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Rimmel Kate Moss Collection 25/07/2012

Glamourously average.

Rimmel Kate Moss Collection Kate and her collection There's no denying that Kate Moss is a monumentally successful model, with her 'girl next door looks' she has a broad appeal that men allure to, women aspire to and is deemed as faintly accessible. The fusion of those powerful ingredients, along with her flirtation with the rock 'n' roll lifestyle, has given her an underground status that can only be described as iconic, an image of cool and the classic image of beauty. Her lengthy career as Rimmel's number one cover girl has clearly been celebrated through Rimmel's endorsement of her very own, arguably inevitable, lipstick collection and lipstick is the one area of cosmetics that I would suggest Rimmel usually excel, with historically exciting pallets, high quality products and excellent value for money. The marketing idea is more than sound and Kate's name is likely to gather a huge amount of interest (including my own), but exploring the reality of the collection I cannot help but wonder if Rimmel have become a fraction complacent, relying too heavily on that glamorous name to push the sale and neglecting to invest enough time and effort into the overall craftsmanship of the product itself. That's not to say that this isn't a competent collection, it just doesn't excite or sport the highest possible quality in the same way previous Rimmel collections have executed so perfectly before in my opinion. Packaging, cost and availability The Kate Moss collection's casing is fairly plain, but never the ...

Priori CoffeeBerry Perfecting Minerals Foundation 1 23/07/2012

A revolutionary, high performace mineral foundation

Priori CoffeeBerry Perfecting Minerals Foundation 1 Introduction I stumbled upon Priori's make-up range purely by chance just over 6 months ago and having studied the products detailing, I really felt that it might just be the product I had always been dreaming of! It's non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic and I felt that it may help to reduce my breakouts or at least not provke them further as many other foundations appeared to irritate and exacerbate the problem. Product, packaging, cost and availability Priori are a mainly dermatological product based company that have also developed a small, yet very exclusive, make-up range consisting of a powdered foundation, concealer, bronzer/blush and finishing touch. Priori are, as of yet, not well known in the UK. They are not a mainstream high street brand and seem fairly elitist in their product range. Their products can be difficult to get hold of in the shops, but you can purchase Priori in a lot of online stores and many cosmetics clinics have indorsed them and sell them at their clinics which perhaps only gives leverage to them being seen as a superior brand. Priori are very expensive in my opinion, each pot will cost in the region of £32 and when you consider that the foundation is best used in conjunction with the bronzer/blush and finishing touch powder, that's almost £100 before you've even bought your brushes! However, you get do 14g in your pot which is more than any other minerals brand and the product really does last, I've had mine for 6 months now and still ...

Priori CoffeeBerry Sun Kissed Minerals 19/07/2012

Blushingly Brilliant

Priori CoffeeBerry Sun Kissed Minerals ~~Introduction~~ Fed up with constant breakouts and irritated skin I found myself pleased to be assertively discarding my old make-up products in favour of Priori's kind to skin non-acnegenic and non-comedogenic make-up range. Whilst disappointed by the concealer as well as astonished at the cost of the range, I have been incredibly impressed with three out of the four products that I purchased, namely the foundation, the finishing touch and of course the coffeeberry sun kissed minerals bronzer/blush which I now consider to be arguably one of the most effective bronzers currently on the market and in my opinion, worth the hefty price tag. ~~Cost, packaging and availabilty~~ Like all Priori's make-up range each 14g pot costs around £32 and can be purchased in a number of online shops or cosmetic clinics. Although the price tag borders on extortionate you will likely find that your bronzer/brush will last for a considerable length of time - I have been in possession of mine for approximately eight months and still have well over half a pot left. Each 14g pot comes in the form of a bio-degradable plant plastic screw top tub which is sturdy and very well made. Unscrew the lid and you discover a thick sheet of white plastic with small indentations which I would advise you pierce only one hole through so as not to find yourself in a cascade of powder. Tip a small amount of your powder into the lid and this becomes your mixing palette. ~~Use and overall opinion~~ Even ...

