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Hi just like playing video games and watching films. If you remember to rate my reviews I will do the same

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76 25/03/2013

Blinkbox, saves going to the shop. What is Blinkbox, a site similar to lovefilm, and netflix, and love tv. Tesco took over blinkbox, at some point in 2011. Films, are up to date. New films cost around £3.49 to buy. There is a good thing about blinkbox, if you join and register your tesco clubcard, and buy a film from tesco, it will be waiting for you in my blinkbox. When you order a film, as soon as you start to watch, you have 48 hours to watch it. From your initial order, you receive two weeks in which you have to watch the film. Now bad points, this is one, but in fairness the support team did give a full refund. I bought a film called babycall, as I'd read the synopsis, which is provided for every film. It sounded like an okay film, but I was shocked when I discovered it was a Sweedish film. Blinkbox, can be watched through a games console, or a laptop. I watch mine through my xbox. There is one snag to this, if I want to watch a film, I have to pay through my microsoft account. There is an easy way around this, buy it on the pc, and then its waiting in my blinkbox. They also provide tv series. You can buy films, between £6 and £10. I have not had any streaming problems with the films as yet (Touchwood!). They have special offers such as on a monday 12 films are allowed to be rented for only 99p each. When you first join if yoou deposit a pound they will give you £5 which has to be spent in 30 days. Also a slight niggle, they could do with an A to Z section of films. ... 14/10/2012

zavvi, be savvy and use another site. Zavvi took all the virgin megastores over, and were using the same supliers as woolworths. Using only one supplier may not be the best idea for any busines. As a result woolworths and Zavvi both disapeared from our High Street, never likely to be seen again. In 2009, is relaunched, unfortuantelly it is bought by This was a clever market ploy as the hut was getting many bad reviews, Zavvi didn't have many bad ones. Apparently the website and the warehouse do not communicate, which can be futsrating for customers. I have made a mistake using the hut before, and waited ages for a dvd. In the end I gave up, and tried to find the dvd for a similar price. I tried play,com and one of their traders (ZavviOutlet) had the dvd at the same price. So in hope I ordered the dvd yet again. I paid for it on the 6th of October 2012. It is now the 13th, still don't have it. I have had an email response telling me, my order has been posted. For some reason I can not trust what they say. I would reccomend reading reviews first, wish I had. 03/10/2012

cheap, and you will find out why when you use the hut! As value for money the is exceptional. Medium series 6 priced £12.95. at the hut. and can be as high as £24 at other sites. They do say delivery can take up to 28 days, which should be a warning, I took no heed of. This said however, delivery is slow. Very slow. The one thing I dislike about the hut is that they don't mention that titles are out of stock. When I ordered medium, there wasn't a confirmation email, I logged into my account and found that my dvd won't be sent out for another 20 days. This is unacceptable, every other dvd site seems able to manage quick delivery. I have sent an email complaining about the situation which is not good. No response as yet. I have had problems with the hut before, but as it was so long ago I had forgotten they are really poor. Prices are kept cheap, by posting from Gurnsey, similar to who use Jersey to avoid paying vat, which lets them sell their dvds cheap. I would recommend paying extra for a better service. Good points. 1. Price Bad points 1. Delivery 2. No confirmation email. 3. Customer services take a while to reply. ...

Atos Healthcare 21/05/2012

Atos, not fit for purpose

Atos Healthcare Atos Healthcare Sheffield is a place where disabled people are sent to see if they are entitled to beneifts. To enter the building, you have a choice of a long ramp, or twenty steps. The centre is next to two public houses, and the nearest car park is at 350 metres away. You can be kept waiting for around an hour. Once the waiting time has been done, a nurse, or physio, or at the best a doctor will call you into a room. They do not hold the door open for you, half testing your reflexes. They ask a series of quickfire questions, look how you get in and out of a chair, and see how you talk. I have been through this process myself, as I suffer with anxiety and depression. Hardly any of the questions related to my illness. After a 20 minute assement I was taken off all benefits, and told I would have to go and look for a job. This caused my depression and anxiety to get worse, I was advised by a security guard in the job centre, to lodge an appeal. I managed to keep 80 percent of my benefits. By the time my tribunal came the decission was overturned in about five minutes. I have started a petition which asks a person's own doctor to do the medical. The reason I feel so passionate about this, is that I have developed a relationship with my doctor over a ten year period. I also feel that it would be a cheaper sysytem, than the current one, as 80 percent of ATOS decissions are ovverturned on appeal. If you would like to sign my e-petition it can be found here: If you have had any ...

