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In The Valley Of Elah (DVD) 02/12/2008

Interesting Film

In The Valley Of Elah (DVD) My fiancé and I decided to try and watch the Valley of Elah tonight as it looked fantastic and had the amazing Tommy Lee Jones in it who is always fabulous. What we found though was that it was quite a hard going film which was slow and depressing but because it was based on true events it was fascinating. This review will tell you why it is worth watching but only when you are in the right mood. The story of this film is that a father gets a call from the military telling him that his son has gone missing from the base. His son has just come back from a duty in Iraq and Hank is not satisfied with just hearing he is AWOL. Hank decides to take matters into his own hands and tries to uncover the truth about the disappearance with some help from a new detective. This story is very good indeed and as you can imagine for any parent you would not want a phone call saying your son is missing. The story is made in such a way that you believe it from start to finish and it is one of those where you are just so interested in what is going to happen and how it is going to end. The film is made well and the script pace fits the story very well. On the flip side although the scripts pace does fit the story I don't think it was quick enough for my liking. Due to it being slightly slow I got a little bored and my attention did waver quite a bit. I think the story does keep your interest but it is quite depressing and there is not much of a feel good factor throughout so I found it ...

Just Married (DVD) 02/12/2008

Ashton in a Role that Suits.

Just Married (DVD) I was sitting down watching TV the other night and saw that Just Married was going to be on TV. I haven't seen that film in ages and actually do have it on DVD so I decided to watch it again. Well the film was as funny as I found it last time and it is one of the only things that I have loved Ashton Kutcher in a lot. This review will tell you why I think this silly film is worth watching for a laugh. The story goes as follows. Sarah and Tom met, fell in love and then decided to take the plunge and get married to each other. They are happy and love each other a lot so have a nice wedding and then go on what should be a wonderful Honeymoon visiting places in Europe. What actually happens is a series of events which makes it the Honeymoon from Hell which gets them questioning if they ever should have got married at all. This is an extremely funny concept and as a Honeymoon is supposed to be a beautiful holiday and one of the best of your life, this film shows how that can quickly go from good to bad to worse. Now the story does get your attention straight from the start with a few laughs and then it does keep it throughout. There are a few bits where the film gets a bit annoying but generally it follows a good and satisfying path so the story is not too bad at all. There are different comedies you can watch and Just Married is a complete slapstick comedy so if you do not like this type of humour I suggest you don't even bother trying to watch this one. The laughs come ...

High School Musical (DVD) 30/11/2008


High School Musical (DVD) I was in quite a bad mood this morning as it was so cold in the house and my fiancé and I had had an argument so I was seriously in the need of cheering up. So what did I do to cheer up? I watched High School Musical of course. Now this is one of the most feel good films that is out there so after it I was singing and dancing around the house with a smile on my face and was in a much better mood. This is why. The story of this film is literally about a High School Musical and how it impacts a group of students at East high School. Troy is the star of the basketball team and wouldn't even dream of telling his team mates about the fact that he likes to sing. Gabriella is the new girl who is brainy and immediately strikes up a connection with Troy. When they secretly decide to audition for the musical they upset Sharpay and Ryan who always take the musical leads for themselves. The story in this film is fantastic as it is just like you expect a American high school to be like as it is absolutely crazy but has your sports people, your brainy people and then your popular and hate everybody else people. From the second it starts it makes you love the film as it is just pure fun. The story plays out very nicely and satisfyingly which is great and it does not lose your attention to the end. As you can probably guess from the title of the film this film is all about music so not only have you got some great characters, a fantastic and fun story but you have also got extremely ...

High School Musical 3 - Senior Year (DVD) 30/11/2008

Worthy Third Installment

High School Musical 3 - Senior Year (DVD) I love High School Musical and I saw the third one at the cinema last weekend now for the second time as I love it so much. It is the most fun and fantastic film and follows on from the first two very well due to its slightly more grown up feel and songs and dances. This review will hopefully tell you why this trilogy has been finished off perfectly with this fab third film. Story of this film is that it is senior year at East high school and everybody is feeling emotional about their last year together at school and all of their futures after school. Troy is still with Gabriella. Sharpay and Ryan are still waiting to take over the world and all together they will sing and dance until they all get their own ways, or almost! This story does follow a great path and is satisfying throughout due to the amazing characters fans of the series have come to know and love. From the second it starts you are thrown into this fast paced movie with its crazy songs and this story is one that you really do sit there and not want to end. Both times I have seen this now I have wanted to clap at the end of the film as I was left feeling like I had spent two hours with very old friends. As well as the story being fantastic we of course always have to mention the music as the music is what makes these films brilliant. The songs in this film I think have a much more grown up feel to the other two so it is like the characters have grown up a lot. They all look older and dance harder and it ...

