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Everything that starts with H ... 23/02/2004

Happy Lil Miss Pinks' Challenge

Everything that starts with H ... This challenge is set by lil miss pink. Where were you born? According to my parents I was born in a hospital. Though seeing the knack I have with computers maybe I was born in a research lab somewhere and escaped only to be found in good old north London. Where would you have liked to have been born? The Usa because seeing my size I could have had really 2 careers in the USA either as a pro football player or a pro wrestler. Seeing as I support the Minnesota Vikings winning the superbowl would probably not b top of the agenda , but would have loved to work with people like the Undertaker and Mick Foley for the wrestling part. If you could be anyone famous, who would it be and why? Probably Bill Gates. Not just for all that cash he has, but so I can actually run Microsoft efficently and release software without so many bugs in it. Also having $70 billion dollars wouldn’t hurt. What are your main ambitions in life? Probably to invent or discover something. I am always tinkering with stuff so that’s what my main ambition is in life to create or invent something. What’s your all time favourite film? Probably hackers it’s the one I have watched the most. Even though it is Hollywood gone mad and doesn’t depict any real hackers it is still a very good Gen X movie and one I usually stick on whenever I need either inspiration or to stop me doing something stupid. Where’s the most beautiful place you have been? Hmm tricky. Probably ...

Top Ten Science Fiction Programmes 22/02/2004

Keyboard Kowboys Sci Fi Addictions

Top Ten Science Fiction Programmes Ok here are My favourite top 10 sci fi programs. I was going to do this ages ago but forgot until I read shanksey’s. review. 10. X Files. I was a massive fan of the X Files until about series 4 or 5 when it really started to a bit of the rails even for me. There was a rumour that it was based on real unsolved FBI cases but the FBI for some weird reason denied this, but you if you watch the pilot you will see a notice claiming that these are from FBI files which was removed from subsequent episodes. The main characters of Mulder, Scully, Cancer man , and others where required viewing back in the early nineties. One of Fox’s better programs. Also Jane Goldman (Johnathan Woss’s wife) did 2 excellent books on them. A must see for all paranormal and conspiracy nuts like me. 9: Star Trek. Star Trek to me is what Hulk Hogan is to wrestling. It draws people into the Sci Fi genre. Personally I don’t like it and never have, doesn’t mean I won’t watch it though because it does have some good episodes. The original series had the Tribbles which is a classic episode. Also BBC 2 have a habit of Mass repeating this when there are other great Sci Fi shows out there that don’t get aired or re runs. Out of all the Star Trek Captains Archer is probably the best because he is more gung ho than the rest even Kirk. One of the major things that turn me of is plot lines that don’t follow in correct order, and if you are watching Enterprise you will know what I mean. 8: ...

Everything that starts with C ... 22/02/2004

Ciao Challange No. Whatever lol

Everything that starts with C ... This challenge was started by Thigywhatsit and I understand she ants to break the record with this one. Who am I to stay off a bandwagon. And i pirloined it from shanksey. WHAT AGE RANGE ARE YOU? Depends on whose age range we are using sometimes it’s the 25-30 bracket and sometimes it’s the 25-35 age range. WHAT IS YOUR MOST TREASURED WISH THAT CAME TRUE? An old Indian proverb says “When heading towards the rocks , pray to god by all means , BUT row away from the rocks”. Seeing as the last time I wished for something good to happen to me was first day of live jumps (parachute training) I guess it worked because I didn’t go splat. DO YOU DREAM IN COLOUR? Yes but most are nightmares. so i dont tend to dwell on them that much. IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE WISH, WHAT WOULD IT BE AND WHY? To win a couple of million on the lottery to keep me secure and then I could just surf the net and be a surf bum all me life. WHERE IS YOUR FAVOURITE PLACE ON EARTH AND WHY? I don’t have a favourite place on earth because I reckon it is all screwed up and I want to get off. So I would have to say the internet which to me is more real than the real world sometimes. DO YOU BELIEVE IN A HIGHER BEING THAN US? Bing interested in not only Science but Conspiracy theories, I don’t believe in religion one iota. And since I started listening to infidelguy’s radio programs the bible and religion has become more clearer as to why it is more fiction than fact. DO YOU EVER GET ...

