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Reflections Mirrored Chest of 5 Drawers 10/02/2014

Reflections of a beautiful looking bedroom...!

Reflections Mirrored Chest of 5 Drawers A few months ago I set about decorating a bedroom in my home and decided on a white, black and mirrored theme. I purchased mirrored wardrobes, bedside tables and this mirrored chest of drawers for my black TV to sit on. I chose this particular item online, after reading several product reviews on the Woolworths website, and I paid about £95.00 for my chest of drawers and the usual retail price is £169.00. I bought these in the sale and received a further 10% off for being a new credit customer. This meant that as soon as the first bill arrived I was able to pay the balance off in full knowing that I had saved myself another £150 odd over my whole order. I received my item within 5 days of placing my order, despite it being over the New Year period, and this chest of drawers arrived flat packed and survived the journey to my home and being lugged up 48 stairs on one end by myself. Within the flat packed box were the wooden and glass pieces required to build this chest of drawers with each piece being labelled with red and white numbered stickers. There was a detailed instruction booklet provided that allowed me to see, with ease, which way up things went and whether I need to be adding any parts to the left or right side of a piece of wood or wood backed glass. Each piece required was layered between either tissue paper or tissue paper AND polystyrene meaning that all pieces were scratch and damage free when I started building this chest of drawers. The parts provided with ...

Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit 08/02/2014

Veet removes most of my hair!

Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit I received this product via BzzAgent, completely free, in return for my opinion and giving my opinion to friends and family. I tend to use shaving as my method, rather than waxing, although I like to have a salon wax when I have the time, energy and money. I don't often wax at home but I do have bouts of time where I epilate instead. When plugging this in I found it took about 40 to 45 minutes for the wax to be the right temperature for good waxing. I applied this to a small area first, it glided on quickly and evenly, then I applied the first strip to my leg. I applied some pressure to the strip to ensure that it was applied and the wax had coated it fully. I held the skin on my legs taut and then ripped the first strip off. The strip came off quite easily and with only a medium amount of pain, less than I expected and remembered from salon waxing. I used the strip in quick succession a couple of times to rip off any small remaining pieces of wax and it worked very well. The finishing wipes received were great at removing any more wax that was stuck on my legs, which was only a small amount. The wipes have a nice scent to them and they are soothing to my skin also. With regards to hair removal I would say that I managed to remove about 85% of the hair that I would usually remove with a razor or if I had a wax at the salon. This was much better than I expected and the pain that I experienced was not as bad as I thought it would be either. This does take a longer ...

Brita Maxtra Filter Cartridge 19/01/2014

Clean, clear, crisp water from Brita!

Brita Maxtra Filter Cartridge Last year I purchased a Brita water filter, which I use regularly and love, and it takes these Brita Maxtra cartridges. When I purchased my water filter it had one cartridge with it and I purchased 3 cartridges for £10.00 in Tesco around the same time so I had a nice stock. I have since purchased 6 cartridges from the Amazon website for around £16.00 which is a price that is on offer quite regularly from what I hear. These Brita Maxtra cartridges are designed to last for one month and as such this makes them around 60-70p per week to use and this really is a very low price for me to have filtered cold water on offer. I have been drinking filtered water more than I would water from the tap and one of the big advantages for me is that I now always have cold filtered water available in my fridge when I need or want a drink. I feel that the price per week overall is very cheap and absolutely worth it. The price is cheaper than just one large bottle of water and I was previously buying quite a lot of bottled water. These cartridges are individually wrapped within their box and the packaging is simple to just cut open. I find that it takes just a few seconds to remove the old filter and replace it with a new one. The cartridges have their own cut out space within my Brita filter and I fill my filter up with water, put the cartridge in place and shake it around until all the air bubbles are removed and then once clicked into place I just run 1 litre of water through the filter ...

Asda George Ribbed Scoop Neck Cotton Vest Top 17/01/2014

Show off a scoop of your neck with this vest top!

