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Soap Nuts 27/04/2007

Washing The Green Way.

Soap Nuts I discovered this product having been sent a free sample of some eco friendly disposable nappies. I have two children in nappies at the moment although I'm currently working on getting my two year old out of them during the day time. Anyway, I like these nappies and so I had a good look at the catalogue that was sent with them. There were lots of ecofriendly alternatives to many household products but the soap nuts caught my eye, and no, before you say anything it wasnt just because they have got the word nuts in the name either! What Is A Soap Nut And How Does It Work. Soap nuts are fruits of a tree called Sapinadis Mukorossi (soap tree) which are grown in both India and Nepal. The soap nuts are gathered between mid September and mid October. A soap nut tree can produce between 200 and 1500Kg of soap nuts and as these trees grow naturally beside other crops that the farmer may already be growing, they are a fantastic source of extra income for the farmer. The soap nuts are round,about the size of a 1 pence piece and are golden in colour with a sticky surface. They contain a little black nut which is either eaten or disregarded by the farmer. It is not the nut but the shell however that is used for the purposes of cleaning. The shell contains approximately 12% saponine. This is a moderatley sticky substance which behaves like a natural soap on contact with warm or hot water. The shell of the soap nut allows the saponin to dissolve into the water giving a solution ...

Holland & Barrett Aloe Vera Toothpaste 13/04/2007

Ello Aloe

Holland & Barrett Aloe Vera Toothpaste I bought this product quite a while ago and it has been sitting unused in my cupboard for several months as I have been too chicken to use it fearing that it might be really gross, I'll let you know a bit later if it is. It was one of those purchases you make in an attempt to make yourself feel a little healthier, all whilst stuffing an extra bag of crisps down your throat and turning that single into a double ( o.k. tripple). I go throgh regular fads of 'health' products and the current fad at the time of purchase was Aloe Vera as I was aware that it has many beneficial properties. There are 240 different varieties of aloe plant but only four of them are recognised as having beneficial uses to us mere mortals, the main one being Aloe Barbadenis which happens to be on the list of ingredients in this toothpaste. Aloe Vera is a plant which originated in Africa and is used because of its 75 nutrients, 200 active compounds including minerals such as Calcium, Sodium, Iron, Potassium, Chromium, Magnesium, Manganese and zinc. It also contains 18 Amino Acids which are the bodys building blocks and 12 vitamins including A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, Folic acid and niacin. If that lot doesnt get you spreading it on your toast then it is also used to ease pain and inflammation. I'd say thats pretty good going for a pea sized blob on your toothbrush twice a day. I bought mine from Holland and Barrett and it is a product manufactured by them so I dont think it would be avaliable to buy ...

Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily 11/04/2007

Not so Heavenly Gingerlily.

Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily O.K. rewind to Christmas. The inlaws, brother-in-law and girlfriend have come over to do that Christmas thing that to be honnest I would quite happily live without, but thats another review. The presents are swapped and I'm opening mine. I am absolutly guaranteed toiletries and this year didnt dissappoint. They clearly think I stink, which I can assure you now I dont, but they also have never really taken the time to get to know me so its usually a safe option to buy toiletries. I am pleasently surprised when I open what is a set of Molten Brown products, but the one I am going to review here is called heavenly gingerlily moisture bath and shower. No I havent missed off a word, maybe they just couldnt afford to have the gel or wash bit added on, or maybe its an attempt to make it look sophisticated and intriguing, so you dont quite know what your going to get, as it were. Vey impressive on first glance, but as I'm not a name queen it gets put aside, thankyou's said and on with the more important part of Christmas, ie. the kids. So now here we are April and I return to my Molten Brown shower gel, mine is a 100ml bottle as it came as part of a set. Individually they are sold in 300ml bottles and retail at £15 each. The packaging is clear plastic with a plastic silver effect screw top lid which has Molten Brown embossed around it. Their logo is also on the front of the bottle with London in smaller writing below which is all in slightly raised creamy orange writing. The ...

Remington HC 210 C 22/03/2007

Its a bit hairy.

