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Vosene Medicated Shampoo 28/07/2008

You cant mistake the smell of Vosene

Vosene Medicated Shampoo we love Vosene! I can remember as a young girl my parents always bought Vosene shampoo and Flex conditioner from kwiksave lol, those were the days! I've always loved the smell, as my dad always used to smell of it! Just sniffing the bottle now takes my right back.... anyways, on with the review! I'm reviewing the moisturising version of this cult shampoo, as my hair is so dry i always have to use moisturising products on my hair. It still has the unmistakable Vosene scent, but a lil less harsh and a lil more perfumey. 'Trust Vosene Moisturing Shampoo to hydrate your hair and scalp every day' claims the bottle, and it certainly lives up to this. When im not using my cult kerastase shampoo, i love using this. sometimes i feel my hair has a bit of product build up and i need to let my scalp beath. I must admit, i do plough on the hair products as my hair is quite uncontrolable! I dont think i get dandruff as such, i just get flaky product build up which i find sometimes my kerastase cant shift, but this always does the job! i sue it about once a week, to give my hair and scalp a deep clean. I always find head & shoulders to make my hair even dryer, and it fades my colour (my hairs dyed black) but i never get that with this! It has quite a nice, thick consistancy and lathers up really well so you dont need much at all. it smells lovely in your hair, it always takes my back to when i was younger :-) my hair feels soft and looks shiny and healthy whenever i use this, and ...

Cambrils Princess, Sitges 28/07/2008

now called Hotel Best Cambrils

Cambrils Princess, Sitges I had one of the best holidays ive ever had at this hotel! I turned 21 on the 7th of this month, and to celebrate me and my boyfriend wanted to book a cheapy holiday abroad. We picked Spain, as he isnt too keen on long flights and we knew what we was getting with Spain (alot of english speaking locals, english food etc) so we went to our local Thomson and got some into about Costa Dourada. What attracted us to this part of Spain is its fantastic location to alot of attractioncs (Barcelona, Port Aventura etc) and the prices didnt seem too bad either! We was offered alot of hotels in Salou but as we wanted a more quiet, romantic holiday we didnt want to be in the centre of all the hustle and bustle so when we read up on the Camrbils Princess it seemed perfect for us. Cambrils is a small fishing town mostly populated by locals, about a 15 min walk from Salou. The town itself is beautiful and quaint, and has very few bars compared to Salou. This was ideal for us as we had peace and quiet but if we fancied a night on the tiles it was there for us. We went half board with thomson, inc. meals on the flights and pre-booked seating and it came to £350 each for a week. I would suggest going half board, as the pound is nothing anymore up to the euro and eating out every night can be very expensive! The flight was roughly 1 hr 40 mins and it went super quick as with package flights theres always stuff going around, drinks, food, duty free etc so the time flies! but theres always ...

Impulse Range 28/07/2008

Its up to you, New York New York!

Impulse Range Impulse bodysprays have been around for aslong as i can remember! In school before we had sweat glands (lol) we useed to use them after PE on our armpits :-) arghhh funny how one whiff of white musk can take you back 10 years! in those days, if u didnt have a can of impulse you were nothing!!!!!! The fragrance im reviewsing is one of the limited edition city sprays 'New York'. also in this limited edition range is 'Paris' & 'London'. The spray can is very funky, shaped like the usual impulse cans but tis one is silver and green with a picture of a 'it girl' on the front holding a small pooch on a lead with a new york backdrop, very glam! the bottle says 'Grab yourself a taste of the big apple! Fabulous fifth avenue shopping and cocktails with the girls at sundown. Feel the fast paced buzz of impulse new york!' Indeed! The fragrance itself smells of something sweet, like sour apple strips...? mixed with a perfumey bubble bath! I love the scent, its zingy and uplifting, and the great thing with Impulse is that the fragrance lasts quite a while! I always spritz this on before work, and by the time i get there the first thing people say is 'mmm u smell nice!' so that just goes to show the quality of impulse sprays. I love them, i usually pick one up about 1-2 a week when im out and about. i woulkd rather use these every day so i can chop and change my scent rather then spending alot of money on just one perfume. Impulse sprays vary in price, buti got mine ...

