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Everything that starts with O ... 28/12/2003

Everything that starts with O ...

Everything that starts with O ... Hi guys, I cant think of any thing interesting to write so I’ve chosen to do this challenge I found in a few peoples ops things you no :) Time Started: 13.50 Date: 09.06.03 A LITTLE ABOUT ME: First name? Joe What are you listening to right now? Adverts on tv Last thing you said? I think so maybe. Who is sitting next to you right now? No one. Who would you like to spend the rest of your days with? errrm, my future wife??? Where do you want to go on your honeymoon? I don’t know haven’t thought that far ahead yet, but where ever she wants to go im not really bothered. Daughters name if you have one or want one? Well I’m only 16, 17 on 12/06/03!!! yey but I think ill make that decision when the time comes :) Son’s name if you have or want one? same as above Who makes you happy? My computer, my friends and my family. How many people are on your buddie list (msn, aol, Yahoo)? About 18 or so, but I only speak to about 5 of them because the others I don’t really know or they are never online. What do you like to do? hmm I love paint balling, sleeping, playing on the computer, eating ;) and some other stuff. Last person you talked to on the phone? My mum, but just before that my friend up in London. What are you afraid of? Big hairy Spiders that can run/crawl really fast. Eye colour? Brown, dark brown Do you like yourself? Sometimes. If you could change something about yourself what ...

Ferrero Tic-Tacs 29/05/2003

.Small but very powerfull

Ferrero Tic-Tacs Tic Tacs are small but very powerful mints, they are little mint drops with flavouring and come in a small Tic Tac box, which can easily fit into your pocket or bag. They come in a few flavours but at the moment I can only find 2 in the shops, fresh mint and spearmint, there used to orange but they disappeared and haven’t been back since lol. In America Tic Tacs were launched in 1969 and are now one their favourite mints, so they have many more flavours than us, such as: Fresh Mints, lime mints, Winter Green. Spearmint, Cinnamon, Orange mints and there is also Tic Tac silver. The orange flavoured Tic Tacs are actually coloured orange rather than just having an orange box and the cinnamon Tic Tacs are red. I have no idea what these taste like but they sound interesting, don’t you think? They also have Tic Tacs for every season, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter. Here in England we are stuck with just two boring flavours, fresh mint and spearmint. Fresh mint Tic Tacs are white and taste of mint, they come in a small clear plastic box, and have a hard shell on the out side and are softer on the inside. I bought my fresh mint Tic Tacs from Safeway for 35p which is not to bad but other mints are bigger tastier and the same price. You can either suck your Tic Tacs, which takes ages and allows you to enjoy the taste for longer or you can crush them with your teeth and it’ll be all over in a few seconds, but what ever you do they will leave your ...

All About Me 22/04/2003

All about me

All About Me 01 What time is it? 19.30 02 Name: Joe 03 Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake: Don’t do candles any more, too old, to much effort :) 04 Hair colour: dark brownish, used to be light blond, lol ??? 05. Tattoos: Nope, not my thing, maybe one day, jus a small one? ;) 06. How much do you love your job on a scale of 0-5: well I’m not working, I’m in full time education doing a short 3 month I.T. course, it’s not to bad. So about 4/5 07. Favourite colour: blue, and blacks quite cool to 08. Home County: Essex 09. Current Relationship Status: single :( 10. Favourite food: Italian food! Errrrrm curry, smoked salmon and lemons, Chocolate, Chocolate and Chocolate 11. Been to Africa? Nope 12. Been to Camden? No 13. Loved somebody so much it made you cry? Umm, no, I don’t get that, (Loved somebody so much it made you cry) that’s a girly thing right? lol 14. Been in a car accident? Um, yes but only a small one, more damage was done to the other car. Ha ha. 15. Croutons or bacon bits? Huh? ok Bacon bits 16. Sprite or 7UP? Sprite but they are both almost the same? 17: Favourite Movie: Well there are a few, terminator 2, matrix, and ice age - brilliant!! Especially Scrats adventures, lol. 18. Favourite Holiday: When I went to Disney land Paris :) 19. Favourite day of the week: Friday, it’s the end of the week. Yey :) 20. Favourite Toothpaste: Colgate, and Listerine ...

Age of Empires II (PC) 10/04/2003

.AOE 2, You will definately want to play this one.

