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Time To Sleep,Alfie Bear! - Catherine Walters 22/07/2011

Time to Sleep!

Time To Sleep,Alfie Bear! - Catherine Walters Another favourite bed time story in my house is Time to Sleep, Alfie Bear! by Catherine Walters. This book is a big hit with my children, especially my son who loves any books that have bears in them. It is a book which we got as part of a set of four books but is more widely available as a single book. About the book Time to Sleep, Alfie Bear! is a 32 page hardback book written and illustraded by Catherine Walters. The book was first published in the UK in 2003 by Little Tiger Press. The cover of the book shows a picture of little Alfie bear cuddled into daddy bear as they make there way home in the dark night after a long adventure. The sky is dark on the cover with parts of it being lit up by the moon and stars. The cover is very well illustrated and gives a really good first impression of the book. Story Time to Sleep, Alfie Bear! is based around the little bear cub, called Alfie who at the end of a long day is not at all sleepy and does not want to go to bed yet as it is still light and he wants to be awake like the owls and the wolves. Mother bear decides to take Alfie and his baby brother and sister out to the lake for a bath to make them all sleepy for bed but this only makes Alfie more determined as he sees all the fish that are still awake and playing in the lake. After they all go home Alfie is still too wide awake and gets sent outside as his noise is keeping the babies awake, he then goes on an adventure involving a pack of wolves before his father ...

Lucozade Original Glucose Energy Tablets 19/07/2011

Do these give you a physical edge?

Lucozade Original Glucose Energy Tablets I picked up a packet of these lucozade energy tablets when I was in Boots as I thought they may well come in handy in my quest to start going out for regular runs again. I used to go running regularly and once managed to drag myself round a marathon course but due to work and family commitments I really struggle to find the time or energy anymore. I picked up my packet of lucozade energy tablets to see if they could give me a bit of a boost when I went for a run. Aim of the tablets These energy tablets from lucozade are designed as a convenient, easy to consume source of carbohydrates to give increased energy and performance in endurance sports like running, football and tennis amongst others where a high level of endurance is needed. They are designed for use before, during and after exercise to top up the body's energy stores to help with recovery and endurance. The recommendation for these is to use one tablet every half an hour along with about 150ml of fluid although personally I don't take any water with me on a run unless I am going to be out for more than an hour which certainly hasn't been the case for a long time. How does the packet look? The packet of lucozade energy tablets is a very dark orange, a bit like the colour of the original lucozade drink and has a lot of orange bubbles floating about the packet. The word lucozade is on the packet in large yellow writing and on the side the packet has the statement Giving you a physical edge. I won't bore ...

Dilly Duckling - Claire Freedman 09/07/2011

Dilly Duckling

Dilly Duckling - Claire Freedman My children both love books, they have a huge collection of them as we have always encouraged them with books and have bought a lot of books. One of their favourites is Dilly Duckling by Claire Freedman. This book is a touch and feel book which means that a lot of the pages have things that you can touch for instance if you touch Dilly Duckling it will feel like you are touching the duck's feathers which will add to your child's enjoyment of the book. About the book Dilly Duckling is a children's book written by Claire Freedman and illustrated by Jane Chapman. The book was first published in 2003 and is published by Little Tiger Press. The cover of the book is really well illustrated with a picture of Dilly Duckling running along the grass chasing her feather, the cover is very colourful and will appeal to your child with the bright duckling on there as well. Story The story is based around Dilly Duckling who is out for a walk along the river with the mother duck and all the other ducklings in the family. Dilly is at the back of the line and gets distracted watching a big blue butterfly, she then gets separated from the rest of her family when one of her feathers blows away and she chases after it to try and catch it and get it back. As Dilly chases after her feather she has lots of adventures along the way and meets up with a couple of other characters in the book, Spike the hedgehog and Nibble the mouse who help Dilly along the way as she tries to catch up with ...

Tesco Naturally Washing Up Liquid Lemon 08/07/2011

Cheaper alternative washing up liquid.