Asda George Ribbed Scoop Neck Cotton Vest Top Last year, just before the Summer, I had a big sort through all of my clothes. I am fortunate enough to have lost weight over the last couple of years and as such I had an excess of clothes that were far too big or unflatteringly baggy for me. This is not really a bag thing of course and it allowed me to sell some items and donate others to my local Action for Children charity shop. Because of this I needed to stock up on lots of new items, trousers, jeans, underwear, all sorts really and I found that lots of my old vest tops, of which I had about 40, did not fit me well anymore and so I set about replacing some. When I found these scoop neck vest tops from George at Asda I wasn't actively looking for clothes. I was in my local Asda, which is very large, and I was looking for some new CDs when I walked past the clothing section and spotted this simple looking vest top for just £3.00. Now £3.00 is cheap for any item of clothing and I love vest tops for lounging around the house and wearing underneath cardigans also. I purchased this vest in black and there were sizes available between 8 and 20+. I'm not exactly sure as I wasn't searching for the larger sizes. I found that my size was well stocked, as appeared to be most others, and I didn't bother trying it on in store as I could see that it should have fit me correctly, which I was right about. Now this vest is a black vest top that is ribbed all over and has the thicker straps that I prefer on vest tops. I love ribbed ...

Halfords Ice Scraper, Squeegee and Sponge 12/01/2014

My windscreen is clean and streak free thanks to this!

Halfords Ice Scraper, Squeegee and Sponge As I've recently re-organised the boot of my car it seems like an appropriate time to review this ice scraper, squeegee and brush item. Up until 3 weeks ago I was using this item almost on a daily basis for several months and it really felt like the cold horrible mornings would never end. If my car has a light dusting of frost in the mornings or a layer of snow then I have been using this squeegee, scraper and brush item to get my windscreen clean rather than using de-icer and still spending time scrubbing my windscreen clear. I actually received this item for free from Halfords late last year but if you want to buy this it retails for £1.99 usually and is available in store or online. My squeegee, scraper and brush is green and when I picked it up I just selected a random one from a big metal bin in store and I wasn't bothered about what colour I received as I was excited that it was free. This is a single product that has a plastic scraper on it, which is ideal for removing ice, a brush that is ideal for removing snow and a squeegee that is ideal for removing water and moisture from a windscreen. I find that I have been using each side for its intended purpose and mainly I have been using the brush for removing snow from the top of my car in particular as well as removing it from the doors and the sides. I do not like the idea of snow falling down off the top of my car if I have to break suddenly so I have been very meticulous about removing all snow recently, much ...

Lakeland Lock & Lock Containers 11/01/2014

I lock & lock everything in my kitchen!

Lakeland Lock & Lock Containers When I place an order with Lakeland I always end up getting another size of these Lock & Lock Containers as they are just so versatile and there are many different sizes available. I have also picked these up from Amazon and eBay from private marketplace sellers in recent years. These containers are designed to be airtight in just four clicks. You simple put the lid on and then snap down the four sides which will click in to place and hold the lid closed. Lakeland guarantee that this is 100% airtight and watertight in just four clicks and I have always found this to be the case. These containers are very hard wearing and sturdy and I don't worry about them breaking or leaking at all. I have just one container that has a broken lid, and this has been dropped a considerable amount of times and had some very heavy kitchen bits in it when dropped so it was no surprise that it finally cracked. Even with the crack I have continued using this for loose items that I do not need to keep airtight or dry etc. There are many uses for Lakeland containers and lots of different ones available (more on that later), however, I generally just use mine for leftovers and things like that. I can store them in the fridge or freezer and when I want to reheat the contents I can put this straight into the microwave if I choose. Also, once finished with it can be placed in the dishwasher to get a nice, thorough clean. I tend to wash mine by hand, just to ensure that the rim has been scrubbed ...

Lakeland EasiYo Yogurt Maker 11/01/2014

Yo! Come and read how easy this yoghurt maker is to use!