The Cable Guy (DVD) 03/02/2012

cable guy. One of the maddest films ever

The Cable Guy (DVD) Jim Carrey is on excellent form as the cable guy who only wants to be your friend. He is totally bonkers in this film, and Matthew Bodderick (Steven) is the person the cable guy wants to be freinds with. After letting the cable guy install him all the illegal channels the cable guy agrees on condition that he can take him out. Steven aggrees, and realises he has made the biggest mistake of his life, as Carey tries his best to sort out his new best friend's life, and get him back with his girlfriend. After a while Steven realises he needs to get rid of Carey, which is easier said than done, this is one good film, with guest appearances by Jack Black, before he went up himself, ben Stiller, and Owen Wilson. My favorite scene is they go to medevil knightsm and have a jousting competition and Carey takes it seriosly, and Bodderick is crapping himself. The pace never slows down, and Steven is upset as Robin his girlfriend as left him, and Carey tries his best to get them together. Every line that Carey says is from a tv show. The reason carey is like he is because his mum use to leave in front of the tv, as it shows him when he is a kid in on scene.MUM: I'm going out, just watch the cartoons,CAREY: But mum you said I'd have a dad soonMUM: Thats's why I'm going to happy hour.Jack black was origianlly Steven's best friend and doesn't trust carey, so investigates him, and finds out he was a cable guy who got fired for stalking custiomersThe only special feature is theatrical trailer

Final Draft 8.0 International (Mac/PC CD) 02/02/2012

Find your hidden screenplay

Final Draft 8.0 International (Mac/PC CD) Final Draft, is an industry approved program, for helping writing a screenplay. The menu's are slightly confusing at first but after a couple of goes, it becomes fairly easy. If you press enter twice, main options come up, which are charecter, dialogue, scene heading. You can download a demo program, which you can use as many times as you like. The two main problems with the demo program, is that you can not save anything over 15 pages, and any pages that you would print would have a final draft watermark written over every page. For ease of use, it becomes easier the more you use it. It lets you collabarate with another writer who has the same program. It has a speech facillity, but it only has one woman's slightly robotic voice.All indents are automatically done, and when you download the program (also the demo) the makers send you ten free documents, explaining how to write. Price to download is $199, roughly £130. I feel this may be a bit too expensive, and there is probably cheaper screenwriting software out there. Once dow nloaded, I think the license lets you put the program on to two computers. . The help section is long winded, and has no easy search option. It could do with an A to Z input. The program itself seems to use a lot of RAM, well Norton tells me it does. It has special features such as auto format, and it can generate reports. The best feature I like is the smart type option, which once you have decided a charecter's name, the program will type it for you ...

Indesit IWE 8128 02/02/2012

Indesit IWE8128K More than style over substance

Indesit IWE 8128 Our old washing machine packed up, and we wanted a black one to fit in with the decor of the kitchen. It has an 8kg load facillity. The new machine has a digital display, which lets you know how long you would have to wait for the washing maching to finish. It has a 30 degrees cycle, which our old washer didn't. The spin is very quiet, which is good to say it is a 1200 spin. Indesit gaurentee's it parts for five years. After 12 months, I may be wrong, and please correct me if I am, I believe you would havve to pay for the Labour, but at least all parts will be free. The price was £277.91 from dixons, and they also gave us free delivery, we chose the twenty pound instalation, and we were given a call an hour before the washer was about to be delivered. The two men who delivered the washer were polite and curteous. They even gave us a small tip, which was to leave the door slightly open, which prevents any murky build up on the rubber seal.The whole experience was easy from start to finish . We are very happy with the washing machine, and also the service we recieved from dixons. The washer also has an eco switch, the only problem if you use this, you can only half load the washing machine. Energy rating is A+. The washer also has a self cleaning pump. It has 13 wash cycles, one slight disadvantage is the door can be a bit stiff. Cycles include, White cotton (90 C), Cotton (60 C) Synthetics (50 C) Special shoes (30 C)Eco function can not be used with all wash cycles. There is ...

Oxfam Publications 07/04/2011

Dare I even say this, oxfam is overpriced.