Bourjois 3D Effect Lipgloss 28/07/2008

Beige elastic fantastic!

Bourjois 3D Effect Lipgloss Bourjois are one of the few chemist brands that i think can rival the big names such as chanel, dior, clinique etc. the products are very high quality in my opinion and are always coming out with ner products and colours at very resonable prices! The 3D Effect Lipglosses have been around a while now and have quite a cult celebrity following, one of the most famous being Victoria Beckham (she weras Rose Idyllic). The glosses themselves are very moisturising, i sometimes wear mine as a balm! theres a wide range of colours and effects, ranging from nude creamy glosses to high pigmented clear glosses, all which have the same plumping '3D' effect. I have the nude 'Beige Elastic' as i have quite naturally red lips which i like to tone down if i have dramatic eye make up. i love the feel of the bourjois gloss as they never feel sticky or cheap, just love and moisturising. They are roughly £6.95 but as always theres good old ebay!!!!!! i dont think this is a bad price at all, as the glosses are of such high quality you could easily think you was applying Chanel to your smackers :-p The tube is quite big, u get alot of glossy gorgeousness for your money! and the brush is like a nail varnish brush, so you actually brush your lips with gloss, rather then dab on with a traditional spnge applicator. I notice my lips do appear plumper, but i think thats due to the lil pearlescent sprakly bits in the gloss. my lips have like a vinyl shine with the gloss, and it seems to last a ...

Kerastase Bain De Force (Strengthening Hair Bath) 27/07/2008

Kerastase wonder shampoo

Kerastase Bain De Force (Strengthening Hair Bath) After years of blowdrying, straightening, tonging, dying, bleaching etc my hair was a frazzled mess! My hair was constantly falling out whenever i washed or brushed my hair and my hair and scalp constantly felt dry and itchy! I was willing to try anything, so the next time i went to my salon for a trim i asked them about anything that could improve the texture of my hair. My stylist recommended Kerastase Bain De Force and washed my hair with it before i had my hair cut, and from when he first started applying it i knew i had to buy it! It smells like fresh, green apples, but in a clean soapy sort of way and has a medium consistancy. You only need a 50p sized dollop to cover yourwhole head, as it really lathers up well. i always wash my hair twice, each time using a 50p sized blob. The bottle is a light green colour, maybe to reflect the appley scent....? with a screw top with the kerastase brand on the front and the message of 'reinforcing and refinishing shampoo for weakened hair'. i bought the big 1000ml from the salon, which cost me around £28 but i guess you could get it cheaper on ebay or you could always buy the smaller size. I bought the salon size bottle as i knew i would be using it alot... in fact this is now my staple shampoo, nothing else compares so i just use it every time :-) ive been using it now for about 2 months (still using the same bottle) and my hair has transformed! it is now softer, shinier with no dragging when i brush and my hair rarely ...

Make Believe Winter Glow 27/07/2008

make believe this tan is real!

Make Believe Winter Glow I bought this as part of the 'starter' set they had on sale, as a way of testing their prodcuts before buying full-size bottles. i thought this was a really good idea, as the set was only £15 and you got a decent sized 30ml of each product. the set consisted of Gradual Self Tan, Self Tan Lotion & Winter Glow facial tanner. The products retail for around £20 each. so i thought the set was a bargain and a great way to try before parting with your hard-earned cash! I am a bit of a pro with fake tans, and have tried everything from superdrugs own brand, to fake bake & st tropez and i have to sey this is up there with the best of them. I wouldnt rate the self tan as good as fake bake but this facial self tan has to be the best one ive ever tried! normally i find with facial tanners they leave my face greasy, and in the morning it settles in my pores and leaves my face looking like it has black dots all over it! but not with this, no oilyness, no blocked pores just eautifully bronzed skin... and NO SMELL AT ALL! there wasnt even a hint of fake tan scent, i was amazed! the smell is gorgeous, like a luxury moisturiser, and it sinks in quickly with no residue. I always apply any type of tanning product to my face & body last thing at night before i go to bed so im not 100% sure how long it takes to see results, but im always brozned by the morning lol. The tan also lasted for a good 3 days, before it started to wear off but there was no patchyness, just i noticed i was started to ...

