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Rimmel Kate Moss Collection 25/07/2012

Glamourously average.

Rimmel Kate Moss Collection Kate and her collection There's no denying that Kate Moss is a monumentally successful model, with her 'girl next door looks' she has a broad appeal that men allure to, women aspire to and is deemed as faintly accessible. The fusion of those powerful ingredients, along with her flirtation with the rock 'n' roll lifestyle, has given her an underground status that can only be described as iconic, an image of cool and the classic image of beauty. Her lengthy career as Rimmel's number one cover girl has clearly been celebrated through Rimmel's endorsement of her very own, arguably inevitable, lipstick collection and lipstick is the one area of cosmetics that I would suggest Rimmel usually excel, with historically exciting pallets, high quality products and excellent value for money. The marketing idea is more than sound and Kate's name is likely to gather a huge amount of interest (including my own), but exploring the reality of the collection I cannot help but wonder if Rimmel have become a fraction complacent, relying too heavily on that glamorous name to push the sale and neglecting to invest enough time and effort into the overall craftsmanship of the product itself. That's not to say that this isn't a competent collection, it just doesn't excite or sport the highest possible quality in the same way previous Rimmel collections have executed so perfectly before in my opinion. Packaging, cost and availability The Kate Moss collection's casing is fairly plain, but never the ...

Priori CoffeeBerry Perfecting Minerals Foundation 1 23/07/2012

A revolutionary, high performace mineral foundation

Priori CoffeeBerry Sun Kissed Minerals 19/07/2012

Blushingly Brilliant

Priori CoffeeBerry Perfecting Mineral Finishing Touch 01/05/2012

Last but not least

Clearasil Stay Clear Clear 'n Refine Daily Scrub 25/04/2012

It will knock ya spots off!

Priori CoffeeBerry Perfecting Concealer 04/04/2012

The odd one out

Night Nurse Liquid 01/04/2012

Sleep through the worst of it!

Kenzo Flower Eau de Parfum Spray 26/03/2012

Harmonious Morillas

Kenzo Flower Eau de Parfum Spray A little bit of history Alberto Morillas, world renowned perfumer, formulised and unleashed Kenzo Flower at the turn the century to wowing the noses of an insistantly adouring public. Predominantly self taught, Morillas displayed an exceptional gift when it came to the art of 'scent manipulation' early in the beginings of a career that began in the 1970's. Experimental and spontaneous in both style and approach he readily acknowledges that he is often dismissive of the usual set of rules or methodology behind scent composition and prefers to work more freely and without constriction in regards to his materials. There is certain something in the Morillas craftsmanship that often indentifies his fragrances from other perfumers, a signature somewhere in his formulae that link each together as his own despite every composition being so very different. Kenzo Flower is no exception, unique un yet a typical example of his own personal style and creative flare it's a scent that appeals to the masses and is a generally revered crowd pleaser, unlike some of his other compositions that I would perhaps term a little more 'niche' and as such, not as favourable. Morillas has crafted many scents throughout the course of his career, some for the art world and some more readily accepted classics like CK1 as well as more modern hits like Marc Jacobs Daisy. Kenzo Flower, however, still remains one of my firm imaginative favourites. Packaging and pricing The bottle is elegant, a clear glass ...

Loreal Dermo Expertise Youth Code Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream 24/03/2012

Eye quite like it

Kenwood SM435 Sandwich Maker 24/03/2012

It ain't easy being cheesy

Garnier Youthful Radience Multi-Active Eye Care 27/02/2012

A multi-active action lack

L'Oreal L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes Mascara 21/02/2012


Rimmel Colour Show Off Lipstick 12/02/2012

Lip Loving Lipstick

Rimmel Colour Show Off Lipstick INTRODUCTION Having exhausted all other possibilities in my recent lipstick endeavour (quickly dismissing most brands as lacking in originality and excitement), I once again found myself marvelling at the colour offerings in the Rimmel section. There's no denying that the new 'Colour Show Off 'range is incredibly eye catching and by all accounts, consumer seductive, but like most things in life looks aren't everything so I was pleased to discover that my purchase was of more value than just an initial colour induced magnetism, but also incredibly effective in its purpose. The 'Colour Show Off' range not only sports great depth of colour in my opinion, but also has a quality that could arguably rival even the most luxurious of brands like for example, Christian Dior. PACKAGING AND PRICING Rimmel's usual lipstick casing design, whilst well made, is often bland and lacking personality in my opinion. With a bright metallic pink casing and gold central ribbon the "Colour Show Off" has almost certainly been given an upgrade in terms of Rimmel usual plain and simple styling. There's been some real attention to detail here, with the inclusion of ribbed spheres around the lid that are not only visually appealing, but also make removing your lid a much easier task even with hands smeared in slippery foundation. The price is fair in my opinion, retailing at around £6 depending on where you go (£2.49 0n Amazon, bargin!); it's not exactly a bank breaker and less than half the cost of ...

L'Oreal Infallible Lip Duo Compact 500 Stay on Fire 08/02/2012

A duel with the duo

Dermol 500 27/01/2012

Dermol you old softy!

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