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Nivea Creme General Purpose Cream 30/09/2010

A Mighty White Weapon Against Dry Skin

Nivea Creme General Purpose Cream I like using different brands of body cream and moisturizers, changing the brand every now and then to avoid boredom, and to be honest, trying whatever is on offer but is still a quality product. On my last trip to England (and on one of my visits to Boots), I tried to use up all my Boots Advantage Card points before going home, so I bought so many things including Nivea Crème (the classic one). A QUICK LOOK INTO NIVEA'S HISTORY Nivea is a worldwide skin care brand which can be easily found nearly everywhere; it’s a German company named Beiersdorf, founded in 1911. Nivea crème was originally invented in Poland. The word Nivea is devised from the Latin word niveus/nivea/niveum which means snow-white because the finished product was (and still is) brilliant white. The company Beiersdorf invented the first product of its kind, it was a water-in-oil emulsifier and it was a success. Later on, products like Shaving creams, tanning oils, facial creams and many more were introduced into the market as Nivea became one of the most wanted personal care product providers. NIVEA CRÈME - GENERAL PURPOSE CREAM The Packaging Well, the packaging wasn’t the best: it was a very basic round metal tin in the smaller pot and plastic in the bigger ones, but all of them were dark blue with the name of the brand NIVEA Crème in white writing. As far as I remember, Nivea crème has retained its original basic look over the years; it has had some special editions ...

Member Advice on Tattoos 30/09/2010

My Three English Roses!

Member Advice on Tattoos I can remember when we were little kids, my sister and I used to buy gum with tattoo stickers (the gum was terribly sweet and hard to chew but we mainly bought it for the stickers). We stuck the tattoo on our arms or hands . . . put some water and rub it gently to get that tattoo, which can be easily removed later by simply washing our hands or arms with warm water. The tattoo sometimes went off without any effort! Our mum never liked the idea of having a fake tattoo: she thought that having a tattoo is a naughty thing to do; she did forbid us from even buying the gum in the first place, as both chewing gum and tattoos (in her opinion) were inappropriate for girls (young and grown up)! Anyway, we used the fake tattoos every now and then with or without our mum’s knowledge and for us it was the naughtiest thing we ever did! WHAT IS A TATTOO? HISTORY OF TATTOO A tattoo is a marking that done by inserting or injecting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment for ornamental or other reasons. Tattoos are a very ancient way of body art and body decorations. It has been done and performed from a very long time in and has a pretty long history. Some studies show that tattoos may originally come from ancient Egypt and that was showing on their old paintings on the walls. Is it Tattoo or Tatao or Tatu? No matter how you spell it . . . still the same! The history of the word tattoo shows some very interesting results. The ...

Birds Eye Original Chicken Chargrills 30/09/2010


Birds Eye Original Chicken Chargrills While I was browsing the frozen food area in Iceland, I found some Birds Eye products in the “Anything for £1” section. I have always liked their food products, as they are always made out of premium meat and Birds Eye don’t fill their food with rubbish padding like some other food producers do; that is shown in their finished products. I don’t eat red meat so burgers and steaks were not on my list; I looked at their chicken range. There were so many from which to choose; I picked up a few. One of the items I bought was a pack of chicken chargrills. The packaging The packaging is in the form of a small square box and is made from soft cardboard. The bright orange box has the Birds Eye logo on the front, the name of the product and a picture of the chargrilled chicken fillet. On the sides you find the best before date, the weight of the product and the manufacturer’s postal address, contact number and the website address: On the back of the box there is a list of ingredients, nutritional information and suggested cooking methods; these are all displayed clearly. Birds Eye claims (their commandment to quality) * This chicken breast is a Farm assured chicken breast; the chickens are regularly monitored by expert vets to ensure a high standard food product. * The hens are watched over in barns and they are only feed with corn and vegetarian feed. * There are teams of expert to look after the animal welfare and Iceland only ...

