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Hotpoint CRM641DX 14/09/2014

Reasonable but modern and sleek

Hotpoint CRM641DX Reasonably priced but modern and sleek When I first moved into my house there was a lot of structural work that I needed to fix before I could get on with the more enjoyable jobs of installing a new bathroom and kitchen but when I finally got those jobs finished and had saved up enough for my new kitchen I wanted everything to be exactly as I had imagined it to be. I wanted a built in electric oven and a gas hob because I had been making do with a freestanding electric cooker that was good but slower than I would have liked to heat up and I wanted a hob that would give me instant heat straight away. When it came to buying the oven and hob I did loads of research and spent ages looking into which hob and oven to buy and in the end I didn’t even end up with a gas hob. When I was looking at all the different ones to buy I decided that even though I originally didn’t want an electric hob under any circumstances they did look better and more modern and sleek than the gas ones and all the write ups of them promised me that these new electric hobs weren’t like the old ones that took an age to heat properly. I ended up choosing a Hotpoint hob because my oven was made by Hotpoint and even though any brand of hob would have probably fitted in with my hob I just felt better knowing that they were from the same brand. I also chose a Hotpoint one because I have experience with the brand and I find them to be reliable and hardwearing and had confidence that I could buy it and not ...

Hotpoint DHS53XS 11/09/2014

Good quality double oven

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (Blu-ray) 20/08/2014

Generic but watchable sequel

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (Blu-ray) A generic but watchable sequel I’ve been getting rid of my DVD’s and building up my Blu-Ray collection as I now hate watching anything that isn’t in HD as the difference in quality is so noticeable to me. The good thing about buying Blu-Rays is that they have come down considerably in price especially for the older films. Take this one I bought it online for only £3 brand new. Even though the film isn’t all that great it was worth the £3. I love 90’s slasher movies and think that I have them all in my collection though some are considerably better than others. I have seen Scream several times and still love it and think it is as fresh as it was when released. I also loved the original I know what you did last summer when it was released but I watched it not long ago and it hasn’t aged as well as Scream so I was curious to watch the sequel again as I remembered it not being as good as the original at the time and wanted to see if it was better than my memory served me. Plot Julie is recovering from the events that happened in the first film and avoiding going back to Southport for the summer much to the annoyance of Ray her boyfriend. After having an argument Ray goes back to Southport while Julie stays at school. When Ray leaves Julies roommate Karla wins a radio competition for an all expenses trip to the Bahamas for the 4th of July weekend. Julie asks Ray to join her but he refuses so she goes with Karla, her boyfriend and a friend of theirs who of course ...

The Strangers (Blu-ray) 19/08/2014

A lesson in terror

Davidoff Cool Water Homme Eau De Toilette 27/06/2014

An old classic

Joseph Joseph Worktop Saver 26/06/2014

Design and practicality all in one

Joseph Joseph Worktop Saver Design and practicality all rolled into one I have always liked Joseph Joseph kitchen products as I find that they are not only functional but they are also extremely stylish and give a splash of colour and design to an otherwise boring kitchen. I have been buying things from their range for years and even ones that I bought a few years ago are still standing the test of time which is surprising to me as although they look great they are usually made from plastic or rubber so I wasn’t expecting them to be as long lasting as they are. One thing that I bought a few years ago and I did expect to still be in use was a worktop saver. The reason that I expected this to be still in use is because it is made of toughened glass so unless I smashed it on concrete I was expecting it to stand the test of time. Because the worktop saver was going to be living on the worktop next to my cooker and not stored away I took my time picking out what design to go for as they had several to choose from and some were a bit more garish than others but I finally picked a mosaic patterned one which was as bright and colourful as the other but not so garish. The worktop saver basically just a glass chopping board but it has a multi-function in that you can keep it next to the cooker as I do to put on hot pans and oven bowls so that there is no chance that they will damage your worktop. I use mine for this a lot as I usually end up putting on my dishes straight from the oven as it is a convenient ...

Superdry GT Flip Flops 03/06/2014

Almost like walking on air

Nike T-Shirt Long Sleeve Men 28/05/2014

Ideal for running in colder weather

Nike T-Shirt Long Sleeve Men Ideal for running in colder weather I have a few different tops that I use when going out running depending on the weather. In summer I always wear a sleeveless vest to help keep me cool but in winter even when working up a sweat in running it is just too cold for bare arms so I always wear a long sleeve t-shirt. When it comes to buying clothes for running the brand and even the look of the items is secondary to what the clothes are made from as material is so important when it comes to clothing to run in. You might think you can just throw on a t-shirt from your wardrobe but if you take up any kind of regular running then you will regret wearing cotton as it doesn’t allow your body to breathe and it just end up getting drenched in sweat and sticking to your skin. Nike do some really good running clothes and I have been happy with everything that I have bought from them. I have clothes by Adidas and Reebok and even some brands that I haven’t heard of any while most of them are good Nike seem to do the best clothes for outdoor running in my experience which admittedly isn’t all that vast. I have two long sleeve t-shirts from Nike that I use when running in colder weather. One is plain black but I also have one in a brighter orange which does help me be seen. The t-shirts are made from 100% polyester which isn’t normally something that is associated with quality clothing but in this context it is a good thing as polyester is one of those materials which is ideal for ...