Everything that starts with V ... 21/02/2004

Tom1claires Videogame challenge

Everything that starts with V ... This was tom1claires challenge so I thought I would give it a whirl. *I’ve decided to write a game-based challenge, as I thought it would be interesting to share/learn about gaming experiences from fellow Ciao members. Absolutely everyone can enter – the more the merrier; just leave a quick message in my guestbook when you’ve posted your own answers to the questions below. Enjoy!* i) What is your earliest gaming memory? Either playing pong on the old Tv games systems we used to have. I had both the B&W version and th colour one. These were otherwise called pong in many flavours. Plus it was those little hand held clock\game things you used to get with fireman and games like that. Hese made a come back a few years ago. ii) What was you first console? Technically the pong consoles were my first (think binatone made them here) tho if you are asking for a games console then it would be the megadrive. Basically for the madden games and EA ice hockey. iii) How much do you usually spend on a new game? Cough cough spend money on games … moving along to the next question. iv) Do you usually play a game that you have purchased through to completion? Yes I do sometimes multiple times if I like the game. Also certain games have nostalgic properties so I play them over and over for example sid meiers colonisation is a wonderful game or chris sawyers transport tycoon, games which haven’t been matched to date. v) Best game-related ...

Everything that starts with Y ... 20/02/2004

Yet more keyboard kowboy information

Everything that starts with Y ... don’t know who started this one, but I thought I might as well have a go. And you have to blame tigereyes and susan 1967 coz it is on both of their reviews. *************** *************** ************ 1. What’s on your duvet cover? Um whats a duvet cover .. nope seriously my current one is a kind of blue and yellow checked one. 2. What is in the glove compartment of your car? Seeing my last car , VW Golf was towed away by the council after I had blown the engine I cant remember but there were spanners and screwdrivers in there with other assorted junk. 3. What is the background to your computer screen? My Wallpaper at the moment is of Beka Valentine of Andromeda one of my own creations , soon there will be either my CSI Miami wallpaper or my Sofia Milos wallpaper which ever gets finished first. 4. What was the last thing you sang? Seeing my voice can clear a pub quicker then a bunch of milwall supporters I don’t sing that often. But last time I was forced to pick a karoke song it was bohemian raphsody and Freddie is still spinning in his grave. 5. When was the last time you did a cartwheel? Cartwheel never falling arse over tit regularly. 6. How do you take your coffee? White wet 2 or 3 sugars (depending on brand of coffee) If it is US Navy coffee then strong and black with nowt. 7. Last time you went clubbing? Me and nightclubs don’t mix so I don’t go. 8. Do you brush your teeth before breakfast or after? Before ...

Jokes 20/02/2004

The real bill and monica story

Jokes This is a bill and monica joke .. i find it funny you may or may not depending on your sense (or lack of it) humour. The World weird news breaks this news story. 'Today news has come about of an alleged plot to kill president clinton.' 'Documents emerged that monica lewinsky was in fact behind a plot to kill the president instead ended up with more stains on her dress than on her character' 'It is alleged that monica was a CIA hitwoman who had recieved instructions in the form of the following letter' 'Monica will you Please blow the president up' 'Unfortunately the note was wriiten on CIA dissolving paper which dissolve when in contact with water, and hence due to a coffee spill the note read: 'Monica will you Please blow the president' Missing the final last piece, Bill Clintons life was saved thought his reputation wasnt. More on this story at 10. It is one of my funnier bill jokes and i hope you enjoy ...