Priori CoffeeBerry Perfecting Mineral Finishing Touch 01/05/2012

Last but not least

Priori CoffeeBerry Perfecting Mineral Finishing Touch ~~~Introduction~~~ Having purchased Priori's mineral foundation and blush I considered them both to be of 'superior quality' and so, at first I felt forced to speculate, what then was the importance of a finishing touch powder? After all, if the company had such faith in their foundation why would you need to put anything else on top of it? There was a point to my initial thinking and one, at first, might have even dismissed the finishing touch powder as a gimmick designed to extract yet more cash from a consumer already arguably paying above the odds for other products in their expensive make-up range. However, as I used the product I instantly saw it's benefits, it's reasoning, it is, the finishing touch as it were and whilst I wouldn't deem it an absolute make-up necessity it is never the less high quality, one that I use regularly and a make-up lover's indulgence, that is both effective in its purpose and kind to sensitive skin. ~~~Product, packaging and availabilty~~~ To purchase any of priori's make-up range including the Finishing Touch Powder you will find them in many online shops and cosmetic clinics. You should expect to pay approximately £32 for a 14g pot, which in my opinion is very pricey but you do get a lot of use out of it, I've had mine for around 8 months now and still have over half a pot left. Priori's make-up range is all eco friendly and the packaging is no exception, your loose powder comes in a burgundy, screw top, bio-degradable plant plastic ...

Clearasil Stay Clear Clear 'n Refine Daily Scrub 25/04/2012

It will knock ya spots off!

Clearasil Stay Clear Clear 'n Refine Daily Scrub Introduction In the past I have often been very critical of Clearasil's products. I found if anything that they only ever served to further irritate and break out my already spot prone skin. Acne has number of contributing factors but one significant issue seems to centre on production of oil glands known as sebaceous glands. Whilst the production of this oil can not be held directly responsible for an outbreak, an over production in oil is indirectly responsable by increasing a greater production of fatty acids which then combine and become trapped in a closed off pores and like a butterfly effect , inflammation occurs and this triggers acne formation. Reducing excess oil is therefore vital in order to help keep acne at bay, but strip too much and the body will respond by knee jerking itself into over producing in the area that it lacks, forcing you full circle. Remove too little and you run the risk of further clogging pores. I have often found Clearasil products in the past completely stripped my skins oil and further irrated my skin, however, this time I think Clearasil have finally created a formula that addresses the oil balancing issue in a careful and gentle manner, provided that you use the product wisely. Cost, Packaging and Product claims Clearasil Clear 'n Refine Daily Scrub comes in a 150ml plastic flip top tube, displaying all the relevant information at retails at around £2.35 In various cosmetic stores and supermarkets. The product has been ...

Priori CoffeeBerry Perfecting Concealer 04/04/2012

The odd one out

Priori CoffeeBerry Perfecting Concealer Introduction I have acquired a couple of small broken capillaries over the last couple of years and whilst undergoing some laser treatment to resolve the issue, I decided to invest in a decent concealer to disguise the redness as well as effectively cover any spots or blemishes as they arise. Having had such a good experience with priori's coffeeberry minerals foundation, blush and finishing touch is why I choose to purchase theirs, and with such a high performing foundation I felt sure the concealer might be just as effective, unfortunately this particular product has been somewhat of a disappointment compared to its revolutionary counter parts. The product claims to conceal broken capillaries, acne, rochea and even birth marks but in my opinion it lacks the efficacy of some of the other available cheaper, rival products currently on the market. It isn't that this is a bad product, it works moderately well but I truly feel that cost should reflect performance and sadly this product did not live up to expectations given the price and the high quality of priori's other make-up range. Cost, packaging and availabilty Like all Prioiri's minerals range the powdered concealer comes in a sturdy plant plastic screw top container which is eco friendly, practical and stylish. Unscrew the top and you encounter a thick white sheet of plastic with small indentations which I would advise to pierce only a couple of in order to release your powder. You can purchase any of priori's ...

Night Nurse Liquid 01/04/2012

Sleep through the worst of it!

