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Juxataposition - Piers Anthony 04/10/2010


Juxataposition - Piers Anthony Juxtaposition is the third book in the adept series written by Piers Anthony. For those that have not read any of the books before Stile is from a futuristic Planet called Proton and he stumbles on a magical land named Phaze. In this book it carries on where the last book left. Stile had just met the best musician from his home planet and he introduces him into the world of Phaze. The musician goes by the name of Clef. It seem a bit odd but the book went into further detail of a persons first experience in Phaze when it was something that should have really been in the first book. While moving from Proton to Phaze, Stile has to take part in games tournament in order to determine his future in Proton. The games could have ended differently it was a bit predictable that Stile would win. If I had written this part of book I would have made Stile loose and found some other way of getting his citizenship to make this part of the story less predictable. The title of the book gets its name from a place in between Proton and Phaze where a person can use both magic and the science of Proton. The position of Juxataposition could have had a bit more imagination and could have looked like the end of the earth with a waterfall instead it was just an island with a cross on it. This is the last book in this trilogy and of course being the last book all questions are answered. Stile discovers who is trying to kill him and what role he has in helping the foreordained. I felt as though ...

Blue Adept - Anthony Piers 27/09/2010

Anthony Piers Blue Adept

Blue Adept - Anthony Piers Blue Adept is the second book in a series written by author Piers Anthony. The Books Main character Stile By mistake enters a magical realm called Phaze. In this Magical place where there are powerful sorcerers who are known as Adepts. Stile discovers he is an Adept after releasing his magic while playing music. The book takes place on very different worlds Phaze and Proton.In Proton a futuristic Planet Stile has to be part in a series of games in order to stay. Phaze is a magical planet. In this book Stile has to play in a American football game.I found two things annoying about this 1.The game could have been a bit more futuristic than it was. 2.I do not follow or understand American football was lost on me as I do not understand the rules and how everything works. Towards the end of the last book the author introduced us to character named Hulk. I do not feel he added anything to the story as he does not do anything heroic or anything important and eventually goes back to planet Proton. Although he does not do anything I guess the good side to his presence in the book is that we learn we must not always judge a person by what they look like. This book goes into more detail of two main characters The Blue Adept and The Blue Lady. The Blue Lady The Blue lady as she is known as in the book has the ability to heal anything or animal. She is the wife of the recently deceased Blue Adept. Her background story is sad as she was given a prophecy that she would marry the ...

Split Infinity - Piers Anthony 21/09/2010

Splity Infinity

Split Infinity - Piers Anthony Split Infity is the first book in the adept series written by author Piers Anthony. The adepts are people that can perform very powerful magic, It is a futuristic story in which earth has become very poluted and overpopulated. People from Earth have managed to find a new Planet to inhabit named Proton. I was worried at first that I would not like this book as much as I have enjoyed other books written by Piers as I don't often like fantasy that takes place in the future. The book starts off with a character by the name of Stile.He's the kind of person sadly that if he were not so good at sports he would lead a very sad life of being made fun of for being different. The book also stars a female character by the name of Sheen. Sheen is a female robot but not just any robot but one able to express feelings laugh at jokes and is almost normal except her robotic body parts. The book although it is futuristic has very likeable characters and if you focus on that you will enjoy the book. Stile's back grouground is quiet sad to begin with he starts off removing horse manure but ends up hopeful as he climbs through the ranks. The book can be a bit confusing at times as it is one of those books that moves between the characters past and future. The series will take place on two very different planets one magical with unicorns and one in earths far distant future. Overall the book has a lot of imagination in it and is by no means predictable which is something I like to have ...

Breakthrough - Colbie Caillat 14/09/2010

Colbie Caillat

Breakthrough - Colbie Caillat Colbie Caillat for me is the American version of Delta Goodrem.She really has a voice that relaxes me and is nice to listen to when I am stressed. The album I am reviewing is called Breakthrough. One of the Most Popular songs off the album also features Jason Mraz and the song is titled Lucky.Its a good song but its one of those songs that has been played too many times. Colbie is one of those lucky artist's made famous from Myspace and it just goes to show there is still lots of under discovered talent out there hopefully they as good as her. Most of the songs are really good and there are not any bad songs that I can think of I really felt it was worth all its money. One of My favorites off the album actually did well and went straight to number one and the name of the song is Falling for you. Colbie has co written most of the songs on the album which I think is a good thing as singers tend to sing better when its their own material. Droplets which is track number six features Jason Reeves.I feel its a good song because their voices compliment each other. Jason in the song almost sounds like a guy version of Colbie. Some of the reviews that I have seen are quiet harsh saying that the album does not live up to its name.Those people need to re-listen to it as its not bad in my opinion and deserves a better review than that.Compared to other artists I have listened to this is flawless in fact any song off the album could be used as a single that's how good it is. My ...

