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Lush Let the Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser 31/05/2014

Let The Good Times Roll!

Lush Let the Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser Lush’s Let The Good Times Roll fresh cleanser for the face and body is not just for Christmas anymore. Back by popular demand, this cleanser has become an all year round product and is a treat for the skin. Made with maize flour and polenta to gently exfoliate, and cinnamon powder to stimulate and leave your skin feeling soft. Let The Good Times Roll is topped off with corn oil and popcorn to leave your skin with an irresistible caramel buttery scent and a natural glow. Well if that isn't enough to grab your attention, then I don't know what is, but when this little pot of joy came through my door I was so delighted because this had been one of my favourite Lush products for a long time and it suddenly went and disappeared. But now it is back and it is all mine. For me this cleanser is quite similar to 'Angels on Bare skin' which I also love, but instead of having the exfoliating ingredient of ground almonds this has ground corn or maize. WHAT LUSH SAY Fresh Cleanser "A Maize In, gentle facial wash We popped corn oil, polenta, maize flour and cinnamon in here. The perfect recipe to gently exfoliate, moisturise and soften your skin for those times when you want to get ready for close-ups. Let The Good Times Roll is a gentle treat for the skin, leaving you soft to the touch with a lingering buttery caramel popcorn fragrance - when you look and feel this good you can give your Body Double the day off." As with most Lush products there is a huge list of ingredients and ...

Colgate Proclinical A1500 04/05/2013

After 30's years I will admit I turned Pro!

Colgate Proclinical A1500 After 30 years... For as long as I can remember, I have been a manual toothbrush kind of girl. I have got to my early 30’s with all of my own teeth, never having had a filling or a tooth out, so I must be doing something right! Going all Pro A few months ago, I was sent The new Colgate® ProClinical® A1500 electric toothbrush to try out and review. I have never in my life had an electric toothbrush, didn’t see the point in them, just another gadget, but I was willing to give it a try and see how I got on with it. The ProClinical® A1500 is described as being: “The only toothbrush in the UK with smart sensors that automatically adjust the speed and direction of the brush strokes for a superior* clean — so you get different cleaning and care for your teeth and gums”. Then it makes the following further claims: *Colgate A1500 Powered by Omron *The first electric toothbrush with auto-pilot *5x more plaque removal along the gum line *Manually change between 3 unique brushing modes *The new Colgate® ProClinicalTM A1500 is the UKs first electric toothbrush with smart sensors that automatically adjust to clean both teeth & gums Ooh ark at you... Sounds impressive doesn’t it? The built-in smart sensors change the speed of the toothbrush when you are brushing your teeth depending on how you hold your toothbrush, it is quite weird when you first start to use it, but as you get used to the brush, it becomes more than normal and it means that as you are stood cleaning your teeth ...

Moa Green Balm 25/04/2013

Balmy about Moa

Moa Green Balm Just lovely Have you ever come across a product that you have loved as soon as you have set eyes on it? It isn't something that happens very often to me but just recently it has and today I am going to share with you my love for one product. It's all about the tube Arriving in a cardboard tube, which is stunning to look at and something that immediately grabs your attention, I introduce you to Móa The Green Balm 50ml and Luxurious Bamboo Face Cloth. I simply adore this packaging, not only does it tell you everything you need to know about what is inside, it is just so different to everything else on my shelf and is so unique I cant help but smile when I see it. Moa is described like this, "It might not have been made by witches or wizards, but hidden inside each tube of Móa's new 'Daily Cleansing Ritual' is a balm that magically helps to remove even the most stubborn of makeup, clears up acne, nourishes dry skin and removes impurities to leave the skin balanced and glowing...". Perfect right? Well I thought so and as soon as you open the tube, inside you are greeted with the softest cloth I have ever come across, I simply wanted to curl up and just stroke it, it is that soft. Made of Bamboo Fibre, this cloth is naturally anti-bacterial and is one of the planets more eco materials and because it is so soft, on your face it feel like heaven. The Balm The balm itself which is inside a plastic tub, is slightly green in colour, is 100% natural and is a cleansing facial ...

