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Motorcycle Clothing 10/05/2008

A bikers babe story - Final update

Everything that starts with J ... 16/10/2005

Tekins Challenge, a la Kazzie!!

Member advice on Keeping Hamsters 25/10/2004

For Dipstick, Hebo, KD, Fing and Harvey!!!

I’m looking after my niece’s hamster for a week. She usually takes it away with her when they go on holiday, my brother has a caravan, but as they have gone to Majorca this time she asked me if Harvey could come and stay with me for the week. I’m very honoured she asked me, not that she doesn’t trust me with H, it’s just that this is one very adored hamster, and is rated pretty highly among her menagerie of rabbits, guinea pigs and fish. It's kinda sweet and harmless, apart from the time it bit my bruv, but then Kip did put it on his head whilst he was asleep, he woke rather abruptly when he felt it crawling on his head, the hamster jumped and bit his ear with shock! I gather it took some persuading to leave go!! It’s having a job letting go of the bars of its cage at the mo. It’s still not worked out that however long it chews away at the metal bars it really isn’t going to get out! Advice…… ~~~~~~~~ Buy a cage with metal bars, or the plastic stacking systems, NOT a wooden box, those teeth are damn efficient!!! Oh and perhaps best not to let a hamster crawl on your head, especially a sleepy one, that being the owner of said head and the hamster! But as it sits here near me chomping away I thought how lovely it is really and how they do make ideal first pets, and, as Jamie and I have had three hamsters over the last six or so years, so thought I would give you a few hints and tips about how to look after one…ah ha……you knew I would get there eventually! The ...

What's in my bag? 24/10/2004

One a penny, two a penny...and another...

My current bag, and very loved it is too, is a small khaki canvas one a la Tesco, with two small side pockets and a small zipped pocket inside. It’s not big. Need’s must as I was struggling to lug my Mary Poppins bag to work and back with me every day, and then I decided that I didn’t really need to carry half the stuff around with me that was in it, so I ‘Autumn’ cleaned it, and then.....went out and bought this little one, for a change! And boy have I had to streamline what I usually carry around with me even more!! So…… goes……. Pocket one……..left side as you look at it….. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ My mobile phone and Softlips lip balm, that’s it! Pocket two (next to pocket one!!)…… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appointment card for my sons next fracture clinic appointment following his motorbike accident last month. Two sticks of Wrigley’s spearmint gum, the old fashioned (and unbeatable in my opinion!) stuff! Broken green and silver bracelet after it fell off my wrist in Tesco’s and a nice kind old man picked it up for me, must get it fixed Inside pocket …. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Spare contact lenses in case, one penny and the little silica gel packet that came with the bag! Main bit……… ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Five Zomig (migraine) tablets in plastic sleeve thingy wotsit. PC world receipt for Fifa 2005 for Jamie (present to cheer him up when he was in hospital!) now in the bin…….the receipt…not Jamie!!! Pizza hut receipt…in bin! Sainsburys receipt £51 ...

Everything that starts with R ... 01/09/2004

I felt a right tit……

Everything that starts with R ... ……and as I was doing so my fingers found a very small, pea sized lump that I hadn’t noticed before. “Hello, hello”, I thought, “best get this sorted out right away.” Logged off the computer, (I was browsing Ciao at the time) rang my GP and made an appointment for the following Monday, two days away. Made myself a cup of tea, didn’t give it another thought for…….oh at least half an hour….logged back on the computer and hurriedly typed in ‘breast lumps’ in Google…….. What I read never really gave me much cause to worry, after all ‘85% of breast lumps are benign (non cancerous)’ said the above web site, as did many of the others I checked out that day, and things like this just did not happen to me and my family, especially after the crap first half of the year that I have had, I thought, somewhat flippantly. But to tell the truth I wasn’t really feeling all that worried really. I am just not predisposed to worry about such things and I really did manage to put it to the back of my mind for the next couple of days and enjoy the weekend. Mind you I did keep having a crafty feel to see if it was still there! Come Monday I was somewhat more apprehensive whilst waiting for my appointment, and as usual my poor overworked, but very thorough GP was running late. She gave me a thorough going over, ummed and ahhed a bit and then when I was sat up said, “Ok now show me exactly where this lump is?” (told you it was small!) Her ...

Lush Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo 10/07/2004

I'll have a half.....wash yours?

Lush Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo ……ouch, that’s cold, that’ll teach me for waiting for the weather to cool down before dipping my toes back in here!! But nevertheless back I am and hoping it’ll soon warm up! So lets dive right on in with an op on one of my all time favourite products from my all time favourite shop…….. why Lush of course!! I have actually had this product for quite some time but the best opinions are formed over some time and this one has been quite some time coming!! Cynthia Sylvia Stout, now I know Lush are renowned for giving their products some downright wacky names, take Ma-Bar, and Honey I washed the kids and Buffy the backside slayer…..actually no you can’t take them, they’re mine! Heaven only knows where this one came from. But if the smell of this is anything to go by then I can only assume Cynthia Sylvia was a right ol boozer!! (Apologies to Cynthia if she was indeed teetotal!!) The first whiff you get is of a rather tangy citrussy beer, that’ll be the lemon oil and the stout then! There are other ingredients, but not really of much interest to you here, what I will mention though, what I consider quite important, is that this product is suitable for vegans as the beer used in it is such! Interesting eh! It's a rather rich dark brown colour too, like a rich dark beer.....sorry, veered off track a bit there!! CSS is a Lush liquid shampoo, made with Irish stout, lemons and cognac…hic! Gets better and better eh! These all come together to, ‘make this supreme conditioning ...