Oxfam Publications In my small minded opinion I have been in a few charity shops, and as a rule I have always found oxfam to be the most expensive. I know that they do a lot of good work for Africa, and some other poorer nations. We have four oxfams in Sheffield. Three are very expensive, and there's a smaller one on the Moor in the city centre which pricewise seems to be more reasonable. In terms of goods, there is a lot. Books a plenty, pictures that are usually prints that start at around £10. As most stuff is donated I have always believed if they knocked there prices down, their profits would go up. I collect wade animals, and know the prices of them and oxfam would have me pay triple the going rate. I had a friend who worked for oxfam, and as soon as you say its too expensive, she'd jump down your throat, and explain all about their good work in Africa. After spending £18 one day, I was rudely asked to make a donation for the carrier bag. I didn't mind being asked, it was the look of disdain on her face that I disagreed with. If she'd have been more polite and explained that they had to pay for their carriers it would have helped. In my opinion Oxfam does do good work, but could do even more if they lowered their prices and where as chaep as some of the other charity shops.

Million Dollar Baby (Blu-Ray) 06/02/2010

Million dollar baby

Million Dollar Baby (Blu-Ray) Main Cast Clint Eastwood ... Frankie Dunn Hilary Swank ... Maggie Fitzgerald Morgan Freeman ... Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris Jay Baruchel ... Danger Barch Mike Colter ... Big Willie Little The basic plot. Frankie Dunn is a boxing manager who's a talented manager with a world contender on his books. Big Little Willie wants his chance at the world title, and Dunn has let four opputunities pass him by. I think that Dunn is more scared it will look bad on him. Big Little Willie ends up going with another manager. He wins the world title. In his gym comes Maggie, a simple girl with one ambition to be woman's wolrd boxing champion. She wants Dunn to train her, but he refuses. Eddie is an half blind retired boxer and he cleans the gym, and helps out round the place and he takes Maggie under his wing. Well eventually Maggie gets Dunn to train her. Maggies family aren't the nicest people in the world, trailer trash would come to mind. I'll not say too much about it. She eventually gets her shot at the world title, and does she win? Well I can't tell you or that would spoil the film. This film does drag at times, but the story and performances are very good. It does have a feel though that they were trying for oscars with the emmotional rollercoaster. I got this from 'Toys R Us' for £5.99 which I thought was a good price for Blu ray. If you watch this film have your tissues ready. Its around 2 hours 15 minutes. ...

First South Yorkshire 07/01/2010

First to do everything badly

First South Yorkshire First bus company south Yorkshire is south yorkshire's majority bus operator. Stagecoach come in at a dissapointing 2nd. This is why first deserves it names. Their drivers are always the first to go on strike, the company is always first at putting up fares. Sheffield council has tried to encourage people to use public transport, but first busses put their fares up at any oppurtunity, and if they lowered them they'd probably make more money as more people would travel with them, other ways they could ecconomize with money is to stop giving tickets to pensioners and mobillity pass holders. The reliabilty of the busses has become riddicolous. I can wait up to half an hour for a bus, which is meant to be a twelve minute service. The price of a day saver for sheffield is £4.30. Stagecoach do a dayrider which you can use on all their busses and trams for £3 which has been held for over a year. 09/11/2009

once was a good place to sell stuff This is only my recent experience of ebay, and on a possitive note it is a good place to find things that would take a lifetime to find. As a buyer I can not really fault the site with easy layout and searching options. Sometimes postage can be high on certain items. Ebay have tried to counteract this, by making all seller of dvds and cds and vhs videotapes not charge any postage. To encourage sellers they have a free insertion charge if you start the price at 99p. This seems good till you realise that dvd that you put on at 99p sold for 99p, then you get to the post office just to be told your dvd weighs over 100 gm so will cost you 74p to post, pay 5p to ebay for letting them sell you dvd, and another 5p to paypal, so ta da you've earned 15p on your 99p. I have sold a lot of dvds in the past on ebay, and this new system puts me off, there excuse is that there is a lot of sites such as that offer free postage, so to compete they have to do this. People in Ireland are still allowed to charge postage as in the US. They should have been more sensible and incorparated a flat postage charge of around £1 per dvd. The choice and amount of dvds will go down on ebay, as I can hardly believe I'm saying this, you may well be better off taking them to your local cash exchange, which will give you a really bad price. In my opinion I would only suggest using ebay to sell dvds if they are very good titles. otherwise you could end up out of pocket. Thank you for reading ...