Anatomicals You Need A Blooming Shower Shower Gel 17/03/2013

BLOOMING HELL - whiff that!

Anatomicals You Need A Blooming Shower Shower Gel Blooming hell - whiff that '"Look at that, the blooming man in your life has left the toilet seat up again. And he's blooming well dropped his dirty towels on the floor. He's also squeezed the blooming toothpaste from the top. Oh, and aren't those blooming underpants behind the door? Never mind, at least you can enjoy a reviving shower with this floral cleanser. Heavens, he's only gone and blooming used it all to wash himself....'" It states on the back of my current favourite body cleanser from Anatomicals aptly named "You need a blooming shower! Your nose smells rose". Again it is the descriptions and details about these products which make me cackle and they do make a fabulous gift, especially if you get It just right. In the box This product came to me in last months Glossybox and at 150ml or 5 fl oz whichever way you prefer to look at it. Again the packaging is quite quirky and very tongue in cheek being bright pink in colour for the main part of the tube and the flip top lid is a bright yellow colour and it definitely stands out in your bathroom on a dull and dreary morning, even with your eyes half closed because you would rather be in bed, you can spot this item. Flip the lid and whiff it Once you flip the lid of the tube and inhale, the first thing to hit you is the smell of roses, it is one of the most wonderful smells in the world, you could almost be walking through an English Country Garden it is so fresh smelling and there is nothing quite like the smell ...

Alison Claire Mango Body Butter 25/02/2013

I'm feeling fruity today, I've got my Mangoes out...

Alison Claire Mango Body Butter Every now and then... Every so often in one of the beauty boxes that I subscribe too, I come across a product which I immediately like and know I will continue to use. Whenever these boxes do arrive, I endeavour to use all of the sample sent, most of which last between 2-3 weeks as I feel that should give me a decent amount of time to decide whether or not I like the item. Alison Claire - who?? Alison Claire, So Remarkable, Mango Butter is one of those products that I just love. For me the sample arrived in a plastic bottle, similar to the sample sizes you get for The Sanctuary Spa products in boots, it is marketed as being a 50ml pocket-sized bottle retailing for £7.99. The bottle had pull off plastic lid and a pump action dispenser which is really easy to use and around the middle of the bottle was a label which told you the name of the brand and what it was - in this case it was Mango Body Butter by Alison Claire and underneath all of that was the following "So beautifully natural, so rich and nourishing". I had never heard of Alison Claire before I was introduced to the products via Glossybox so being naturally curious I looked around for information. Alison Claire is a real person as well as a brand name and she has been a health practitioner for around 30 years, so her biog tells us and it was in 1991 that she began to produce her own products with the moniker "So Remarkable". All of the products from within this range such as shampoo, conditioner, lip balm, body ...

Cowshed Knackered Cow Relaxing Bath & Massage Oil 15/02/2013

You are looking at a Knackered Cow!

Cowshed Knackered Cow Relaxing Bath & Massage Oil Knackered cow! Knackered cow - probably just about sums me up right now and I have the bath product to match. Cow Shed products are suitable for vegetarians, do not test their products on animals and most products are suitable for both men and women. Cowshed products are marketed as being a stylish range of natural, therapeutic products whose "indulgent bath and home products are blended using the highest quality organic, fair trade and wild-crafted essential oils from around the world. The botanicals are naturally free from Parabens, petrochemicals and sulphates, contain no artificial fragrances or colours, and are suitable for vegetarians". (as stated on the cowshed website). Within the Cowshed range there are products ranging from Bath and Shower lotions, gels, candles, soap, hand wash, massage oils and a whole host of treats which are all listed on the Cowshed website. Cheekily advertised The reason I like these products is described rather well in the advert - Cheekily named, addictively indulgent. With products names such as: *Wild Cow *Horny Cow *Lazy Cow *Moody Cow *Grumpy Cow and Knackered Cow, how could you not find them amusing? Back to being Knackered This particular product is called 'Knackered Cow' which did make me laugh when I saw it on the shelf in Boots. It retails for £20 and for that money you get a bottle which contains 100ml of 'Relaxing Bath and Massage Oil'. I really like Cowshed products and don't use them as much as I should. Not only do ...