Everything that starts with N ... 19/02/2004

Keyboard Kowboys nonsensical challange

Everything that starts with N ... Ok this is my crack at a challenge for you ciao’ers out there. Not only is there information questions there are some personality style questions as well. Hope you all enjoy taking it. Just use cut n paste then fill it in. And ps there is no Anneka rice in sight!!!! 1: Nicknames other people have given you? I was called loaf at school because my bag was shaped like a loaf of bread. 2. If you could only ever play one computer or console game what would it be? Would have to be Elite BBC B disk version the origianl and the best. 3. Your favourite Type of Car if money was no object. Ok me and cars dont mix. I can drive them well enough its just things like oil i forget, hence why my last 3 cars have either blown pistons or seized up. Including my favourite car the VW Golf which if i had the money i would buy and customize up. 4. Do you believe in magic? Yes and magic is neutral as well, not all of it ias black. 5. A Curry or a Kebab after a night out? If i only had £10 left a kebab would win every time 6. How many PC’s and\or consoles do you own? 1 and a 1/2 pc's plus PSX PS2 XBOX Dreamcast Speccy Amiga .. i think thats all 7. Who do you think shot JFK? Combination of CIA, FBI , secret Service and the Dallas PD. 8. Worst Computer\console game of all time? Tricky one coz there have been some right stinkers but one that sticks out is Bureau 13 by the now defunct gametek. 9. Worst piece of software purchased or downloaded. And no ...

Everything that starts with F ... 19/02/2004

First Friday op about me

Everything that starts with F ... doing some ratings i found some more personality type questions so heres the first from me. 1.What time is it? 11:10 when i started 02. Name: Keyboard Kowboy though in the real world i am called Jon. 03.How may candles on your last birthday cake. The last birthday cake i had was when i was about 11 so i guess eleven would be the answer. 04. Hair colour: A dark blonde colour (kind of) 05. Tattoos: No like the image of a needle going into to me thousands of time a second enthralls me .. i dont think so. 06. How much do you love your job on a scale of 0-5: Hmmmm seeing as i work form myslef i would have to say +10 07. Favourite colour: Purple, black and red. 08. Home County: Born in London and raised in Kent, so take ya pick. 09. Current Relationship Status: Never seems to deviate from single. 10. Favourite food: Chinese, Thai , korean ... anything a bit spicy. 11. Been to Africa? Yes, several times not all good. 12. Been to Camden? Yes as a kid my grandparents lived there and my granddad worked for LRT at chalk farm. 13. Loved somebody so much it made you cry? Yes but am always single so it doesnt matter. 14. Been in a car accident? Two both minor luckily and both not my fault. 15. Croutons or bacon bits? Both plus crispy onion bits as well. 16. Sprite or 7UP? Neither Mountain Dew. 17: Favourite Movie(s): Hackers , Hackers 2 and Lock, stock and 2 smokin ...

Everything that starts with T ... 18/02/2004

The Tiger_Eyes Challenge

Everything that starts with T ... WHAT'S YOUR - 1) Date of birth: 05/06/1973 2) Current status: Eternally single and eternally looking. a) Who or what has influenced you most in life? The biggest influence in my life has been the computer. Having had my first one when I was six I am very rarely without one in my hand. And since the invention of the internet I am very rarely offline these days. And the net has changed the way I play games and do work and research stuff etc. b) How do you relax and unwind? Usually in a chatroom somewhere .. if not hosting then just chatting. Either that or playing a game either offline or online. c) Who would you like to meet from Ciao and why (list 5)? Ok these are in no particular order, so no one gets offended. 1. TigerEyes, because she is so bouncy and bright and cheerful, need I say more. 2. SalemWitch, she is kewl and lives close by. 3. Trampus, its Trampus need I say more. 4. zoekin8yg, well any CSI fan is a friend of mine. 5. susan1967, anyone who shares my sense of slants on life is ok by me. d) What do you like most about your job? Ok this is a tricky one to answer as I don’t really have a job description because I do several jobs. I am currently writing a book at the moment which gives me the freedom to express myself. Though my main work is with various fields mainly computer repair and maintenance which gives me the chance to work in a field that I am good at. e) Name something you would like to do that you haven't done ...