Tesco Value Chocolate Spread 30/09/2010

Cheap by name,Cheap by taste!

Tesco Value Chocolate Spread Since I arrived to the England, I’ve been living on ready meals, peanut butter, cereal, marmalade and chocolate spread as a result of my insufficient cooking habits. In the past, I had tried many brands of chocolate spread and all kinds of chocolate spreads varying from white chocolate to dark hazelnut chocolate spread. Nutella was one of them and it was and still my favourite, then I realised that supermarkets had their own brand of chocolate spread. I bought ASDA’s smart price chocolate hazelnut spread at first. However recently I switched to Tesco’s Value chocolate spread because I found that ASDA’s chocolate spread was too sweet even for a person with a sweet tooth like me. Besides the ASDA was just a bit far from where I live. Tesco Value chocolate spread This chocolate spread was just slightly different than other brands which I had tried, since it stated on the front of the jar that it’s a CHOCOLATE spread . The others such as ASDA’S are chocolate hazelnut. I had never tried chocolate-chocolate spread before so I thought that it might be more chocolaty. The packaging Generally, the chocolate spread jar had basic written all over it. The chocolate spread was stored in a clear roundish glass jar with a white cap on the top. On the front, the usual Tesco’s value logo (the blue and white strips ) was on the top, a picture of nice looking piece of toast with a chocolate spread lightly spread on top of it. On the back you could see the ingredients, ...

Just Like Heaven (DVD) 30/09/2010

A film That Will Lift your Spirit To The Seventh Heaven!

Just Like Heaven (DVD) When it comes to films, I'm a sucker for a good romantic-comedy film; it is my favourite genre because it somehow matches my nature more than the action-thriller type films. The film "Just like heaven" is a 2005 production, so it is five years old film but I hadn't seen it before. The title of the film just reminds me of the famous song by the Cure (1987), and which I discovered later that the film was actually named after this song as the opening of the film contained the song. 'Just Like Heaven' the main story . . . Elizabeth Masterson: An attractive junior doctor who was committed to hospital work, contributing most of her time to her patients and to her career is involved in a tragic car accident, after being awake over twenty six hours working in the hospital. She was on her way to see her sister who had set her up for a 'blind date' with someone she had never met before, because she no way had the time for romance or dating. As a result of that accident, she went into a coma for three months. Afterwards, her family agreed to rent out her apartment so David Abbott was the new tenant. David was a nice lonely landscape artist who was mourning the loss of his wife by drinking himself to sleep and cutting himself off from social life . . . it was just him and the bottle! Things didn't work out smoothly for David as the peace and quiet he was longing for wasn't in this particular apartment, as Elizabeth or 'lizzy' kept appearing (well not exactly as ...

Review of the Year 2009 30/09/2010

I Went To Vegas And I Even Wore Red This Year!

Review of the Year 2009 A crucial decision to make . . . ME or the WORLD? Another year has gone by and another 365 days have been deducted from our life span. Last year I wrote my review of the year 2008 and now I am reviewing the year 2009. It is not easy to set your clock back to the beginning of 2009! I cannot remember all the actions and all the stories. I have read the reviews written by members . . . most of them were talking about the year in general: global warming; Obama and his Nobel Peace Prize; earthquakes; Harry Potter; and Britain’s got talent! So I was uncertain, should I review MY 2009-year or the world’s year? After long hard thinking, I came to a decision . . . I’m going to do exactly what I did last year; I’m going to review my life during the last 365 days! Let’s hope you find it interesting and won’t get bored! The year in general . . . Was it the complement of year 2008? It has been two years since I left the UK on 12th December 2007. My life has changed since then. 2007 was not too kind me to me at all but 2008 was a lot better and more stable for me so I was looking forward to the new shiny 2009, with high expectations and new hopes. It’s a part of our human nature, to expect the best from the new year, but we can’t just sit and wait for good fortune to come for us. We have to work hard to get it but we can’t forget God, fate and destiny. I strongly believe in them as I am a believer, we cannot do anything against His will. Anyway . . . 2009 in general was ...