Age of Empires II (PC) Age of empires two is quite an old game now but I think it is still one of the best games I have played yet. I bought this game because one of my friends kept asking me over and over to get it so that we could play online together. I wasn’t that keen on getting the game at first because I was used to playing games where buildings were built at the speed of light, and after seeing how long it took the villagers in Age of empires two, to build things, it put me off right away. But my friend kept asking me so in the end I decided to go and get it to stop him from annoying me. Before i bought the game I downloaded the demo which was a great help, i think you can only play death match in the demo, and there are two other players when you start, you are all enemies so you have to build an army fast to protect yourself, but if you research things and advance in to the next age as fast as you can then one of the players on the map will ally with you providing you give him some of your resources, if you don’t research and advance to the next age in time then the other two players will ally with each other and begin attacking you immediately, after this you might as well restart the game unless you like a challenge but you would probably loose. Any way after playing the demo i quite liked the game and so decided to go out and buy the full game. When I got the game home and installed it on my computer, I decided to try some of the campaigns that were there just to get the ...

BT Internet 08/04/2003

.BT internet

BT Internet BT INTERNET When I got my new pc one of the first things I wanted to do was to get the Internet, so I kept asking my mum to get the internet and telling her about all the good prices on offer out there and that I really needed it for my home work (lol). Then about six months later she telephoned BT and asked them for one of their Internet installation disks. When the disk arrived in the post I had to install it because no body else knows much about the computer. I found the installation process and signing up extremely easy and very fast. I think BT Internet is one hundred percent the best, because of many things, such as, it is very easy to install and set up, and it is quite simple and fast to register all your details and other things such as method of payment etc, There are three packages to choose from with BT Internet so you get to choose the one which best suits your needs, plus they all have very good prices, and they are: ANY TIME: With this package you can go on line whenever you like for free, and all you have to do is pay a monthly line rental of fourteen pounds and ninety nine pence. I think this package is better suited to people who will continuously be using the Internet. SURF TIME: This is the surf package, which I am currently using, and I think it is the best one and well priced too. With this package all you have to pay is a monthly fee of five pounds and ninety nine pence, then you get free Internet access after six pm until ... 08/04/2003 I have been with for about six months now and I think that is one of the best sites I have ever seen because, if you decide to become a member then there are many things for you to do, such as: play games, send up to ten free text messages per day, every day, use the search box to research or find things, and you can also create your own free Vizzavi email account. I think Vizzavi is best for people who own mobile phones because allot of the things, which Vizzavi are offering is to do with mobile phones. With you can also get free alerts directly to your phone, such as: the daily, weekly or monthly horoscopes, you choose, you can also get daily weather reports all for free. You even get alerts to your mobile phone every time you receive a new email, but only if you select this option in the alerts section of This is what I am currently using for ciao email alerts, Vizzavi sends me a text message every time I get a new email, my phone beeps and then it tells me that I have a new email from ciao, saying that I have a new message in my guest book, I have received a .…. rating from jo bloggs or some one, or it tells me that I have a new comment from some one. Then I just very easily log on to Vizzavi and check my emails. If you have a WAP enabled mobile phone like me then you can also find the Vizzavi WAP settings for your phone here. When you connect to the Vizzavi WAP site it brings up a very helpful ... 08/04/2003 an excelent free email acount I have been using’s e-mail service for a while now, and I think that it is incredibly easy and fun to use as well as fast. I joined about a year ago after I heard that my friends had joined too. At first I wasn’t that interested as I already had a hotmail account but then my friends told me that it was faster and didn’t get any junk mail, so I decided to check it out, and what can I say, it was perfect in every way. It had lots of memory, it was much faster, and I wasn’t getting any junk mail, and it gives you the option to change the background colour of your account. Also you can make up to twenty other different domain names in the same account e.g. I think another .com is a really good quality e-mail service, and that if you need an email address and don’t want to go through a lot of hassle signing up then just go to, and sign up, because signing up to couldn’t be easier. At your email is private so other people cant read your emails, such as annoying and nosy sisters or brothers, you can also access your email account from other computers or even abroad. The best things about is that it is totally free, easy to use, it doesn’t get any junk mail and now you can even send text messages from your another account al for free. --------------- --------------- --------------- ----- Update is no longer free and now costs £23.95 a year, I haven’t been back to their ...

