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Nivea Creme General Purpose Cream 30/09/2010

A Mighty White Weapon Against Dry Skin

Member Advice on Tattoos 30/09/2010

My Three English Roses!

Birds Eye Original Chicken Chargrills 30/09/2010


Tesco Value Chocolate Spread 30/09/2010

Cheap by name,Cheap by taste!

Just Like Heaven (DVD) 30/09/2010

A film That Will Lift your Spirit To The Seventh Heaven!

Review of the Year 2009 30/09/2010

I Went To Vegas And I Even Wore Red This Year!

Review of the Year 2009 A crucial decision to make . . . ME or the WORLD? Another year has gone by and another 365 days have been deducted from our life span. Last year I wrote my review of the year 2008 and now I am reviewing the year 2009. It is not easy to set your clock back to the beginning of 2009! I cannot remember all the actions and all the stories. I have read the reviews written by members . . . most of them were talking about the year in general: global warming; Obama and his Nobel Peace Prize; earthquakes; Harry Potter; and Britain’s got talent! So I was uncertain, should I review MY 2009-year or the world’s year? After long hard thinking, I came to a decision . . . I’m going to do exactly what I did last year; I’m going to review my life during the last 365 days! Let’s hope you find it interesting and won’t get bored! The year in general . . . Was it the complement of year 2008? It has been two years since I left the UK on 12th December 2007. My life has changed since then. 2007 was not too kind me to me at all but 2008 was a lot better and more stable for me so I was looking forward to the new shiny 2009, with high expectations and new hopes. It’s a part of our human nature, to expect the best from the new year, but we can’t just sit and wait for good fortune to come for us. We have to work hard to get it but we can’t forget God, fate and destiny. I strongly believe in them as I am a believer, we cannot do anything against His will. Anyway . . . 2009 in general was ...

Winner 61 V Winner 62 16/07/2010

Jinxes Don't Exist, Just Bald Referees And a Psychic Octopus!

Winner 61 V Winner 62 The 11th July, the day the La Furja Roja finally made a name for itself. We were always flops who never made it past the quarter finals but this year thanks to the “Golden Generation” we have not only won a world cup but also a EURO in the space of two years and that really is something to relish. We have been fasting for over 80 years now, however this year I thought there was something special, I had a feeling that we were going to win it and when I believe something is going to happen it is usually the outcome. Although I was sure that we were going to win, I received a pre-tournament blow via Pele. At that point I was a bit queasy as in 1994 he said that Colombia was going to win it ...out of the 1st round. In 2002 he believed France was going to defend its world cup title and we all know what happened there, no goals were scored making it the most shameful team in France’s history (although this year’s team can give them competition). In 2006, he said England would win it... Rooney’s red card and Ronaldo’s wink remind us of England’s loss on penalties against Portugal yet again. And this year he predicted that Spain, England and Brazil were all in with a shout and he believed that Rooney and Messi were going to light up the World cup after their impressive form for clubs Manchester united and Barcelona respectively. Our Road to South Africa After a triumphant Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland we were drawn in a group along with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Euro ...

Spain World Cup 2010 Team 16/06/2010


Lost In Translation (DVD) 10/06/2010

Everything could Be Possible When Two Lonely Souls Meet In TOKYO

Helen Keller (Scholastic Biography) - Margaret Davidson 23/05/2010

Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary for Helen Keller.

Kinder Bueno White 06/05/2010

Kinder Bueno . . . How Do You Eat Yours?

More! 27/04/2010

"MORE fashion but with MORE sex and LESS reality!"

Primark (Shop) 22/04/2010

Pry-mark or Pree-mark? Who cares? ... I love it!

Quince fruit 10/04/2010

&#9812A Golden Stubborn Fruit That Needs Royalty Treatment!&#9812

Slumdog Millionaire(DVD) 27/03/2010

The story of Slumdog Chai Wallah Who Became a National Hero

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