The Bank Job (DVD) 30/11/2008

Entertainment with The Statham

The Bank Job (DVD) Last night we were sitting at home bored so decided to give the Bank Job a watch. Now it had gone midnight so I didn't think I would even be able to stay up for it but due to the entertainment that it was I did manage it. Now it is not the most amazing film in the world but likewise it is not the worst. I did enjoy it for what it was though so this review will tell you why. Ok so the story is about a bank robbery which does not completely work out the way it was intended. Martine is a beautiful model who knows all of the villains around. When she finds out that a bank will have alarms down for a week she lets a group of people know so that they can break into the bank's vault. Simple enough but several people including thugs and some high people also have things in the vault and would not want them falling into the wrong hands. The story is quite entertaining as you can imagine and they do a pretty good job with the script in the film. I really cannot fault them with the way the film pans out as it is satisfying and it does manage to keep your attention with a few wavering moments throughout. I think it is good that they have the inclusion of the thug and the pornographer who keep things in the vault as to be honest they are the only people who do lighten the film a little. Character wise and I do not think they are great to be honest. I watched the film last night and without looking I couldn't tell you what a single characters name is. Terry is the main guy who is ...

My Prerogative (My Prerogative [Bonus Tracks]) - Britney Spears 25/11/2008

My Shameful Little Secret

My Prerogative (My Prerogative [Bonus Tracks]) - Britney Spears Everybody I know think it is amazing that in all the years and with all of the reviews I have done with dooyoo that I have not done any on Britney Spears. You see Britney is a my little secret as I think she is fantastic so it comes as no surprise that I own the greatest hits album. So here is my review on why I absolutely love this album and why I keep it in my car every day. This album has a nice silver cover but then a slightly less classy picture of Britney in practically underwear. The album is called Greatest Hits My Prerogative and has a track list on the back cover which reads as follows; 1. My Prerogative 2. Toxic 3. I'm a slave 4 u 4. Oops! I did it again 5. Me against the music 6. Stronger 7. Everytime 8. Baby one more time 9. Crazy 10. Boys 11. Sometimes 12. Overprotected 13. Lucky 14. Outrageous 15. Don't let me be the last to know 16. Born to make you happy 17. I love rock n roll 18. I'm not a girl not yet a woman 19. I've just begun 20. Do somethin I'm sure you will agree that the above are her greatest hits even if you don't necessarily like her. So what you get from this album is over an hour of fun and funky music with a few ballads in between. Britney tends to do a mixed range of songs which is good so we have slow songs, fast songs, ballads, rapping and then some really funky music sounds. This album is a real mix of all of those which is great so basically although it is Britney singing them all they don't all sounds the ...

The Lost Room (DVD) 25/11/2008

Never Heard of it.

The Lost Room (DVD) My sister lent me the Lost Room on DVD to watch as I was bored and over the past 2 days I have watched the entire series and I have to say it was so much fun to watch. It is a good series which I have not really heard of before and to be honest my sister only got because it has a nice shiny box and Peter Krause in who we like. Well worth the money though in my opinion. So the Lost Room is about just that a Lost Room. Basically in 1961 a Motel room somehow had something happen to it and now every object in the room is a magicak object which has its own special power. However they are all governed by the most powerful object which is the Key which when used in any lock you can get into the Motel and nobody can get at you or find you. One man Joe Miller finds out about this magical key and it comes into his hands and now he is thrust into a magical world where everybody is after what he holds. This is then aggravated by somebody he loves very dearly going missing within the room. The story of this show is fantastic and all of these magical objects are very cool indeed which leaves you wondering what all of them do as you are only introduced to a handful. The story begins with how Joe comes into contact with the key and it is such a fast paced story line for each episode that you are glued to the screen from beginning to end wanting to know how it ends. There are plenty of special effects to keep you entertained and it is such a sci-fi production in my eyes but one ...