Grand Theft Auto III (PS2) 01/04/2003

.The God Father Of Crime Simulation

Grand Theft Auto III (PS2) YOU’VE BEEN BETRAYED AND LEFT FOR DEAD. NOW YOUR TAKING REVENGE, UNLESS THE CITY GETS YOU FIRST. MOB BOSSES NED A FAVOUR, CROOKED COPS NEED HELP AND STREET GANGS WANT YOU DEAD. YOU’LL HAVE TO ROB, STEAL AND KILL JUST TO STAY OUT OF SERIOUS TROUBLE. ANY THING CAN HAPPEN OUT THERE. STORY The game starts by showing a movie in which you and your girl friend are robbing some place I think it’s a bank, well any way once out of the ?bank? Your girl friend then betrays you shooting you and then leaving you for dead. The movie then shows you as a prisoner in a prison van moving across Callahan Bridge, the bridge then explodes and the van stops then some guys with guns open the doors allowing you and your new friend called ‘8 Ball’ to escape, the movie then shows you and your friend going to a car and ‘8 Ball’ tells you he knows a hide out where you can lay low and get a change of clothes. He gets in the car but tells you he can’t drive because his hands are all messed up. From this point on you take over and do what ever you like but first you have to drive to the hide out, see a boss and do a basic mission, then you are free to explore the city. If you are a fan of any of the previous Grand theft auto games or even if you just like car games then your going to love this game. Grand Theft Auto 3 is a 3D version of all the other Grand Theft Autos and is also in my opinion the best one they have made so far. I first got the game on pc but my graphics card ...

Sony Ericsson T68i 01/04/2003

.so good you will want one to

Sony Ericsson T68i After having my nokia 3330 for about a year now, I decided it was time to upgrade my phone to something that wouldn’t be out of fashion and so popular. So i went to a load of phone shops and found the lovely Sony Ericsson T68i with a colour display!!! I snatched the phone up straight away, and I got this phone for just £95 as I am on contract and have been paying this thing called “phones for life” all year. When I first switched the phone on I noticed the vibrant blue colour from the keys and the brilliant colour screen. At first I found the phone a bit difficult to use because I was used to the nokia interface, but after a while I learned the basics and have rarely consulted the instruction booklet, I am still learning about my phone and I just found out to day that by holding the joy stick to the left it brings up the phone number search menu. Now I find the phone much easier to use as every thing is illustrated with colour icons, but it is easy to get lost in the menus as with most mobile phones. The t68i is very light about 84g and is very small; its dimensions are about 100 x 48 x 20mm. The phone has a 256-colour display, and the dimensions are 34 x 28mm and I think it has a resolution of about 100 x 80 pixels, which makes it look pretty sharp. The T68i looks nice but only comes in one colour, which is arctic blue at the top, and a grey/silver colour at the bottom. The phone is a bit small and is a bit hard to get used to, and it is also very easy to lose ...

Star Trek: Armada (PC) 28/11/2002

.Star trek armada play it now

Star Trek: Armada (PC) This is a brilliant game which I decided to buy after I had bought and played star trek armada two, I no it should go the other way round but I didn’t see the first one then. Although the first game isn’t as good as the second one it is still quite a good game to play for star trek fans like me! Well I prefer the games to the series. Any way in this game you can choose between four different races to be e.g. Federation/ Borg/ Klingon and I don’t remember the other one unfortunately as I have uninstalled the game now because it doesn’t work properly with my version of windows, but I still managed to play the game and finish it so it wasn’t so bad. The graphics are really good compared to some other games I no which are also the same age as this game and you can build starbases to harvest resources and construct your armada, you can also board derelict vessels and repair them to add to your fleet. You get over thirty ships and special weapons such as phasers photon torpedoes, quantum torpedoes etc to use in combat. You can also play this game in multiplayer via LAN or Internet so you can destroy your friend’s armadas and egos. There are also tons of missions to do such as save the enterprise, do not let the enterprise be destroyed, do not let warfs ship be destroyed, do not let locutus be destroyed, umm destroy all enemy ships and bases in the area and many more, also the missions are quite difficult so you wont be able to finish them very quickly unless you ...

Clairol Herbal Essences Replenisher Shampoo 30/05/2002

.Clairol Herbal Essences Replenisher Shampoo

Clairol Herbal Essences Replenisher Shampoo Clairol Herbal Essences Replenisher Shampoo My mum and sister brought this shampoo because they both like dying their hair and my sister’s hair is permed. I just used it because it was the only shampoo I could find, but my hair is a little dry, so any way I tried the shampoo and it was jus like any other shampoo except it did make my hair a little less dry than usual. Any way here are all the good points and things I can think of about it. . The smell is all right, it smells of roses and the smell is long lasting. . It makes your hair look healthy and gives it body. . It's organic. . After using it your hair feels silky smooth and it shines. . This shampoo comes in a 400ml bottle, and from the ones I have seen the liquid is usually pink. . They're priced averagely about £2.19. . It is soft, not sticky and you don’t need much to get a good lather. . It washes the hair well and is easy to rinse off. . It is made with natural, organic herbs. . They use pure mountain spring water combined with rose hips and vitamin E. . Britney spears used Herbal essences on her hair. (He he he) ok so buy this shampoo if you want ok bye. ...