Kerastase Oleo Relax Elixir Serum 25/07/2008

liquid silk

Kerastase Oleo Relax Elixir Serum well this is the little sister product of the world famous 'oleo relax ' serum from Kerastase. it is more concentrated, which i think makes it perfect for us who have thicker hair! i find my hair is so much easier to handle and style after a blob of this, and the great thing is as its so concentrated you only need a TINY bit! i wouldnt recommened this product to people with fine hair, as it could make your hair appear greasy. the bottle is smaller than the normal oleo relax serum, which makes it alot easier for taking on holiday with you. what i love most about this product is on holidays i smother it all over my hair, then go and sunbathe with a sunhat on so the heat intensifies the conditioning properties in the serum and makes ur hair 10x smoother! so i guess its fair to say i use it as a mask, which i wash out and then apply a tiny bit before i blow dry. it smells fantastic, and the smell will last until you wash the product out. i like the serum for holidays where my hair will constantly be in the sun/sea/chlorine and can be sued as a mask, styling creme and a serum. well worth the money if you have thick, course hair like myself! prices range from £15-20 depending on where you look, ebay always have good offers on kerastase. this serum teamed with the oleo relax hair masque is all you need for silky locks!

Clinique Clarifying Powder Makeup No. 1 Clarifying Cream 25/07/2008

super duper magic dust!

Clinique Clarifying Powder Makeup No. 1 Clarifying Cream i cant live without this product!!!!!!!!! its simply the best shine beater ive found, and it doesnt clog my pores like most mattifying powders do :-) the packaging is a bit.... well, boring really, but whats most important is whats inside! i use the shade stated, but i think it comes in 4 colours so your bound to find 1 thats exactly suited to your skintone. I had a consultation with a Clinique consultant after years of buying make up from superdrug/boots etc and finding nothing that suited me i deicided it was time to spend a bit more money and see what all the fuss is about! I firstly use cliniques superfit foundation all over my face, then i use a little concealer on blemishes and set it all with this wonderful powder. it is actually a clarifying cream powder foundation, but i use it just as a powder. I apply mine with a round cotton pad, as i like to have quick a 'set' base, but most people i know just use a large powder brush. the product is very finely milled and u can definately feel the quality. the feel of the powder is soft, and it definately makes me feel more conifdent about my skin which gets greasy very quickly and my skintone is quite mottled and uneven. if i put it on the morning, i do not need any touch up during the day which is really saying something about a powder! with chemist brands like rimmel, maybelline etc. i was finding i was having to touch up all the time, well at least 2-3 during my working day and it would go all horrible and cakey where ...

Ted Baker Second Scent Eau de Toilette 25/07/2008

get ready to fight off the boys!

Ted Baker Second Scent Eau de Toilette i got this perfume as part of a giftset for christmas, as as soon as i spritzed my wrist with it christmas morning i was hooked! i would say it would be best for evening use, as the scent is quite strong and will last for a very long time, ive been clubbing wearing this perfume and the next morning my clothes still smell of this delightful fragrance (not that i fall asleep with my clothes on...! :-p) the scent itself is very sweet, alot like marzipan/almonds. not for the faint hearted! this fragrance will get you ALOT of compliments and people asking you what you are wearing. Ted Baker has recently launched alot of bodywear products and i think this fragrance is his best yet! the price for the giftset which included the eau de toilette spray 50ml, bath & shower gell 100ml and body lotion 100ml was £19.99 which i think is fantastic value for money as the body products are very high quality and also have amazng staying power like the fragrance. i think if you layered all 3 products you could kill a small animal... the scent is very strong! i sometimes wore just the body lotion on my arms to work and still had people commenting on my fragrance. The bottle is really funky, with a felt cut out piece covering the glass its beautiful and looks amazing on my dresser! also feels really nice when u hold it to spritz on. its not for the faint hearted, but if you need a sweet smell to show your angelic side, this scents for you!