Dead Sea Spa Magik Bath Salts 11/02/2013

I'm not talking fish and chips or sweaty arcades here!

Dead Sea Spa Magik Bath Salts A little bit Yuck and Eurgh I am a huge fan of Dead Sea Magik products and whenever I am feeling a little bit ‘yuck’ or a little bit ‘eurgh’, I tend to revert back to using a product from this range. Now I do suffer from backache, especially when I am stressed and one of the things which I use to help ease the dull ache is a hot bath, it does work for me, despite my husband being a total cynic on the whole ‘hot bath’ thing. Dead Sea Magik The Dead Sea Magik brand offers a range of products for your skin, your face, your body, your hair, anti-ageing and sun protection to name but a few. You can find these products in places such as your local pharmacy (mine is a Lloyd's), Holland & Barrett, Debenhams and John Lewis to name a few and the prices for a product range from £1.99 for a sachet which I would recommend using as a trial if you are unsure right up to over £50 for a variety of products within a package. The Dead Sea? So where are these products comes from? Well, it is said that for centuries, people from all over the globe have travelled to the Dead Sea to benefit from the therapeutic effects of its mineral crystals. The Dead Sea, which is a body of water measuring approximately 400 square miles, lies between Israel and Jordan and the is rich in many minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium to name but a few. For decades it has been believed that minerals such as these work together to help to relieve common skin problems such as irritation and ...

Hikari Crab Cuisine 05/02/2013

I've got Crabs!!

Hikari Crab Cuisine Something fishy going on... In my aquarium along with many different varieties of fish, I have 3 Red Claw Crabs, often referred to as Thai Crabs. The reason I got them was because they are very different, they look cute and they work well in my aquarium. Keeping them is as easy as keeping any of the fish that I have, though they do sometimes fight and should fish venture too close to them, they do often chase them, but cause no harm or attack them. Red Claw Crabs To look at the Red Claw Crabs are to begin with fairly tiny, no bigger than the lid of a Coca Cola bottle when they start out in life and whilst they grow, they don't outgrow the tank and become too big to look after or fit in with their habitat, infact they grow no bigger than 4cm in length. When I bought them from my local Marine Centre, I was told to ensure they had somewhere to hide, because they like to be out of the way and have their own space, give them something to climb up, on and in and ensure there is somewhere for them to be able to sit out of the water, either using a piece of driftwood or another aquarium ornament that would allow them to do this. My crabs are particularly inquisitive and as soon as a new ornament appears in the aquarium it isn't long before the are clambering all over it, often fighting with one another to figure it out and see what it is, especially if there is somewhere to hide. You also need to take extra care when making any changes to your aquarium as these crabs move very ...

Dirty Burger, London 18/01/2013

It is SO Dirty it is Amazing

Dirty Burger, London Excited... alot It's not often I get excited about visiting a fast food shop, I live opposite a McDonalds, KFC, Wimpy and have so many other eateries such as Italian and Greek Restaurants that I could, if I could afford to, eat out every night of the week. But thankfully I don't live too close to Dirty Burger because I would become the size of a house. Introducing Dirty Burger... I first came across Dirty Burger when my Hubby became obsessed with people tweeting pictures about it saying how good it was and for weeks we kept saying we would go and see what all the fuss was about and try it ourselves. Well since that fateful day, now all I want is another Dirty Burger. Situated in Kentish Town in London, you need to know the exact location before you leave home to find it or you might wonder up and down Highgate Road for hours looking for it. Infact when you do come across it, chances are you will walk right past it into the LA Fitness Gym which is just next door because Dirty Burger is not like Wimpy or McDonald's, it doesn't stand out on the high-street with a big golden 'M', infact when you do realise exactly where it is, you might look twice because it is a little wood shack at the back of another restaurant called Chicken Shed (similar to Nando's). Once inside you can see the look of confusion on the faces of those (like myself) visiting for the first time when it comes to wondering how it works. There is one big table in the middle of the shack with seats and then ...