Nike Dri-Fit Short Men 27/05/2014

Good shorts for runners

Nike Dri-Fit Short Men Good shorts for runners You can run in pretty much anything but if you are going to be taking up any kind of serious running on a regular basis then it helps to have the proper clothing. Shorts are much better for running than jogging trousers as they give you more manoeuvrability than trousers plus they allow you to keep cooler when working up a sweat. Serious runners might wear running tights but since I am never going to be seen dead in them shorts are the next best thing for me. I find that with jogging trousers they might feel warm and snug at the start of a run if the weather is cold but after running for 10 minutes or so I get too hot in them. I also find that they start to sag and can be irritating when running stopping all the time to pull them up. I have a pair of Nike running shorts which I bought for 16.99 which was actually quite reasonable for a pair of decent running shorts as most of the running shorts in the shop where I bought them were priced between £20 and £30. I picked these ones because of the price but also because of the size. When I tried them on they were the perfect fit for what I was after. I wanted some running shorts that weren’t so short as to look like hot pants but I didn’t want them too long either as I didn’t want them to feel constricting when I was running. These were ideal as they covered all the most important bits but they were still quite high up on my thighs. I liked the fact that they weren’t overly baggy but they have quite ...

Nike Air Max Men 26/05/2014

Air cushioning at a reasonable price

Nike Air Max Men Air cushioning for a reasonable price I have a real love/hate relationship with running as a way of keeping fit. My biggest problem with it is that I am just not committed enough to do it as regularly as I need to keep my endurance up. I have bursts of enthusiasm where I will run every night for a week or two but then it will fizzle out and I will go back to just running on sporadic basis. This doesn’t help with my stamina so I end up not running as far or as fast as I am probably capable of doing. When I do go running however I do enjoy the feeling of it and especially the feeling of accomplishment that I get when I beat my own personal time. When I haven’t ran for a few weeks I need to take it easy again and slowly ease myself back into it again and so I only jog but whether I am jogging or racing the right clothing and footwear is an important part of it. For me the most important thing to consider when taking up running or even just light jogging is wearing a decent pair of shoes as these will help immensely with any running regime. You need a good quality pair of shoes as trust me if you do any sort of regular jogging or running your feet will thank you for taking the time to choose good ones. They don’t have to be really expensive though and you can pick up some decent ones from any sport shop for about £50. You can buy cheaper but I do think it is better not to scrimp too much when buying them as you want something that will give you decent support as your feet and ...

Emporio Armani Marco Mens AR1604 25/05/2014

A modern but classic looking watch

Emporio Armani Marco Mens AR1604 A modern but classic looking watch Just as some ladies like collect shoes and handbags I have a thing for watches. I am not even sure where my obsession for watches comes as 99% of the time it is an automatic response to check my phone for the time instead of looking at my wrist even though most of the time I can be found to be wearing a watch. Regardless of whether or not I actually use them to tell the time I like to wear one and always feel naked without one on my wrist. I have a really large collection of them probably far too many though I did lighten it somewhat and sold some of the ones I don’t really wear a lot on eBay. For some reason a lot of the watches that I own tend to be plastic and brightly coloured as I seem to be attracted to them when I see them in shops. These look great in summer with casual clothing but they aren’t exactly classic or professional looking and I wouldn’t wear one to work or to any sort of smart social event. I do have some more classic watches which don’t get worn as often but they tend to come out when I am wearing something more sombre or when I have something on at work that involves me wearing a suit. I actually like putting on a smart looking watch because it makes me feel a bit more professional and smart looking than I normally do and I think a smart watch just sets everything off well. Armani do some lovely watches for men and surprisingly they aren’t as expensive as you might imagine since they bear the Armani name and ...