Winner 61 V Winner 62 16/07/2010

Jinxes Don't Exist, Just Bald Referees And a Psychic Octopus!

Winner 61 V Winner 62 The 11th July, the day the La Furja Roja finally made a name for itself. We were always flops who never made it past the quarter finals but this year thanks to the “Golden Generation” we have not only won a world cup but also a EURO in the space of two years and that really is something to relish. We have been fasting for over 80 years now, however this year I thought there was something special, I had a feeling that we were going to win it and when I believe something is going to happen it is usually the outcome. Although I was sure that we were going to win, I received a pre-tournament blow via Pele. At that point I was a bit queasy as in 1994 he said that Colombia was going to win it ...out of the 1st round. In 2002 he believed France was going to defend its world cup title and we all know what happened there, no goals were scored making it the most shameful team in France’s history (although this year’s team can give them competition). In 2006, he said England would win it... Rooney’s red card and Ronaldo’s wink remind us of England’s loss on penalties against Portugal yet again. And this year he predicted that Spain, England and Brazil were all in with a shout and he believed that Rooney and Messi were going to light up the World cup after their impressive form for clubs Manchester united and Barcelona respectively. Our Road to South Africa After a triumphant Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland we were drawn in a group along with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Euro ...

Spain World Cup 2010 Team 16/06/2010


Spain World Cup 2010 Team I am finally writing my 100th review. To be honest with you, I never thought I would reach 100, but there you go! I wanted my landmark review to be extra special; I searched the categories up and down but none attracted my attention (and some of those categories got quite boring as they had been reviewed several times already)! It is summer here in Europe and the World Cup has kicked off (although it is winter in South Africa where it is being held)! So I thought, “hmm, why not write a review about my favourite team - my Spanish National Team - and celebrate the arrival of the World Cup Tournament and my 100th review together.” Being a woman doesn’t make me a football dummy; I like watching football matches in general, but the World Cup has a special place in my heart. My father used to hang flags on our balconies months before the kick off and has talked non-stop about past World Cup events. My dad, my brother and I are dedicated football spectators; the only one who isn’t a fan is my mum (the World Cup fever has never reached her; I believe she is well immunised against this kind of fever)! La Furia Roja (The Red Fury) and their World Cup History The Spanish national team... where should I start? Spain has played in 12 different FIFA World Cup tournaments and their best ever finish was a semi final in the 1950 FIFA World Cup in Brazil In addition to those 12 appearances in FIFA World Cup tournaments, we have nine in the European championship winning it ...

Lost In Translation (DVD) 10/06/2010

Everything could Be Possible When Two Lonely Souls Meet In TOKYO

Lost In Translation (DVD) Please note it is a film only review I have read and heard many positive reviews and opinions about Lost in Translation, so when the film was shown on my favourite movie channel, I was excited to watch it and see what the fuss was all about! --------------- ------------- The plot summary --------------- ------------- To be completely frank with you, there is nothing much going on in the film. The story takes place in Japan, specifically in Tokyo. The tale revolves around an aging American actor Bob Harris (Bill Murray) who left his wife, his children and his career as a well-known theatre actor. He flew to Tokyo city to film an advertisement for Suntory whiskey, purely to gain a huge sum of money: ‘‘‘two million dollars. ’’’ In fact, that sum of money would be added to his bank account after finishing the act! Running away from his miserable marriage, which had lasted more than a quarter of a century, one would think that he lacks romance by constantly ignoring his wife out of pure ignorance, or maybe it is just his wife. However, one thing is for sure, he spent most of his time in the posh hotel bar drinking and looking terribly dejected, or at least most of the time! One day, while he was drinking at the bar, he meets a beautiful American woman who was a newly graduated student from university. Her name was Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) who in fact was recently married to a celebrity- determined to be photographer John (Giovanni Ribisi), ...