Remington HC 210 C The men in my household are a bit cheap really. They would never in a million years actually dream of paying for a haircut. Instead they enlisted me, someone who until 4 years ago had never cut anyones hair (except the time my mum asked me to give her a trim and she ended up in a headscarf running to the nearest hairdressers). I was really quite nervous at first but as the two men just wanted simple haircuts so I felt that as long as I read the instructions I would be O.K. Anyway 4 years later and the first set of clippers died on me. It was very a slow and rather painful ending and I had grown quite attached to them. The next day armed with my Boots card off I trot to replace the clippers. I go into a really large Boots store and head over to the electrical section. They have several clippers ranging from £12.99 to £49.99. I dont want to pay too much but I dont want a set that will only last 5 minuites either. I spend a few moments looking at each and opt for the Remington HC 210 c attracted by the price and the number of attachments. They are £17.99 and the clippers are exposed in the packaging. The actual hand set is really chunky and is metallic silver. There is a blue seethrough plastic lever to the left of the blades. This is the taper lever, which enables you to fine tune the length of the blade. My hands are like shovels so I dont mind the hand set being so chunky, but for those of you with finer features this might be a little on the large and heavy side. The ...

Jordans Superfoods Granola 11/03/2007

Purple Grain

Jordans Superfoods Granola On one of my many health food initiatives, traipsing round Tesco, three screaming kids in tow, with the absolute resolution to be more healthy I saw IT. By IT I mean Jordans The Superfood Granola. I pounced on the packet and I knew this was the product. This was going to be the thing that saved me from the spiralling weight increase that has been encroaching on my life ever since I met my husband 4 years ago, and started to become happy and content. By this I mean fat as well. Why we spend all that effort to hook ourselves a man and then become so oblivious to our appearance I don't know. Anyway, back to the product. The packaging is a metallic effect black foil bag, with the Jordans logo in the top left corner placed on a picture of golden fields of grainy type stuff. The name of the product is in the centre of the packet in gold and white writing and is quite striking as is takes up a third of the front of the packet. Below are three small picture boxes, one with Almonds, the next with Cranberries and the last with Blueberries. The name of the food appears below in gold writing just in case you didn't know what they were. In the bottom left of the packet is a bee logo representing the conservation grade products within the packet , but more about that later. The 750g weight also appears. The ingredients, allergy information and nutritional information appear on one side of the packet along with some information telling us that people who eat wholegrain foods tend to ...

L'Oreal Color Appeal Platinum 08/03/2007

Twinkle Twinkle Fashionable Star.

L'Oreal Color Appeal Platinum If like me you are unable to change your entire wardrobe to keep up with the latest trends as programmes like 10 years younger suggest you should then this product is a must for all you fashion wannabes out there. This one will only set you back £4.99 and in my experience you have to throw eyeshadows away before you ever finnish them. L'Oreal was created in France and encompasses a wide range of products including makeup, skincare for both men and women and hair products such as dyes and shampoos/conditioners. They use well known faces like Claudia Schiffer, Andie MacDowell, Beonce Knowles, Natalie Imbruglia and Milla Jovovich all of who have been beautifully airbrushed to advertise their products. Their website claims that they are the leading company and are 'without peers' when it comes to cosmetics. The website is informative but of course is little more than a big PR stunt. Avaliable at the website is a beauty advice centre, which you have to register for, no doubt so they can then E- Mail you advertisments on products. There is also a celebrities section telling you about all the celebrities they use and a goodies section just in case you wanted wallpaper with thier logos plastered all over your PC. The science section of the website informs us that they have research centres in France, the USA and Japan with over 3000 scientists and researchers all eager to improve their products and keep us purchasing them on a regular basis. They have ...

Tommee Tippee Milk Feeding Bib 06/03/2007

The Mother Of All Bibs

Tommee Tippee Milk Feeding Bib Now you wouldnt really expect that there was that much to say about what is after all just a bib, but when I actually sat down and thought about it I came up with quite a lot. Most new babies are really messy when it comes to feeding and as most parents will know, in one end, out the other and covered in it in between seems to be all that new babies are about. For any non-parent who may be reading this dont worry as this stage doesnt usually last too long. Well just long enough for you to have become mildly addicted to some substance, whether it be food, caffine or alcohol is up to you! Tommee Tippee has taken a really simple idea ie. putting a sponge around the neck of the bib, and made it into something that is actually worthwhile having despite the pricetag The sponge soaks up all the dribbles that inevitably run down usually onto that really hard to reach neck, before it can get onto the clothes so you dont have to change the little ones every time you feed them. The bib has a really long strip of velcro to fasten it at the back which allows plenty of room for growth and also helps to keep it on just that bit longer when they decide that they no longer need bibs and you are desperatly trying to convince them that they do. I have only seen the bib in cream with either pink, blue or cream edging. A little boring but then how many new-born babies actually care about the colour of their bib! What matters is that the material is really soft, ideal for wiping ...

