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since 13/02/2001


The main channels - TV Licence 05/08/2002

Why I dont believe in it

Grand Theft Auto III (PS2) 11/11/2001

At last a game worth buying a PS2 for

Unbreakable (DVD) 30/10/2001


Horizontalios Maldos Palaima - Pergale 17/10/2001

Is there anybody out there

Tips on Choosing a Camera 04/10/2001

Which Camera for Which Holiday 28/09/2001

Free Shares and a Simple Idea

Khyam Vector 12/09/2001

Errected in one minute

Morpheus 11/09/2001

A SpyWare free zone

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 05/09/2001

Should You Upgrade

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 Internet Explorer 6 looks and feels like a refined version of IE5. Has load time improved dramatically? – No. Does it still crash unexpectedly – Yes. If IE5 was good enough for you should you upgrade? - No. I still think Microsoft have got there priorities wrong. Instead of concentrating on developing a secure, robust, fast browser they have released the same version of IE with a few integrated web application. When will Microsoft learn that if we want a radio player or other bells and whistles we can get third party software for it – and it’s probably better. If I don’t want a radio player I won’t install it and it won’t slow everything else up. Do I need to see what the errors are on a web page? Am I going to fix them? Of course not. We just find another web site – that’s the beauty of the internet. On the other side of this argument the main people to benefit are web developers who will appreciate the better adherence to standards, XML support etc. for the user its just another big download for little or no advantage. I think its also a bit cheap of Microsoft not to include Java in the standard installation in an attempt to move users towards their way of thinking. This is just another form of market manipulation for their ends. If less people have Java support on their browsers, developers have to move away from Java and towards Microsoft preferred technologies. One thing I would definitely do If your installing it is to make sure you choose a custom ... 05/09/2001

Not a bad addition to your survey sites 16/08/2001 sold - New press release

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