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Piriteze One A Day Piriteze Allergy 22/08/2013

I can Breathe again !

Piriteze One A Day Piriteze Allergy I have joined the hay fever sufferers and I have to say it is not a nice thing to have. I spoke to my doctor as I was unsure what medications I could use together and they gave me a list of things to try and Piriteze was one of these. I had already been taking then for a few days, but they were not really working so I called the doctor and she recommended that I keep taking the Piriteze one a day as they were already in my system, but that my system could take some time to start getting the correct does into my system. Piriteze is an Allergy Tablet and they come in packs of 12 Tablets which cos t£4.69, they also come in smaller 7 tablet packets as well as larger packs. If these are something that you have to take daily you will make a bigger saving if you buy the larger bulk packets as they are more cost effective. The last packet of 12 tablets I purchased was from Superdrug and they were on offer at buy one get one half price. I take the Piriteze One a Day, I take it every morning when I wake up and know that I am covered for the day. I take these as they do not normally cause drowsiness. You need to make sure that you take this medicine with food and drink. It is also advised that you avoid drinking large quantities of alcohol too when taking these tablets. They can be used for skin allergies as well as hay fever and are suitable for adults and children over the age of 6. Children over the age of 6 and under 12 should only take half a tablet daily. These ...

Beconase Hayfever Spray 13/08/2013

great hay fever !!

Beconase Hayfever Spray This year has been the first year that I have suffered with hay fever and I am now 30 years old and managed to avoid it till the start of this year. There must be a strong or new pollen out there I had itchy eyes, a blocked nose and was sneezing constantly it was not pleasant. There were so many products on the market I did not know what would be best so I called the doctor and they recommended a range of things and one of them was Beconase nasal spray. This is a spray that is used up your nasal passage which would help with my blocked nose, the doctor said that there were others on the market, but this was one of the best on the market to try. Beconase helps with all most of your hay fever symptoms, the sneezing, congestion, itchy and runny nose. It is only recommended for use on adults over the age of 18 years of age. The bottle that I purchased claims that it has 100 does in it, I did not count so could not say if this was correct or not, but for the small bottle a little amount of this product can go a long way. It is great as its anti inflammatory is applied direct to the problem area, your nose. To use this affectively shake the bottle gently before you use it, then put two sprays up each nostril twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening is best. Tilt your head back slightly and as you press the pump breath in to inhale the anti inflammatory. Make sure that you do not use it any more than that and you should not use it for longer than a month ...

Early Learning Centre Giant Skittles 28/07/2013


Early Learning Centre Giant Skittles I had to get my friends daughter a birthday present whilst shopping around for my nephew, she was having a party in the garden so what better way than some Giant Skittles, they were in the sale from £15 to £7.50 in the Early Learning Centre, so I thought they would be perfect and great fun to play with during the afternoon. There are 6 skittles and a bowling ball which even has the three holes in like a normal bowling ball for you to put your fingers into. They are inflatable so they take up minimal space when you need to put them away. The aim of the game is to set the six skittles up and then you roll the ball to see how many you can knock over, the aim is to knock over all 6 skittles with one throw. It also suggests on the instructions that you can use the skittles as bats to hit the ball from one person to another and with 6 bats it will allow up to 6 players at any one time which is great if you have a number of children to occupy. Not only are the Giant Skittle great fun to play with they also help children to build up their strength and co-ordination trying to hit the skittles, whist keeping them playing outside getting some well needed fresh air and exercise. They are recommended for children over the age of 3 year old. As soon as I gave my friends little girl her present she opened it and immediately wanted to set it up to play with, so we started inflating the skittles, they are 68cm high so there are big enough but not too big either and the ball is 35cm ...

Poundland Mega Bubbles 26/07/2013

blowing bubbles

Poundland Mega Bubbles I was shopping in Poundland the other day trying to see if there were any bargains to be had, you find that there is not always a bargain as they may shrink the size of the packet or they might be near the use by date, but some times there is a bargain. My nephew when he comes round plays with a bubble gun and loves to chase the bubbles around the garden popping them, it keeps him entertained for hours. The mega bubbles is one of the Poundland items that I think is great value for money, we always seem to be running out at home and using washing up liquid and water never seems to work the same, so I got bottle to give it a try. Having seen these large bottles in the Early Learning Centre for £5 these were a bargain at a pound, granted the bottles do not look so attractive at the ones in the Early Learning Centre but we just throw them away to be recycled after use so you really are paying for the container and not the contents. The bubbles come in a yellow plastic container and it has 1 Litre of bubble mix, which kept my nephew entertained for a good few weeks. It has a white screw lid so that you can pour the bubbles you need and reapply the lid for use next time without and spillage or waste. This mixture works perfectly with the bubble gun, there are some more expensive liquids out there that are quite thick and do not work with the gun properly and the gun spins around without releasing any bubbles. This was perfect we also used it with bubble wands that ...