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Microwve Steam and Cold Water Steriliser 05/03/2007

Dream clean steam machine.

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Microwve Steam and Cold Water Steriliser This was the one thing I wished I had had when my other two children had been screaming babies crying ever more loudly when I was boiling the enormous saucepan of water to sterilise their bottles. This time round,third time lucky and all that I had just had enough of the whole saucepan on the stove for hours THING, (the way my mother had told me was the only way to go). This time I listened to my gut instincts and bought myself a microwave steriliser. Its fantastic, 8 minuites and......PING. It only takes 8 minutes because my microwave is so crap, but in any half decent microwave it would only take 6 minutes. The bottles (it comes with three free ones) are seated in a mould and the teats and lids fit easily to the side. The teat rings sit in the centre around the teat tongs. The bottles are also fantastic as they do not leak unlike another very popular well known brand beginning with A and ending in VENT. Unfortunately the bottle lids are a little akward. The steriliser holds 4 wide necked bottles but could be used for other brands and fit upto 6 smaller bottles in. It can also be used as a cold water steriliser by filling it up with water and adding tablets although I prefer the no chemicals approach myself. The lid is clever but simple as it has a nifty hinge which allows it to fold down flat and become a sterile work surface. The lid is also lockable so the bottles can be stored in it which is handy and keeps them out of the way. As it is designed for use ...

Everything that starts with D ... 05/03/2007

Daniel my Dwarf son

Everything that starts with D ... Dwarfism, such a big D for such a little person. Achondrodysplasia is the proper medical term for what my son has. I was 36 weeks pregnant when a routine checkup by my midwife showed I was measuring larger than I should have been. The midwife sent me for an ultrasound at the local hospital. At this point I wasn't worried as I'm not exactly small myself. This was also my third baby so they tend to be larger anyway and in my head I was quite proud that I was going to have a whopper. My husband came with me to the ultrasound where we both started to get quite nervous. We went in and the sonographer did all the usual checks measuring the various parts of the baby. He sent us out of the room to look at the results and a few minutes later called us back. He wanted to 'check some measurements' and we knew straight away something was wrong. He told us that the femur (thigh bone) length was very much smaller than it should have been and that the baby's head was too big aswell. We asked him what the possibilites were but he was totally non-commital. He arranged for us to see a consultant straight away. In NHS speak that meant two agonising days away. We went home and of course looked on the internet straight away. We convinced ourselves that the baby would be Downs Syndrome as I hadnt had the checks at 14 weeks. This was because I had a massive bleed at 11 weeks and had been told by the hospital I had lost the baby. I was never given a scan to check and didn't find out I ...

What is a Chav? 01/03/2007

It's All Chavtastic, innit!

What is a Chav? I am in the unfortunate position of living in a highly chav-infested area of Soth East London. Here the chavs extend from pink tracksuit clad mothers of 14 years of age to more wealthy tracksuit clad women of 35. It seems to me that chaviness is more about a state of mind than anything else. I think it is just an excuse to be thick. Just as we can all shout and scream when we are behind the wheel of a car when normally we would be polite and calm, these chavs don their soverign rings, scrape on thier chavtastic tracksuits with thier G-strings way to far up thier behinds to be normal and lift the Argos purchased gold clown over their heads like it was a medal of honour. All this accompanied by the Croydon facelift and they are ready to cruise a highstreet near you. The language and attitude is the final layer of the costume, but thats all it is. I refuse to believe that anyone in thier right mind would want to be labelled as a 'stupid minger' for too long. I dont think that when my eldest daughter gets to the ripe old age of 14 in 7 years time that this will still be a major trend. No doubt something else just as mindless will have replaced it. I can only hope that she laughs at these members of society who think it is more cool to have chlamydia than a carreer and chooses a better path for herself. The non-chavs amongst us generally fall into three categories. Those who find them funny, those who are disgusted by them and finally the most disturbing category of ...
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