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John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Conditioning Treatment 01/09/2004

Welcome back shiny hair!

John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Conditioning Treatment Being a self confessed straighter addict I can often be found prowling the aisles of Boots in search for some miracle product that will revitalise my dry, heat damaged hair. And I believe I may have found it! I was first attracted to the trial size version of this product which comes in sachet containing 25ml of product. It only cost £1.49 so I thought I’d give it ago. The aesthetics of the sachet are pretty bland being white with a large picture of the normal sized product on the front. The name of the product is clearly displayed in large font on the front along with a small red box with "step 2" written inside. This refers to the other products in John Frieda "frizz ease" range which he recommends you use in conjunction with this product for best results. As I haven’t always been that impressed with some of his other products, I decided to just use with my normal shampoo. The conditioner itself has a white colour that looks and feels much the same as normal conditioner. It has quite a strong scent of flowers which isn't the most pleasent but isn't at all over bearing. The directions are clearly stated on the back of the packet instructing that after shampooing you should squeeze out excess moisture and apply a generous amount of the conditioner from root to tip. If you have dry, damaged hair it is suggested you leave the conditioner on for 5-10 minutes but if your hair is severely frizzy to leave on hair for twenty minutes wrapped in a warm, wet towel. My ...

Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan Cream 23/08/2004

Don't wear out in the rain!

Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan Cream If like me you are fed up with the various statue positions demonstrated whilst waiting for your fake tan to dry then this may be the product for you. Rimmels make up fake tan is a wash off formula that provides instant colour. It comes in three different shades- light, medium and dark, from which you can chose the shimmer or matte option. Having a very fair complextion I use the light matte option on both my face and body. The product is simple enough to apply. I find that it absorbs into my skin most evenly after I have showered, exfoliated and moisturised, although I havn't always got time so more often then not I just rub it straight onto my skin. At first, I was a bit startled by the thick, dark brown substance that had oozed out of the tube. I began rubbing it vigorusly into my skin panicing that I'd end up looking liked I'd lost a fight to a bottle of gravy browning! However I'd needent have paniced, the formula absorbs evanly into your skin and because of its dark colour, you know exactly where you've applied which makes it almost impossiable for dreaded streaks. It has a gentle, soapy fragrance that isn't over powering, blends easily and doesn't feel "sticky" on your skin. Another important factor for me is that it doesn't irritate my sensetive skin. The formunla is also light enough to be used on your face with out causing a breakout in spots. The tan dries instantly meaning you can get dressed immediatly. The colour will then last untill you wash ...

Fransen Futura Professional Hair Straightner 17/08/2004

Warning- seriously addictive!

Fransen Futura Professional Hair Straightner Being cursed with uncontrolable thick, curly locks these straightners have really made a difference to my life. As OTT as the statement may sound, its true! They successfully tamed my hair putting an end to frantic morings of endless blow drying trying to "do something" with the wild mass of frizzy curls. I bought my own futura straighteners two years ago from a salon after my hair dresser first wowed me with their results. I found them a little tricky to get to grips with at first. They're quite bulky and heavy compared to other straighteners but after a few practices I got used to the knack and had no problems. The straightners are ideal for thick hair types as they have a comb device that allows you to pull through the hair creating a firm tension. This gives lasting results and added shine. Because of the large plates they are best suited to longer hair types. They're "sister" "Baby Futuras" have smaller plated suitable for shorter crops. One down side is the heating time, as unlike the new ceramic straightners, they do take a few minutes to heat up. Nothing to drastic, only a few minutes, although it can be annoying when your in a rush. Not only to they create poker straight, sleek hair, they can also be used to create flicks. This technique took me a bit of getting use to as its quite fiddily but I think its worth the effort. As much as I adore my futuras they do have a few downsides. One is the heating time I mentioned above, another is the ...

Boots Own Coconut Leave In Conditioner 12/04/2004

Calling all hair straightner addicts!!!

Boots Own Coconut Leave In Conditioner As a self confessed hair straightner addict, my once lush locks demand a product that is effective and most importantly, affordable on my student budget! I was recommended Boot's own Coconut and Almond Leave in conditioner by my hair dresser and I must say it is a god send! In all seriousness, it really is fantastic value for money. Just a few squirt on the ends of my damp, just washed hair which I then brush through with my fingers leaves my hair soft and shiny. Boots recommened that you use in place of your normal conditioner but I tend to use both as my hair is very dry from straightning! It leaves my hair smelling fresh and clean with the faint scent of lush coconuts, v.exotic! After a few weeks use, Ive noticed that my split ends have lessend with my hair feeling revitalised and back to its usual self. Best of all, it doesnt have the effect of causing my hair to get greasy quickly like some leave-in conditions do but still keeps my hair feeling moisturised. One tip, use in the summer at the beach or on holiday. Apply to wet hair whilst out in the sun to protect your hair from the harmful rays. ...

Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Fresh 05/06/2001

Are all vaseline products sent from heaven

Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Fresh I'm not a Scientist but I genuinely believe that this magical product helps stop stretch marks! I'm also a firm believer that on a girls 18th birthday, God decides now is the time for your first mark in an attempt to make you self conscious in comparison to the likes of Jennifer Lopez. Ever since I've started using Vaseline body lotion, my skin has felt more toned and smoother then ever before. It has a lovely rich texture and isn't greasy or sticky at all. It has a pleasant smell and the packaging- although nothing special is nice enough. The packaging claims the content will- Refresh and Rehydrate your skin. Could it be that I have found a product which actually fulfils its specification? After just one application your skin is left feeling moisturised and healthy and this lasts for days. This body lotion is gentle enough to use on your face although not if your skin is particularly greasy. It works well as eye make up remover as well as a hand cream and an after-sun balm. I find it particularly effective on dry patches such as knees and elbows etc as it really does moisturise the skin. Overall a very good product. At £2.99 for a 200ml bottle it is a bit pricey, I'm sure you could find cheaper alternatives, but a little goes a long way and it is a very effective lotion. ...

Nivea After Sun Lotion Sensitive 31/05/2001

Here comeith the lobster lady with tales of joy

Nivea After Sun Lotion Sensitive Take it from me, the voice of experience, inless you get a slightly disturbing thrill out of small children running up to you declaring "Here comes the Lobster lady" get down to Boots as quickly as your burnt legs will carry you cos the Nivea range is on special offer! Ive never really taken much notice of the brand of aftersun I use. I'm usually into much pain to care so just slap the stuff on regardless. But this stuff really made me take notice. It's very sensitive on your skin and doesn't sting as it cools your sunburn down. It's also gentle enough to use on your face with out causing a break out in spots. The packaging may not be very exciting, but who cares when you need quick pain relief. I'm a firm believer that when it comes to Sun protection products, you have to be prepared to pay that bit extra as the damage the sun can do is very extreme. At the moment you can get 1/4 of all Nivea sun products and I strongly recommend that you go and take a look. The cream has a lovely texture, not to thick or to runny and really moisturises your skin. It smelt pleasant enough, absorbed easily into the skin and didn't cause peeling. Everyone knows the dangers of the sun, if you've ever seen anyone suffer with skin cancer, you'll understand how important it is to be aware. If you do get burned please make sure you keep your skin moisturised, it maybe inconvenient but you'll be grateful in the long run

Nivea Body Spray 27/05/2001

Sprained wrists no extra charge

Nivea Body Spray For those of you who've seen the advert- don't be fooled. I'm sure everyone can understand the difficulty of trying to squirt body lotion onto your back from a tiny little nozzle. The lotion doesn't smell to bad, although other people may find it a bit sickly. It’s a very thin lotion and is hard to get it to squirt in the right place. Its quite greasy and so soon you can't grip the bottle as it slips so easily. If you squirt to close to your body it comes out in one big clump, making it hard to spread evenly, and if you aim the can to far away the spray is so fine it has no effect on your skin at all! Evan if you do manage to maintain an average distance, squirting difficult areas such as your back is virtually impossible as well as irritating and even slightly painful! (My wrist ached for the rest of the day from twisting it in un-natural positions) It didn't leave my skin feeling much different, it was nice on my legs but not really worth the effort, especially for the price you pay. It was an interesting idea but one that should be forgotten.

Original Source Mint Shave Gel 23/05/2001

please please please keep it away from your towels

Original Source Mint Shave Gel I used this product to shave my legs, as I don't see why fancy-shaving foams should just be limited to men. Being a fan of original source I decided to give it ago (ok so the fact that it was on special offer kind of persuaded me too). It went on easily and smelt gorgeous, not like the sickeningly sweet scent of other "women's" foams. It made my legs feel lovely and tingly and didn't react badly with my skin at all. All together I was very pleased. The product was reasonably priced, the container was pretty and sad as it my sound matched my bathroom, the fact that I had silky, smooth legs was merely an added bonus. Yet I was devastated and down right mad to find that my new bathroom towels (my pride and joy!) were covered with pinkie, bleach stains! The stuff had ruined them and no amount of washing and scrubbing would get them looking new again. Don't get me wrong, this shaving foam is fantastic, and I do still use it- just this time I'm careful to keep it within a 10-metre radius of any fabrics I treasure!