Night Nurse Liquid Flu mountain "Night Nurse is a non prescription medicine used to relive the symptoms of colds and flu, including tickly, unproductive coughs, runny nose, fever, headache, aches and pains and sore throats." If there's one thing I hate more than liver and onion gravy, that's being Ill. It's amazing how we always just forget how bad flu really is but Tuesday morning there was simply no escape, Mr Flu had come to visit and was in no hurry to leave. I soon felt myself wondering around like a comatosed zombie unable to see, speak, hear or think past the basics. I think that flu is similar to climbing the tallest mountain in the world, half way through the day you find it almost impossible to breathe like you had just hit high altitude, every now and then comes with its very own mini panic attack as you find yourself gasping for air. Your lungs feel like they might implode as they rattle away and your head spins with the lack of oxygen. Eyes gaze at a mist of imaginary white flies as the snow virous pelts down and the infection enevitably takes over. Your body is tired and aching from head to foot like you had been climbing for days, only to end up having a fist fight with a pre-menstrual Pola bear half way up the mountain of flu. Your skin feels every touch comes with a tear, like frost bite without the chill. Within hours you're staring down at smaller tissue mountains all around you where you didn't have the strength to find a bin, and there you are sat at the top of the ...

Kenzo Flower Eau de Parfum Spray 26/03/2012

Harmonious Morillas

Kenzo Flower Eau de Parfum Spray A little bit of history Alberto Morillas, world renowned perfumer, formulised and unleashed Kenzo Flower at the turn the century to wowing the noses of an insistantly adouring public. Predominantly self taught, Morillas displayed an exceptional gift when it came to the art of 'scent manipulation' early in the beginings of a career that began in the 1970's. Experimental and spontaneous in both style and approach he readily acknowledges that he is often dismissive of the usual set of rules or methodology behind scent composition and prefers to work more freely and without constriction in regards to his materials. There is certain something in the Morillas craftsmanship that often indentifies his fragrances from other perfumers, a signature somewhere in his formulae that link each together as his own despite every composition being so very different. Kenzo Flower is no exception, unique un yet a typical example of his own personal style and creative flare it's a scent that appeals to the masses and is a generally revered crowd pleaser, unlike some of his other compositions that I would perhaps term a little more 'niche' and as such, not as favourable. Morillas has crafted many scents throughout the course of his career, some for the art world and some more readily accepted classics like CK1 as well as more modern hits like Marc Jacobs Daisy. Kenzo Flower, however, still remains one of my firm imaginative favourites. Packaging and pricing The bottle is elegant, a clear glass ...

Loreal Dermo Expertise Youth Code Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream 24/03/2012

Eye quite like it

Loreal Dermo Expertise Youth Code Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream Introducing Youth Code L'Oreal's Youth Code is one of the more notably effective anti-aging eye creams that I have tested in recent times. Although some of the claims are almost certainly over rated, I cannot deny an improvement to the overall quality of my skin, albeit not in the area that the claims suggest. Cost, packaging and all that jazz L'Oreal's Youth Code comes in a 15ml see-through, screw top pot which is housed in a reasonably posh looking cardboard box that sports all the relevant information such as directions for use and ingredients. You should expect to pay anywhere between £10 and £15 depending on where you go and Youth Code can be found in the majority of highstreet cosmetic stores as well as a number of online shops. What gets right under my skin When it comes to anti-aging products, there is nothing guaranteed to grip my goat more than vague product detailing when set alongside a parade of boastful claims and made up fancy names for a combination of standard ingredients. L'Oreal's Youth code has not been an exception and gone and plonked us on the kisser with this baffling thing called ' Pro-gen technology', suffice to say that it's either glamorised brand waffle or the mark of pure genius and the future in anti-aging technologies. Assuming that you're a bit of a cynic (like my good self), then you might want to know what exactly this all means, and more to the point what the blinkers is in it? Claims, ingredients, baffling science, yet more claims ...