Thief of Time - Terry Pratchett 12/09/2010

Top Clock

Thief of Time - Terry Pratchett Thief of time is Sir Terry Pratchett's 26th disworld Novel. As you may have guessed by now I am a huge fan of Terry Pratchett. There are downsides to both this book and series as I have mentioned my brain tends to switch off when the series goes into the technical side of the discworld or any mention of the univeral auditors. Why I mention this is the first few pages are a bit boring.Having previous experience reading the series I know that the humor starts later and as usual I was not wrong. The really interesting and funny humor starts when death is staring at a mug with the words worlds greatest Grandfather. Thief of time features a man by the name of Jeremy Clockson. Who although he has a very similar name to a certan Top Gear Presenter does not like cars but all kinds of clocks. To be honest Jeremy clockson was not my favorite character in the book but he gets given an important task which is very interesting to try and build a clock that has perefect timing. I was happy that Terry also brought back a character by the name of Igor who later becomes an assistant to Jeremy. The book as well as the above characters features a character named Susan who has been in previous Discworld books. In this book she is teaching children and doing a very good job of it so much so that children she teaches are very well behaved. Her character in this book reminds me of a movie I saw along time ago called Nanny Mcphee because of the way she can turn absolutely naughty children ...

Pearl of Patmos - Jeffrey Lord 06/09/2010

Pearl of Patmos

Pearl of Patmos - Jeffrey Lord Pearl of Patmos is the 7th book in the Richard Blade series written by a group of authors with the pen name Jeffery Lord. Richard Blade is agent of the British government who is taking part in an experiment that sends people into new dimensions. The Book is an improvement from that last and does not have a not so interesting beginning. In fact its all action from the beginning when Richard blade is transported to a new dimension in the middle of a burning house during a battle. The battle is between Thyme and Samosta two different cities trying to gain political power. The book features a character by the name of Ptol a evil priest that tries to control all the people around him through their religion. He and his followers decide who to worship as God and what kind of life the people of this dimension live. One of the book's main character's is named Juna a normal woman who is given God status by priests. She is a very strange character and her personality changes from being authoritative to being a scared woman around Richard Blade. Peal of Patmos is not an object but an actual ruler of a place almost like a Pharoh. Cybar the capital of Patmos is a very strange land where there is no crime at all because all of the criminals are drugged into be good. Its an interesting concept which has been done before you do want to be in a land where there is no crime but I would prefer it if the people decided on their own not to commit crime. Nob one of the book's characters ...

Monster Of The Maze - Jeffrey Lord 31/08/2010

Monster in the Maize

Monster Of The Maze - Jeffrey Lord Monster of the maize is book six in the Richard Blade series. Richard Blade is a government agent who is part of an experiment that transports people to other Dimensions. As well as explore and conquer in this book Richard Blade must now seek out treasures in new dimensions to bring back to help pay back funding for his trips into other worlds. The book has an uninteresting start off to it when Richard Blade is transported to a new dimension. He is by mistake turned into a young baby but later grows back to his usual stuff. Besides helping him get power gain political power this is not a very interesting concept and could have been removed from the book. Besides this minor point the book picks up and becomes more interesting later. In this dimension it is full of diamonds as far as the eye can see and diamonds are as common their world as water is to us. England is now testing a new technology that is an improvement of their transporter and can now transport goods as well as people. In this book a new technology is introduced where a crystal is implanted in Richard Blades brain so he can communicate with the outside world. I felt this could have been introduced earlier in the series as early as the second book and new it had to come. Warning the book is not for young ones as it contain sex which is sometimes used to much in the book and in the series. The book because it was published in in 1970s can be brought from fantastic fiction uk for 3 pounds. The covers are ...

Liberator of Jedd - Jeffrey Lord 15/08/2010

Liberator of Jedd

Liberator of Jedd - Jeffrey Lord Liberator of Jedd is the 5th book in the Richard Blade series. The book is written by Jeffery Lord a pen name for a group of authors who have written this book. The series follows a character by the name of Richard Blade an agent of the government who becomes Part of an experiment that transports people to new worlds. The book starts off with great excitement when by mistake a creature from another world is sent to their world. This creature is almost man's missing link and he is studied and named Ogar because of the sound he makes and is sent back to his own World with Richard. As I have said in a previous review each book improves and there are less and less flaws. I had hoped in previous books that the species that were in the book would have been more creative and not something that you could imagine to be on our planet. This book improves on this and the creatures that are in the dimension that Richard goes into are very creative and almost mythical. I love very creative and books with a lot of imagination and these books certainly have both. The current dimension that Blade is sent to is something similar to the movie planet of the apes. The apes in question are highly evolved but not at our stage of evolution but are by no means defenseless. The apes in question are also known as the Api and are evil and do everything to make slaves of race of people called the Jedi, Richard meets a Girl named Ooma who he helps escape from a savage group of animals and helps him ...

