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I am also a Dooyoo member so some of my reviews will also appear on there under username kayers. 13 8 2011 Sorry not to have rated anyone recently - had a very busy time at work and at home, but I am back now and will try my best to catch up!

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Cif Power Cream Bathroom Spray 15/04/2012

Power to my elbow

Cif Power Cream Bathroom Spray I just love this product! The cleaning power is brilliant but one of the best things about it is the fresh perfume which makes the bathroom smell lovely for several hours after using it. The bottle is well designed with a moulded neck making it easy to grasp and squeeze the trigger to dispense the cream directly onto the surface needing to be cleaned. The cream is a white colour and clings to the surface it is sprayed on so it can be sprayed and then left for a few minutes to work on tough marks and stains. I find that the product works very well in easily removing scum and water marks with minimum amount of effort from me and leaves the bath, sink and toilet seat looking and smelling clean and fresh. I am not so convinced of the claim to remove limescale as I haven't found this to be the case. I usually find that I have to use another product for this purpose. However, I'm not too worried about this as the cream does everything else that I require from it and leaves everywhere from tiles, floors, toilet seats and surrounds, baths, taps and shower attachments clean, shiny and smelling fresh. The price tag is a bit hefty at £2.99 per bottle but it is quite often on special offer at half price or bogof so I usually stock up then. As I said at the beginning - I love this cream and would recommend it to anyone looking for an effective bathroom cleaning product. ...

Good Housekeeping 12/10/2011

Good Housekeeping and so much more

Good Housekeeping My sister in law suggested this magazine to me a few years ago. I used to think it was all about cooking and home decor and didn't think that I would find it over interesting on a regular basis, however it has so much more to offer than that. I find that the best way to buy it is by annual subscription as it is so much cheaper than buying it each month and I often put it on my Christmas list. It makes a nice Christmas or birthday present as it is like getting a present every month delivered to your door. The current price for 12 issues is £33.49 through This is quite a saving on the cover price of the magazine if bought singularly in the shops Each issue has 240 pages with lots of regular features such as a letter from the editor with news of what is happening in the magazine, letters from readers, a look at what will be in next month's issue , horoscopes and an amusing article at the end of the magazine by Sandi Toksvig. There is a problem page, medical questions answered, topical issues discussed, lots of advice on clothes, fashion for different age groups and makeup. There is also the Good Housekeeping Institute which tests lots of different recipes until they find the perfect one and also lots of kitchen appliances and gadgets so that it can recommend the best buys. I like the Real Lives section which concentrates on problems affecting ordinary people and how they have coped with life changes and difficulties. There ...

VO5 Hair Shampoo Give Me Moisture 16/08/2011

Much Moisture!

VO5 Hair Shampoo Give Me Moisture My hair is always on the dry side but at the moment feels rather like straw! Flicking through my copy of Good Housekeeping magazine I was pleased to see a sample sachet of VO5 "Give Me Moisture" hair shampoo. After trying this I was pretty impressed by the results so decided to invest in a full bottle. The packaging The bottle is bright pink and so stands out nicely on the shop shelf. The bottle has one of those lids that you press down on which flips up part of the lid and reveals a gap to squeeze the shampoo from. I quite like this kind of opening as it means I don't end up dropping the lid in the shower and having to grapple around for it! The shampoo It is a pearly white colour which surprised me, I was expecting pink like the packaging. A small amount seemed to produce a good creamy lather (I would add that I have short, fine hair so more would be needed for longer or thicker hair). The perfume is pleasant although I couldn't say that it smelt of anything in particular. The lather itself felt soft and creamy which gave me hope that this shampoo would be good for moisturising my hair. The result When I rinsed out the shampoo my hair did feel nice and smooth. Some shampoos leave it feeling dry and squeaky. After I had dried and styled my hair it still felt nice and soft and the styling was much easier due, I suspect, to the fact that my hair was now nicely hydrated and not all dry and crispy. Price A 250ml bottle is usually £1.99 in Boots but at the moment they are ...

