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What's the Real Reason - Polly Gibbons 13/01/2007

Real British Talent

What's the Real Reason - Polly Gibbons Polly Gibbons is an amazing singer. At the tender age of 23 she already displays a talent that sounds like a seasoned professional. It is not only her technical ability (which is second to none) but the feel and emotion she manages to convey in her voice puts her in a class way above most of the empty "popstar" vocals we seem to be saturated with these days. However....unless you are a follower of the very limited British Jazz scene, or tirelessly attend smaller live gigs...... you've probably never heard of her. This is symptmatic of the state of the music scene at the moment - we seem in danger of missing out on some of the finest talent in favour of quick fix satisfaction. Having gigged relentlessly at jazz clubs for the last few years, and featuring on a few compliations and other artists work, Polly Gibbons was nominated for a BBC Jazz Award in the newcomer category with no actual release of her own - a remarkable achievement and testament to her wide reaching, and yet non-commercial appeal. Her song on the BBC Jazz awards CD, "Saving Grace" (co-written by Tim Lapthorn and her sister) is truely great and already sounds like a classic. This long awaited debut album sees Miss Gibbons breaking into new territory with a smoothed out soul/RnB sound produced by Ola Onabule - another name you probably haven't, but definitely should have heard. All the tracks feature live instrumentation from some top British musicians, and lyrics come from Polly Gibbons herself. She seems ...

Napoleon Dynamite (DVD) 18/10/2006

Must see

Napoleon Dynamite (DVD) Napoleon dynamite is an incredible creation. He is a glimpse into the under-filmed demographic that is depressed, teenage, Middle-American outcasts. This film has a very realistic style - don't expect any big explosions! - it is much more about observing the intricate character details unfold. The acting is amazing - the characters are quite extreme and yet believable, and this is definitely helped by a strong cast. It is one of those films where "nothing really happens" - that's not entirely true, or necessarily a bad thing, but it can feel like one long comedy sketch. There is a scene towards the end of the film that is, honestly, probably my favourite ever. It is almost shocking and indicates "something really happening" but is entirely consistant with the plot line and makes this an endearing as well as hilarious film. I highly recommend. ...

Revolutionary, Vol. 1 (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Immortal Technique 13/10/2006


Revolutionary, Vol. 1 (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Immortal Technique Immortal Technique is one of the greatest Mcees I have ever heard. He has an incredible talent of flow and rhyme construction and his content is easily understandable an highly intelligent. He is consistantly on strongly themed songs with relevant content. He can be very controversial- but generally only to "prove a point". If I could compare him to anyone (and thi will sound strange!!) it would be Eminem - due to both having very strong content and controversy. However Immortal Technique is a lot more "honest" than Em. His controversy is usually related to specific politcal or social issues and in the same breath he will display a deep understanding of them. He has also resisted signing major record deals, preffering to retain his control over content. His storytelling as shown on "Dance with the devil" is also top notch. He is expert at painting images with both sentimental and circumstancial detail. I would recommend him to anyone. A tru rapper using his artform. This album is very raw in terms of productions - It is very much "rap" - that is to say that the beats are generally simple 2 bar loops with almost no changes throughout - this suits Immortal Technique well as his lyrics are so outstanding and they are clear to be heard. Although the beats are raw and simple they are great. They remind me of all the hip-hop that I like - simple sample, big beats. Creation & Destruction --------------- --------------- -- Immortal technique jumps straight in with his ...

God's Son (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Nas 13/10/2006

Nas returns to form

God's Son (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Nas Nas is the rapper everyone loves to hate, and hates to love. His release, "Illmatic" is still regarded as one of the best hip-hop albums ever. Not bad for a debut! The only problem is that since then, Nas has been on a journey of ups and downs. His lyrics and flow have generally been unfaultering (...generally) but he has made some bad desicions and ended up with a few dud releases. Needlessly to say, he is a survivor - This release gets the decent beats back for him, and the sentiment that seems to fit him so well. It seems when Nas selss himself as a common street thug that he is selling himself short - here he returns as the King of New YOrk, leaving the scraps to his features. His lyrical constructions are exquisite - the only critiscm would be that the songs sometimes lack a strong theme - he often wanders off on more freestyle/battle ryme styles. Nas is without doubt one of my favourite MCees. His consistency is unrivalled and although I have cringed at a lot of his stuff, his career and life to a certain extent are on record - It's like you can follow his evolution through the releases - God's Son was for me a needed reassurance that he still could produce the goods. Not a Classic - but if you like Nas, get this. GET DOWN great sample - nice laid back vibe - very held back drumline.... Nas, as always, calculated aggression.... great track. great storytelling. This beat is a little unexciting and bare, but the simplicity is good for Nas to show his skill THE ...

