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Fracture (DVD) 03/06/2009

The perfect crime?

Fracture (DVD) I will present a film to you which I looked at because I love much the Anthony Hopkins actor. . THE STORY: . Ted Crawford is rich and he is engineer in aeronautics. His wife has a lover. The two lovers see themselves regularly in a hotel but they know anything one the other, neither their name, neither their profession, nor where they are lived. Ted Crawford realizes the treason of his wife and he decides to spy on her. When she comes back home on the evening, he says to her that he knows that she has a lover and she acknowledges that. He draws a ball in the head to him. The gardener alerted by the shot warns the police force. Ted collects the cartridge of his weapon, carefully washes his face,his arms and he burns his clothes. Soon the house is encircled, the lieutenant Nunally is negotiator. He enters into the house and speaks with Ted. When he approaches the victim he realizes that it is his lover and she is still in life although in the coma. Once stopped, Ted signs consents. Willy Bachum is a young assistant prosecutor. He is ambitious and he believes that with the consents of Crawford the file will quickly be regulated. But it is not counting on the intelligence of Ted which had very planned of this crime. Indeed, Willy soon will realize that he does not have any proof to accuse Ted: there was no powder trace on the hands of Ted, not of blood either but most astonishing is that the weapon found on the spot is not the weapon of the crime. Indeed, after ...

I, Robot (DVD) 02/06/2009

Will Smith against robots

I, Robot (DVD) I'm going to present you a film that I like and I hope that my review will be good because I am new on Ciao and I am french so my english can be bad sometimes. . THE STORY: We are in Chicago in 2035, the robots became very current and are assistances in the daily newspaper of the human ones. Everybody trust them. The robots became essential to human's life. The police officer Del Spooner does not trust to robots. Et un jour, il doit enquêter sur le meurtre Lanning, un chercheur en robotique. And a day, he has to resolve a murder. The victim is called Alfred lanning, and this man was a brilliant researcher in robotics. The principal suspect for the police officer is the robot of the doctor because they were alone both at the time of the crime. However if one refers to the laws of robotics a robot cannot make evil to human. Indeed, the robots obey three fundamental laws: *A robot cannot make of evil to humans. *The robots must obey to humans except this action comes in contradiction with the first law. *The robots have the duty of protecting the human's existence, except when there is contradiction with the first two laws. Doctor Susan Calvin is charged to guide the police officer through the company's buildings of robotics where took place the murder . For her, and for everybody the robots cannot be at the origin of a murder. But Spooner and her, will discover quickly that professor Lanning's robot (called Sony) is particular. Indeed, the old man tempted to ...
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