Goodnight, Beautiful - Dorothy Koomson 12/06/2011

Beautiful and moving story

Goodnight, Beautiful - Dorothy Koomson There are no spoilers in this review. **The Story** Mal and Nova have been close friends since childhood so when Mal’s wife, Stephanie finds that she cannot have children Mal suggests they ask Nova to be a surrogate mother for them. Nova agrees to help them even though it has a detrimental effect on her own relationship with her partner, Keith. Four months into the pregnancy and Stephanie is struggling with the closeness between Mal and Nova and fears that she is losing her husband to his best friend, who is now carrying his baby. She gives Mal an ultimatum – Nova and the baby or her. Mal chooses Stephanie and they both walk away from Nova leaving her alone and scared with the prospect of a baby that she hadn’t planned on keeping. That was 8 years ago and now Nova is waiting for her son, Leo, to wake up from a coma following an accident. As the story unfolds, so the secrets and lies that have shaped the characters lives come to light, explaining how they came to be in the situation they now all find themselves. **My Opinion** At first I found the book a little difficult to understand as it is written from the viewpoint of both Stephanie and Nova and alternates between the past and the present. However, after a few chapters I settled into it and actually found it really interesting to find out what they were both thinking about a given event. Having a baby for your best friend would have to be an act of unselfish, deep love for that friend and for that friend to then ...

Royal Canin Urinary 16/05/2011

Royal Seal Of Approval From Barnie

Royal Canin Urinary When my cat was 4 years old he was diagnosed with crystals in his bladder. I took him to the vet following an hour or so where he had been crouching over the litter tray and not being able to wee anymore than a slight dribble. The vet advised that my poor lad had a small stone blocking his penis and he was catheterised to drain his bladder which was in danger of bursting before successfully flushing the stone through. I was advised that he would have to be on a special diet for the rest of his life as he was more than likely to suffer from this condition again - apparently some cats are more prone to it than others. So for the last 10 years he has been eating Royal Canin's biscuits for urinary tract problems. **What does the food do?** The food is designed to dissolve existing struvite stones that form in the bladder as well as provide an environment where it is difficult for new stones and crystals to form. It does this in two ways 1)by diluting the urine, as less concentrated urine decreases the concentration of struvites and calcium oxalates that form stones. The larger amount of urine also ensures that the bladder is washed out regularly so not giving the crystals time to form 2) by making urine more acidic so that it dissolves the stones and crystals and makes the environment more difficult for the stones to form in the first place. The food contains increased sodium chloride to encourage drinking in order to increase urine volume. As all you cat owners will know, ...

The Woman in the Fifth - Douglas Kennedy 09/05/2011

Mystery and Romance

The Woman in the Fifth - Douglas Kennedy I really enjoyed The Pursuit of Happiness and A Special Relationship by Douglas Kennedy and so when my sister in law offered to lend me The Woman in the Fifth I was sure that I would like it. **A Little About The Author** Douglas Kennedy was born in Manhattan in 1955 and now lives in London with his wife and two children. He has written several novels and 3 travel books. I find that he is really good at writing from a female perspective, so much so that in A Special Relationship I could almost believe he was female and just using Douglas Kennedy as a pen name! **The Story** The story is written in the first person with Harry as the character telling the story. Harry worked as a lecturer at a college in America but a romantic liaison costs him his job, splits up his marriage and damages his relationship with his daughter. He decides to escape and arrives in Paris during the winter with only a small amount of money and no where definite to stay. The story follows Harry as he tries to find a place to live and work in a city where he doesn't know a soul. One evening he meets a mysterious woman named Margit and thinks he has found a friend. However Margit will only see him at certain times at her apartment in the fifth arrondissement and is very guarded about her life, past and present. Harry continues to visit her but finds himself plunged into a world where things happen beyond his control and he finds it increasingly difficult to understand what is happening in his life. ...

