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1984 - George Orwell 26/09/2007


1984 - George Orwell Orwell is a talented and original writer and everyone must read and experience at least one of his novels in their reading of literature. The novel is set in Oceania, one of only three provinces in the world. A powerful regime rules over the province using propaganda, mind tricks and punishment of those who disobey to prevent rebellion and keep the masses in subjection. Winston Smith, the main character, is not swayed by the regimes tactics and attempts to understand what is really happening in the world. He hopes to someday overthrow the regime. In the meantime he rebels against the regime through a forbidden relationship with a co-worker, Julia. Orwell used this novel to express his worries about the world and the way it was heading. An interesting read but not necessarily everyone's cup of tea! I'm still undecided if I was disappointed or pleased by the endng!

Blood Brothers [1995 London Cast] - Soundtrack 12/02/2007

Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers [1995 London Cast] - Soundtrack Immediately after you've seen this musical perfromed at the theatre, this soundtrack becomes a must have! The soundtrack to this musical is flawlessly written and truly captures the emotions displayed on the stage. This probably wouldn't be a good buy if you have never seen the musical and its impact on you, as the listener, would be greatly reduced as you can't associate it with the stage performance. The songs on the soundtrack are very varied in style and approach, reflecting the various ages of Mickey and Eddie throughout the musical. From there childhood as naughty, cheeky seven year olds through Kid's Game through their adolescence to their difficult and different adulthoods. The second track, Marilyn Monroe acts as a fantastic insight and introduction to the life into which Mickey is born. The final track, Tell Me It's Not True acts as the most powerful and moving track on the soundtrack and is a sobering reminder of difficult life was and is for some people. I've never been to a performance of Blood Brothers without crying (which has been quite a few times!!) and the soundtrack brings back many of those feelings! Basically what I'm trying to say is if your familiar with the songs and enjoyed the musical, this is a must have in your CD collection.
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