Slave of Sama - Jeffrey Lord 06/08/2010

Slave of Sama

Slave of Sama - Jeffrey Lord Slave of Sama is the fourth book in the Richard Blade series written by a group of authors under the Pen name Jeffery Lord. The book follows a character by the name of Richard Blade who becomes part of an experiment that sends people to other Dimensions. Richard Blade is transported to the dimension of Sarma in this book. Richard Blade saves a slave called Pelops from a large group of giant crabs. I had wondered when the author would introduce different monsters in the book as the other two dimensions that he has been two were almost normal in description but were placed in different time scales. Before going into the Dimension of Sarma Richard Blade had been captured by some Russian spies. These spies had been part of a project that made lookalikes of famous British spies.To me this sounds something out of a James Bond book and I wish he had something more unique. Characters Pelops Pelops one of the books character seems to be a bit timid at times and he was once tutor to royalty but became a slave after his wife had plotted against times you feel sorry at how his life has played out but in different circumstances he probably be in a role of high responsibility. Princess Zeena Is the second to meet Richard blade and as a member of royalty plays a part in keeping Richard alive.Her character is young so has not yet had a lifetime of politics so is a bit boring to start off with but her character improves much later in the book. Overall as I read each book in ...

The Jade Warrior - Jeffrey Lord 30/07/2010

The Jade warrior

The Jade Warrior - Jeffrey Lord The Jade warrior is part of a series of books featuring Richard blade an agent who works for the government and ends up in an experiment that takes him into new worlds. Richard Blade has been sent into a new world to discover more things about the way people live and the differences of that world and his. The action in the new world starts immediately as he is transported into the firing line of a jade cannon and he barely escapes with his life. The jade warrior is an improvement on the last book as it is not just about Richard blade going around killing people it is about Richard Blade using his intelligence to get him out of a tight corner. I am amazed at times how the author is able to come back with ways of keeping Richard alive as he says and does things that would have other people killed in an instant. What I like about this book is it is no way predictable and just as on plot ends another starts. Richard is caught between a war of two tribes the Mongs against The Caths and must choose very wisely as his life is at stake. Characters Khad Leader of the Mongs is the mad leader of a large group of people called the mongs. He is dangerous because his fits of madness make him unpredictable. His character is said to sleep with his own sister as well as any children that are nearby in his fits of madness. I feel although this does explain how mad he was the author could have found other ways of explaining just how crazy he was. Morpho Is an enigma to many and most ...

The Bronze Axe - Jeffrey Lord 27/07/2010

the bronze axe

The Bronze Axe - Jeffrey Lord The bronze Abe is written by Jeffrey Lord which is a pen name for several authors which include Lyle Kenyon Engel, Roland J Green, Ray Nelson, and Manning Lee Stokes. When Richard blade goes on holiday He is asked by agent J to come back to work for one final assignment. He is to undergo a secret government experiment which is done by Lord Leighton, The experiment is to transport Richard to another world. He first meets princess Taleen who introduces him to this new world that he has been sent too. The book overall was good but could have been better. They could have made the way Richard Blade is Transported to the new world a bit more exciting. The book could have also started with agent Richard blade in the middle of a mission and then dragged into an experiment that transported him to the new world. Richard Blade is your typical strong built hero who always saves the day and is met by several dangers that no ordinary man would survive.What I like most about him he does does only survive on his muscles he uses his brain as well to survive. I also liked the way Taleen was not so helpless she was not your typical damsel in distress she could think for herself and see how evil plots would end. The book also has a character named Sylvo who is like a servant to Richard but he is also a cunning thief that can be honest and loyal when required. I wish the Jarl Richard's new friend in combat could have been introduced a bit more earlier. The book has more than just the ...