Dove Invisible Dry Anti-White Marks 02/05/2011

Invisible Dove

Dove Invisible Dry Anti-White Marks I use all different makes of deodorant/antiperspirant both branded and supermarket/Boots own brand depending on what is on offer at the time. I really like Sure Crystal as it doesn't leave white marks on my clothes but recently I noticed that Dove do a similar product with their Invisible Dry Antiperspirant/deodorant roll on so decided to give it a try as it was on special offer at the time. **The product and my thoughts** This product comes in a similar package design to a lot of roll on deodorants at the moment ie all curves and the ability to stand upside down so that the liquid is ready to come out when required. It is all white with the Dove logo and Invisible Dry in pale purple. When I use it the roll on ball is smooth and the liquid comes out easily with a nice delicate perfume delivering just the right amount to my skin with a couple of rolls. It dries quickly and doesn't sting even if I have just shaved my underarms, the product information tells me that this is because it has 0% alcohol but whatever the reason it is good news. I am always in a hurry in the mornings for work and don't have time to hang around while the deodorant dries so I have definitely tested the "anti white marks" claim and haven't had any problems with this even on black tops. In this regard it certainly lives up to Sure Crystal. **Effectiveness** Dove claims to work for 24 hours but I am not sure that it is that effective on me. It definitely works well for quite a few hours but ...

500 Days of Summer(DVD) 31/03/2011

Summer Time

500 Days of Summer(DVD) This film arrived through our Love Film subscription. I think that my daughter had logged in and tweaked the list as this wasn't something myself or my husband would have chosen. However, we decided to watch it on Saturday evening as a family as so this is my review of the dvd. This 2009 film was written by Scott Neustadter and Michael H Weber and directed by Marc Webb and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel both of whom are actors and musicians. **The plot** When I first saw the title I presumed it was a rom/com about a relationship during 500 summer days but in fact it is about the 500 days of the on/off relationship of Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Summer (Zooey Deschanel). The film is a simple story about their friendship/romance through 500 days but not in a chronological order. It actually starts near the end of the film and then it jumps backwards and forwards through the 500 days to show their relationship at different times. The days are announced by a banner on the screen before each change so it is necessary to pay attention otherwise it can be a bit confusing! Tom meets Summer when she joins the greetings card company where he works and eventually starts going out with her although she tells him that she doesn't believe in true love and only wants things to remain casual between them. Tom accepts this at first but eventually finds it hard that she won't make any commitment towards him and the film explores the feelings Tom has about this - ...

Little Women - Louisa M. Alcott 13/03/2011

A Timeless Story Of Growing Up

Little Women - Louisa M. Alcott I read Little Women as a child and again as a teenager and recently I felt the need to read it again. **The Author** Louisa May Alcott was born in Pennsylvania on 29th November 1832. She had 3 sisters and her father was a teacher and although they weren't destitute money wasn't plentiful. Her first book, Flower Fables, was published in 1855 however, in 1856 her sister, Lizzie, contracted scarlet fever and although she initially recovered she later died which put a temporary stop to Louisa's writing as she returned to the family home to help her grieving mother. In 1862 she served in the Civil War as a nurse, contracting Typhoid fever. Although she recovered from Typhoid she suffered with the effects of mercury poisoning for the rest of her life (the mercury came from drug called calomel which was used to cure Typhoid. In 1968 she wrote Little Women based on her life with her 3 sisters. The novel was an instant success and helped to resolve her family's financial problems. Little Men was published in 1871 and Jo's Boys in 1886 with other books in-between. Louisa died aged just 56 as the mercury poisoning finally took its toll. **The story** The story is based on Louisa May Alcott's own experiences as a young girl growing up with 3 sisters in a family where money was tight. The sisters in the book, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy are young girls at the beginning of the story and the book charts their lives as they grow into young women with all the usual trials and tribulations ...

The King's Speech (DVD) 05/03/2011

Award Winning Film!

