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easyeverything, London 26/08/2001

Easy - the best place to surf...but only sometimes

easyeverything, London EasyEverything is another brand rolled out by Richard Branson wanabee Stelios. The man who brought you EasyJet, EasyRentaCar and soon EasyMoney. The cyber cafe chains are dotted around London and the rest of the major cities in Europe. Technically, the cybercafes are excellent, with over a hundred computer terminals, each with a high speed internet connection, flat screen monitor, web cam and additional facilities avaliable at an extra charge such as Microsoft office products and low cost phone calls. The price of surfing is calculated on a variable system, depending on the level of demand. It's Sunday morning and I get over two hours of surfing for my £1. This is where EasyEverything can fall behind its competitors, as while it is good value for money at the moment, later in the day you could get just 14 mins for the same £1. Particularly, unreasonable when just two doors down is the also ultra-modern Virgin Megastore cyber cafe which charges £1 an hour regardless of the time of day. Depending on the time of day, depends which cyber cafe I choose to use. EasyEverything does often represent good value for money though, credit is bought from machines inside, and currently you can purchase £8 worth of credit for £5. Representing a 60% increase. If you are really into surfing, you can also get a day pass for 24 hours unlimited access for £4, which may represent good value depending on what the price is when you start surfing. If you don't have your own computer at home ...

WHSmith High Street (Shop) 06/12/2000

Why do I have to wait so long

WHSmith High Street (Shop) WH Smiths online is the Internet version of the High Street giant we have come to depend on. So why is it, that I have been waiting nearly a month for a book which was supposed to be delivered two days after I ordered? Being a student, I certainally have to buy a lot of books, so I thought instead of queuing at the local bookstore I'd try my hand online. Using the price comparison website kelkoo, I found that WH Smiths were offering free delievery on orders over £20 but more importantly, they were significantly cheaper than my local Blackwells. It was £13 instead of 18 and 23 instead of 28. So fairly significant savings, with a delivery dispatch of 2-3 days I thought, ok, why not wait a few days and save a lot of money. Well at least that's what the plan was... I emailed them and they said they are still waiting for the suppliers, I might not have minded had I been warned. The site is not as dependable as the good old High Street, but it is much cheaper than the high street as well. Examples include, David Beckhams book for 8.50 instead of 16. Take care, if you want to order for Christmas then I suggest that you order now to save disappointment. Come on Wh Smiths online, surely you can do better that this. 06/12/2000

discount with this code - vitago - now vitagone I've very pleased with my recent order with this customer, I would wouldn't I, after getting £50 worth of goods for just £17! Attracted to this company with a spam e-mail I recieved, I was given the opportunity to get items up to the value of £50 with a 50% discount. I then got hold of a £10 voucher an I had to go shopping here. The items on sale are much like what you might find in Superdrug or Boots. The advantage is that you don't have to carry a heavy basket. The only problem I have with the site is first, I filled my basket up, left and then returned to find my basket empty. Second, the site was extremely slow, so if they want to get things right in the long run, then they will have to sort this out. One feature I do like is that they allow you to specify a date when you would like the parcel delivered, great if you know that you are only free on one particular day. The only problem is that they actually missed that day - never mind still happy. They do charge for delivery approx £2.50 what ever the order size. If you want a 50% discount I have checked that they don't mind, you can use the code word FOAM and get the discount. Enjoy --------------- ------------ update The 50% offer is now finished but has changed to 25% not as good but still you may find some good bargains. Happy shopping --------------- ------------ update This offer is no longer valid - why? Unfortunately, the web site has gone the way of the boxman, boo ...

University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) 12/07/2000

UMIST - not to be forgotten

University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) They very fact that this university is not featured in the list of univerisities on this site is a reflection on the attitude of people in general regarding this university. There seems to be a poor recognition of this university, despite it is one of the oldest and arguablely the best university in the North West area. The courses are mainly sciences and management. It comes joint top in management with the likes of the London School of Economics and other top universities. It is the top univerisity in the North West and is one of the first places to stop if you want to be in a large city and have a great education. ...

Trailfinders 12/07/2000

Good for phone, not for net

Trailfinders Trailfinders is the independent travel specialist and they do know what they are talking about. They are geared towards answering the phone more than Internet travel information. Their website, which can be found at is a slight disappointment, with only a few numbers listed and the ability to order brochures. There is no online search facilities avaliable nor is there the most basic of information. Their phonelines on the other hand are second to none. Although they can get busy at peak times, the queues are normally under five minutes. What I do like is that their phone system says what position your are in the queue. ...