Early Learning Centre Scoop 25/07/2013

dig for buried treasure

Early Learning Centre Scoop I was shopping around the Early Learning Centre for presents for my nephew for his birthday, there was a sale on so I managed to get him a lot more than I originally anticipated. I opted for outside toys with the great weather it was definitely time to make the most of it and he is now at that age where he can enjoy it so much more. One of the things that I came across that I thought that he needed was a scoop that could be used in the sandpit, we have spades but they are flimsy or really small and not great when it comes to trying to build large sandcastles. The scoop was in the sale section for £1.50 from its original price of £3 and came in a range of colours I opted for the red one. The scoop has a moulded handle so that it is easy to grip for a young child's hands as well as an adults. It is manufactured from a durable plastic so it will last, unlike a lot of other sandpit products they can be cheap and flimsy and will not last longer than your trip to the beach. The scoop has a big depth so it can hold a larger quantity of sand and because of the way that it is designed, it also minimises the amount that you spill when moving it to your bucket. They recommend it for children over the age of two, but as there are no small parts I am not fully aware why there is this age limit in it. It also says on the tag that you can also use the scoop with a water table and move water from one place to another too. My nephew was able to use this scoop with ease, he ...

Early Learning Centre Golf Set 25/07/2013

hole in one !

Early Learning Centre Golf Set You have got to love a sale, we all love to grab a bargain and with the great weather we are having I snapped up a lot of items in the half price sale for his birthday. This half price bargain was the golf Set it was £8 but now £4 in the sale, which I thought was good value for money. The golf set is suitable for ages 3 years and up on the label, but there are no small parts so as long as younger children are supervised I cannot see there being a problem. There are two golf clubs and two plastic golf balls, which is great as two people can play at the same time. These clubs and balls are larger than standard clubs but they need to be to allow children to play with them effectively. They are also plastic so there is no fear that any damage can be caused if the ball hits anything that it shouldn’t. I was surprised with the quality of the clubs I thought that they would be quite flimsy for £4, but they were not they are a sturdy plastic which will last the next few summers in the garden. The golf set is great it can be used in the back garden or they are light enough to take on a day trip such as a picnic and keep the children entertained, whilst having the space they need. My nephew loves being outside and this golf set keeps him entertained, whilst encouraging his hand and eye coordination. It took him a while to get the club and the ball in line with each other, but once he mastered it there was no stopping him. We now line up buckets and pots and we try and ...

Early Learning Centre Rocket Zoomer 24/07/2013

three, two one blast off !!!

Early Learning Centre Rocket Zoomer Another present that I got for my nephew on my trip to the Early Learning Centre to keep him amused in the garden was a Rocket Zoomer, that too was in the sale for £3 instead of its £6 price tag and I have to say this was one of the favourite presents that I purchased from the Early Learning Centre it stays in the middle of the garden and he is regularly playing with it. It is for children over the age of 3 years old as there are some small components, there is a base that comes with two foam rockets, you place one of the foam rockets on the base and then with your foot you stamp on to the launch pad to blast the rocket into the sky. Its helps your child to use their co-ordination in launching the rocket, whilst also making it fun to play with. The rocket zoomer that I purchased has a blue base and launch pad, there is then a green tube connecting between the two. The rockets are red and yellow. How the zoomer works is that when you stamp your foot onto the launch pad which is like a foot pump, it releases a blast of air and carries the rocket into the sky. The harder you press the launch pad there is more air released and higher into the sky the rocket is launched. The great thing with two rockets is that if you have two children playing with the rocket zoomer each child can take it in turns to see who can launch their rocket higher into the sky. At the start my nephew only lightly touched the launch pad which meant that the rockets barely got off the ...

Elastoplast Assorted Fabric Plasters 18/07/2013

get plastered !

Elastoplast Assorted Fabric Plasters Every first aid box has to have plasters in them there are an essential part and there are so many on the market you are spoilt for choice. This is where I always opt for a brand that I know and trust there are some plasters that’s I have tried over the years and they are useless especially when you cut your finger they fall off in a matter of minutes which is not very helpful. This is when I buy Elastoplast and I opt for the fabric strips, I have tried the waterproof plastic plasters on the market but I do not like the feel, I buy the fabric ones that are on the market. I also find that they last longer and are a lot more durable in the water. A box of 40 assorted size fabric strips costs £2.39, which I think is great value for money and you have a different size plaster for all needs. You need to use a plaster to make sure that you keep your wound clean and as sterile as possible to make sure that you avoid getting an infection in the wound. Before putting a plaster on a cut I place that antiseptic onto the void to minimize the risk of infection. I also use plaster when I get a splinter; I am not very good at getting them out of my skin unless they are right at the top. I pierce the skin where the splinter is and then place antiseptic cream such as savlon and then apply a plaster over the area overnight. In the morning the antiseptic would have hopefully brought the splinter to the top of the skin so that it is easier to grab. The plaster is comfortable to ...