The King's Speech (DVD) This is a review of the film as seen at the cinema 7 BAFTAs, Best Actor, Best Picture, Best Director and 4 Oscars!! When I went to see the King’s Speech in early January the film hadn’t won these awards but I could see that it certainly stood a good chance as it is an excellent film which captivated me from the beginning and kept my interest throughout, in fact I didn’t want it to finish. **The story** As this is a true story based on historical fact I don’t think spoilers are a problem so I will give a little more detail than usual. In the years between the two world wars Prince Albert , Duke of York and father of our Queen Elizabeth was second in line to the throne to his older brother, Edward (known in the family as David). He was completely different to his elder brother, who was a confident playboy, fond of the good life and his many royal privileges. Prince Albert (Bertie to his family) was a much quieter and less confident man who suffered with a severe speech impediment in the form of a stutter. Bertie was happiest when at home or in the countryside with his family, his wife The Duchess of York (later to be our Queen Mother) and his daughters Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret. However, life changed dramatically for him when his father (George V) died and his brother became King. Edward VIII however was romantically involved with an American divorcee, Wallis Simpson, and, whilst this was only slightly embarrassing while he was the Prince of Wales, as King it ...

Russell Hobbs 13897 25/01/2011

Russell has done a good job here

Russell Hobbs 13897 I needed a new kettle and the Russell Hobbs 13897 colour change kettle attracted my attention initially because it was half price - £22.50 through Amazon with free delivery. The kettle also looked good - a nice modern shape in white or black. I chose the white one as it fitted into my kitchen. My previous kettle boiled very quickly but was extremely noisy so I was looking for a new one that didn't mean I had to turn the radio up when it was on! Reviews suggested that the Russell Hobbs Colour Change was quiet and this has proved to be correct. Details of the kettle are as follows: 1.7 litre capacity Removable washable filter 3KW concealed element Illuminated window The kettle is cordless and so stands on a base unit which the unused cord can be wrapped around underneath to obtain the correct length required to reach the socket. The lid is opened by pressing a button on the top which then pops the lid open for easy filling. This is much easier than my previous kettle. The kettle is very light making it easy to lift and pour even when full of water. It boils quickly but quietly. The switch to turn it on is at the base of the kettle and is just a flick down to turn on. The kettle automatically switches off when it reaches boiling point unless the switch is flicked up beforehand or lifted from the base. When the kettle is filled and then turned on a blue light appears in the clear water level window, as the water boils the colour changes to red ...

Nokia X2 30/12/2010

More Than A Phone

Nokia X2 Nokia X2 I bought my new mobile phone – Nokia X2 about 3 months ago and have been extremely pleased with it. Previously I had a Motorola phone which was several years old and although it worked well for phone calls and texts I felt that I wanted something a bit more modern with internet access and a better camera. **Basics of the phone** This is a quad band phone which is advertised for “music lovers” because of its fm radio, powerful built in speakers and ability to download, play and store music. This model isn’t a touch screen phone you would have to upgrade to the X3 for this but the screen is clear and the text size can be changed so that it can be a good size for easy reading of messages. The phone has the capability of connecting to the internet and although the screen isn’t particularly large for internet browsing it is of good enough quality to view emails and Facebook, news websites etc. The phone is small enough to slip into a pocket and doesn’t take up much room in a handbag. **The Look** The Nokia X2 is a slim line phone measuring 111 x 47 x 13.3 mm. Mine is black with red trim at the top and bottom and red dedicated camera and radio buttons along both sides however it is available in silver with blue trim. The screen is a generous 2.2 inches wide and about 2.5 inches long and has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. There is a 5 way toggle button in the middle of the phone with “answer” and “stop/start” button each side. The non-querty keyboard is below. The ...