Grand Theft Auto (PC) 18/11/2001

.An excellent game G.T.A.

Grand Theft Auto (PC) I bought G.T.A. (Grand theft auto), the pc version about six or seven months ago after I decided to sell my play station version of G.T.A, because my play station was on its way out, and I had completed all the missions on it. Then I realised how much I missed the game and so I had to go and buy it again this time on the pc, as it is more reliable and faster. On the pc version, you also get a bit more such as: You see fire engines every time a car explodes and you also get to steal them too, but you cannot use the water canon on them or at least I have not figured out how to yet. There are more people to choose from, and you can play online with other people. I am sure there are other things you can do on the pc version I just cant think of any thing right now though. In grand theft auto, you have to hijack vehicles and then drive around the city looking for jobs in order to earn points and finish the level, While you are diving around the city you can also drive over innocent pedestrians smash in to other cars and motorbikes, any thing that is on the road and then engage your self in a high-speed car chase with the police. You can also get out of your car and go on a mad killing spree with your various weapons ranging from machine guns to bazookas, you can easily get more ammo just by shooting at or driving over the boxes which are placed on the side walks nearly every where. If you get bored of playing the missions then you can just drive around the city ...

HP Deskjet 840c 18/11/2001

.A very good HP printer

HP Deskjet 840c The HP DeskJet 840c printer has been around for quite a while now but I bought my HP DeskJet 840c about a year ago with my new computer for about eighty-eight pounds and I think it is an excellent printer, which has done my family and me good to this day. We chose this printer mainly for my sister who was studying A-level photography then and needed a good photo quality printer to help her along her course. The HP DeskJet 840c printer has a resolution of 600x1200dpi, which makes excellent photo quality pictures and prints them out quite quickly too. When you take the printer out of the box it is very easy to set up, I didn’t even have to look at the instruction booklet, all you have to do is to find a place to put it, then its pretty obvious where all the wires go Installing this printer on to your computer is very easy as all the software you need is all on one CD rather than about six floppy disks, then all you need to do is insert the CD in to your CD- ROM and follow the on screen instructions to get under way. When all that is complete, then you can start using your printer like any other printer in the world. With this printer, you can print out roughly eight pages per minute in black & white and about roughly three to four pages per minute in colour. I like this printer because of its speed and looks, I also like that it does not make very much sound when printing unlike my old printer, which was extremely slow and very noisy. The HP DeskJet ...

Colgate Cavity Protection Regular Toothpaste Tube 25/10/2001

.Colgate Cavity Protection

Colgate Cavity Protection Regular Toothpaste Tube I have been using Colgate for a very long time as it is my dads fist choice and just about the only one he likes, it is also reletivly cheap to buy and lasts ages depending on how much you or other people use it. I think Colgate Cavity protection does every thing it says it does on the pack and that is that: It cleans teeth thouroughly, it gives cavity protection and it has a great mint taste, it also says Cavity protection strengthens teeth, helps fight plaque and leaves your mouth feeling fresh. I agree with all of this but im not sure if it strengthens your teeth or not but it certainly leaves your mouth feeling fresh and it does have a great mint taste, and after your teeth their is no plaque on them either but i think that depends on how you brush your teeth. I recomend colgate Cavity protection to any one who wants to keep their teeth in good condition and leave their mouth feeling fresh every time you brush your teeth.

Microsoft MSN Messenger 23/10/2001

.a must have, MSN Messenger...

Microsoft MSN Messenger MSN messenger is an excellent way to chat to your friends for as long as you like and it’s absolutely free, so you have nothing to pay for the length of time that you spend on it, well it’s free for me any way, because I am with BT Internet so after six o’clock its free surfing for all, so if your with another service provider which charges by the minute then it may cost you a little more than others, there for restricting the time you can spend chatting to your friends on MSN messenger. I have now had MSN messenger for about two or three months and am very pleased with it because I can now communicate with my friends much more easily and for free. Before I had downloaded MSN messenger I found my self-having to spend about ten minutes on my mobile phone typing out a seven-word text message, letter by letter and it was costing me ten pence every time I sent a message plus I had to wait about five minutes for a reply. With MSN messenger you can type messages very quickly (depending on the speed of your typing) and send them instantly to your friends providing they are on line and logged on to MSN. With MSN messenger you can be sure that you’re talking to your friends and not some other strange person because you add your friends by their e-mail and they add you by your email. Plus when ever some one adds you to their contact list MSN messenger will let you know and give you the option of letting that person know whether you are logged on to MSN or ...
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