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Carole Nash Insurers 12/06/2004

Motorcycle insurance - your first quote!

Carole Nash Insurers Carole Nash now all I can say is what a woman, she offers all us Bikers the chance to 'Ride like the wind' - sorry should I re-phrase that 'Ride safe and sensibly as the law intended' - I don't mean to offend any of you road users. Anyhow down to the jist of this review, I have to say if you ride a motorcycle these days sometimes its a pain trawling round the insurers getting quotes that seem absolutely crazy, as I've found in the past some quotes can vary by great amounts. Why bother with all those calls when Carole Nash Insurers can offer probably the best quotes available. From my experience while I've been insured with Ms. Nash I have always had very reasonable quotes, Initially because I used a policy offering classic insurance designed for older motorcycles. Since then I have had various different policies including one that offers multiple motorcycles on one policy. Most policies offer the usual no claims discount scales as explained below :- Number of years no claim Reduction One Year 15% Two Year 25% Three Year 33.3% Four Year 40% Five Year 50% If you only make one claim in any period of insurance, any no claim bonus will be reduced at your next renewal by approx 2 years eg. 5yrs to 3yrs. If you make 2 or more claims then I'm sorry then your no claims has gone. *always check your policy as this may not refer to all, I'm just going of information from all my previous policies. As with all quotes endorsements will probably affect any quotes ...

Alberto Advanced Volumising Shampoo 10/06/2004

My Shampoos A Bargain!!!

Alberto Advanced Volumising Shampoo I think I must have now caught the bug for Ciao as during my bath earlier, wondering what on earth would be the subject of my next review? The answer was there grasped within my hand! NO NOT THAT!!! It was of course my shampoo silly! Your probably thinking thats an odd subject for me to write about, but hey I've got hair too. Anyhow on with the review. As I fulfill all my shopping needs nowadays, I'm becoming somewhat more bargain conscious. So during my shopping trips I tend to look out for the best value products on offer. My shampoo is one of them it is of couse Alberto VO5 Shampoo. This shampoo is for dry or damaged hair, and as I'm no professional, I'm guessing that means me! The shampoo is supposed to hydrate and moisturise your hair, I have to admit here though that for me as long as it gets it clean and not to dry, I'm a happy bunny! The shampoo is currently offering 500ml for the price of 300ml, now to me thats a bargain. The makers say that it contains five vitamins and nourishing wheat protiens which are supposed to build inner strength and leave your hair twice as shiny. Hey, now if its doing me some good that's fine by me. Now that my hair is drying I'm obviously going to be so much more attractive to the opposite sex, as now I'm twice as shiny, twice as strong, 3 times more manageable and moisturised for at least 24 hours. Now hey ladies, doesn't that sound like the perfect man to you!!! Overall ---------- As a shampoo I find this product ...

Poetry 09/06/2004

Just A Short Poem On Ciao! :0)

Poetry Hope this poem brings a smile to anyone who read's it. I'm pretty new to Ciao, but am thoroughly enjoying my time here. Thanks to all who have read my reviews to date. I'm especially thankfull for the guidance and helpful comments received from other ciao'ers - you know who you are ;0) Anyhow on with the poem! My Poem For Ciao --------------- ---------- I have to say that for a while I thought I'd lost my lovely smile But now I find a happy place Where I will soon display my face! I like to go a roaming round And on occassion I have found Such lovely writings to review I love to spend my time with you. My Cot is growing all the time You are here if your a friend of mine But don't go tugging at my covers Because as yet you are not my lovers! If you like a giggle or two Come and read the odd review Some are funny some are sad Please don't rate them if you're mad! If you write with all your might Soon your pen may pick up flight It will take you far and wide Across great plains where heroes ride! Now you wonder what I say All I'm trying to convey Is writing here may pave your way To be famous in some future day! Now my poems at an end May'be soon you'll be my friend Come join the people in my Cot As unhappy, we certainly are not! :0)

Glen Ord 12 Year Old Malt 08/06/2004

A Whisky For Romancing!