Lakeland EasiYo Yogurt Maker At Christmas, back in 2012, Father Christmas was very kind to me and brought me an array of gifts to kindly place under my Christmas tree. I had specifically asked for this yoghurt maker, via the technological advance of my Amazon wishlist. At just under £17 for this yoghurt maker, a recipe book, a sachet of 'fruit squirt' (a puree for adding to yoghurt) and a packet of natural yoghurt the starter pack that I requested was better value than paying around £14 alone for the yoghurt maker. I like to make my own baked goods, meals, bread and other items as it helps me avoid the supermarket for longer. By dehydrating items, having canned, frozen and fresh vegetables and fruit I am able to go shopping once every 7-10 days, allowing me to make less impulse purchases and save money. This is part of the reason why I wanted a yoghurt maker, to save me money on the expensive tubs of natural yoghurt that I buy each time I go shopping, and also because I love to make things myself, at home, as I spend most of my time at home when my husband is working and like to keep myself busy when my friends are at work. Because of health complaints I am frequently ill and because of this I like to do what I can for my body, in terms of healthy foods and 'good' bacteria, which is why I consume live yoghurt on a daily basis, as does my husband. This yoghurt maker is nothing special to look at as it basically looks like a large, tall, red and white plastic flask. There is no handle on the lid of ...

Hankook H730 All Season 10/01/2014

New tyres to keep my little car on the road through all seasons.

Hankook H730 All Season We are a two car household these days and as such with MOT time coming up, for both cars, right before Christmas, it is fair to say that we were doing what we could to save money without cutting corners in regards to safety. I needed four new tyres for my car, which is a second hand car I've had for around a year, and so I started to look around locally for new tyres, as I intend to keep my car for a year or two at least yet, and obtaining some prices. I was offered different tyres, with numerous statistics attached, from larger companies such as Kwik Fit and their staff seemed to be low on time or experience of what these statistics actually meant to me as a fairly new driver. I ended up purchasing Hankook Optimo 4S 155/70/R13/T tyres, and all season tyre, with each tyre costing me just £39 fitted including balancing and other required services. This seemed like an economical enough price, for my small 1.3 litre car, and these were the suggested tyres that fit my specific wheels, and I double checked this before my purchase using the Kwik Fit website which allows the entry of a registration number to find the correct tyres. Hankook tyres are not something I have ever heard of before. The specific tyres that I have purchased have a section width of 155, an aspect ratio of 70, a rim diameter of 13 inches and a speed rating of T. This information is recorded on the sidewall of the tyres, to prove that these tyres conform to European safety standards. The aspect ratio of 70 ...

Daisy Kitchen Cleaner Spray 08/01/2014

Daisy helps me keep my kitchen sparkling!

Daisy Kitchen Cleaner Spray I like to try and save money on my household budget, where possible, as I usually put any savings I make into a 'holiday fund' to pay for lots of lovely trips throughout the year. This kitchen spray, Daisy from Tesco, is available for around 50p, and this is for a 500ml trigger spray bottle. This kitchen spray comes in a trigger bottle, with a twist lid to prevent it being accidentally sprayed. The trigger spray works very well, and emits a generous spray wherever I want it to go. I've had no problems with the spray blocking up or anything like that. I don't have to put a lot of effort into releasing the spray either which suits me just fine. The bottle is white, with two large stickers on it, and I can't see at a glance how much is left, which is one downside, but I can shake it to know that there is still an ample amount inside before I go shopping. While this is a kitchen spray I have used this on a variety of surfaces including furniture in my lounge, to clean off spilled sticky juice, to clean my hob, the inside of my oven door, my kitchen worktops, my sink and taps, my appliances, the top of my fish tank (nowhere near where it can get into the fish tank water) and I have used this on every single surface in my kitchen. I've used this to wipe the grout in my kitchen, with pretty good results, and I've used it to clean the frame of my windows. This kitchen spray has a slight chemical smell to it, like lots of kitchen cleaners, with a citrus edge. It isn't ...

Bad Teacher (DVD) 05/01/2014

Underneath it all this teacher isn't completely bad... Is she?!

