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Skinhead Revolt (20 Skinhead Classics) - Various Artists 22/09/2009

Skinhead Revolt is Awesome!

Skinhead Revolt (20 Skinhead Classics) - Various Artists This 20 track compilation from Trojan, which was released in the mid nineties, is easily one of the best quality releases of genre I've seen - someone obviously compiled it with lots of care and affection. It gathers together 20 early reggae and rocksteady songs from the late sixties, and is a great showcase for examples of the emerging early reggae sound. It begins with the classic UK stomper "Skinhead Revolt", a dancefloor smash from the UK-based producer Joe Mansano, and follows that with 19 more tunes with that real-deal soulful Jamaican sound. Highlights include the slightly haunting and organic ballad "What Will Your Mama Say" by Clancy Eccles, the skin classics "Death A Come" and "In the Spirit" by Lloyd Charmers, the uplifting vocal cut of TNT, "Loving Reggae" by The Maytones, and a cracking double header of rocksteady killers from The Paragons, "Got to Get Away" and "Left With a Broken Heart". These rarer songs rub shoulders with better known classics such as "Dark End of the Street" by Pat Kelly and "Reggae Girl" by The Tennors. All in all it's a great mix of rocksteady, early reggae instrumentals and upbeat vocal gems - with or without the skinhead tag attached. You may find some of the tracks on here on other compilations or artists CD's, but it's a fantastic effort from Trojan. I'm sure compiling these sorts of albums is a hugely difficult job as there's so much great material to choose from with seemingly no real reference point, but they've done a great ...

Dawning of a New Era (The Roots of Skinhead Reggae) - Various Artists 21/09/2009

Dawning of a New Era: AMAZING!

Dawning of a New Era (The Roots of Skinhead Reggae) - Various Artists There are a few skinhead reggae compilations that are essential to your collection. This is definitely one of them! Dawning of a New Era gathers together tracks from the classic era of reggae, 1968 & '69, and like the equally-essential "Dancehall '69", was compiled by Michael De Koningh, which means you get an impeccable selection of prime reggae, beginning with the massive tune "John Jones" from Rudy Mills. From there highlights include the so-terrible-it's-brilliant "Rescue Me" by The Reggae Girls, the even better "Su Su Su" by The Pioneers, a perfect rocksteady instrumental from the The Good Guys called "In Like Flint", and "Reggae Hit the Town" - the absolute classic tune from The Ethiopians, plus my personal favourite - "Splash Down" by The Crystalites, a driving instrumental which could be used as the musical dictionary term for "skinhead reggae instrumental" (if there was such a thing), it's so good. With a great mix of skin organ instrumentals and vocal anthems, and with two CDs there are so many classics pakced on here that you'll have a fantastic time just discovering these new sounds, plus there are plenty of versions for the 'riddim' enthusiast - the boss "Another Scorcher" by The Tennors is the vocal cut of "V-Rocket"by The Fabions, "Cat Woman" by Glen Adams is the organ cut of "How Long" by Pat Kelly, "Last Laugh" by Lloyd Charmers is the vocal cut to his own classic "In the Spirit", and there's more, just have a good listen! Get it and enjoy!

Dancehall '69 (40 Skinhead Reggae Rarities) - Various Artists 21/09/2009

Dancehall '69: The best skinhead reggae comp out there!

Dancehall '69 (40 Skinhead Reggae Rarities) - Various Artists This album, compiled by Michael De Koningh, is the best compilation of Skinhead Reggae, period (for those who want to know, skinhead reggae is - very basically - early reggae from around '68-71). It contains some monster rarities (which are still fantastic tunes, which will please both newbies and obsessive collectors alike), from obscure subsidiary record labels of Trojan and Pama records such as Gas, Camel, Escort, Joe, Big Shot, Grape, and Bullet. Seriously, to buy the original vinyl records on here would be a horrific task and would cost you a fortune, so be thankful for people like Mr De Koningh! This CD has it's own haunting vibe, it's an absolute revelation, with some of the best music ever released which otherwise would only have been be heard by the peope who bought the original 7" in '69! One of the most amazing things about this album is that you can listen to the tracks with absolutely no knowledge of the music, yet the sound is so raw, compelling, haunting, and mysterious you'll become addicted to it (I swear), and you'll soon be trawling the internet to find out more. You'll know what I mean if you buy it - who the hell are "The Bunny Lee All Stars" anyway!? From the messy intro of "Ware Fare" by the above mentioned Bunny Lee All Stars, through the metallic reggae scorcher "Reggae Buddy" by The Victors, the haunting vocal in "My Last Date" by Hortense Ellis, to instrumental versions of well known classics like "Annie Pama" by Bunny Lee's All Stars ...

