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Time To Sleep,Alfie Bear! - Catherine Walters 22/07/2011

Time to Sleep!

Lucozade Sport Original Tablets 19/07/2011

Do these give you a physical edge?

Dilly Duckling - Claire Freedman 09/07/2011

Dilly Duckling

Tesco Naturally Washing Up Liquid Lemon 08/07/2011

Cheaper alternative washing up liquid.

Tesco SC356 Slow Cooker 05/07/2011

Super value slow cooker.

Tesco SC356 Slow Cooker With family life being as busy as it is with both my wife and myself working full time as well as being kept really busy with our two young children we were wondering about the best way to eat well instead of eating out of the freezer all the time. We noticed a couple of times after eating at my mums place that she had been making a few things in her slow cooker, so we decided that buying one for our own home might be a solution to our problem and help us out. A few of the slow cookers that we had looked at seemd to be quite expensive for what you were getting until we found this slow cooker in Tesco's, which was available for what seemed like a very low price of about £16 at the time. This seemed like too good a price to miss so we picked one up in our local Tesco's. I say it seemed like too good a price to miss, but I see that the slow cooker is currently reduced and Tesco are selling it for £10 at the moment which is superb value for money in my eyes. The Tesco slow cooker that we bought has a 3.3L capacity which is on the smaller side for slow cookers, so if you have a big family or cook for larger groups then you will have to consider looking for a larger slow cooker. This one is definitely big enough for our family of two adults and two small children and we have used it in the past when we have cooked for four adults and there has been plenty of food to go round for us all. Any more people than that and a bigger slow cooker would definitely be needed to cook your ...

Melissa&Doug Fairy Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzle 30/06/2011

Fairy Fantasy Jigsaw

Odeon Kids Cinema Club 23/06/2011

Odeon Kids Club

Melissa&Doug Dinosaurs Chunky Puzzle 16/06/2011

Dinosaur Puzzle

Bedtime For Little Bears! - David Bedford 14/06/2011

I'm not sleepy yet!

Indesit BAN12NF 07/06/2011

An excellent and reliable fridge freezer

Melissa & Doug Slice and Bake Cookie Set 03/06/2011

Melissa & Doug Cookie Set

Tesco Wooden Train Set 31/05/2011

Can I have a shot Daddy?

EDF Energy 27/05/2011

Customer service still exists!

Apple iPod shuffle MB227ZO/A 1 GB 20/05/2011

I love to shuffle 19/05/2011

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