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Buzz! The BIG Quiz (PS2) 02/06/2006


Buzz! The BIG Quiz (PS2) this is a fantastci game for all the family to play u have ur own personel buzzer for answering questionson all kinds off genre its easy to set up and to use and four of u can play it at once the graphics are good and sound is good its easy for the kids to play its a bit like millionaire it well worth the money u pay for it and i would recommend anyone to buy it its a fun game tp play and u will be soon addicted to it u could play on it all day long and never get board with it as it would probably get rid of any boardem u have so come on buy it and have a try have some fun ...

Motorola V545 02/06/2006

my phone

Motorola V545 i like the phone is small compact but needs louder speaker texting could be made easier like leaving the qucik text off and have it as the usual text as i think its not that good the camerea is quite clear and the pictures can be good but somtimes it dont fit the screeen proper its good to have the internet on as i can download mucis and pictures form other sites i have gprs on it and wap its got a back light which u can adjust and it has an alarm which is quite loud u can only put 1 mp3 on it chich takes most of the memory up thats one of the disadvantages the lcd is very bright so u cna see it cearly and u can have the time showing which is a good thing u can also have the phone so it opens to answer or use the keypad to answer ...
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