Studio One Ska - Studio One Ska 21/09/2009

Studio One Ska is the ULTIMATE ska compilation

Studio One Ska - Studio One Ska You might have seen this CD before and been miffed at the measly 17 tracks on offer, especially compared to the 50 track box sets that Trojan offer for less money, and so left it on the shelf. However, this CD is simply the best ska compilation I've ever seen, so go back to the shop and buy it! I'll tell you why you should: This compilation contains original ska recorded at Brentford Road in the early sixties by the then-superstars of Jamaica, and the quality of the selection is awe-inspiring! As the house band, The Skatalites pretty much play on all of these tracks, with the artists forming a who's who of Jamaican music - Tommy McCook, Don Drummond, Jackie Mittoo and Roland Alphonso play in various arrangements alongside The Maytals, The Ethiopians, Delroy Wilson, Joe Higgs and The Wailers. The scorching ska instrumentals - Exodus, Addis Ababa, The President, Beardsman Ska, Sampson, Freedom Sounds, Look Away Ska, El Bang Bang, Scamnelena and Cosmic, are some of the classiest, top drawer tunes you will find, with driving, pulsating rhythms and beautiful melodies, matched only by Prince Buster's All Stars (who were basically The Skatalites under a different name anyway!). These guys were the business. The vocal tracks are even better though - "Marching On" by The Maytals and "I Want Justice" by Delroy Wilson are storming up-tempo belters, "I'm Gonna Take Over Now" by The Ethiopians is my favourite and a lovely downtempo melodic number, plus there's the ...

Trojan Skinhead Reggae Box Set (Limited Edition) - Various Artists 20/09/2009

The Trojan Skinhead Reggae Box Set is amazing value for money

Trojan Skinhead Reggae Box Set (Limited Edition) - Various Artists You might have stumbled into Skinhead Reggae in the shop and wondered what it is. It came along after rocksteady around 1968-70, with a fast beat, electronically doubled rhythm guitar stroke, and heavy organ lines. For many people it's the classic era of reggae. To get 50 top quality and well selected tracks for this price is so good it's almost a joke. A lot of effort has gone into this CD, and it shows, with tracks pulled from all sorts of rare reggae record labels. Amongt the amazing selections are songs such as "Mix Up Girl" by The Creations, "V Rocket" by The Fabions, "What Am I To Do" by Tony Scott, "Spread Your Bed" by The Versatiles, "Qua Kue Shut" by The Creations, "History" by Harry & Radcliffe, "The Burner" by Vincent Gordon & The Dynamics, "2,000 Tons Of T.N.T." by The G.G. All Stars, "Death In The Arena" by Rupie Martin's All Stars, "Skinheads A Bash Them" by Claudette & The Corporation, "Skinhead A Message To You" by Desmond Riley, "Skinhead Revolt" by Joe The Boss. These tracks might be unknown to you now, but a few days after listening to them they'll be your new favourites and you'll be making tapes for your mates! If you like this CD you should also check out the Trojan CD's "Dancehall '69", "Skinhed Revolt" and "Dawning of a New Era", and you'll soon have an amazing Skinhead reggae selection that would cost you around £5,000 on the original vinyl. The CDs come in paper sleeves with some notes, but for the money the music is all you need! Seriously, buy ...

Reggae Pressure (Boss Sounds 1968-1970) - Various Artists 20/09/2009

Reggae Pressure: Boss Sounds '69-70 - buy this album, now!

Reggae Pressure (Boss Sounds 1968-1970) - Various Artists Compiled by reggae experts Chris Lane, Noel Hawks and Dave Hendley (people who were actually there in '69 and love and know the music inside out), this CD is an absolute must if you enjoy the classic era of reggae. Even if you already have most of the tunes, this album is up there with other top-quality Trojan releases covering the same period, such as "Dancehall '69" and "Dawning of a New Era", and also includes a few rarities such as George Dekker's "Foey Man" to justify the purchase! The quality never lets up, with classic early reggae instrumentals, rocksteady, DJ cuts and fast skinhead reggae anthems. Just stick it your CD player and it'll never come out! Note: four of the advertised tracks are not on here, namely "Vampire" by The Upsetters, "Swan Lake" by The Cats, "Barbwire" by Nora Dean, and "Rooster" by Tommy McCook. Don't let that put you off though. Enjoy!
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