Microsoft Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive 09/11/2009

its a shame hd lost out to blu ray

Microsoft Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive I decided to buy this at gamestation where it only cost £20 which also included two movies. There are some good films on hd dvd, but its main disadvantage is there only around 150 and they are all of good quality compared to ordinary dvd, on vision and sound. The ps3 played a blinder though and had the blu ray payer intergrated into the console. Who knows if the 360 had done this with the hd dvd player hd may have had more chance in the competition. Having seen the price of blu ray movies though I still feel I got a good deal. The cheapest ones are £10, compared to £3 to £7 on hd dvd. Most of the harry potters are availalable on HD, and the sound quality for horrors is excellent as it gives more atmosphere. the ps3 and 360 are good ways in getting into the next gen of dvds at a reasonable cost, rather than paying over the odds for a player. the hd dvds may also become collectors items, as they were only made for around twelve months. The best and cheapest place on-line to get them is HUT.COM where they can be picked up from 2.89 which is good in anyones book. the dvds casing is 3/4 the height of normal dvds, and around 1and half times thicker than the others. Gamestation also sell them however they seem overpriced. Design wise the hd player it is made in the same style as the 360 itself, so doesn't look odd at the side of it. The remote comes complete with batteries, 2 ever ready ones, and it flashes with backlights when your using it, which is stylish, the ...

Northern Rail, England 24/10/2009

Northern Rail Trains get you from a to b in a fashion

Northern Rail, England The trains themselves seem old, and aren't very fashionable compared to the big virgin ones. They don't have many deals on, like theres no advance tickets. The best deal is a duo ticket, which saves you roughly a third off a ticket price. This basically works say if I was going to Doncaster to sheffield, if someone else was with me, I pay full they pay half. There is always quite a large space on these trains for prams and wheelchairs, and having a baby this can be a problem on the posher trains. I think they mainy run local stopping services as far south as Nottingham, and up to Newcastle. I may be wrong on this. South and West Yorkshire Pensioners and disabled people also get to travel for free between the two counties, Northern Trains is the only one that allow you to do this. The ticket people are usually friendly and help us get the pram off the train. Would be nice to have newer trains, but then again may have to fold the pram up, which wouldn't be brilliant. Fares can seem expensive, so if your ever in south Yorkshire for the day,and planning to get the train ask for a south yorkshire day tripper which you can use on all trains busse, and trams in the south yorkshire are for £5.50 the trains are quite regular, and seem to have as a rule at the most 10 minute delays.

Acer Aspire X3200 17/09/2009

briiliant looking

Acer Aspire X3200 My laptop had broken for the thrid time, and I thought rather than pay yet again have a look round for a new one. I saw this beauty at 429, including a 19 inch flatscreen monitor. It all looked very stylish and I couldn't wait to set it up. It was from currys, and they let me have norton anti virus alf price. and Microsoft office for £59 . It comes in black and black alone, and the acer logi is written in nice silver lettering on the front. The card reader is in the front, and is easily accesable. The place where you put dvds in is upright which is a novelty, this is a good space saving idea. There is one major disadvantage to this however, if you have the smaller cds they don't stay put long enough as they fall out of the tray. I suppose technically I could lay the tower on its side, but after paying this price it should be better than this. It has 9 usb ports, 4 at the front and five at the back. It also has a card reader, which can read most memory cards used in digital cameras apart from those from mobile phones. It has an hdmi socket, so you can connect it through a hd tv. Specifications of the pc are as follows. I'm not techniaccly minded so I just presume there pretty good. Comes with windows vista prenium pre installed, with a free upgrade to windows 7 when that comes out. There's no wireless card, so it would be hard to make a wireless network with other pcs around the house. It came without an instruction manual, though was easy to put together. It came with ...

Tommee Tippee Milk Powder Dispenser 03/09/2009

they make yours and babys life easier

Tommee Tippee Milk Powder Dispenser Baby milk goes off quite quickly. And it isn't nice for baby to drink after four or five hours after being kept in a bag. theese let you save the boiled water and keep the milk fresher than normal. they also let you have a longer day out than would be otherwise possible. highly reccomended by me and tyler's mum for making his life and ours easier.. You do have to make sure that the dispenser is fully dry, as the powder will stick. Also on a marketing basis they only fit tommee tippee bottles, and its a shame, that they aren't more universal. thety can also be hard to find, as asda was sellling them around three months ago, but no longer stock them. they are good valuer though, and more hygenic than keeping milk too long. If you get chance to get some then make sure you do. thy can be a bit fiddly at night when the litttle un wakes up for his feed, as you have to unsrew biottle, take dispenser out, then take lid off. ideaL FOR DAYTIME, BUT A BIT TOO FIDDLY FOR NIGHTFEEDS. still 1 good investment Updated info: Toys R US had a big collection of these and they sell six for 3.99. Further update tesco extra sell a pack of six for £2.51 as on tuesday 3rd sep 09 ...
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