton Brown but that’s not a bad thing since Molton Brown is one of the classiest and best toiletries brands you can buy. Unlike Molton Brown though this was a lot cheaper. It only cost me £2.15 and that was for a really big 500ml bottle. The hand wash itself is a light lavender colour and it is quite a nice neutral colour suitable for use by both men and women. I was a little bit worried that the lavender fragrance might be a bit feminine but as it is only for guests I thought they could either like ...

Yardley Citrus and Wood Hair and Body Wash 24/10/2014

Fantastic smelling shower gel for men

Yardley Citrus and Wood Hair and Body Wash Fantastic smelling shower gel for men One of my favourite all time fragrances is Hermes Terre D’Hermes but it is so expensive that I can only afford to treat myself to a bottle every so often and I certainly can’t afford to buy all the accompanying products that go with it. I read somewhere online that Yardley had released a new men’s range which was apparently an almost perfect match for Terre D’Hermes but at a fraction of the price. I couldn’t find it in the shops to smell it so I decided to just blind buy the entire range online as it was so inexpensive that I figured I didn’t have much to lose buying it blind. I thought that even if it only smelt vaguely similar to Terre D’Hermes then I was going to like it and luckily it was one of the better blind buys that I have bought before as I absolutely love it. It does smell very similar to Terre D’Hermes but there are some things which set it apart and as nice as the Eau de Toilette is there it can’t compete with the strength or the longevity of the real thing. The accompanying products are great though and I use them in combination with my Terre D’Hermes just to give it even better longevity and a bit more oomph. The shower gel is my favourite product in the range as it is such a high quality shower gel and is very heavily scented for a shower gel which is a good thing as the smell is fantastic. Citrus and Wood contains notes of Bergamot, Lime, Poivre, Birchwood, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Amber and Vetiver. These all ...

Zack Regio Coasters with Stand 23/10/2014

Sleek and modern coasters

Molton Brown Re-charge Black Pepper Body Scrub Bar 22/10/2014

More than just a bar of soap

Bulldog Anti-Ageing Moisturiser 20/10/2014

Great basic moisturiser with extras for men

Ted Baker Weekend Bag 18/10/2014

Expensive but great quality and very roomy

Ted Baker Weekend Bag Expensive but great quality and very roomy I use loads of products for my hair, skin etc. not including then all the extra things that you need to keep well groomed such as tooth paste and brushes, combs etc. so a decent sized wash bag is pretty much essential for me. I have a few as I use them quite often for going to the gym or for travelling. The one that I use for the gym I have stocked all the time with the things that I need so that I don’t have to keep refilling and emptying it every time that the mood strikes me to go and this is the one that I tend to nearly always use when travelling. It is made by Ted Baker and the reason that I probably always use this one for travelling has to do with the fact that it is quite stylish so it I can pull it out of my bag at the airport to decant my items into those little plastic bags without any shame as I always cringe when I see people pulling their toiletries out of carrier bags at the queue for the scanner and decanting them to the see through bags. Of course being stylish isn’t everything and it is also a really good wash bag with plenty of space and a practical design. It is made from polyurethane which makes it look and even feel like a more premium leather material. The colour is a very dark blue that looks almost black with a lighter purple piped around the edges and on the carry handle. It has Ted Baker labelling on both the front of the bag as well as the handle on the side. There is two compartments in the wash ...
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