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Curb Your Enthusiasm - Series 1-5 - Complete (DVD) 03/12/2006

It's pretty, pretty, pretty good!

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Series 1-5 - Complete (DVD) For those of you who aren't familiar, Curb Your Enthusiasm is a comedy by Larry David, co-creator, writer and executive producer of the long running American comedy 'Seinfeld'. The show centres around the life of Larry David, played by himself, after Seinfeld finished indefinitely. The show tends to play with the criticism that Seinfeld got as 'a show about nothing' in a very tongue in cheek manner. Some episodes such as the excellent 'Car Pool Lane' see Larry simply going to a baseball game and getting some drugs for his dads glaucoma, and whilst this may sound fairly dull and eventless, much hilarity ensues! Other characters include Larry's wife Cheryl (Played by Cheryl Hines), his loyal manager Jeff (Played by Jeff Garlin) Jeff's hot headed wife Susie (Played by Susie Essman) and stand-up comedian and close friend Richard Lewis (Played by himself). The show is filmed using handheld cameras and shot on location to provide a documentary type feel, although the show is in no way a documentary/mockumentary. Whilst scenes and storyboards are laid out, most of the dialogue during the show is improvised from a vague script, and in light of knowing this I am more in awe of the quality of this show. Larry's character is not afraid to speak his mind, and is always saying things that no one else would ever dare to say, and a lot of the comedy comes from the situations Larry gets in because of this. For example in one episode Larry and Cheryl go to dinner with some friends and ...

PoPoLoCrois (PSP) 01/12/2006

PoPoLoCrois, A Charming Game For Young Players

PoPoLoCrois (PSP) From the box and the inlays it was clear what to expect from this game, a charmingly cute rpg, hailing to our shores from the mangatastic shores of Japan. The initial screens and intro to the game were very colourful and exciting, with opening manga cartoon videos that look very impressive on the psp's widescreen. I was immediately hooked by how impressive the game looked, so now i shall give the aspects of the game a quick run through: Story: The game follows Pietro, the prince of PoPoLoCrois, who embarks on a mission to save his mother, who is in a deep sleep as she is under an evil curse. Pietro must also save his father the king who also ends up in danger. Whilst the story is fairly basic, it is easy to follow for younger players, which i think the game is aimed at. Gameplay: The gameplay is fairly standard for an rpg, taking a turn-based stance and adding a movement grid to add a tactical element to the battles. This works fairly well, and whilst the battles occur far too often, they are fairly enjoyable. Sound: The sound is very good, there is plenty of variety and it fits well with the scenarios during the game. The is also voice acting throughout which adds a really unique element to handheld gaming. Graphics: Whilst being fairly two dimensional in graphical style, the vibrance of the characters and areas is very good and detailed. This makes the game a pleasure to look at whilst playing, and is definately one of the strengths of the ...

Canis Canem Edit (AKA Bully) (PS2) 01/12/2006

Going Back To School Never Felt This Good

Canis Canem Edit (AKA Bully) (PS2) After a very long wait, the day finally came upon me, the day that Canis Canem Edit (more commonly referred to as 'Bully') was finally released. Needless to say i rushed out to buy it and eagerly hurried home to play it. The case, the inlay, the special map of the game, all of it spoke to me... it said pure class. This is a game that is very highly polished, created by a team who are really at their peak (Rockstar). The premise of the game is that you are a problem child, shipped off to a boarding school by your parents, and left to fend for yourself. The school itself is full of cliques and even more full of trouble, and it is up to you to survive the school experience, and graduate with a good rep. Many have called this game a cross between Grand Theft Auto and 90's school drama Grange Hill, they are pretty much spot on, the stylings are absolutely spot on for all the different types of kids, nerds, jocks, preppies and bullies etc. Now to the nitty gritty anyway, this review is gonna be broken down into the main catagories of: Gameplay, Sound, Graphics and Lifespan. Now firstly there is the Gameplay: The game plays very much like modern grand theft auto games, with a near identical display and interface. The gameplay is split two ways, between firstly grand theft auto style missions, involving meeting people, racing, using a series of non-fatal(!) weapons such as slingshot, itching powder and fists. The other half of the gameplay comes from attending ...

Apple iPod nano MA477ZT/A 2 GB Second Generation 30/11/2006

If You're Feeling Fashionable...

Apple iPod nano MA477ZT/A 2 GB Second Generation The ipod nano/mini has come a long way since its conception all those years ago (probably about 2, but what feels like a lifetime in technology terms). Now we have an player that is both sleek and stylish, whilst remaining a fair bit of durability, something that the original iPod nano lacked. The choice of colours is a great addition, specially for the fashion conscious amongst us who must have matching accessories. The iPod 2gb is definately an mp3 player aimed at the casual listener who wants a good looking device. The battery life, at 24 hours, is far less constricting than previous models and also the larger capacity video iPods, and regardless, after a 3 or 4 hour charge the iPod is back to full power again. Whilst the battery life of these is always being slagged off, i believe that 24 hours is more than ample, it'll easy last until you can get home to charge it again. The size, to many, is a definate bonus. The iPod can be easily concealed in any pocket with definate ease, although when doing this it would be very recommended to get a hard case for it, as at times the iPod can feel a little delicate, and the screen can be very prone to scratches. The storage, for many, is absolutely ample at 2gb, however for heavy users like myself, i found the capacity restricting. This can hold approximately 500 songs without any photos, or approx 6250 photos without any music. For me, i found that this storage simply wasn't enough, so i found that i use this player for ...