Bosch Tassimo T20 11/01/2013

Like me - simple and easy

Bosch Tassimo T20 I Just Don't Do Sales... I am not one for the Sales, the thought of queueing up outside Next at 3am to get a pair of jeans for £5 really doesn't appeal to me. But there are times when even I am surprised and between Christmas and New Year, I was doing my online food shop with Tesco when I clicked on Tesco Direct by mistake and was taken to their sale page, so I had a look about. For a while now, I have been saying that we need to replace our very old coffee machine, it works but it is very slow and will at any moment depart for Coffee machine heaven and there is no way I am going back to drinking instant coffee, I don't like it, but I wasn't sure I could justify spending over £100 on a new coffee machine right there and then. Then I saw the Bosch Tassimo T20 Multi Beverage Machine on offer for £54 in the Tesco sale and promptly bought one as it usually sells for around that £100. It is called a Multi Beverage machine because it does more than coffee, it does tea, hot chocolate, speciality teas and speciality coffees also such as Espresso and Latte Macchiato to name but a few. Oooh it's here... It arrived a few days later in a much smaller box than I had been expecting, nothing untoward about that, it was simply packed for the machine rather than wasted packaging and loads of polystyrene. Inside the box was my T20 machine in a nice sleek black colour, the only colour that was available on the offer and the accompanying 1.5 Litre water tank, nicely wrapped in foam for ...

Sensitive & Peeling Nail Envy 05/01/2013

There is a definite improvement in hardness here!

Sensitive & Peeling Nail Envy Weak and Irritating I suffer terribly with my hands at times. Not only does my skin get all dry and chapped, but my nails are quite weak and peel, which means they can be left looking really horrible and embarrassing. They peel particularly around the sides of my nail which can be irritating and sore if I pick at it, which I tend to do from time to time. So I needed to fix the problem and find a solution. A friend of mine who is a nail technician and forever nagging me about taking better and more care of my nails sent me a bottle of OPI Sensitive & Peeling Nail Envy to try and solve my problem. I don't bite my fingers nails anymore, I grew out of that in my teens and I do have naturally white tips when my nails do grow, my problem is that dealing with a lot of ink, paper and printing machines, my nails are the last thing I am thinking of. O.....I... OPI is a brand that I have heard of, though I have to admit I am no nail varnish expert and don't tend to apply any to my finger nails, in fact I only ever paint my toenails and that tends to be with whatever I've got in my make-up box or with whatever someone has bought for me. I am not loyal to any particular brand nor do I rush out and have to try the latest of everything nail varnish related. If I do purchase anything it tends to be clear varnish for my fingernails and something dark and moody (like me) for my toenails. This particular product is a 15ml bottle which retails somewhere around £18-£20 far too much if I ...

Lush Moon and Sun Steamer Tab 18/12/2012


Lush Moon and Sun Steamer Tab In YOUR face One of the newer products within the Lush range that I am quite taken with are the toner and steamer tabs which can be found in the 'face' section on the website or in my local Lush shop, they can be found next to the moisturising creams. Toner tabs A toner tab is designed to give the skin on your face a little more TLC and when the weather is this cold and this icy, my skin definitely needs a little something extra to keep it in tip top condition, more so when I am have just got over a really bad cold and I feel like my skin is very dull and lifeless and in need of something extra and instead of using a facemask, I decided to use the Moon and Sun steamer tab which I purchased online with a few other bits. The Moon and Sun steamer Tab, although not an exciting name by Lush standards is smaller than a 10p in size and is a bright white coloured tablet with some lavender flowers placed on the top. Each Tab you buy is £2.50 and for that you get a 7g tab which you only get one use out of. The last time I bought a product from this range it cost 75p so there has been a bit of a price increase for these products, that said the price didn't put me off. So what exactly is a steamer tab and more to the point what does it do? When I purchased my first ever tab I was slightly perplexed as to what to do with it and had to look online for a bit of help. This tab is sold as being "A blend of oils for both mind and skin, skillfully presented in an easy to use tab. Steam ...

