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Robot Hive/Exodus - Clutch 19/11/2005

A new direction , but a pleasing one.

Robot Hive/Exodus - Clutch Clutch's reputation was made on the road. This album, as well as the last (Blast Tyrant) seems to be a marked departure from the live sound that was prevalent on their earlier releases, favouring a more polished sound. However, this is by no means a bad thing, as the raw energy and groove that has kept their original fanbase hungry for more, and attracted new listeners with every release is still apparent right from the get-go on Robot Hive/Exodus. All of your traditional Cluch trademarks of originality, intelligence, funk, blues, rock and hardcore are still there, and easy to pick out, but with the addtion of the full time keyboards, a whole new chapter in the glorious saga of Clutch has been added, creating an album that seemingly owes just as much to gospel music as it does to the likes of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull. Don't get me wrong, there are still plenty of balls-out, moshable tracks, such as The Incomparable Mr Flannery, 10001110101 and the sublime Burning Beard, the video for which has enjoyed recent popularity on MTV, but the out and out soulfulness of songs like 10,000 Witnesses, Pulaski Skyway and Never Be Moved would not have sounded out of place on the Blues Brothers soundtrack! Clutch's untouchable lyrical class is still there in abundance with a lyric sheet boasting more thought provoking words than the complete works of Fyodor Dostoevsky, and Neil Fallon's vocals have yet again surpassed those on the last offering, something which ...

Blast Tyrant - Clutch 12/11/2005

Clutch ate my stereo!

Blast Tyrant - Clutch It's not very often that I can own an album for a year and feel compelled to play it from start to finish every time I listen to it. in fact, thanks to my five disc changer, this album is rarely out of my CD player. The overiding factor in Clutch's cult-like following is a trade-off between the original, attention grabbing and often downright oddball vocal stylings of Neil Fallon and the unstoppable riff-machine that is Tim Sult, combined with an unparalelled, story telling style of lyric-writing that has been with them since the beginning. Blast Tyrant takes this to the next level, with just as much cudos being owed to the bass and drums as to the guitars and vocals, combining bass-lines that wouldn't sound out of place on a Funkadelic album, and rhythms that inject so much groove into the album it hurts, making this a much more complete, polished sounding release than Pure Rock Fury, having sacrificed their live sound for a clearly more studio oriented offering, while retaining more than enough of their originality to keep fans of earlier albums interested. To sum Blast Tyrant up is a very difficult thing. It has plenty of straighforward, moshable tracks such as The Mob Goes Wild and (Notes From The Trail Of) La Curandera, moody accoustic numbers with a country edge like Regulator and groove laden anthems like Army Of Bono and Cypress Grove that will have even the most hard faced metal-head throwing shapes on the dance-floor. All of course, wrapped up in sublime, ...

Rust in Peace - Megadeth 12/11/2005

So metal it hurts!

Rust in Peace - Megadeth How can you begin to describe this album? The fact is that Megadeth pushed the envelope so far that they ceased to be a thrash band, coining the term "Technical Speed Metal" for themselves. This is the best definition of Rust In Peace. As Dave and Marty shred out the very first bars of Holy Wars - The Punishment Due, you can tell that this album is chock-full of blistering, ultra-complex, but extremely tuneful, some might say soulful riffs, jaw-dropping solos and a rhythm and bass section that's tighter than a gnat's chuff, all pulled together with astonishing speed and agression, tempered by the familiar bluesy edge that is pervasive on every Megadeth release: The high speed shred-fest Poison Was The Cure somehow glides seamlessly into Lucretia, which could be said to have a real "groove" to it, slowing the pace nicely to take you into the dark and brooding Dawn Patrol, before slamming you into the two part aural battering that is Rust In Peace...Polaris Of course, Dave Mustaine's vocals are not everyone's cup of tea. he's sort of like Marmite; you either love him or hate him as he spits, wails and growls his lyrics, which of course, are not really all that relevant in this day and age, but at the time of original release, were unusualy poignant, when compared to songs like High Speed Dirt (a song about jumping out of a plane with no parachute... nice one Dave) on the later release; Countdown To Extinction. That said, this album is definately an example of ...
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