Glen Ord 12 Year Old Malt A Whisky For Romancing --------------- --------------- ---- In this review rather than just detailing the main points about this whisky, I'm going to inform you of my introduction to Whisky! And hopefully then you can really grasp my obsession for the odd bottle - within moderation of-course :-) (If you just want the low down on the whisky itself pan down to the low down part, its only my reason for loving whisky I'm covering in this bit!) Cultural Encounters --------------- ------------ Right where do I start! At the beginning I suppose...It was on a trip to London for one of the lads birthday celebrations where I met my Whisky love affair! Although my trip was supposed to be with my friends I'm afraid I only saw them for half a day - I'm such a bad friend! Huh! (It was a real good night though) But don't worry they don't hold it against me as I found love in London - Twice! First of all, with a sexy spanish senorita, then secondly - for her she had a passion. Her passion was of-course me! On most ocassions! But laced with this was the subject of my review, now if you've forgot that's whisky! - sorry had to remind myself then too! Not got time for a cold shower so I'll continue as I'm only reviewing whisky. But I'm afraid while I'm writing this, memories keep flowing back, I'll try my best to stem the flow, I'll also do my best to avoid too much detail as this may turn into a review of my spanish rose, that being probably the pinnicle of all my ...

Pataks Madras Sauce Tinned 05/06/2004

Curry for Kings

Pataks Madras Sauce Tinned Curry For Kings --------------- ------ I have to state at this point that I'm a curry addict. So my review is probably very biased towards this product. I've been using this curry sauce for Years now, after discovering it in my local supermarket. Every weekend usually becomes a social gathering where friends partake in the vast consumtion of the alcoholic variety, once this is in full swing what often happens is that someone mentions 'Curry' which usually means the crowd of curry lovers arrive at my abode. From where, in an alcohol induced state, a sizable pot of curry is created! This sauce in this situation comes in very handy as once you've prepared your ingredients and got your meat ready all you have to do is add the sauce with some water and approximately 20 minutes later your meal is ready. If required you can of-course add any extra spices you may find appetizing, ours usually consist of extra chilli and a few other spices to enhance the curry experience. The sauce usually costs approximately a pound a tin but varies depending where you shop, it should feed 4 per tin, but I usually make extra large servings so I use a couple if there's a lot to feed. Anyhow enough of me rambling on, here's a Poem just to outline 'It Can Be Dangerous To Use Too Much Chilli!!!!' When you've got the Ring Of Fire, You'd better be quick cus it could be dire! Has your curry made you hurry, Or are you just in a world of worry! If your throne is currently taken, This ...

The Imajica volumes I and II - Clive Barker 05/06/2004

An Incredible Book You Cannot Overlook

The Imajica volumes I and II - Clive Barker Imajica ----------- Imajica is an incredible book, once started you will be totally immersed within it pages, or should I say Dominions. There are five dominions in all and through your journey you will visit each and every one, encountering wonderous imagination created by the writer 'Clive Barker'. Four of these dominions are reconciled but as usual ours 'the earth' is oblivious to the existance of any. Its inhabitants cut off from the magic and mystery that the dominions hold. Only a small few know of the imajica and all it offers but many are frightened as a mystical time is approaching, a time where the earth can be reconciled with the other four dominions. There are three main characters : Gentle - a master forger whose own life is a series of lies Judith Odell - a beautiful woman desired by three powerful men, but belonging to none Pie'oh'pah - a mysterious assassin who deals in love as well as death These characters embark on a journey through all five dominions and arrive to find the greatest mystery of all. But to realise the outcome of the journeys undertaken you will now have to go and get a copy of this book, and believe me you will not be disappointed. Clive Barker --------------- -- Clive Barker was born in Liverpool in 1952. He is the author of books such as :- The Books of Blood The Damnation Game Weaveworld Cabal The Great and Secret Show The Hellbound Heart Sacrament Galilee In addition to his work as a novelist ...

