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My name is Kevin Janse and i'm from The Netherlands. I'm 23 years old.

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since 10/03/2015


Nou Camp - Barcelona F.C., Barcelona 11/03/2015

Great stadium, great club, great match

Nou Camp - Barcelona F.C., Barcelona I went to the city of Barcelona for 4 days with a visit to the great stadium of FC Barcelona on saturday with just a walk around the stadium and on sunday to visit the match FC Barcelona - Levante. The atmosphere around the stadium and in the fanshop on saturday with a lot of tourists that visit the shop and walk around the stadium was great to see and to be part of. The best thing of those 4 days was as you will understand the match on sunday. The stadium is very old but so beautiful and really spanish with a crowd of around 100.000 people that were cheering and singing throught the match. The match was also great with a 5-0 victory for FC Barcelona and the football of Barca is amazing to see. The stadium, the game and the football that Barca plays is a great experience and everyone should see this once in a lifetime.

Samsung GALAXY S5 4G 16GB 10/03/2015

Very fast and easy to use smarthphone

Samsung GALAXY S5 4G 16GB I use this telephone for about a year now and it works very great. The smartphone is very fast with everything and has a long time of energy so you don't need to put it on a powerbank more than once a day. From my point of view the telephone also looks great on the outside and everything is working very fast and simple with the touchscreen. The version i have is black. The only thing that irritates me sometimes is that the camera needs itself to make a picture sharp. So if you want to take a quik picture of something sometimes it's not too sharp and that's not handy. Once in a while it takes some time to take a picture and get it sharp but when you wait till it's sharp you get beautiful pictures.
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