AOL 10/07/2000

Had its day

AOL AOL reigned supreme for a brief period when it offered just 1p a minute connection whatever the time of day. A revelutionary and bold step for the company. What it probably didn't realise was that it was pushing the whole industry towards cheaper and ultamately free internet access. AOL now has lost the advantage it used to have, at £10 a month you could surf off peak all the time, that's just 1p a min. Now with Freeserve for £10 a month you can surf for free whenever you want. Sorry AOL, and please stop leaving those CDs everywhere.

X-Stream 10/07/2000

first now last

X-Stream x-stream was the first ISP to offer 0800 access, although limited to occasional weekends the concept was great in its day. No call charges, totally unheard of. What could be better than spending all day surfing for free. Well then it came to you trying to connect, and did you try. I left my machine dialing for ages and only to find when I did connect, I had a 50/50 chance of getting through. When I did get through your screen was plastered with banners and the connections was soooooo slow! Now there are so many better providers, I wouldn't touch this one with three barge poles! 10/07/2000

auction site When it comes to selling something. The more window shoppers you have the more likely one of them is going to bid on whatever you are selling. I recently decided to sell a prize win and after accessing each of the major auction sites I came to the conclusion that QXL had the most visitors and therefore the most bids. The auction process went quite well the only problem being that they now charge commision on your sells. This would be the first place to look if you want to sell something successfully.

General: Singapore 10/07/2000

Swing over to Singapore

General: Singapore Singapore seems more removed from the rest of the Far East. Very Westernised it is a very highly developed city in the orient. The people are friendly and are multi-ligual which means you can speak three languages to the residents there. The city is remarkably clean, no chewing gum allowed. You can always buy a novelty T-Shirt with the more unusual laws displayed. Good for stop overs on the way to Austrialia. It breaks up the flights time and the jet lag. A city which is good to pop into when in the area, but I would prefer Hong Kong any day. ...

Los Angeles (California) 10/07/2000

LA - city of dream

Los Angeles (California) When visiting L.A. I am sure you would want to visit the all famous Hollywood. There is always quite a lot to do and all of the usual sites. You will find a wide range of hotels to stay in from the very good, to the very not so good. L.A. is a land of many contrasts, what struck me when I visited was the large number of homeless people on the street, in the background of all of the wealth behind them. Quite sad really. There is something for all of the family here, not as much as Florida but exciting nevertheless.

General: Hong Kong 10/07/2000

The most exciting city in the world?

General: Hong Kong When you step off the plane in Hong Kong you can't help feel excited. The city is truely alive with so much to do. You can go shopping, site seeing, take in some of the culture and of course taste the delicious food. Hong Kong is a major hub to the Far East so if your flight offers a stop over, I would highly recommend Hong Kong to break the journey. It has the character and charm of the best cities in the world and breathing views as well. There is always so much to do. I you want, try and stop by during Chinese New Year and join in the festivities. A city not to be missed. 10/07/2000

Yahoo, for yahoo? When you mention the word search engine, I first think of yahoo. Although not really a search engine in the true sense of the word, yahoo still is very popular. It is not as efficient as other search engines but seems to have less misleading results than true search engines. The categories can be difficult to understand and you can get easily lost. It is however good at its job. One of my top search engine tools, along with altavista for more difficult searches. This is probably the first place of visit for me when doing a search.

U-Net 10/07/2000

Top to the class

U-Net It is not often I look at league tables but I was happy to see U-net the leading ISP on a number of tables. I do have free ISPs as well as a back up but I feel that when I need realability U-NET is the company for me. Conenction is easy and great everytime. Busy signals are virtually unknown. The connections are fast and reliable. The good thing is that the technical support is helpful and local call rates apply. Top of the tables, top of quality and service. If you want quality, I guess you have to pay for it. ...

Dell Dimension XPS M Series 10/07/2000

Dell a good deal?

Dell Dimension XPS M Series The last thing you want after the headache of choosing the right computer is to have problems with the computer. I have had experience with both a Dell and non Dell machines. Dell computers are more expensive than their competitiors but it shows when they are placed together. I have had one or two problems with my Dell - the speakers broke down twice. They were replaced with relative ease and little fuss. Compared to another cheap company which has recently delevered a computer with missing parts and just empty promises when we want it fixed. Think wisely before going for the cheapest option

Airtours 10/07/2000

Sometimes good, sometimes bad

Airtours Having flown on Airtours a number of times I know that they work on a tighter budget than the scheduled flights, bearing this in mind they do cope quite well. On a recent flight to Florida I was faced with a couple hours delay in departure then nine hours on board with no entertainment. The video continued to conk out, not the best sign on a plane. To make things worse the same happened on the way back with no apology just a snap back from the flight attendent saying that she was not an engineer. I complained when I got back and did get a good refund and they did fufill the main objective which was to get us to Florida and back in one piece.
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