Frys Chocolate Cream 03/12/2010

Bitter Sweet Treat

Frys Chocolate Cream I hadn't had one of these chocolate bars for some years, probably when I was a child, when I came across them in my local newsagents and decided to see if they were are good as I remembered them. Fry's first launched this chocolate bar in 1866 so it has been around for a long time! It was the first chocolate bar to be made on a factory scale so is quite important in chocolate production history. **The Bar** The bar comes in a blue and white foil wrapper with a picture of the chocolate at one end, broken to show the cream fondant centre. The chocolate itself is about 12cm long and is divided into sections across the width by an indented line with the name Fry in the middle, so that it can be broken into pieces if that is the way you like to eat chocolate. Personally, I prefer to just bite into the end and keep munching, especially as the cream centre does tend to ooze out if the bar is broken. **The Taste** The chocolate is a rich dark chocolate and there is plenty of it surrounding the melt in your mouth fondant centre. I tried really hard to decide what the fondant tasted of but I am still not really sure except It is quite sweet and really delicious! The dark chocolate sets off the fondant cream perfectly. I probably wouldn't want to eat more than one of these bars at a time as it is quite rich but one is a nice treat and certainly puts the chocolate craving at rest for a while. *Nutrition** Each bar has 210 calories made up as follows: chocolate (Sugar, ...

Nou Camp - Barcelona F.C., Barcelona 31/10/2010

Mes Que Un Club

Nou Camp - Barcelona F.C., Barcelona Camp Nou My husband and I visited Barcelona in September and one of the things he particularly wanted to do was visit Camp Nou, home of Barcelona Football Club (official name Nou Estadi del Futbol Club Barcelona). I wasn’t so keen and hoped that we might give it a miss but the Barcelona Sight Seeing bus that we were on stopped right outside Camp Nou and nearly everyone got off to have a look so I couldn’t be that mean and not let the hubby be the only man on the bus who wasn’t allowed off! Of course, having got off the bus I really didn’t stand a chance in arguing against going inside, so I gave in gracefully! However, I have to say that I really enjoyed looking around the stadium and the museum and it was probably one of the best things we did whilst in Barcelona (shsh – don’t tell the hubby!) **A Little History** From about 1948 plans were started for a new stadium for FC Barcelona due to the increase in their fans. After several refurbishments of the existing stadium at Les Courts it became clear that there was not enough room for expansion to accommodate the ever increasing fans. Eventually the new site was chosen and Camp Nou was inaugurated on 24th September 1957 with a Mass held by the Archbishop of Barcelona and later a friendly football match between Warsaw and Barcelona – Barcelona won 4-2. **Getting there** We travelled to the Stadium via the Barcelona Sight Seeing Bus which is a hop on hop off bus taking a designated route around the city’s main attractions. ...

NH Duc de la Victoria, Barcelona 09/10/2010

Good value, comfortable hotel in Barcelona

NH Duc de la Victoria, Barcelona We stayed in the NH Duc de la Victoria, a 3 star, 156 room hotel, whilst visiting Barcelona for a long weekend. We picked it because the website said that it was situated just off La Ramblas, which is the lively main street in the Gothic Quarter of the city, but far enough back from the main street to be quiet at night. The hotel was built in 2000 and so is relatively modern. **Our Room* Our room was a double room on the 6th floor with 2 single beds which were pushed together to look like one bed. The bedding consisted of 2 pillows each, sheets and a light bedspread. However blankets where available in the wardrobe for colder nights. The floor was wooden and very clean, as was the whole room. There were bedside tables with lights and a little cubby hole for putting those night time essentials and a generous dressing table with drawers and a flat screen television. The television was capable of picking up several international channels, but we were only in the room for a short time each day so we only tuned in to CNN News to catch the headlines and weather. The TV could also be set as an alarm clock but we had brought our own so didn’t try this out. There was a telephone for making outside calls as well as contacting Reception with an extension on one of the bedside tables. A pen and notepad were provided for our use as well. The wardrobe space was more than sufficient for the 2 of us with lots of hanging space and hangers plus shelves and drawers. There was also a free ...
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