L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Absolut Repair Masque 25/07/2008

transforms me into a silk maned princess

L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Absolut Repair Masque this hair treatment mask is in one word... AMAZING! its everything you would expect from a high-end hair treatment and more. theres been more then enough times ive spent alot of money on a product simply because it costs a alot only to be dissappointed by the results. the price of this product varies, i got mine on ebay and i paid roughly £8 with £3 p&p which is not bad at all considering i only use it 1-2 a week so it lasts me quite a while and i love it so much i would probly spend up to £20 for it. the pot is yellow as you can see in the pic, and would look nice in your bathroom, there is some rough guidelines how to use the product but most people generally know that hair masks are usually left on for a few minutes, tho i guess you could just use it as a regular conditioner if you wish! the consistancy is very thick, and the product itself is also yellow. it smells AMAZING, the smell will last in your hair for a god 2-3 days its gorgeous! i have long, thick wavy hair so i used a good 3 finger scoopful of the product on my hair, and as my hair is dry i never have the risk of having lank hair if a product is too moisturising. I massage it right in and leave on my hair whilst i continue my shower which takes about 7 mins then i rinse it off, as its being rinsed off i can feel the softness in my hair already! i also find my hair dries alot quicker with this product and is much easier to straighten! as ive said before, i only use a hair mask 1-2 a week as i feel ...

DKNY DKNY To Go Energizing Eau de Toilette 25/07/2008

Fresh, summery fragrance in a BIG girlie bottle!

DKNY DKNY To Go Energizing Eau de Toilette First impressions on this perfume is the stunning bottle! its so pretty!!!!! looks fabulous on any dressing table, and is a joy to spritz all over. I got mine on special offer at the perfume shop for £20, but i think the going rate is £29.99 when not on special offer. I love the original fragrance, DKNY woman and this is the lighter version which is perfect for summer as it doesnt contain any harsh ingrediants which can irritate your skin in the heat. You get alot for your money, the bottle is 100ml so it will last you quite a while, but one thing you will tend to do is spray on a lot because the fragrance is so light, and yes, it does fade quite quickly which is a shame, but thats the case in most summer-version perfumes. the scent is very fresh, citrus, uplifting and summery, a sure hit with ladies of all ages. can be worn to the office or to summery barbeques, the fragrance is so light it will not offend anyone but will leave you with an air of summer! overall, this perfume is a really great pick-me-up scent that will refresh you on those hot summer days :-)

Lancaster Silk Bronze Moisturizing Milk SPF6 Medium (For Face & Body) 25/07/2008

Lancaster Luxury Bronze Goddess Milk

Lancaster Silk Bronze Moisturizing Milk SPF6 Medium (For Face & Body) I've seen this product featured heavily in many magazines such as Marie Clare. Cosmopolitan etc and it was often priced between £10-20 so imagine my delight when I saw it in The Perfume Shop for £4.99! It was ina special edition summer set which also included a spf6 pearly pink lipgloss. I immediately bought the set and took it home eager to test. I had a shower and used a body scrub, but i didnt moistuirse afterwards as the product is advertised as 'silk bronze moisturising milk' and my skin is in pretty good condition anyway so i didnt bother with a moisturiser but if you dont usually moisturise your skin then i would suggest doing so before applying any type of self tan. i grabbed my self tan mitt, and opened the big orange bottle to sqirt some on my mitt. the first thing that hit me was the smell! it really stinks of the usual fake tan biscuity smell, yuk!!!!!! i proceeded to apply the cream from my mitt all over my body starting with my legs, torso, arms & neck and i immediately felt moisturised, it felt more like a luxury body lotion than a self tan, bar the smell! (tip. i always put a tiny blob of vaseline onto both my kneecaps and my elbows) when i had finished, i took off my mitt and applied body lotion to my hands and feet (i dont tan my hands and feet) the product felt slighty tacky, so i waited another ten minutes before going to bed (and applied a tiny amount mixed with face cream to my face with a cotton pad) THE NEXT MORNING: the first ...
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