LG G2 QuickWindow Case 23/05/2014

Clever flip cover

LG G2 QuickWindow Case Clever Flip Cover The LG G2 is an amazing mobile phone (see my review) but unfortunately LG decided to skimp in using more premium materials and plumped for plastic and not only plastic but shiny plastic which makes the phone slippy in the hands and I had only owned it for a few hours when I realised that buying a case for it wasn’t only a good idea but pretty much a necessity unless I wanted to drop my brand new shiny mobile and smash it. I got the phone when it was first released so there wasn’t a huge amount of third party manufacturers making decent cases for the phone so I ended up deciding on buying a case designed and manufactured by LG itself. Now I usually avoid buying so called official cases because they usually demand a premium and I can usually find a case which is just as good on Amazon for a quarter of the price but as I wanted it straight away there wasn’t a lot of choice so the LG case it was. Had there been a larger choice of case at the time I definitely wouldn’t have bought this simply for the fact that it is a flip style case which is something that has always put me off before as I like instant access to my screen and wasn’t sure how I would feel about needing to flip it open every time to use it. Luckily this flip case is a little bit different from the old style ones as it has a cut out window placed near the top of the phone and the phone has special software specially designed to allow the phone to interact with the window. When the case is ...

LG G2 16GB 20/05/2014

Finally I can use my phone for the whole day

LG G2 16GB Finally I can use my phone for the whole day One of my biggest bug bears with mobile phones these days is that they are all singing and all dancing and have been designed to be integrated into our daily lives but unfortunately the manufacturers have not yet managed to build a battery that can cope with demands made by power users on their phones. With modern phones even light users can barely manage to get a full days use out of their phone while people like me who use their phone for browsing the internet, playing games, listening to music and watching movies are pretty much screwed if we expect to get more than a few hours at a time with a single charge. Most mobile phones now come with sealed batteries so even swapping them over is out of the question though we shouldn’t have to as we are paying hundreds of pounds for a mobile so it should be expected to last the day. I am a bit of a mobile phone junkie and I want the latest phones when they come out and for this reason I don’t get them on contract as I don’t want to be tied to a two year deal. I buy them outright SIM free and then when a new one comes out I can just sell it on eBay and put the money I make towards a new one. Because of this I have had several phones in the last few years and whilst they have been getting more and more powerful the battery life seems to have been getting worse. This is the number one reason that I bought the LG G2. Most phones have their own special selling point but as technology ...

Yardley London Citrus and Wood Eau De Toilette 23/04/2014

Good smelling aftershave which costs a fraction of a designer one

Yardley London Citrus and Wood Eau De Toilette Good smelling aftershave which costs a fraction of a designer one My all-time favourite aftershave is Terre d’Hermes by Hermes as it is a gorgeous men’s fragrance that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to smell, longevity and sillage. The only box it doesn’t tick is the price box as it is very expensive at nearly £80 for a 100ml eau de toilette. For ages now I have been reading about Yardley’s first men’s range in years and how it is remarkably similar to Terre d’Hermes so I decided to treat myself to some and test it out for myself. The biggest difference between this and the Hermes aftershave starts before you even smell it as it is considerably cheaper and I bought it direct from Yardley online where it cost me just under £10 for a 50ml bottle. It is usually £12.50 a bottle but they were having a sale on at the time so I picked it up discounted and because it was so inexpensive I was pleased with the price and I thought that even if I decided I didn’t like it I wasn’t going to be losing out on a lot of money. The eau de toilette comes packaged in a cardboard box and the bottle itself is understated with clear glass and a brown label playing up the wood in the name. The eau de toilette contains a lot of different notes and according to Yardley it has top notes of bergamot, lime, elemi, grapefruit, orange, lemon and mandarin with spicy heart notes of black pepper, birchwood , oakmoss, piovre, ginger, green tea, carrot seed and cumin while at the base of the eau ...

Vitrex Grout Finisher 21/03/2014

Not for the professionals but helped me achieve a better finish

Vitrex Grout Finisher Not for the professionals but helped me achieve a better finish One of the most important aspects of tiling as I found out was finishing the grouting neatly so that the spaces between the tiles were smooth and not bumpy. When I first tried tiling my bathroom I did a practice run on some cardboard just to make sure that I could do it ok and I couldn’t get the grout looking smooth enough when I was just using a trowel to scrape it on and smooth it out. I did a quick Google search and found out that I needed a grout smoother to get that neat smooth line that I was looking for. I went to Homebase and picked up this Vitrex grout smoother for only £2.49. The grout smoother is a pretty basic looking item but one which I wouldn’t consider tiling again without using. It is basically a piece of solid material that has a ball on one end and a scraper on the other end for removing excess grout. To use the smoother you just need to firmly hold it and then scrape the ball end down through the grout spaces in between the tiles. This then just smoothes them and takes away any roughness and gives them a nice neat finish. This probably isn’t something that you actually desperately need when tiling but I did find that it made a huge difference to my tiling skills. I tried just troweling the grout on and smoothing it out but it just looked bumpy and not very good. This took a lot longer to use as I needed to make sure and fill the gaps with the trowel and then leave it to dry slightly ...
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