HobbyCraft Store (Shop) 25/11/2008

I am a Crafty Person

HobbyCraft Store (Shop) I am quite a craft loving person anyway so now that I am getting married I have decided to make all of my decorations and invitations. My first stop for this kind of stuff is always hobbycraft as it is absolutely fantastic. It is a craft paradise and I am not sure there are many people which would hate it. So here is why I love Hobbycraft and will always go there for my craft supplies. The shop I am reviewing has the following address; Bentley Bridge Shopping Park Wednesfield Wolverhampton WV11 1BP This shop is my closest bunt there are a lot all over the country so go find the one closest to you to visit. Hobbycraft is easy to spot as it has a massive bright blue sign with Hobbycraft in yellow letters so you cant really miss it even if you wanted to. The name gives it away but this is truly a store for people to buy crafts or even for people to find inspiration to begin a hobby that they might like. When you walk into the Wednesfield store you immediately see row after row of crafts and there is a huge walk way down the centre of the shop so you can very simply find what you like. They sell all sorts from card making supplies to scrap book making supplies and then beading, paints, model making and knitting! In fact they should have everything you want to do with crafts there. The amount of stock they have is great and I went into there with a list of sticky backed magnet, small pegs, red ribbon, small A6 envelopes and butterfly embellishments. I found ...

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street DVD 05/02/2008

Dark and Delicious.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street DVD The story of Sweeney Todd has always been one that I have enjoyed to hear and watch several adaptations of over the years. Johnny Depp is a favourite actor of mine and I also love musicals. So as you can imagine when I first heard that Johnny Depp was going to be in a musical version of Sweeney Todd for the big screen, I was extremely excited. Now I had to go and see it on its opening weekend so my family and I wet to the cinema and had a deliciously dark time watching this deliciously dark musical and I will let you know why. Ok so the story of Sweeney Todd is one that most people should know about by now but I will give you a quick overview anyway. Judge Turpin takes a liking to Benjamin Barkers wife so he sends Ben down for a crime he did not commit just to get close to his wife. Fifteen years later and Benjamin returns to London but is now known as Sweeney Todd. He vows to enact revenge on Judge Turpin and sets up a Barber business by Mrs Lovett's meat pie shop. Together they find a nice way to rid the world of awful people and also make some nice meat pies from the products. Now the story does vary slightly depending on the versions you are watching and this film is highly based on the musical so the story takes that particular turn of events. The story is very dark and not very pleasant at times so do not (like my friend did) expect to go and watch a nice musical. The story is sinister and dark and extremely enjoyable. The film portrays it well and thanks to the ...

Portmeirion Village, Wales 03/02/2008

Stunning,Simply Stunning.

Portmeirion Village, Wales Now portmeirion I have visited on so many occasions since I have had a home in Wales for so many years and every time I think it is fantastic so I have decided to tell you in this review why it is such a fabulous place to visit if you get the chance. I have been at least ten times and would go again in a second so here it is. The address is as follows: Portmeirion Gwynedd Wales LL48 6ER Now Portmeirion is in a fantastic place and very easy to find when you are driving around Wales. I am not sure how you would get there by public transport but the car park is massive and free so you are fine from that perspective. Also I do believe there are quite a few coach trips that go to Portmeirion so you should find a way to get there somehow. Ok so when you are there it is just beautiful and there is so much to do so I will go through each one in turn. Walking: Portmeirion boasts some pretty impressive walks around and it is fantastic. You can choose from easy walks and also some slightly harder walks and there are signs everywhere letting you know where to go so you wont get lost at all . One of my favourite walks although it may sound a little macabre is the pets graveyard which is just beautiful. Then you can go walks around the castle and the gardens are just huge and so stunning with wonderful views of the Welsh mountains so you are bound to walk around just marveling at the beauty. Beach: There is a wonderful beach which is fabulous and ...

High School Musical 2 (DVD) 31/01/2008

Fun, fun and More fun

High School Musical 2 (DVD) Now I laughed when some of my friends had mentioned that they loved high school musical 2 as it always seemed like something a much younger audience would love and not me at 25. So I and my sister for a laugh decided to give the film a go as we couldn't find the first one and we surprisingly loved the film. It is a big laugh and so much fun and with good little actors and is just great Disney. Hopefully I will try and convince some of you to watch it from this review. Ok so the story of High school musical 2 goes like this. It is summer break at the school so Gabriella, Troy and friends decide that they have to get jobs for the summer to earn money while also having the summer of their lives. Sharpay, the villain of the piece stays at a country club for the summer and she hatches a plan to get Troy to come and work there so she can get closer to him. What she doesn't count on is all of his friends getting jobs too. Now the story is so much fun that from the second the film starts you will love it as it is bright, fun, colourful and very loud. You are transported into a complete Disney world and your attention is caught right up until the end of the film. The story is good and poses a lot of problems with which you can identify with the characters and the music just adds that little bit extra to the film. Now this is a complete Disney film so do not expect it to be too clever and serious as it is a bit of fun after all. It is cheesy and has some scenes that you cannot ...