Compeed Blister Medium 17/07/2013

rescue your feet

Compeed Blister Medium My feet never take kindly to new shoes and you just have to love getting a blister after wearing them for a short space of time, Ideally you have to change your shoes but this is not always possible if you are out and don’t have access to a spare pair. This is when my friend gave me a Compeed Blister Plaster and I must say they worked wonders and they are now a regular item in my handbag for any eventuality. The Compeed Blister Hydrocolloid plaster that I buy are the medium plasters, there are five in the packet. Each plaster is 4.2cm by 6.0cm and they are oval shape to work with the shape of the blister. They are not like your usual plaster they are a clear colour so that they if they are seen through your shoes you can hardly notice that you are wearing them. Instead of a fabric inside the plaster there is a gel that is there that helps to cushion the blister so that is does not rub and cause further damage when you are wearing your shoes. It has a hydrocure system built in that allows the plaster to absorb the moisture that is coming from the area and creates a cushion to relieve pain and stop the pressure that can build up with a normal plaster. These can be placed anywhere on your foot where you have a blister, be it on your heel, the most common place for a uncomfortable blister, on the side of your little toe or even on the base of your foot. Wherever there is a blister these great plasters will help. I thought that these would not stick to your heel and ...

FirstAid4Sport Anthisan Bite and Sting 15/07/2013

help the sting

FirstAid4Sport Anthisan Bite and Sting When I go on holiday I am a little bit of an annoying girl guide I make sure that I have almost everything for every eventuality as long as it’s small and compact I will put it into my first aid bag, Anthisan Cream is a small 25g tube of cream that is used for the relief of insect bites, stings and nettle rash. When you on holiday there is always a risk of mosquitoes and this cream works wonders if you have been unfortunate enough to be bitten. I was unfortunate enough to be stung by a wasp for the first time last year and this cream worked wonders on the bite it stopped the irritation and calmed the sting down in a day. Before using the cream make sure that you read the directions that come in the box thoroughly to make sure you are alright to use it. A small amount of the cream should be applied directly to the area of the bite or sting, to make sure you get the best results you need to make sure that you use it as soon as possible after the bite. If you apply the cream it also stops it from irritating you and you scratching it, which can then irritate the skin further. You can them reapply the cream two to three times a day for up to three day and this should be long enough to allow the area to heal, if not you should seek medical attention. Anthian cream contains 2% Mepyramine Maleate and is suitable for adults and children over the age of two years. You should not use it on skin if the area has been cut or grazed and it should only be used on a small area not ...

Cura-Heat Pads 13/07/2013

cura the back pain

Cura-Heat Pads There is nothing worse than having a bad back, be it your lower or upper back or your shoulder each area hurts just as much as the other and its an area that you still need to use during your day no matter what. You may have slept on it awkwardly or you may have pulled a muscle whilst lifting for example, but once the pain starts it can be unbearable especially when you are trying to move. I have managed to hurt my back on a few occasions now and fortunately it has been nothing too serious just over doing it on the heavy lifting. This is when I was in the chemist looking for some deep heat and came across these Cura Heat, Heat Patches, which I thought was a great idea especially as I cannot stand the smell of deep heat, but it has always done the job. Cura Heat, Heat Patches come in a variety of different sizes you can buy one patch or 3 in a pack as I did. They cost £3.50 which I though was a reasonable price. What is Cura Heat, Heat Patch it is a square patch that is roughly the size of your hand and it is a fabric like material and on one side there is a sticky adhesive. Inside the patch there are crystals that when activated with air the pad starts to warm up. You then place the patch on the area of pain, where the heat then works through the skin directly to the source of the pain. The heat helps to then increase the circulation whilst reducing the stiffness and helping to relax the sore muscle. The patch can be worn under clothes and is not noticeable, ...