Helen Keller (Scholastic Biography) - Margaret Davidson 23/05/2010

Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary for Helen Keller.

Helen Keller (Scholastic Biography) - Margaret Davidson I am always trying to read as many books as possible, but I never want to read heavy novels that are padded with unfamiliar words, which are hard to understand! I’m still a learner and walking my first steps into the English language (but I’m a fast learner), therefore I consider myself as an English language student and constantly looking for books that are easier to read and at the same time fun, educational and useful. Biography books are always interesting books to read . . . but again some of them are extremely long, tricky to read and somewhat hard to follow, so I was advised to read SCHOLASTIC biography books for easier and more readily available information. Who are scholastic? You can guess from the name Scholastic (educational or academic) it is a book company which “specialises in didactic and teaching materials for schools, teachers, and parents as well.” It was founded in 1920. They are usually promoting and distributing their books by mail order, and by their own books passing through book clubs, book fairs and bookshops. Their books are mainly aimed at older children and pre-teens and of course for English language learners like me. They have their own book club; you can order books from their website with some special offers and special member’s discounts. One of their books interested me and grabbed my attention . . . the book name was Helen Keller, by Margaret Davidson. A bit about the Author . . . Margaret Davidson There is ...

Kinder Bueno White 06/05/2010

Kinder Bueno . . . How Do You Eat Yours?

Kinder Bueno White Having been a long-term chocolate addict, the CHOCOHOLIC “karimkha” would like to introduce you to one of her favourite chocolates bars. I consume a wide variety of chocolates but I savour only the creamy, smooth chocolate that has a touch of luxury to it. I like milk chocolate; I don’t mind bitter chocolate, but the white ones have a special place at the back of my memory; it always reminds me of my childhood and milky bars! A quick recap about Kinder Bueno History The name is a combination of two languages, Kinder is a German word meaning "children" while Bueno is a Spanish word which means "good". Kinder Bueno is from the well-known company Ferrero. Ferrero is not a Spanish nor German company... in fact it is Italian. The Confectioner Pietro Ferrero founded this Italian company in 1946 and it was based in Pino Torinese. Ferrero’s mostly known for manufacturing chocolate and other confectionery products. Ferrero is ranked as one of the most trustworthy and decent companies in the world. Kinder Bueno (original) was first released in Germany in 1999 as well as Spain in 1999 and finally hit the UK in 2004. . . A bit late don’t you think? Kinder Bueno (white) was released in the summer of 2008, however, I didn’t notice it until recently. I was doing overtime at work and it was nearly seven in the evening; most nearby shops were closed and I was very hungry and the only solution was the vending machine. I looked at the choices available and I ...

More! 27/04/2010

"MORE fashion but with MORE sex and LESS reality!"

More! I don’t read many glam, chatty or gossip magazines; not because I’m not into this sort of thing; but rather purely because I don’t have the time to read magazines these days. One day, while I was at work, I had some time without doing anything, the work was so slow and there were no customers. Therefore, whilst I was waiting I searched the piles of magazines bought by another female colleague for the customers to read while waiting. I spotted “More” magazine; I instantly remembered that magazine as it was one of the magazines I had sometimes read when I lived in the UK. It was an old issue for 2nd November 2009. I started to turn over the pages and read a bit. It reminded me of why I stopped reading it in the first place. I’ve read better magazines, before and since. The magazine is very popular among teens and young women, it is colourful, jam packed with different subjects, but I was very disappointed after reading a couple of pages and even more disappointed when I read certain subjects and how they dealt with them. I felt as if the magazine was like cheap version of pornography, with no proper editing and some very shallow subjects; nothing was taken seriously even on the experts page; some serious questions were not professionally answered, and sometimes was inaccurate. I thought paying such amount of money is total a waste and I didn’t think it appropriate for young teens because of the sexual content. What is MORE magazine? “In theory” More is a ...

Primark (Shop) 22/04/2010

Pry-mark or Pree-mark? Who cares? ... I love it!