Beowulf (DVD) 29/01/2008

Animation at its best

Beowulf (DVD) Ok so I went to go and see Beowulf at the cinema purely because I was intrigued that it was a film based on a poem. I personally had never heard of it but my friend had and said she couldn't really see how they could make a film out of it. I know now that there are quite a few adaptations but I had never seen them. So I read the poem before going to see the film which got me confused but then when I watched the film I loved it and found it to be so much fun to watch and here is why. Ok so the story is that there is a monster called Grendel who seems to terrorise a community of people. The king is fed up with this and calls on hero Beowulf to rid the place of this monster. What Beowulf doesn't realise is that Grendels mother is around and she is not going to take hunting down Grendel lightly at all as she is an alluring beast and has a lot of plans up her sleeve. Yes, the story sounds a bit odd and I was not really sure if I would enjoy it or not. When I was watching it though the story did make sense and was very enjoyable. A lot happens and it is insanely intense from the start of the film. Your attention is captured by the amazing atmosphere the film puts out and you are thrown straight into the point of the whole story. Throughout the film you cannot take your eyes off of the screen as so much happens. The story follows through well and the ending is very satisfying. The film does not necessarily follow exact to the poem so please don't expect it to but it follows ...

Merry Hill, Birmingham 24/01/2008

Shoppers Paradise

Merry Hill, Birmingham Every year it is inevitable that I will visit Merry Hill at least ten times because me and my Mom especially love it there. It is basically a massive shopping centre which is indoors so you don't have to worry about rain and you can spend hours looking around although it never seems busy for some reason. We choose Merry Hill every year for us to do our January sales shop too because there is so much on offer. Let me tell you why I love it so much! Ok so where is it? Merry Hill Shopping Centre Brierley Hill West Midlands DY5 1QX Now to get there by car from where my parents live is easy because we can just go to Dudley and follow the signs from there. By motorway if you do get to the Walsall junctions and head towards Dudley you will find it. Merry Hill is signposted for miles away from where it is so you can't miss it. The car park is huge and you can always find a space and the best thing is that it is free to park there for as many hours as you like. By public transport you can get the metro to Dudley and then bus from there or you can get a bus link from Birmingham city centre. In all honesty though it is easier to drive to get there. Ok so you get there and park and depending on where you park depends what entrance you are near as there are several. When you are in the shopping centre you will notice that it is all on two levels and there are escalators and lifts available everywhere if you need them. Now let's have a quick tour. Shops Now ...

Slither 09/11/2006

Do You Have Worms?

Slither I am a big fan of horror movies but especially ones that know they are funny and don't even try to hide it. I came across Slither quite a while ago now when it had just come out at the cinema. My fiancé is not a fan of horror's at all and wouldn't even believe me when I said it would be silly so I had to wait till last week to get it on DVD before I could give it a go. so me my sister Sam and my cousin Josh decided to sit down and watch it the Saturday just gone I have to say I found it hilarious and enjoyed every minute although on the whole the film was rubbish but in a good way if that makes any sense to you at all. ----- The Film: The film opens with us looking at children in a lesson at school. It appears that many of them cannot be bothered with the work but are more interested in staring at the teacher Starla who apparently is the town hotty. She is married to Grant who fed up with his wife spurning his advances he seeks attention from other women. Grant is in the woods with a woman but does not really want to cheat on Starla so does reject the other woman slightly. While there he notices something in the woods which looks a little bit like the eggs from the film aliens. As he walks towards it it opens and then spews out some yellow goop at him which is not very pleasant and then when what looks like a red worm throws itself at him and buries himself in its belly button he seems to leave it and he says he is ok. What happens next for Grant is an ...

Before Sunset (DVD) 30/10/2006

For True Romantics Only!

Before Sunset (DVD) You know when you hear about films for years and years and actually never bother to watch them? Well I was like that with before sunrise and recently I actually got round to watching it and it was great. As I had waited years to watch it they had bought out a sequel to the film 'before sunset' and it is this that I sat down to watch with my sister and cousin on Saturday afternoon. I have to say I loved it more than the first one and I thought as a sequel and a film it was so perfect and hopefully I will get over to why I thought this in this review. ----- The Film: We are now nine years after the first film before sunrise where Jesse and Celine meet on a train and spend one romantic and truly memorable night in Vienna. They leave each other saying that they will meet in 6 months time and then the film ends leaving you wondering what happened to the two of them and did they actually turn up? Well this film gives you all the answers and picks up nine years later. Jesse has just published a book based on his meeting with Celine which has gone straight to the top of the best selling list over in America. He is doing a book tour and his last stop is in Paris in a remote small book store. Celine has heard about his stop and turns up at the book store to surprise him and see how he is. The bad thing is that Jesse must catch a plane that day so they have precious time together to explore Paris and to find out if they still get on with each other so well. Verdict on ...
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