Everything that starts with W ... 17/02/2004

The world according to Keyboard Kowboy

Everything that starts with W ... I was writing another review or 2 and came up with the idea of this review. this was primarily based on the Gengis Khan episode and i thought i would elaborate on this and other such discussions and musings i have had over the years. I hope you find these amusing and not to be taken seriously. If you have read the review then you will know that my morals were aligned to Gengis Khan, HItler And Saddam Hussein. Quite where the lecturer was coming from i have no idea because to the best my knowledge i have neither killed millions of people or tried to take over the world, though after some heavy drinking sessions i am surprised i can remember anything. It all spawned down to a discussion that we had in class or rather the class had the discussion and i was seen as satan, which happens alot. The discussion was about animal rights and testing medicines on animals. And most of the class agreed that animals shouldnt be used for testing purposes, that was all except me who dared to disagree. I followed my own logic here saying that if animals wanted rights they should maybe form a support group and enlist the help of social services or some other body to help them, and in the case testing medicines if you didnt test on animals who were you going to test on. To that most of the class replied humans, which i found kind of disturbing seeing as people like Hitler had done saw during the war and was condemed by everybody. But it is not only fellow class mates who have been able to ...

Moral Dilemmas 17/02/2004

Keyboards kowboys morals (or lack of)

Moral Dilemmas Years ago i did a class in psychology in which my lecturer (a social worker on the side no less) compared my morals to that of Gengis Khan, Hitler and Saddam Hussein. Not having too high opinion of social workers (and some of the little monster they let losse on society) i didnt really care. But this quiz came along, so hear goes. *** You've just cooked dinner for your four friends, when disaster strikes and you drop the chicken on the kitchen floor. Before you can stop him, the dog dashes in and licks it, but you get it away before he can do anything else. You have nothing else to cook. Do you own up, or do you serve the chicken up for tea? You're vegetarian anyway. *** I would serve it up after reheating it in the old microwave to kill any germs that the dog might have left. Also i find a nice basting of BBQ sauce works wonders at hiding stuff. *** You're in the supermarket car park, when in a momentary lapse of concentration, your shopping trolley scrapes somebody's new Mercedes down the side. Nobody appears to be looking. Do you own up? *** Hell no. The amount of time my car(s) have been damaged in car parks i wouldnt own up. But just in case some eagle eyed person out there saw me i would leave a note on their windscreen saying 'People think i am leaving my name and details but i am not and it was the trolley who did it' *** You're out with your mate, who starts chatting up a rather fit bloke/bird. It's obvious that said bloke/bird actually fancies you. ...

Top ten Useful Items 17/02/2004

10 Useful software items for the PC

Top ten Useful Items As you know i am heavily into computers, and a bit of a techie too boot. So i decided in this catergory to share with you some of the most useful items you can download and install your your PC. Not all of them are free but all of them are worth having in yor software collection. 1: Alcohol 120%. I know alot of you probably use Nero or Roxio's Easy CD Creator to burn cd's. Both of these are fine products but i prefer to use alcohol 120%, for a few reasons. Though it does do direct 1 to 1 copies its its other useful features that make it better. Firstly it gives you a virtual drive which is handy for running ISO (CD images) directly from your hard drive. Secondly it lets you make and Burn ISO's which not only makes copying easier also makes it alot safer as well as you are copying only 1 file in effect (whereas normal you are copying multiple files, and anyone who has had a CD screw up because of one file with nero will know where i am coming from). Also this lets you back up all your playstation 1 and 2 games as well (providing your playstations are chipped). All in all a very useful tool for the PC especially for people doing a lot of copying. 2: DR Divx. Now for all you home video freaks out here this piece of software is a must. A friend came to me recently who had just gpt m,arried and wanted to make his wedding dvd into little personalised ones he could send to friends. Unfortunately it was stuck on his hard drive at somewhere around 12gb. So i pointed him in ...