The Truth - Terry Pratchett 21/07/2010

The truth

The Truth - Terry Pratchett The Truth is the 25th book in the discworld series written by author Terry Pratchett. The book features a character by the name of William de Worde who helps invent the press. After the invention of the press The Ankh Morpork Times becomes the cities first newspaper. I found this book to be so much better than the last book the fifth elephant not only because the humor is a lot better but the storyline is more interesting. It is funny to see how newspapers could have started and how much they have changed from today’s perspective. The book’s title refers to a time when newspaper’s printed exactly what happened and all the stories that were told in the newspaper were the truth. William’s newspaper starts off small than grows into something bigger so much that he has too employ more staff including a vampire as a photographer and dwarfs to print the news.It took me a while to get the joke about a v ampire being a photographer but found it funny afterwards. The stories they come up first for the newspaper are not the most interesting but slowly become better as the story moves on. The story reminds us how the press can be helpful in a society bringing us the truth about certain events and helping us elect the right leader. I did not like the characters Mr Pin and Mr Tulip but there roles as people trying to frame certain characters in the book very interesting. I also found that Sacharissa’s character could have been more interesting as she is the person that goes out ...

The Fifth Elephant - Terry Pratchett 17/07/2010

the fifth elephant

The Fifth Elephant - Terry Pratchett The fifth Elephant is the 24th novel in the Discworld a series written by Terry Pratchett. For those who have not read any of the books from the series. The Discworld is believed to be carried on top of a giant turtle called Great A Tuin who has on top of him four giant Elephants who carry the discworld on top of their backs. The fifth Elephant which the title refers too was believed to have lost its footing a long time ago and fell towards the discworld and separated the continents. The fifth Elephant also features the watch who are like the city’s watch. The Watch has grown so much that they have a new department that now clamps carts if they stay too long in an area. Ubervald is a land full of vampires,werewolfs and anything else dangerous that you can imagine. Ubervald was first introduced to us in Carpe Jugulem and the fifth elephant goes into more detail of the land and its people. As Ubervald grows the citizen’s of Ankh Morpork gain interest as to how they can profit from this. I found Captain vimes an interesting choice for an ambassador as he is not someone you would recognize for the job position which did add some humor to the story. Terry could have used Carrot as an ambassador and maybe the storyline may have been a bit more humorous. The books that feature the watch are not as funny as some of the other books in the series but they do have interesting takes on history. This book may appeal to readers of mystery novels as in this book they have their ...

Atlantis Awakening - Alyssa Day 12/07/2010

Atlantis Awakening

Atlantis Awakening - Alyssa Day Atlantis Rising is the first book that I have read from Alyssa Day and seems to be a mix of three different Genres' and they are Action, Romance science fiction/Fantasy. It has enough action to keep us Guys happy and it has romance for the Lady's. The book's storyline is very good but might not appeal to someone that does not like sci-fi/fantasy as it features vampires, witches and famous Greek Gods. When I did some research on Alyssa Day I found that she used to be a lawyer before writing books and she really hated her time as Lawyer and always wanted to be a writer. She took a chance on these books and has become a best seller. This a great way of showing dreams can come true. The book features a character named Ven who he is known to his friends and to others Lord Vengeance brother to the future king. His character is one of those annoying guys that have a great body and looks but horrible personality but seems to be liked by every woman. Ven is part of a group of guardians of Poseidon who both protect the earth and the future king Conlan. Every super hero type book must have a bad guy and in this book the evil person is named Caligula who is head of the vampires. The book also features Erin who is a witch who is known as a gem singer a very powerful witch who falls in love with Ven. The book is definitely only for adults and may contain swearing and sex in it. Conclusion I was not expecting the swearing in this book and it surprised me when I read it. This is a ...

Carpe Jugulum - Terry Pratchett 29/06/2010

Yes Marther I will obey

Carpe Jugulum - Terry Pratchett Carpe Jugulem is the 23rd book in the Discworld series and the sixth witch’s book. The book features the Discworld’s most famous witch’s Magrat Garlic,Granny Weather wax and a newcomer to the series Agnes Nitt or as she likes to be called Perdita X. To be honest I don’t really like the title of this book normally that kind of thing does not bother me but the title sounds like a Male stripper with a wig. A title like Igor would have been better. As you all may have noticed I really like books from Terry Pratchett as they are all filled with so much humor you have to control your laughter after a while or you may choke. A good example of humor from this book is when Terry describes Agnes Nitt as a fat girl with a skinny girl trapped inside of her as well as a lot of chocolate. I saw someone’s comment on one of the reviews for this book and he mentioned the fact that he did not like the book covers of these books. In a way I agree with him as with this book cover far too many things are happening in the front of the book and there are far too many colors. Would I say it was enough to put me off the book no I would not. The main story centers around the naming of Magrat’s daughter who only in one of Terry’s books would have note the spelling in her name. My favorite character like most people is Igor who comes across as very likeable and always obeys his mother. To be honest I would not say I did not like this book but I prefer the previous book as it seemed to be a lot ...
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