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Age of Mythology (PC) 20/07/2007

Age Of Mythology - A Great Game

Age of Mythology (PC) Age Of Mythology by Ensemble Studios, part of Microsoft Game studios, is an extremely fun and addictive game. It is along the same sort of line as the Age of Empires games. The game has many playing choices. You can play as twelve different civilisations which each have many different characters and if you purchase the titans expansion, each civilisation eill have its own titan. Each game varys in length and can take from one hour to ten. It has won many gaming awards and has been rated very highly by many well known gaming magazines and websites. Included in it is a scenario editor which enables you to create your own maps and scenarios which you can play. Overall it is a brilliant game and you will never run out of things to as each battle is individual.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (PC) 19/07/2007

Love it!

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (PC) I love rollercoaster tycoon two. I play it all the time. The graphics I have to say, are not very outstanding but it is a very enjoyable game never the less. I got this game about a year ago and at the time It was very difficult to decide weather to buy it or not as the graphics on the back looked awful but the gameplay sounded quite fun. Eventually I decided to purchase it and it was a good job I did. The game must have hundreds and hundreds or different stalls and rides and is especially fun when you create your own mission choosing all the different rides etc that you want people to be able to put in your park. Also I love the way that you can design the set up of the tracks as well as use the automated one as this makes the game completely customisable. Overall it is a brilliant game and you get used to the poor graphics after a little while.

MAGIX Notation 2 Complete package 19/07/2007

Notation, a spectacular composing program

MAGIX Notation 2 Complete package Well, well, well, what can I say. Magix' notation2 has to be one of the top music composing and writing programs available. It is truly amazing from the moment you first start it and the windows pop up. You can search through all the different instruments that play in the peice of music you want to make and write all of the music there on the screen. There are also two ways of doing this. You could drag and drop the type of note you want onto the position on the stave or you can select the type of note you want and press a button on the onscreen keyboard and it will automatically place it in that place. You can compose almost anything with this using many instruments, notes from demi-semiquavers to dotted semibreves and then at the click of a button hear your music and edit it so easily. It is truly a musical masterpeice.
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