Boots 17 Blush Powder 20/05/2001

Be prepaired to repaly and reaply and reaply

Boots 17 Blush Powder I've always been a big fan of 17 products, but latly I think they've gone down hill a bit. This blush isn't the cheapest, its around four or five pounds in my local Boots. Its packaging is boring and typical of the 17 design that is beginnig to look outdated in my opinion. The blush comes in a wide range of colours and extends to they're bronzers yet the blush powder itself is not up to a very high standard. Its one thing to claim to look natural- the stuff hardly shows up! And evan when you do get a half decent application out of it, I find myself reaply every hour throughout the night. To top it all, the lid doesn't always stay on resulting in the stuff craking in my make-up bag and covering itself all over my new black top! I've now turned my back on powder blushers altogther, and would recommend Maxfactors express blush to anyone who understands the importance of a reliable blusher

Soft & Gentle Invisible Dry Deodorant 20/05/2001

May God bless this fantastic creation

Soft & Gentle Invisible Dry Deodorant I have long put those self concious days of checking my armpits for chalky white marks behind me, I have seen the future and its Soft and Gentle. The product lives up to its name- it is soft and gentle evan after shaving! This deoderant kept me cool,comfortable and smelling sweet all-day longall for the bargain price of £1.29. I must admit, some of the scents are a bit to floral for me but I personally like the white one. I have tended to swap deoderants in the past, although others do theyre job, Soft and gentle really did make me feel comfortable all day- you;ll have to try it to believe it! Everything about this product is brilliant- I know your probably thinking its un-natural for someone to get so worked up about a deoderant, but it really is worth a try.

Original Source Original Source Body Lotion- Lemon & Lime 16/05/2001

smells rehreshing but not for dry skin

Original Source Original Source Body Lotion- Lemon & Lime I recently tried this bodylotion after reciving a free sample of the net (not that a scrounge for freebies you understand!) It was only a small sachet but as soon as I opened it the most zany smell of Lemon and lime hit me. It rubbed in nicely and was very gentle on my skin leaving me feel refreshed and ready to go. I was however disapointed to find that the refreshed feeling only lasted a few hours and it didn't moisturise the dry skin on my knees or elbows. This moisturiser would probably be bliss for someone who showers twice a day (I only have time in the morning and I dont smell!) and is blessed with naturally silky smooth skin. Its a reasonable price to! (I think!)

Boots Soltan Sunstick 10/05/2001

Don't look like Rudolf this summer

Boots Soltan Sunstick If God gave you a complexion paler then Morticia Adams, DO-NOT leave home this summer with out this! We've all been there, on holiday, some where hot, your so preoccupied with making sure the skin on your body doesn't burn that you forget about your nose. So if you don't want people to think you've come dressed as a clown I definatly recommend this. Seriously though, its resonablely priced and doesn't stink of dodgy holiday resorts. Its also very light and so wont clog pores and cause spots. It can be used all over face and makes sun protection a little more interesting especially for children. It comes in a range of different factors, its water ressistant and absorbs easily into skin so theres no excuse! I'd recommend this product to everyone who realises the importance of sun protection.

Boots No.17 Eyeshadow Threesomes 10/05/2001

Is it really worth it

Boots No.17 Eyeshadow Threesomes I've got to admit, these threeseomes caome in great colours and are dead easy to apply, the only problem I find, is that the stuff has dissapered within an hour or so. Its got a lovely texture and as I said goes on great, but for £4.15 I want something thats gonna stick around all day. They come in a range of different colours- Cloverfields is great for during the day and keliderscope is funky yet subtle for the evening but although great colours, its annoying having to top up all the time. But I s suppose if that ain't a problem for you, its great. Not really for me (Oh and its fine on Sensetive skin- don't worry, it won't make your eyes all puffy!)

Dove Anti Prespirant Moisturising Cream Aerosol 05/05/2001

Dry as a Dove

Dove Anti Prespirant Moisturising Cream Aerosol As deoderants go this ones pretty good! It smells gorgeous-not of old women, it doesn't leave annoying white powdery marks on your faveourite top and best of all its not badly priced. It costs around £1.70 and lasts for about a month, which ain't bad going for a deoderant that actually does its job! Before trying this deoderant, I never thought much about how some deoderants can dry the skin under your armpits out, but after using Dove your armoits do really feel smoother! I sound crazy I know you'll have to try it for yourself to see what I mean! Another good thing about this product is that it doesn't make your thoat go tight when you spray it on like alot of deoderant sprays do. Its also very gentle on sensitve skin

Clean & Clear Invisible Blemish Treatment 28/04/2001

No more spots im so original

Clean & Clear Invisible Blemish Treatment Although the bottle would have you belive this product performs miicles within minutes, sorry to break it to you, but it doesn't! That doesn't mean it isn't effective. One or two applications to the effective area will decrease the redness dramatically, just still leaving the spot! Which isn't great if you've got a date (I'm a poet ect!) that very night. I suppouse its value for money, I mean its no more expensive then its main rivals although- a little tip;I find Which Hazel is the best and cheapest way of blasting spots. Still if you only suffer with the occasional spot this stuff would probably see you right, but for anyone with real, tough spots I'd try something a little more effective. ...
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