Blue Lines - Massive Attack 12/10/2006

great British music

Blue Lines - Massive Attack Massive Attack are one of the most influential acts to emerge from the UK. This is mostly due to their ability to fuse many different elements of music from the various 'members' and come up with an original yet familiar sound. This was their debut album which takes on a more trip-hop/downbeat style than some of their later work. The sounds here are more organic than anything heard in later releases. For me this album really gives a feel of raw electronicly produced music, rather than the seemless crystal clear sound that most electronic music has nowadays. Not to say that the sound quality is poor - Massive Attack are true masters at sonic cohesion, blending synths, samples and vocals seemlessly. The vocal talent of Shara Nelson is truely displayed here as she wails soulfully in a masterful way. Horace Andy is also featured with his fantastically distinct tone and vibrato. Both these artists are ideal for this music. The instrumentation is generally not overly prone to carrying an extended melody form. But both these artists are expert at creating a song out of nothing. You feel as if you could listen to them riffing all day on just a drum loop. There is also rapping from Tricky, 3-D and Daddy -G and Mushroom, however this is a style of rap that is not widely known. It is much more lyrical and gently paced in general - not for all ears, but it fits the music perfectly 1) Safe From Harm This is a dark brooding slow tempo song with a great rolling bassline. Even though ...

Be Un limited 11/10/2006

the future...almost

Be Un limited I have, for years, had 2mb broadband and found it generally very acceptable for browsing most websites. Downloading was a little frustrating, but bareable. Then I heard about phone exchange upgrades etc. and specifically about Be offering 24mb service. This seemed an obvious choice at the same price as my 2mb line (£20-25) so i signed up. The initial service was installed flawlessly and easily - this was dispite me having to reactivate a phone line and cancel and previous broadband similtaneously. After the standard 10 days(ish) I was online. Immediately the benefits were clear. Pages loading at the speed my computer could manage to actually process the images. The majority of my internet browsing is now instant. Download speeds can vary, but I have managed a 16mb transfer rate. It is a fantastic service. I was eager to get online and ,as I said , had issues with my phone line. I was in regular contact with the customer services and found them very helpful. I have not sinced needed to contact them -althought there have been some disruptions in service, these are generally only a matter of seconds and too infrequent to be described as a problem. I have had much worse connectivity issues with my previous providers. Overall I would definitely reccommend Be. It is priced the same as most slower connections and the speed claims are genuine.

Sony Network Walkman NW-HD1 20 GB 11/10/2006


Sony Network Walkman NW-HD1 20 GB When I first got this little player I was very pleased - I could finally move my huge mp3 collection onto a portable device which also had the ability to switch the output impedence to suit it as a hifi auxillary input. I have since changed my mind and am looking for something else. The graphics display is far from fancy, and a little annoying to navigate between menus due to lack of keys - this lack of keys of course proves a plus in terms of the simplicity of this device. Songs can be transferred onto the player from formats such as mp3, wav & wmv. However all tracks transferred are converted into Sony's very own mp3 counterpart, omg. PLEASE NOTE - this may have changed on newer models as there is a firmware upgrade avaliable for all models enabling mp3 preservation - the upgrade however requires a wiping of the memory. The annoying thing about omg (which hasn't really taken off) is that it has very strict rights policies on songs whch prevent copying or even moving of files - even if the user owns the original. I have my collection stored on y player, but it is essentially locked on there. songs are transferred by a software onto a usb cradle where the player sits. Its not too bad - my software crashed once, but a simple reinstall fixed it. - I did find the sorting method of songs on the player slightly annoying - hard to find things unless you are super organized right from the start. The sound quality is nothing special on headphones - the built in eqs can ...

Nokia 3100 11/10/2006

something that works

Nokia 3100 I have had this phone for a long time now. I stopped using it a few years back and had a couple of fancy camera and mp3 phones. But I have returned to using this one now. I am not a techno-phobe. I have worked with computers all my life. But this is the only phone I have ever used with no problems. With other phones I find that some menu actions can take a long time - as if the software is crashing. I find this really annoying as I only want to use my phone for making calls. It has a good battery life, and reception - it has no mp3 player or camera, but u can receive photo messages. If you need a phone exclusively for making calls - this is a great buy.

Peep Show - Series 1-3 - Complete (Box Set) (DVD) 11/10/2006

take a peep

Peep Show - Series 1-3 - Complete (Box Set) (DVD) The basic idea of peep show is that it is entirely filmed from a 1st person point of view. This switches between the 2 main characters, and the viewer also gets to hear what the person is thinking. Both the characters are young (ish) male flatmates. One an uptight business man, the other a slacker musician - let the fun begin! The whole idea of hearing their thoughts as they interact works well as both are very confused individuals - however it can get a little tiresome as you can start to predict their reactions...the thing that keeps it alive is the fast changing storyline. Personally I think this is the best thing about the show... the stories seem to be so turbulant that nothing is steady other than the characters - who are very confused!!! The cast, especially the support are great and I recommend this to all fans of decent British humour.
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