Nokia 9210 20/05/2004

Mobile if you've a rucksack!(Top phone though)

Nokia 9210 Right where do I start, rather than boring you with all the things this phone does, I'll try and outline what I've found useful. If I tried to cover everything the 9210 Communicator did you'd be here till next wednesday still reading and hey I mean that. Don't get me wrong it is a fantastic piece of craftsmanship, but at this point I'd better say it is rather large compared to the average mobile phone. You may also find it difficult to purchase one nowadays, unless of course you search for a secondhand item. Having said that, I would say for a mobile phone I find it a valuable asset. Although I only use it at home or out travelling, in which I mean trips up town or short journeys out I tend to switch to a smaller mobile. Thats probably just me, I'm clumsy. Now down to the phone, size wise, its approx 6inch x 2inch x 1inch. Now thats big for a phone. It has all the features of a normal mobile, but if you open it up, it then offers a heck of a lot more. Your faced with a large lcd screen and a keyboard. Wow. This was my first impression but the keyboard is very handy indeed especially for writing messages fast, it really surprises friends!! Gadgets on offer --------------- -------- I'm not covering them all though!! Buy one and you can play. Its basically your own personal computer, I'll try and cover as much as possible without becoming too boring. Screensaver - the screen goes off after a short period if no keys are pressed. Usual windows sort of setup - ... 19/05/2004

Today Only - New phone for Free - Wow Hey all you groovy people out there thought I had to put this short review in. So please don't critisize for the length of this one as its here just to point out how you too can receive a free phone or offer. Anyway down to business, I've had a contract mobile phone for the past 12 months with T-Mobile. I received the phone through an offer on a web site. The web site of course being - please check this site out as it has some really good offers. The 'Today Only' section in my opinion is the best. My offer included a mobile phone, and a 12 month contract which offered 750 minutes per month off-peak and weekends(to other T-Mobiles or home phones) and 50 free text messages for only £13.99. I purchased this as I thought I'd save a fortune on all those calls to my friends off-peak of course. I've also made very good use of the messages as they can be real good fun. Oh I forgot to mention the free minutes can also be used for WAP access(again off-peak and weekends). As well as receiving a very good deal including a great phone, after 12 months I received a call from a very nice person from T-Mobile offering me either a reduction in my monthly payment or a totally free mobile phone as an upgrade. At first I thought this was a windup but it turned out to be all up front, after a couple of days I received a brand new Nokia 3510i Colour mobile phone with polyphonic ringtones etc. the only catch being that I continue my contract for another 12 months, this ...

Need for Speed Underground (PC) 18/05/2004

Underground What A Game!

Need for Speed Underground (PC) After playing and completing this game, I have to say this is an incredible game, not only does it offer the ultimate racing experience it also allows you to upgrade the cars you drive BUT it doesn't stop there it continues and lets you customize the looks of your beast, if you've seen the movie 'the fast and the furious' this must be the game version!! I have to say this is a must buy. The tracks you have to open seem limitless there are so many. There should be a warning for this game as I thought I was going to lose my thumb through pure pain from my joypad because I could not stop playing. There are loads of awsome cars to unlock and stacks of graphics to design your beast, including paint styles such as metallic and pearlescent, so when you stop racing get yourself in that garage and transform into the artist you are. Wow what a game.

Sapphire 9000 Atlantis Pro Graphics card 128 MB 18/05/2004

Excellent mid range graphics card its cheap too!

Sapphire 9000 Atlantis Pro Graphics card 128 MB After purchasing this graphics card I've made full use of it, mainly for gaming as that's what I bought it for, although its the perfect item for viewing movies etc. at the moment the most recent game I'm using is Farcry and its setup using 1024x768x32 resolution and it offers no lagging to notice. If you've used the game you'll understand this game is graphically beautiful and very demanding on your cards capabilities. Overall as a mid range graphics card this card offers value, especially if your limited to a motherboard that only offers a 4x AGP slot. Upto now I have not encountered any problems with the card although I have downloaded recent new drivers from the manufacturers website. The system I am currently running comprises of a 2600xp processor and 512meg of ddr RAM. Excellent value for money.
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