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Sofitel, Marrakech 17/01/2012

Sofitel Marrakech, Amazing

Sofitel, Marrakech I have stayed at the Sofitel Marrakech twice and in my opinion it defiantly earns it's 5 star status. From the moment you step out of the car your made to feel very special and very welcome! Whilst reception check you in, you are seated and greeted with fresh morrocan mint tea served in delicate little glasses, to make it a stress free check in (no long queuing) no need to carry your cases to your room either as they have concierges that do this, you can tip as little or as much as you like as anything is appreciated in morocco, as the is high against the dirham, and i think that the average wage is a lot lower than the likes of the uk, so they appreciate it more! The rooms were stunning, very spacious and clean, we had a deluxe pool view room with a large balcony with stunning views and a large double window with traditional shutters. There was a lounge sofa and table in frontof the window as well, which could accommodate a further guest if wished, we had a double bed, which i think is the most softest bed i have ever slept on! The bathroom has a traditional entrance with traditional gold and colourful features, again in my opinion really spacious and very clean, towels and toiletries were updated daily when we stayed.Now down to the food, in my opinion this hotel offers the best breakfast in marrakech (apart from the traditional breakfasts in smaller riads that i have stayed in etc) There is so much choice, from continental to hot breakfast, salads, fruits were delicious! ...

Sex And The City 2 (DVD) 17/01/2012

Fashion, Love, Sex, and Marrakech...

Sex And The City 2 (DVD) From the opening scenes with Alicia Keys, Empire state of mind bursting out the speakers you just know the film is going to be amazing! Every time that song now plays on the radio, it just reminds me of the film and how amazing it actually is..... In the 2nd film, the focus is taken away from one unique city to another, Carrie (Vogue columnist and famous author), Samantha (PR), Charlotte (Mum of 2, and A Real housewife of New York) and Miranda ( A Lawyer) get whisked away on a PR Trip to the City of Abu Dhabi, UAE, How-ether the real magical enchanting city is in fact Marrakech in Morocco, As this is where they filmed. The film starts of with a very white, over the top wedding, one that we just weren't expecting, Stanford (Carries gay best friend) and Anthony (Charlottes gay best friend), There's white swans, An all male choir, and even Liza Minnelli, Who turns up to marry them.... After the excitement of the wedding, a few weeks later It's Carrie and Bigs (Carries lover of 10 years and husband) 2 year anniversary, and as Carrie gives big the gift of a rather expensive vintage rolex, he majorly screws up and buys her a flat screen for the bedroom, it just doesn't compare! Meanwhile, Samantha is re-united with an ex lover, Smith, who has made it big time in hollywood, As the premiere was in New York of course he wanted her there. At the premiere after show party Samantha finds herself talking to a rich arab man who wants Samantha to promote his new hotel as she did with smith, ...

Thomson Holidays 10/01/2012

Thomson Holidays - The best on the high street

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