Bomb Cosmetics Chilly Willy Candle 12/12/2012

Got my Chilly Willy out!

Bomb Cosmetics Chilly Willy Candle Forget about it I love this time of year. It gets dark early, I come home from work, close the curtains and light one of my many candles and settle down to relax (after doing the washing, hovering, putting clothes away and feeding the cats and fish) and forget about work for the evening. Bomb Cosmetic Time As I had used up all my Yankee Candles and have to wait and see if Santa will be bringing me any when he visits next month, I decided now would be as good a time as any to try something new. So I have tried a few of the Lily flame candles and really liked those and I also decided to try some of the candles on offer from Bomb Cosmetics, whose products I have always enjoyed using. For anyone who doesn't know who Bomb Cosmetics are, then take a look at their website and see for yourself, for me they are my Lush alternative and I use them when I fancy a change of product. Like Lush they have Bath Bombs, shower gels, soaps, Lip Balm, Lip Scrubs, massage bars, foot creams, hand creams and bath salts to name but a few of their product area and you will also find that many, if not most of them, all have eye-catching names such as Parma Chameleon Bath Blaster which smells of Parma violet sweets you might have eaten as a child and when it come into contact with water it changes colour slightly. Things like this make chuckle and more inclined to try them. Chilly Willy anyone? Chilly Willy, which I have to hold my hand up and say I bought just because of the name and the fact ...

Lush Midnight Massage Bar 01/12/2012

Hard to soft and a bit of persistence at Midnight!

Lush Midnight Massage Bar Is it Saturday yet? Have you ever had one of those weeks where you have been going from one meeting to the next, carrying loads of paperwork and files, rushing about on and off the tube and when you get home at the end of the week you literally ache from head to foot, from the smallest toe right up to the top of your head? Well that was me not so long ago, infact just over 2 weeks ago. A.K.A - The whiffy shop For me, one of the best products to ever come out of the whiffy shop (as my Nan calls it) is the massage bars. They have to be one of my favourite products to buy and whenever something new comes out and I spot it either on their website having just got paid or in the 'Lush Times' you can guarantee I have bought it within the next few days. Why I like them so much is because putting it simply, they are a great product. I am yet to purchase and try a massage bar that I don't like and to date there is over ten different ones to try currently on sale and probably one or two more in the Retro section of Lush. The purpose for me of using a massage bar is to make you relax you, take away stress or simply moisturise your skin to make it all soft supple and of course not forgetting that it takes two to use... I don't think I need to say more than that. The current issue of the Lush Times, which came through my door just under a month ago is circled like an Argos catalogue is for kids of 'I would like' items. One of those thing being the 'Midnight' massage bar which when ...

A Street Cat Named Bob - James Bowen 20/11/2012

A purrfectly true 'tail' of love and friendship to make you smile

A Street Cat Named Bob - James Bowen My Fur-kids I am a big lover of cats; I have four of my own and affectionately refer to them as my fur-kids. Dude is 9 years old, Geezer is 8 years old, Asbo is 5 years old and the baby Dexter is just over a year old and I wouldn't be without any of them. If I win Euro-millions or even the lottery then my dream would be to open a cattery for unloved and unwanted cats and kittens. Meet Bob A second passion of mine is reading, a total bookworm and a Kindle convert, though I do still read paper and hard back books and in my local supermarket there is usually a deal on when buying paperback books and this time I found myself purchasing a book called "A Street-cat named Bob" written by James Bowen and I was drawn to it because of the lovely face of Bob who has lovely big green eyes and appears on the front cover wearing a little scarf. There has been a lot of media hype recently about this book, rumours are that it is to be turned into a film and many have compared it to the story of Marley and Me, if that is the case then I will definitely want to go and see it. But the book is based on a simple story of Man meets cat. James Bowen is a young man whose life hasn't been easy; he had fallen on hard times. His life had been somewhat chaotic as he moved between families in Britain and Australia. James then ended up on the sleeping rough on the streets of London for two years and sadly hooked on heroin, which he says helped him forget his homelessness. James thankfully ended up ...
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