Kenwood SM435 Sandwich Maker 24/03/2012

It ain't easy being cheesy

Kenwood SM435 Sandwich Maker Introduction I have found a number of Kenwood appliances in the past, to be historically reliable. Deciding that the product was also fairly reasonably priced (retailing at around £20 depending on where you go), and desperate to satisfy my overwhelming toasty craving is why I choose to purchase this item. It's a decision that for the most part, I have no regrets. Product specification * Colour: Silver and Black * Guarantee: 1 Year * Material: Plastic * Non Slip Feet * Wattage: 700w * Weight: 2.02kg * Size: 25.0L x 24.5W x 9.0H * Cooking Plate (cm): 23.5 x 13 * Power On & Ready Indicators * Interlock Handle * Non Stick Plates * Slices: 2 Use and opinion The first of very few quibbles I have with this product lies in the name "sandwich maker", it's a small and insignificant annoyance I know but one that bugs my picky self never the less as this is in fact, to my mind, a toasty maker and sandwiches are cold not hot. So for arguments sake let's refer to the Kenwood sandwich maker as Uncle Ken from now on in. Uncle Ken comes housed in his very own cardboard home, he has his picture on the front so we know whose house it is. Open the roof and we are greeted by uncle Ken himself, an instructions leaflet and our one year guarantee. Nice. You should find Uncle Ken's instructions easy to navigate with agreeable terminology that even a simpleton like myself can easily decipher. Should for some reason you find someone has stolen your instructions to add to some kind of bazaar ...

Garnier Youthful Radience Multi-Active Eye Care 27/02/2012

A multi-active action lack

Garnier Youthful Radience Multi-Active Eye Care Introduction Recently I turned 33 and I now have the onset of a few little fine lines to prove it. When it comes to anti aging creams and gels, I have always been a bit of a sceptic but with all the adverts promising to rewind time or freeze time and give birth to a new fresher faced you, you cannot help but get a little sucked in by all the hype. To date there isn't a great deal of scientific evidence to back up some of the claims that anti aging eye creams often boast to possess, but there's no denying that moisturising your skin has its benefits. I'm not the greatest sleeper in the world and I do tend to get quite puffy around the eye area after a bad night's sleep and this of course makes me am fairly prone to dark circles, these are essentially my main concerns and my reasoning for purchasing any eye creams . Cost and Packaging I find the cost of eyes creams to be bordering on the extortionate at times, and on a low budget I'm always in search of a low cost, quality product in this regard. Tottering around Wilkinsons I stumbled upon Garnier Youthful Radiance Multi-Active Eye cream,costing a very reasonable £5. Garnier are certainly one of the skin care markets leading brands, and with a lot of their competitors charging between around £8 - £15 for very similar products I felt that this cream was certainly worth a go. It's worth bearing in mind that the price of this product varies quite a bit depending on where you purchase it. The 15ml tube of cream comes in a ...

L'Oreal L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes Mascara 21/02/2012


L'Oreal L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes Mascara Introduction You've only to pick up a magazine to discover the latest must have looks, which in recent times has a particular focus on having beautiful, big, full lashed eyes. Every cosmetic store these days parades a vast selection of eye shadows, eye creams, fake lashes and mascara. The fact is that most of us just cannot be bothered to spend hours trying to stick on fake lashes that just won't do as they are told, so the alternative for most of us is to purchase a mascara that gives the appearance of longer, fuller lashes with the impression of wider eyes that sparkle, a mascara that adds depth of colour and lasts without running or smudging. Cue Volume Million lashes.... Price and packaging The Volume Million Lashes will set you back around £11 so a fairly pricey product coming from a normally quite wallet friendly L'Oreal but having said that Boots and Superdrug usually have some brilliant offers on L'Oreal products and I found myself with a very tidy 3 for the price of 2. The Volume Million Lashes certainly looks exciting if judged on its cleverly designed packaging, boastful in its curvaceous slim line shiny gold tube and very glamorous with its black strip and gold lettering - an appearance more akin to a Christian Dior product than what you'd expect from an affordable high street brand. I would say that it is a little larger than some of the other high street mascaras and therefore probably not a handbag item for everyone. The product L'Oreal's marketing ...