Bad Teacher (DVD) Cameron Diaz plays Elizabeth Halsey, a teacher at the John Adams Middle School. Elizabeth Halsey couldn't hate her job much more than she does, if she had the effort to try, and boy does it show. Elizabeth is lazy, unprepared, demotivated and generally just hates children. She is a gold digging drug taker who is concerned only with earning money and improving her status in the World. Elizabeth does not like to engage with colleagues or children but after she finds her personal situation changing Elizabeth is forced to continue down the path of a career as a teacher. 'Bad Teacher' centres around Elizabeth, her money grabbing ways and the different ways that she tries to skate by in life with the minimum amount of work. Elizabeth spends most of her time trying to find ways to pay for breast enlargement surgery, that she feels will enrich her life in ways that will lead to more money and a higher status ultimately. Elizabeth decides to try and bag a fellow teacher, who has money, and the film centres around her disgusting, rude, nasty actions and the things that she will do to get whatever she wants. Of course that isn't the whole film, as people around her try to change her and make her a better person. The characters in this film are interesting and of course Elizabeth (Cameron Diaz) is the main character. I love her bitchy, nasty side, and despite the fact that she is horrible there is just something likeable about her shallowness, probably because I know how the story pans ...

John Frieda Frizz Ease Straight Ahead Shampoo 30/12/2013

My hair did frizz with ease!

John Frieda Frizz Ease Straight Ahead Shampoo I have wavy hair that usually drives me to distraction. Like many women I am always looking for new shampoo and conditioner products, often that come with claims of smooth, sleek hair or the perfect bouncy curls, most of which they fail to live up to. I actually chose this shampoo at 3am when tired, ratty and looking for something nice to shower with when I drove home from shopping. Trust Tesco to allow an impulse purchase in almost any category these days! I typically style my hair with GHD straighteners and a GHD air hairdryer which allows me to have fairly smooth, sleek hair with about 20-25 minutes work each time I wash my hair. Sometimes this is not practical and as I am frequently unwell I like to have the opportunity to just wash my hair and allow it to dry naturally while I am doing jobs around my home or even just enjoying time at home with my family. This shampoo comes in a sleek flip top bottle. The bottle is functional, stylish and simple to open and close. The bottle is soft plastic which allows me to squeeze the bottle to release shampoo as required. The shimmery pearl coloured shampoo has a lovely colour and finish to me, that made me feel confident that it would be delightful to use. I apply this shampoo to my wet hair, as with most shampoo, and then rub it around to create a lather. The scent of the shampoo is one that is fresh and clean, there is no obvious fruit scent but the clean scent is lovely anyway, not offensive at all. The scent is not overly ...

Bare Escentuals Prime Time Foundation Primer 13/11/2013

My skin is primed and ready for the day thanks to this primer.

Bare Escentuals Prime Time Foundation Primer I have been using primer underneath my foundation since I had my makeup done for my wedding a couple of years ago. Prior to this I did not see the appeal of primer but now I know that this gives a fantastic base to my skin and helps my makeup look and feel better on my skin, regardless of the brand that I use. I received this primer, free, in a gift set that my Mum purchased for me. The usual retail price of a 30ml bottle is £21.00 with free delivery often available when purchasing a certain amount of products from the Bare Minerals website, currently this is on spends of £35 or more. Prime Time is a Foundation Primer from the Bare Minerals brand and as such I use this underneath Bare Minerals products such as foundation, mineral veil and warmth. This primer is applied directly to bare skin, usually I have washed my face about 10 or 15 minutes before when getting myself ready for the day. I use a pea sized amount of this primer and I dab it and rub in circles around my cheeks, chin, forehead and around my mouth. These are my problem skin areas with a few spots here and there sometimes and occasionally flaky, dry skin around my cheek area during the colder months. This is a gel but as soon as it hits my fingers I can feel the matte effect that this is going to have on my skin and once I've applied the gel, which takes well under a minute, my fingertips feel dry and smooth. This applies very well on my skin and a little goes a long way on my skin. The packaging of this ...