Piz Buin Sun Lotion SPF10 09/07/2013

sun protection

Piz Buin Sun Lotion SPF10 When it comes to the sun I am a little bit of a sun worshipper, although I always apply some sun protection to protect my skin as much as possible. When it comes to sun lotion when I look in the shops I look to see what is on special offer first, if all are on some kind of deal which they usually are I opt for Piz Buin it is a brand I use regularly and trust. Piz Buin is a brand that has been around for a number of years and I love that they come in a wide range of sun protection factors to suit you. I also love the fragrance they have it instantly makes me think of my holidays. In extreme heat abroad with the heat and the sand I suffer from prickly heat on my legs and I use the higher allergy lotion. But when I am in the UK I use the SPF 10 in sun lotion, which comes in a 200ml bottle and I recently purchased a new bottle in Boots on half rice for just under £7. It comes in the standard brown bottle and the cap is easy to open, especially when you have greasy hands. The great thing about this lotion is that as it is a cream it is not sticky and does not leave you greasy which you can find with a lot of lotions that I have used in the past. The grease leaves marks on your clothes after use, which can ruin the clothes too. I find that this lotion moisturises your skin at the same time, leaving your skin feeling soft. The lotion is sweat and water resistant so you do not have to worry about it wearing off after a short while. As with most lotions you should reapply ...

Nytol One-A-Night Easy To Swallow Caplets 10/06/2013


Nytol One-A-Night Easy To Swallow Caplets I recently went on a trip to Australia and that the furthest I had flown prior to that was three hours away so Jetlag has never really been an issue before. Flying on the plane was a nightmare 10 hours and then off for 3 hours for a then a further 12 hours. The flight itself was exhausting, but knowing how I was on a plane and could not get comfortable and there is always some distracting noise, So I had resided myself to the fact that I was not going to get much sleep. Finally arriving in Australia I hoped that i would have a good night’s sleep and then my holiday would start to fall into place. How wrong was I my friends and I were completely out of sync for the next few days, I couldn’t sleep as I had gone past the point of feeling tired after 36 hours and then when I slept I was up bright and early and having to have a early night this was not how I hoped my trip of a life time would go. This is when my friend gave me a Nytol tablet to try and I have to say it was the best nights sleep I had in days. My body was then refreshed and finally starting to work with the Australian time difference, The Nytol that I tried was the one a night caplets and on purchasing them upon my return they retailed at £3.99 for a packet of 16 tablets, which I thought was a good price. Nytol is a sleeping aid, it is not a pill that knocks you out, it helps to get you into a natural sleeping pattern, which is exactly what I needed after the jetlag, it allowed me to wake up feeling ...

Savlon Skin Healing Cream 04/04/2013

battle the infection

Savlon Skin Healing Cream I love going abroad on holiday, I am however one of those people that like to pack my suitcase for most occasions and this always includes my first aid kit, which has something for almost every possibility imaginable. The one thing that is always there is my Savlon Antiseptic Cream and every holiday it always seems to be used by someone on the trip. Savlon is a white cream that has an antiseptic in, it is used on cuts, blisters, minor burns, insect bites and stings and any other small wounds. It allows you to make sure that you minimise the risk of infection to the injured area, which is just what you need while on holiday as you could expose the wound to all types of dirt, especially if you spend your days on the beach or in the swimming pool. It can also be used as an antiseptic hand cream, on chapped skin, nappy rash, spots and sunburn, it really is a multipurpose cream suitable for most things so is an ideal product to have in your bag for your holiday. The last time I used savlon was after I had a cut on my leg while on holiday after catching it on a nail. After my shower each evening I applied savlon to make sure that I minimised the risk of it becoming infected whilst on holiday after being in and out of the pool, after a few days the red inflammation around the cut had calmed down and it had cleared up without any problem or irritation. To use savlon you need to clean the area of the wound thoroughly and then with clean hands apply some savlon to the area ...

Nivea Invisible Black & White 48h Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 14/03/2013

no white marks

Nivea Invisible Black & White 48h Anti-Perspirant Deodorant I have to say there is nothing worse for me than applying on my deodorant waiting for it to dry and then putting on a top to find that it is still covered in white deodorant marks, which do not seem to wipe off as easily as they appeared on my top in the first place. This is when I came across Nivea Invisible Black and White Clear Anti-Persperant Deodorant, it was on special at the time for £1, and I thought I would try it, but held up little hope after all the products I have tried over the years. Only body sprays and rolls on’s seem to leave me white mark free. I am now over the moon that I tried this product and regularly use it. For £1 this was well worth it, it is now retailing just over the £2 mark, I have recently purchased on from Superdrug for £2.30 and I find this reasonably priced for the great job that it does and worth every penny. It has a great floral fragrance and it is alcohol free, has no colourant’s and is dermatologically approved, which is great for your skin. This anti persperant deodorant is great as it is clear and does not leave any white marks on my tops, it also has protection against yellow stains, which you can find after a while would usually start to appear on you white tops. Now for the science which I had to look up, it stops the white marks by using a formulation uses which dissolve the aluminium salts which usually cause this residue. It does boast that is has 48hour long protection which I think is a slight exaggeration, ...
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