Rimmel Colour Show Off Lipstick 12/02/2012

Lip Loving Lipstick

Rimmel Colour Show Off Lipstick INTRODUCTION Having exhausted all other possibilities in my recent lipstick endeavour (quickly dismissing most brands as lacking in originality and excitement), I once again found myself marvelling at the colour offerings in the Rimmel section. There's no denying that the new 'Colour Show Off 'range is incredibly eye catching and by all accounts, consumer seductive, but like most things in life looks aren't everything so I was pleased to discover that my purchase was of more value than just an initial colour induced magnetism, but also incredibly effective in its purpose. The 'Colour Show Off' range not only sports great depth of colour in my opinion, but also has a quality that could arguably rival even the most luxurious of brands like for example, Christian Dior. PACKAGING AND PRICING Rimmel's usual lipstick casing design, whilst well made, is often bland and lacking personality in my opinion. With a bright metallic pink casing and gold central ribbon the "Colour Show Off" has almost certainly been given an upgrade in terms of Rimmel usual plain and simple styling. There's been some real attention to detail here, with the inclusion of ribbed spheres around the lid that are not only visually appealing, but also make removing your lid a much easier task even with hands smeared in slippery foundation. The price is fair in my opinion, retailing at around £6 depending on where you go (£2.49 0n Amazon, bargin!); it's not exactly a bank breaker and less than half the cost of ...

L'Oreal Infallible Lip Duo Compact 500 Stay on Fire 08/02/2012

A duel with the duo

L'Oreal Infallible Lip Duo Compact 500 Stay on Fire Introduction I stumbled upon this product some months ago whilst mooching around Superdrug and have to say that I was intrigued by the 'duo' concept. Here you have a long lasting lipstick that claims to last up to 16 hours and a conditioning balm to moisturise your lips once the lipstick is on and add a touch of gloss. Brilliant I thought, you could even mix things up a bit and just wear the lipstick for a matt effect or use the balm for some natural looking glossed lips. An excellent idea but sadly that's where the excellence begins and ends in regards to this product. Cost and packaging The packaging itself is fairly quirky and certainly unique, the lipstick and balm come stacked side by side in what I would describe as a 'cutesy miniature storage unit'. The unit has clearly been designed with a purposefully mirrored surface as further selling point, so that your duo lip kit becomes a very suitable 'on the go' handbag item. Unfortunately the gadgety looking lip duo was plastic vacuum packed in the shops making my usual pre-buy closer inspection off limits. The first thing you'll note once the plastic is off, is just how fiddly and awkward the whole thing is. Trying to remove your lipstick and balm are just far more of an effort than need be, I soon found myself wondering what the point in this storage unit was aside from the reflective surface that you soon finds scuffs and scratches at the drop of a hat anyway. For a product that has used its packaging as a clear ...

Dermol 500 27/01/2012

Dermol you old softy!

Dermol 500 Introduction I first came across Dermol 500 lotion after being prescribed the product to use in conjunction with a steroid based cream for the treatment of eczema, around five years ago. I have suffered with persistent eczema on the palms of my hands for most of my adult life, because the eczema had become particularly severe I was advised to use Dermol 500 lotion as soap substitute as most other shower gels and soaps burnt my hands and causing further irritation. Three years later, after having an adverse reaction to some of the chemicals in a facial chemical peel, the skin on my face became infected causing a breakout of acne and blackheads. After visiting a dermatologist I was again prescribed Dermol 500 lotion as a facial wash substitute in conjunction with duac cream. The manufacturer The manufacturers are called Dermal (as apposed to Dermol) and most product formulations are devolped for the intention of medical prescpiton as opposed to cosmetology with a product base of application medication (topical lotions) catered to resolve or alleviate a variety of skin conditions such as ezcema. Not widely known by the consumer, they are however, commended by dermatologists and medical professionals alike and so widely prescribed for the treatment of a variety of skin disorders. Dermal have a wide range of products tailored for different skin conditions but there are four products within their Dermol range: Dermol 600 Bath, to be used in the bath water Dermol 200 ...
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