Sun Pat Crunchy Peanut Butter 21/04/2004

Nutty toast!!

Versace Red Jeans Eau De Toilette Spray 20/04/2004

Made with me in mind!!

Versace Red Jeans Eau De Toilette Spray I’m not really an expensive perfume kind of girl; at least I didn’t used to be! For many years all I used was something fruity from either the Body Shop or something from the Boots natural collection, shunning the designer perfume counter, considering it an absolute waste of money. On trips across the channel in the days when ‘duty frees’ abounded, I could never quite understand the mentality of female friends who queued up at the perfume counter to get their allotted allowance of such smellies? Huh,wassit all about? Why? Didn’t they all smell the same, heady and sweet? And at such over inflated prices, not for me, no fear, give me good old cheap body sprays any day. Oh god how this worm has turned!!! It all started with a copy of one of those advert filled glossy women’s mags that I picked up from work one day and whilst flicking through it at home that evening I came across a page with an advert for Sensi perfume, along with a very small sample. Not the sort of sample that you have to lift the flap and sniff but a small square with an impregnated bit of cloth under it with said perfume soaked into it. I peeled, I sniffed, I rubbed it over my wrist, I waited a while (I might be a perfume ignoramus but I did know to leave it to ‘settle’ for a while!!) and then sniffed again……..I was hooked! The next payday saw me at a up market department store in town parting with £40 hard earned pounds for a 100ml bottle of the stuff, without so much as a flicker of an eyelid not the ...

Car boot sales (Shop) 13/04/2004

'Bootiful'....of junk or treasure?

Car boot sales (Shop) The first ever time I saw one of these advertised in my local newspaper all those years ago I thought, “Why on earth would someone want to buy another persons car boot?” Obviously lots of people do, cos haven’t they just gone from strength to strength over the years! The first one I ever visited was an eye opener I can tell you, there seemed to be all manner of ‘junk’ on offer. Is it me or is the same ‘junk’ available on more than one stall at a boot sale these days? However it was a fairly productive initiation cos we managed to bag ourselves two decent sized suitcases for out approaching holiday. The first one we ever did ourselves was even more of an eye opener. We made the huge mistake of turning up early; that part wasn’t the huge mistake, arriving in an open topped pick up truck was the HUGE mistake! Barely had the wheels on the truck stopped turning before there were actual punters climbing onto our truck to see what we had got. I was gobsmacked, and terribly naïve at that time, not realising, as I do now, that these were the early bird ‘traders’ and out for the first pickings, catch you off guard, give you daft money for your goods and then sell them at a huge mark up on their own stalls! We were selling stuff as it came off the truck and practically giving it away. They certainly caught us off guard that time. It wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences and one that I truly did not wish to replicate in a hurry, even though we did make a good £60 that day on ...

Fujifilm FinePix A204 Zoom 12/04/2004

Idiot proof.....and I've proved that!

Fujifilm FinePix A204 Zoom I’ve put off writing this op for over a year now, purely because, being the ‘technofobe’ that I am, I didn’t think that I could do it justice. I’m not one for specifications and the like, and the thought of having to explain such things to you lot hardly seemed fair if I didn’t understand it myself! However, I have finally decided to throw caution to the wind, and share my humble opinion of this digital camera with you in a way that I hope makes for an easy read. Before I bought this camera I was already the owner of several cameras, ranging from my easey peasey Kodak APS, through to an all singing dancing Samsung slim zoom, its myriad of features I still neglect to utilise fully. I enjoy photography and like to photograph all manner of subjects from scenic views to family ‘portraits’ to action shots of my partner on his Super Moto bike. Photography is only a hobby for me but one that I have recently extended to, in photographing certain subjects in order to design my own greetings cards, this being one of the reasons I wanted an easy to use digital camera. I did a fair bit of research before settling on this one, checking reviews here on Ciao, and surfing for price comparisons. Because there are so many digital cameras on the market I pared my choices down to two, this one and the Kodak something or other (think it was the DC215). Both these cameras had been recommended to me by colleagues. My budget was one of the factors I had to take into account, this being £200 ...

My Weekend 10/04/2004

Alphabet Apologies!!!!!