10 Best School Memories 16/02/2004

Skooldaze, Chem Labs, Teachers and All

10 Best School Memories First thing is the advisory notice. This opinion is for information purposes only . I will not be held responsible for people trying any of the information contained herein. Right although my school days were not a happy occaision i did have fun mostly at teachers expense, and being this was a grammar school and old school as well it didnt go down well. These fond memories come back to make me chuckle when ever i think about school. It also serves as a warning of what kind of people the government let become teachers and control children back in those days. 1. Me and the Demon deputy headmaster. This was one of the hiliarious events of my school life and actually for once i was not to blame. I had an appauling detention record at school (i still hold the record for the most dententions in a single year) and my average was running about 2 a week (considering there was only 2 detention days a week). So once again on a tuesday i had failed to report for detention, my reasoning was that how many could they actually give me in that school year. So on the wednesday morning i was called to the deputy heads office and given a grilling., and yet another detention. A short while afterwards i was bunking off PE (playing elite in the computer room) when i was summoned to the deputy heads office yet again. This time i wasnt sure what this was for and tried to remember all the stuff i was doing at the time. Once in his office he looked sternly at me and wanted to know what had ...

Recipes for Snacks 16/02/2004

Two of my favourite sandwich creations

Recipes for Snacks Amongst family (when i spoke to them) and friends i have the dubious title of being sandwich maker extrodinaire. I seem to make sandwiches with weird fillings for myself but others seem to like the taste of. so i thought i would share these with you. Both are ideal as a snack though i do prefer to eat them for breakfast especially after a night out drinking. So here are the recipes. The first one is called the BCC and is a variation on the BLT as i am not too fussed on lettuce or tomatoes. Ingredients: 1 onion small or large Bacon rashers (i prefer either streaky or middle back) Nice Loaf of bread (my preference is kingsmill square and thick) 1 Cheese Slice per sandwich Coleslaw Butter or margarine (preference here is for butter or butter subs like i cant believe its not butter) How to make. 1. Slice, dice and Fry the onion until golden brown. 2. Whilst onion is cooking, butter the bread.Best to do this now so you end up with a nice hot sarnie. 3: Add bacon to pan and fry uuntil crispy (or preffered taste) 4: Remove bacon and monions from pan and onto kitchen roll. 5: Arrange bacon on bread. 6: Add onions. 7. Place cheese slice on top of the bacon and onions. If done quickly enough will slightly melt over the bacon. 8. Add generous amounts of coleslaw. 9: Place slice of buttered bread on top and voila the BCC is complete. The BCC is a nice mix of bacon cheese and coleslaw that i mouthwateringly tasty and for those that are wondering the ...

10 Things That Really Annoy Me 16/02/2004

History is made up of stupid people, and things

10 Things That Really Annoy Me Here are a few (hopefully 10 when i am finished) of the things that really get on my goat. But seeing as i dont have goat they really try my patience and sometimes make me jump up and down and shout and swear. 1: Customer Service Call Centres. These people (most not all) have the intelligence of a monkey on LSD. Here is an example of BAD Customer Service Call Centres The first is NTL (or as i call them NTHELL). Now being a computer expert i had fixed a friends computer because he had caught the lovsan (aka blaster virus). On reconnecting his computer to NTL it got the virus back again. So we phoned NTL. 45 minutes later (which despite NTL's claim of high traffic volume is the standard response time) i was greeted by the so called techinical expert, who informed me on how to deal with the blaster virus. His idea was to connect to the website and download the patch. SLIGHT Problem the blaster worm disconnected your internect connection within 60 secs.. HOW CAN YOU DOWNLOAD ANYTHING?. On pointing this and other technical matters to the so called expert (who from personal experience probably had a degree in computing) was left perplexed and was about as much help as a chocolate fireguard in a snowstorm. 2: Certain Allergy warning labels. Ok i know Allergy warning labels are very important if you suffer from an allergy. But come off it do we really need warnings on the side of peanut butter jars saying 'this product may contain nuts'. Apparantly they are being put ...
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