Primark (Shop) As a shopaholic, I have so much stuff to buy; too many shops to visit . . . with 21st century technology we are capable to shop until we drop with a click of a mouse from the comfort of our chairs through online shops. Items are delivered directly to our homes without any trouble of lengthy queues and everlasting hours looking for car park spaces! Although I only have the weekend as a break, I am still an old-fashioned girl who loves to shop in a traditional, customary way! I like to use all my five senses to shop around, I like to touch, wear and try things before I buy them especially when it comes to outfits. I don't mind long hours in the shopping malls looking for a superior bargain (which can be quite a challenge)! One of the shops that I am most obsessed with was Primark. People in England pronounce it as Pry-mark while Scottish, Irish and Welsh people call it Pree-mark (I l heard it when I was living in Dundee few years ago)! Which one shall I choose? For me, I guess Pry-mark is easier on the ear! Primark store LTD and their slogan . . . (look good and pay less) Primark is trading as Penneys in the republic of Ireland. Surprisingly it was founded in 1969 in Ireland (I didn't know that). It has in total over 26,000 employees and 181 stores; 139 in the United Kingdom, 34 in the republic of Ireland and 8 in Spain (Yippee!), of which 2 are humongous megastores in Madrid. This chain store has grown in the last 10 years to be the most profitable and the ...

Quince fruit 10/04/2010

&#9812A Golden Stubborn Fruit That Needs Royalty Treatment!&#9812

Quince fruit Quince also known as membrillo in Spanish It had been ages since I last ate quince fruit but I spotted it recently on my local market and bought one fruit to eat and I am going to explain to you how and why I bought only one. A history lesson The quince has been consumed for over 4000 years. It was brought out regularly in the Greeks and Romans mythology as a symbol of happiness, love and fertility. Quince is usually connected to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and sometimes suggested as the legendary golden apples of the Hesperides. Actually, some people used to believe that it was a quince, not an apple that Adam and Eve ate in the Garden of Eden. It has also been available widely in the Middle East since the ancient times. It is a native of Asia and it has been growing there and in the Mediterranean for thousands of years. First, I’m going to talk about the fruit itself. Not many people know a lot about Quince or even tried it before; it is not as popular as the other fruits (like apples and pears) although surprisingly quince belongs to the apple and pears family (which are known as the “pome” family)! The tree Quince also known as (Cydonia oblonga), a small to medium sized tree about 7-10 meter long and 6m-8m wide. This tree is not evergreen as it lost its leaves in the winter. Quince trees are native only in Asia and the Mediterranean but today quince is also found in Latin America, the Middle East, and the United States. The ...

Slumdog Millionaire(DVD) 27/03/2010

The story of Slumdog Chai Wallah Who Became a National Hero

Slumdog Millionaire(DVD) Film only review. Slumdog Millionaire is a film that became very popular since it was released in January 2009. Everyone talked about the film; it became one of the best films of this decade; it got many nominations and it was a multiple Oscar-winning movie . . . It was the “Must See” film of the year. Over a year later, I have finally managed to watch it! I know I was very late watching it but at least I did! Plot outline Slumdog Millionaire is British-Indian film roughly based on the novel (Q &A) written by Vikas Swarup in 2005. The story was set and filmed in India (Mumbai) about a young man (Jamal K Malik) who participated in the Indian version of the Show “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire” The young man was lucky to be picked for the show; to make him even more luckier he had won a big sum of money and there was only one question for the 20 million Rupees but the buzzer rang, so the show had to continue the next day! The Show host was worried or maybe jealous, in either case, he called the police secretly, accusing Jamal, the illiterate, who had hardly attended school and worked in an Indian call centre as a Chai Wallah (delivering tea and drinks for the employers), of cheating. How Come a Chai Wallah had all that knowledge to be able to answer nearly all the questions? There must be something . . . did he cheat? Is it fate? Or is it written? So he was held in police and held custody, a police officer started questioning him showing him a ...
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