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M&M's - Blink 182 29/07/2001

Not The Sweeties

M&M's - Blink 182 this is actually the first Blink182 track that I heard. I heard it ona music videos website and I must say that the song was great and the video funny (whilst poor in quality). This is one of the big tracks from Blink-182s first proper album Chesire Cat. it is a good feeling love type song. The song itself is very upbeat, its fast and the lyrics are good whilst being funny and to some extent even meaningful. funny lyrics from this include "My love life was getting so bland, -there are only so many ways i can make love to my hand" Also good lyrics from this are "When I'm with you, theres nothing i wouldn't do, i wanna be the only one". The track ends well with the lyrics "is this going to be the end, or are you going to be my new girlfriend" The song definitely one of Blink-182s best tracks it is worth buying chesire cat just for this song.

Enema of the State (Parental Advisory) [PA] - blink-182 21/07/2001

They Hit It Big

Enema of the State (Parental Advisory) [PA] - blink-182 This was the album that made Blink-182 known world wide, with the smash single 'All The Small Things' being the main hit in no small part to its extremely good video. This is also the first album in which Travis Barker is the drummer and in all of the tracks you can hear how good a drummer he is. Numerous fast tracks on this album such as 'Dumpweed', 'Dont Leave Me' both about girls and relationships. The album also has a good joke song in 'Alien Exist' about aliens and perceptions of believers, 'Whats My Age Again' is slightly styled as a joke song- a song also with a great funny video. All The Small Things was the biggest track from the album- although deemed pop it is still a great song. 'Anthem' is also a catchy track along the lines of teenage problems with parental authority. 'Going Away to College','Mutt', 'Dysentey Gary', 'Party Song' also good fast tracks, in particular 'Going Away To College' has a great start slower start to it in which it builds up. My favourite tracks from this are 'Wendy Clear'- its just a class track, and the absolute standout track 'Adams Song'. Adams song it most definitely blinks deepest track. It is a track about a boys contemplation of suicide due to problems and overcoming those problems. By many of blinks fans it is the bands worst album- quite unfair to some extent, although not all wrong. The album though is a huge jump from "Dude Ranch" and with "pop" fans liking it, much criticism arose. 12 straight tracks spanning 35 ...

Adams song - Blink 182 21/07/2001


Adams song - Blink 182 Adams song came from the highly criticised Enema Of The State, but one thing that was always said - Adams Song was a standout track with superior quality. Where Blink182 has always been assosiated with fast tracks about girls and jokes, Adams Song showed a completely different side to their music. The track is about how a boy is feeling low and in a state of teenage depression. the song tells of a contemplation of suicide with lyrics such as " i never thought i'd die alone", " You'll be sorry when i'm gone" and with a reference to a suicide attempt " i traced the cord back to the wall, no wonder it was never plugged in at all". As the track nears the end we are shown how the boy overcomes his problems to have a different out look. This is shown with lyrics like "Tomorrow holds such better days". The song is extremely deep, especially for a band who are ,most commonly known for their "potty" humour. It is easily one of Blink182s best songs from all of their albums.

Cheshire Cat - blink-182 14/07/2001

Am I just Wasting My Time

Cheshire Cat - blink-182 Blink 182 s first full LP and a good one at that. 16 tracks with not much filler (maybe a couple come close). Top tracks on this album are 'M&M's and 'Wasting Time'. both surprisingly enough about girls. Yes this album like many of Blink-182s later albums is quite a lot about girls- but I dont care cos i like it. The tracks are much more "raw" especially in comparison to their later albums like Enema of the state and Take Off You Pants and Jacket. The tracks are very guided towards the instruments and less on the lyrics, although the lyrics are very good. for example in 'M&M's "there are only so many ways I can Make love with my hand" or in wasting time "I Sit At Home And Wonder If Shes Sitting At Home Thinking Of Me And Wondering If I'm Sitting At Home Thinking About Her". I can personally listen to the whole album without skipping- there are numerous little jokes in songs and in between songs. Many people say that Dude Ranch is there best album But if you actually listen to both Chesire Cat and Dude Ranch - Chesire cat is just as good maybe better. especially Lyrically.

Dude Ranch - blink-182 11/07/2001

Met This Guy Benjamin Dover

Dude Ranch - blink-182 Many Blink-182 fans will tell you that this is Blink-182 at their best, and it is very difficult to argue. A 15 track album with some good fast tracks and also with many humerous unterludes and subjects. Main tracks from this album are 'Dammit' and 'Josie' - both released in the US and helped to gain Blink-182 the majority of their pre-enema fans. This Album was done before the band was fully signed up to a major label and so the production is less aimed toward the vocals and give the band a much more raw sound which is very effective and different if you have only heard their latest stuff. It has joke songs in 'Degenerate' (see title) and 'A New Hope' which is a song about Pricess Leah (star Wars). 'I'm sorry' which is the final track on the album also has a humourous bit on the ending as does 'untitled' which is also a fantastic track. Blink-182 have some great tracks on this album such as Apple Shampoo, Dick Lip - which despite its title isn't really a joke song, although it seems strange that the first words are 'Please Mum'. A very good track also is 'Lemmings' - a track not about one of the greatest computer games ever, but about not following the crowd..etc. This was the first Blink-182 album I bought and I was hooked to this band since. I really reccommend this especially if you have any of Blink-182 's earlier or more recent albums. I dont know if I could say it is their best album but it is very close and should be bought.

Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (Parental Advisory) [PA] - blink-182 10/07/2001

Take Off Your Pants And Jack It

Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (Parental Advisory) [PA] - blink-182 This is the follow up album to the highly acclaimed and highly criticised album Enema Of The State. It is much longer than EOTS, 13 tracks with 3 bonus tracks and a bonus video. The album is much more edgier than Enema of the state and is a good attempt to win back the respect of many of their fans. There are very typical Blink182 songs with a extremely fast sound as well as some slower sounding tracks. As usual the lyrics go along the line of Girls and Teenage problems and anxiety. Slow songs are 'Story of a lonely guy', 'Stay Together for the Kids' and one of the bonus tracks 'What went wrong' - whilst these are slower songs they still have a relatively nice tone to them - whcih doesnt get you too down. Numerous fast tracks in the album include 'Anthem Part II' which is a continuation of 'Anthem' from EOTS, 'Give Me one good Reason' and 'Shut up' As the style of Blink-182 there are also a couple of "joke" songs such as 'Happy Holidays you bastard' and depending on which CD you get there is a bonus joke song - one of either 'Fuck a Dog', ' When you fucked granpa' or 'Mothers Day' - each all hilarious. My personal favourites are 'Reckless Abandon'- a very edgy track that come across with some anger, and 'Please Take Me Home' - whilst still being a fast song about girls - it just has somethign different to it. Also for the people that liked the "closer to pop" style of EOTS - there are also The Rcok Show and Roller coaster - they are still though great ...
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