Dead Mans Shoes (DVD) 30/11/2006

From the Meadows

Dead Mans Shoes (DVD) This horror/thriller film is one of the most recent from midlands director Shane Meadows, following his highly regarded films such as Once Upon A Time In The Midlands and TwentyFourSeven. The film stars Paddy Considine, who many may recognise as the bloke from the recent Arctic Monkeys video. The film is set, quite typically for Meadows, in the heart of england. The filming actually took place in the former spa town of Matlock, Derbyshire... quick fact for you there! The plot follows Richard a soldier returning to his hometown after service, accompanied by his mentally disabled younger brother Anthony. Richard has returned to seek revenge on several locals who have been tormenting Anthony in Richards absence. The plot ensues that Richard tracks down each of the guilty parties to 'talk' to them. To go on further about the plot would spoil the twists and turns that Meadows has weaved in this excellently written and acted film. I was really impressed by the quality of this film, especially due to its low budget nature. If you too are a fan of thrillers with a bit of a twist then this film is just for you. To comment on the extras, i'd like to say that they were fairly standard, trailer, commentary and a bit of behind the scenes stuff. For me, the film alone was enough without the real need for many extras. Value wise, if you can get this for a good price of around £7-£9 then definately pick it up, it is a really great film. Needless to say, all those in favour of ...

Tony Hawk's Project 8 (PS2) 30/11/2006

A Return To Form For Mr. Hawk

Tony Hawk's Project 8 (PS2) From the moment i put the game into my ps2 i knew this game felt right, the simple stylish packaging, the promised new additions, and the back to basics approach the game seemed to have taken. To this day i am yet to be disappointed by the game, which suprises me as much as it may well do you, for i had almost given up hope on the Tony Hawk name... Now to the nitty gritty anyway, this review is gonna be broken down into the main catagories of: Gameplay, Sound, Graphics and Lifespan. Now firstly there is the Gameplay: Tony Hawk's Project 8 plays like a mixture between the classic Tony Hawk's games (1, 2, 3, 4) and the later 'Underground' games. Players can get off their board as in the later games which can be very useful for scaling objects to do sick tricks off! An awesome new edition is that of the 'Nail-the-trick' mode, in which players can actually create their own moves mid play by controlling each foot to do board flips, this mode is seriously fun to fiddle around with for hours. Each goal can be completed at either a amateur, professional or sick level, which is ingenius as it lets players of all abilities play through the game at a level that suits them. All the famous tricks are included along with some equally insane new ones, including being able to do front and back flips at any time by holding L2, which looks very very impressive! Sound: The soundtrack is pretty good, there are a few great tunes including Gym Class Heroes, Wolfmother, Damian Marley, ...

1 - Simple Kid 30/11/2006

Simple Kid: Complex Musician

1 - Simple Kid This is the debut album from the artist that calls himself Simple Kid (aka Ciaran McFeely), and what an awesome debut it is. The NME tagged Simple Kid as the post-modern Bob Dylan, which while a very bold statement, the lyrics and songs that Simple Kid creates are extremely smart and witty. The only real way to do this album justice is to do a review of each track, as i have found that each track sounds so refreshingly different to the last one that, in essence, it sounds like a compilation of say 'the best songs of 2004'. 1. Hello This track is an excellent intro, with a mash up of looped electronic vocals, slide guitar, electric guitar and interesting vocals, the song builds up and crashes back down in such a great way, definately indicating the greatness of what else is to come. 2. Truck On With a harmonica intro on this track, it is clear to see where the Bob Dylan comparisons have come from. Once again this track has extremely good lyrics and a great sing along chorus 3. Staring At The Sun A great stereo effect laden guitar riff kicks this track off, cutting to vocals that sound rather different to previous tracks, a rather more folky tone, which really contrasts well with the music. Another great tune with a great chorus! 4. The Average Man A repeat of the electronic sounds of opener 'Hello' brings this excellent song into full swing. With really witty lyrics and an excellent chorus, it is no wonder this is Simple Kid's most famous single. 5. The ...

Apple iPod U2 Special Edition 30 GB 29/11/2006

Cutting Edge product?

Apple iPod U2 Special Edition 30 GB The U2 iPod is quite simply a special edition of the standard 30gb iPod, however at a premium price. From experience this iPod is a pleasure to use, if nigh identical to it's regular sister iPod. The most important points about this product are as follows: The battery life, at 20 hours, can sometimes be constricting, especially when watching videos, as it can drop down to as little as 3 hours video playback. Fortunately with the latest software update the screen brightness can be turned down to improve battery life when watching videos. The size, at smaller than the 60gb iPod, is near to perfection. The iPod both has a good solid feel but is also not heavy either. It fits comfortably in a pocket or preferably a nice case to prevent the gorgeous iPod getting scratched! The software, iTunes, at its latest version is very impressive. With an excellent online store and the options to subscribe to free podcasts, iTunes is a very versatile program. Videos can also be played using the software, and a great new addition is the ability to find album artwork automatically for albums with missing artwork. This has saved me hours and hours of surfing for album artwork or taking my own photos!! The sound quality, with the supplied iPod headphones, is excellent. It can also be further improved by using a product such as the top of the line Bose noise canceling headphones, with these, the iPod provides aural ecstasy to the ears! The extras, to be honest, are pretty weak. The ...
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