Tesco Low Dust Lightweight Cat Litter 01/11/2013

Low dust my eye!

Tesco Low Dust Lightweight Cat Litter I usually order Pettex Pampuss cat litter, in 30 litre bags, from Amazon, to avoid running out. Recently my husband and I were going to be away for a few days, unexpectedly, and my monthly subscribe & save order hadn't arrived. As we had friends looking after our pets I wanted to ensure that we had stocked up on all possible items that they could need and so I picked up this Tesco low dust cat litter as a last minute purchase 'just in case'. This wasn't needed while we were away but I don't like waste so I have been using this for the past week or so. A 10 litre bag of this costs £3.18 and the 30 litre bag that I usually buy, which is a wood based litter and in my opinion a much superior product, is around £10.00 with subscribe and save making it just a fraction more per 10 litres. My usual litter stretches much further than this litter too so in terms of price I consider this to be quite expensive, particularly as it is just a supermarket branded product not a more expensive brand. This litter has a browny orange colour to it and it has a very grainy texture. This litter is lightweight, thanks to the grains being so small, and this does help to cut down on the dust that flies when pouring this, which is handy. I have two litter trays to fill up each time I change the litter and so cutting back on the potentially coughing fit inducing dust is great for me. There is still some dust when pouring this litter but I usually scoop the litter from the bag anyway, to try and ...

Tesco SC356 Slow Cooker 29/10/2013

Home cooked meals have never been so convenient.

Tesco SC356 Slow Cooker Recently my slow cooker was broken by my husband and my lovely Mum dug me out her slow cooker, still in its box and barely used, and promptly gave it to me. A slow cooker is something that we use regularly in my home, particularly during the Winter months, because it allows meals to be cooked easily and using it means that there is a hot meal waiting when my husband wakes up from night shifts or I come home in the evening. This slow cooker is a 3.3L one with three settings, low, high and warm. It weighs just over 4kg and it is light enough for me to lift off the bottom shelf of a cupboard in my kitchen with ease. This slow cooker has a metal body, with non slip feet and the knob for setting control, a black dishwasher safe pot that sits inside the body, and holds the food you are cooking, and a glass lid, with a knob on the top. It is simple to put this slow cooker together and it takes me just a few seconds after I have cleaned it to put it back together and get it put back in the cupboard. Using this slow cooker is incredibly simple. I literally plug it in, turn it on and then select either low or high. I typically use low for recipes that I am leaving while in bed, say from 6am - 2pm, and high for recipes that I am cooking from say 4pm - 8pm. We have an unusual sleep pattern in my household, due to my husband working varied shifts, and as such the slow cooker is fantastic for us. If my husband is on nights we can place this on at 6am, when he comes home, and leave it ...

Brabantia Waste Storage Touch Bin 27/10/2013

My stylish kitchen bin.

Brabantia Waste Storage Touch Bin I like my home to look stylish, where possible, and after having to dispose of several rusty/damaged bins in the last few years I decided to spend a large amount of money, almost £60, buying this Brabantia waste touch bin, which holds 30L of rubbish. The RRP of this bin is around the £100 mark but it can frequently be purchased for between £50 and £60 from Amazon, which is still expensive but for a high quality product, with a 10 year guarantee, this really is worth every penny. My bin is matt steel and has black touches around the rim of the lid and the lid itself is black plastic. There is also a black plastic rim on the bottom of the bin to protect my floors. I like the matt finish to this bin, as it means that any scratch marks from my cats would be well concealed and it doesn't show up any other marks easily either. This bin has a soft touch lid which requires minimal effort to open and opens and closes silently which is nice too. The lid is hinged and this works smoothly and with no sound at all. The entire lid area can be removed, for cleaning, and for changing the bag, and it is simple to remove with minimal effort required. Once the top is back in place it is sturdy and will not fall off which is great too. The lid works very well at keeping smells within the bin, even if it is full to the top. This bin is lightweight, but not so light that it can tip over if my cats crash into it, which they do frequently, so this is another plus point for me. Changing the bag in ...
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