I’d like to start off this off with an apology, the first of many! If you were at Center Parcs the weekend ending March 28th and left your child briefly in a car outside a villa and upon your return she said “Mummy, mummy, three ladies with green faces cycled past”, now is the time to feel really bad if you disbelieved her, cos she wasn’t lying! It was just one of the mad things we got up to….. face pack cycle races….on our girlie weekend there. Want to hear what else we did? Read on!!!! We arrived at CP, Elveden at a little after noon, just before the peak arrival time, and after parking our cars, and posing for the first of many pictures, we headed off to hire our bicycles for the weekend. Note to Kazzie for next time; long hippy skirts are not the ideal attire for cycling in! We wobbled off towards the Plaza, amongst yells of caution to those more seasoned CP visitors who dared to get in our way, once we had discovered where the brakes were it all became a little easier. Second note to Kazzie; do not brake hard whilst riding along a pile of pine needles and other assorted debris! Arriving at the Village Plaza we securely locked out bikes and headed for the nearest watering hole, that being Chez Pierre, we found a lovely table outside on the terrace and under an outside heater. We ordered lunch, and the first of many beers, overlooking the lake, one by one we began to chill, and that’s not to do with the gas in the heater going out! It was just soo amazing to sit ...

Lush Skin Drink 20/03/2004

Halva drink on me!!

Lush Skin Drink If you read my last opinion you will know what has been going on in my life for the past five weeks. Five weeks that have seen me neglect, to some extent, most other things in my life, concentrating purely on my Nan. Some things I was more than happy to ignore, washing, ironing, housework etc. A big thank you here to all the lads in my family who pulled more than their combined weights to ensure that we did not all disappear beneath a mound of unwashed clothes and dirty dishes, not sure they were keen on the increase in their work load, but they got on with it! One thing that also went out of the window was my beauty regime, what I have of it anyway, ha! During the crisis weeks when we really didn’t think Nan was going to pull through, quick showers were the order of the day, rapid hair wash with little time for deep intense conditioning and a slap of whatever moisturiser on the old moosh that was closest to hand, before rushing off again to the hospital. As a result of this, and more, I suspect as a reaction against all the stress I have been under, my skin protesteth too much. My eczema, which has lain nigh on dormant for the last ten years has returned to haunt me….grrrrr! The old bod isn’t so bad cos when the eczema reared its ugly head again I just dolloped on some hydrocortisone cream when it’s at is worst, followed by aqueous or E45 to keep it hydrated, it’s my face that has been giving me the most bother the last couple of days…ok then…more so than usual…ha ha! ...

Member advice on choosing a residential care home 17/03/2004

Perfect?...............I just don't know.......

Everything that starts with A ... 27/02/2004

Copycat challenge

Everything that starts with A ... ...........put in 'A'...cos i am running out of letters!!! Ok…... Ok………….I’m copying too!!! I am combining two challenges as did Karenuk and Pumpkin! I wasn’t going to do another challenge, yes yes I know, how many of us have said the very same thing! If I thought Ciao was addictive before I sure to do now with these bloomin’ challenges!! Thanks to (or should that be 'blame'!!) TigerEyes and LilMissPink! WHAT'S YOUR - 1) Date of birth: 28th May 1962. I share mine with Kylie……….alas that is the only thing I have in common with her……….pah! 2) Current status: Shacked up in blissful sin with Will……..17 years this September. I fully intend to be an outrageous OAP living in sin! 3) Who, or what has influenced you most in life? This is a ruddy difficult one? There are several people who have done this and I can’t really single one out. My parents of course, my work colleagues in part, Will. It’s a combination really that has influenced me in different ways, what a feeble answer that looks written down, but sorry I can’t elaborate……. 4) How do you relax and unwind? Oh I light myriads of candles, I fill the bath and hurl in a Lush ballistic (or two!) I get a glass of Baileys on ice, a damn good book, and lock myself in there for at least 2 hours……pure chill out 5) Who would you like to meet from Ciao and why (list 5)? Only 5? Oh mean!!!! Well I have already met quite a few and had a fab time, and I am not in anyway by listing these five, missing others ...

John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Curl Perfecter 22/02/2004

Short and Curlies!!

John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Curl Perfecter I cannot believe no one has written a review about this yet!! Let me remedy that straight away, although ‘straight’ is very definitely not the correct description here! If you are a straight hair fan, and pray to the power of GHD ceramic irons each day….don’t even bother reading any further, you won’t be the slightest interested in this product!!. However, if like me, you have natural curls or covert the wanton curly look, read on, I am about to revolutionise your hair care regime!! As this product has done to mine!! John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Curl Perfecter (and for the purposes of this op, shall be known as DC from now on!) is another product from JF designed for us with either naturally curly, or artificially kinked tresses. It is marketed as Step 4 in the recommended regime for attaining perfect curls, I don’t use Steps 1,2, or 5, and am more than happy with the end result I get. Methinks the Step recommendation a clever ploy to get us to purchase more JF products to get ‘the look’. For once this ‘sucker’ didn’t fall for that, having discovered alternatative brands of shampoo and conditioner that suits. Without further ado, lets get on….. DC comes in a 200ml pump action plastic bottle, the current price at Boots online is £3.99, some may say a tad on the expensive side but I am sure if you shop around you could find it cheaper. I however, do not consider it too expensive. I do not have many vices, but decent hair care products is one of them, so I would ...
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