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Toshiba Satellite P300 01/08/2008

5/10 Rating

Toshiba Satellite P300 I have had this laptop for a little while now and have already had to send it back to Toshiba for repair! not a good start. When i first got this laptop i thought that it was too good to be true for the price and i was right, maybe it is just my luck but i do not rate this laptop very high. At first with not many files or programmes on it it was a perfect laptop, ran fast and had great Wifi signal, as soon as i downloaded an AVG it started to run VERY slowly. When i say slowly i mean slow, i could start up the laptop go make a sandwich and a cup of tea and it would still be loading when i got back, if you do not download an AVG then it is perfect! the visual display on this laptop is top quality and the sound output, not only this but the battery life is quite good for such a high output laptop which is very pleasing. the only reason it has had to go back to toshiba is due to the lid on it, when you close the screen the screws are very tight and so after a while the lid split across the hinges and so had to get a replacement lid, this however is happening again but for the trouble of sending it back i can live with it, the first instance it took about 3 letters, 6 calls and numerous emails for toshiba to accept responsibility, it wasnt until the store i purchased it from said they would fix it free of charge for me that toshiba stood up to the mark. overall out of 10 i would give and average rating of 5, mainly due to the slowness and the fault but as i stated ...

Panasonic Viera TH-50PZ80 30/07/2008

1st Rate Cinematic Experience

Panasonic Viera TH-50PZ80 I have the 42" version of the Viera which i think is large enough but if you have the mindset of 'the bigger the better' then you can get a bigger version.....but i digress. This is the 2nd Plasma which i have owned the previous being a Toshiba and I have to say this is by far a much greater television. The picture is can get up close and still there are no all know that you go into a big store and see all the television sets and some are grainy, some have very bleak pictures but the Panasonic is luminous and of excellent quality. The sound also is first rate..i bought this television with matching stand only £70 extra and it looks amazing simple and black with two glass shelves very modern. The pont being you also get speakers along with the optional extra of course but i believe worthwhile..i did not get mine till a month after and the difference is clear they are perfect..when you are watching a film the sounds cascade around the room from all angles giving you a true cinematic experience. If you are looking for top rate quality then this television is the one for you....slim, modern, sleek and goes with any colour scheme!! and for £799 what great value for money!!!

Kos (Greece) 30/07/2008

The best holiday you can ever have

Kos (Greece) Kos is the most peacful and relaxing holiday you could ever wish ford. I have been to Kos around 4 times, my partner has been around 10 times!!! No matter when you go the scenery is always beautiful and the weather is to die for! We visit Kos Town which is lovely and peaceful, a stones throw away from the hustle and bustle of the shops and bars, you can walk to the old town where all the activity is in 5mins. A must for people visiting Kos is to hire either a bike, scooter or a car and visit all the little towns such as Kardamena - the busy, young, lively town. Zia - up in the mountains this secluded little spot is very tiny literally one street long. Tingaki - a lovely market town with nice bars and gorgeous views and not to forget Psalidi - home to the baby peacocks...take some dry cat food and the peacocks will come up to you. If ths isnt enough to convince you then i would be shocked....if you want the perfect holiday visit Kos If you are wanting a family holiday i would suggest staying in Lambi in Kos Town it is only 5-10mins walk from the main shops and bars but it also has a few family run tavernas and restaurants which are all amazing and the many hotels that Lambi does offer are all either next to te beach or a very short stroll away. All the hotels are family run and are well looked after, everyone is always willing to help, a few hotels i would recommend would be the Alice Springs..the owners are lovely and get to know everyone ...

Makita BMR 100 30/07/2008

Banging Tunes out while Banging Nails in

Makita BMR 100 When i first purchased this radio it was mainly due to the brand...i own many items which are Makita and i know that they are very reliable and durable for site work. I work on sites most of the time and i have never had a better radio. the sound quality is excellent..i was sceptical at first believing that a portable radio would not be so good but i was very wrong. i have had this for little over a month and it is a god send...a battery lasts for around 1 week which i think is excellent. the radio itself is very small and compact..when you see the picture it seems quite heavy and bulky but that just is not true it is small, light, easily portable and is very good value for money!! a must have for manual labourers who get a bit bored working in silence.

Peugeot 107 1.0 30/07/2008

Cheap, reliable and very nippy

Peugeot 107 1.0 I bought my little Pug about 2 months ago and i absolutley love it to pieces!!! looking at the car i was rather sceptical at first due to its size and i have to admit that at first i did think that the rear of the car was ugly but it has grown on me and i do know what i would do without it! I got my car 2nd hand from peugeot and they are amazing, the car had various scrapes and deep scratches all over and peugeot fixed these up free of charge, i couldnt have asked for better service. the handling on the pug is amazing for a little car, i got it for the size as it can fit into tiny spaces like a smart car but a lot nicer and a lot quicker, the speed on this little car is a sight to be seen. THE BEST PART ABOUT THIS CAR IS £40 FILLS UP THE PETROL TANKS AND IT DOES 60MPG!!!!!! AMAZING IN THIS DAY AND AGES..........A GOD SEND!!!!!! NOT ONLY THIS BUT IM 19 NEVER HAD INSURANCE AND IT ONLY COST £200 TO INSURE AND ITS £35 ROAD TAX!!! WELL WORTH EVERY PENNY. i dont have any optional extras and this does not bother me it has electric windows, cd player and remote central locking as standard, what more can you ask for. this is not to be used as a family car as a pushchair will not fit in the boot but is just big enough for all your shopping :-) not only this but there is a common fault i have found that the passenger door can leak water in....if this does happen DONT PANIC take it to peugeot and they will fix it in 2days, all it needs is new shower curtains....i ...

Sony Ericsson W910i Walkman 29/07/2008

Too many faults with this handset!!

Sony Ericsson W910i Walkman I have had several Sony Ericsson mobile phones over the past few years and have been very satisfied with them and have never had a problem with them..... UNTIL......... I got my new W910i at Christmas and since then I have had nothing but problems. Although this is a very nice phone and all in all it is a nice phone to have BUT the phone freezes, switches itself off and there is a common fault that after a month or two the inbox on the messaging function fails and you cannot send a message or anything, it has to be sent off for repair. Aparantly this is a fault in all Sony Ericsson W910i mobile phones. I do like this handset the walkman function on it is very good and also so is the memory, camera and durability. The only problem with this handset is the common faults.

JM 29/07/2008

Shift those few inches......EASY!!!

JM I purchased a lateral thigh trainer around 3 months ago! I must admit at first I was a bit sceptical of it working, I mean how many products are on the market these days that claim to help you loose those few extra inches that we all want to get rid of. Well I must admit that this is a god send to me! Don't get me wrong it does take work and if you don't have the willpower to keep going then it will not work, its not an overnight mircale worker, it takes a while. I have been using this around 3 times a week for around 15mins for the past 2 months and I have lost around 2" from my upper thighs and my bum is a lot more toned. If you want to get rid off those few inches then invest in this!

CSI: Dark Motives (Nintendo DS) 29/07/2008

CSI an excellent gaming experience

CSI: Dark Motives (Nintendo DS) This is an excellent game. It makes you think and use your brain to make the clues fit. Some parts are difficult to get past as the clues are very intircate but keep going and you can do it. And to top it off at the end of each part you get a quiz of 4 questions that detail the scene and evidence you have collected, the questions are very specific so keep a keen eye out!! All in all the game is very strategic and keeps you on your toes, try not to get too frustrated or it will beat you, I almost gave in a few times, you just have to be patient as you get used to it you learn all the tricks just try not to forget to use all the tools they give you and you too can become a true CSI.
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