Tesco Naturally Washing Up Liquid Lemon We have recently been trying to combat rising prices, by trying to find a few cheaper items on the supermarket shelves, to help stop our weekly shopping bill from rocketing. It is amazing the difference that you can make by just choosing a few cheaper alternatives which are often the same quality as the premium brands and one of the things which we have started buying is Tesco naturally lemon washing up liquid. This washing up liquid is definitely not part of the Tesco value range, it is far better than that and more like the premium brands. The 500ml bottle of Tesco naturally lemon washing up liquid costs 85 pence, which compares well next to the dearer alternatives which can cost about £1.40 for similar sizes of bottle. This is not a huge saving when taken by itself but if you change a few of the items on your shopping list then you will notice quite a difference at the checkout. The bottle itself is quite plain, it is see through with a very small amount of writing on it and a small picture of a lemon, very plain but it does the job. On top of the bottle is a cap which you pull open to squeeze out the washing up liquid. The washing up liquid itself is quite clear with a yellowish tint to it. The washing up liquid is lemon, as far as I am aware lemon is the only variety of washing up liquid available in this range. The smell of the lemon is very faint; it is a pleasant enough smell but not very strong which is a good thing in my opinion as you do not want your ...

Tesco SC356 Slow Cooker 05/07/2011

Super value slow cooker.

Tesco SC356 Slow Cooker With family life being as busy as it is with both my wife and myself working full time as well as being kept really busy with our two young children we were wondering about the best way to eat well instead of eating out of the freezer all the time. We noticed a couple of times after eating at my mums place that she had been making a few things in her slow cooker, so we decided that buying one for our own home might be a solution to our problem and help us out. A few of the slow cookers that we had looked at seemd to be quite expensive for what you were getting until we found this slow cooker in Tesco's, which was available for what seemed like a very low price of about £16 at the time. This seemed like too good a price to miss so we picked one up in our local Tesco's. I say it seemed like too good a price to miss, but I see that the slow cooker is currently reduced and Tesco are selling it for £10 at the moment which is superb value for money in my eyes. The Tesco slow cooker that we bought has a 3.3L capacity which is on the smaller side for slow cookers, so if you have a big family or cook for larger groups then you will have to consider looking for a larger slow cooker. This one is definitely big enough for our family of two adults and two small children and we have used it in the past when we have cooked for four adults and there has been plenty of food to go round for us all. Any more people than that and a bigger slow cooker would definitely be needed to cook your ...

Melissa&Doug Fairy Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzle 30/06/2011

Fairy Fantasy Jigsaw

Melissa&Doug Fairy Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzle The fairy fantasy jigsaw puzzle was the first thing that we ever purchased by the maker Melissa and Doug. We purchased this a couple of years ago from a small independent retailer when we were on holiday in the Dumfriesshire area. The jigsaw looked really bright and colourful and appeared to be really good quality so we bought it for my daughter who was two at the time. We had never heard of Melissa and Doug at the time and thought that we were purchasing a one off jigsaw puzzle that we wouldn't be able to purchase anywhere else, not realising that Melissa and Doug were a popular American toy manufacturer who have a huge range of mainly wooden products including jigsaw puzzles and play food sets. The jigsaw puzzle The jigsaw puzzle that we purchased is a 48 piece puzzle called Fairy Fantasy. The puzzle is set on a wooden base, which makes building the puzzle easier for your children as all the wooden pieces fit perfectly in to the wooden base. The wooden base also makes it easy for storage, the puzzle sits on top of my daughter's bookcase. The 48 wooden pieces are of a good size and when finished the puzzle is quite big measuring 40 cm x 30 cm and about 1 cm in thickness. The design on this jigsaw puzzle is, as the title gives away, a fairy fantasy. In the background you have a castle complete with a princess standing at the front entrance to the castle. There is a winged horse taking to the sky, a dancing unicorn and also three fairies so this puzzle is definitely ...

Odeon Kids Cinema Club 23/06/2011

Odeon Kids Club

Odeon Kids Cinema Club When we were wondering about when the right time was to start taking my daughter to the cinema we were introduced by a friend to an offer at Odeon cinema's called the Odeon kids cinema club. My daughter was not quite three at the time and we were unsure about taking her to the cinema due to the high cost involved, especially as we were unsure whether she would sit through a movie at the time and we also didn't want her to be noisy and annoy people in a normal showing at the cinema. What is the Odeon kids cinema club? The kids club at the Odeon is, as the name gives away, a showing of a children's movie which is aimed at children and families. The Odeon kids cinema club at my local Odeon runs on a Saturday and Sunday morning with the selected movie starting at 11am, there are also extra showings on each morning during the school holidays as well. The movies that show at the kids club are never the newest ones that are out, for instance looking at the listings over the next few weeks, two of the movies coming up are Yogi Bear and Tinkerbell and the great fairy rescue both of which came out a few months ago. The films usually show at the kids club shortly before they are due to come out on DVD. We always keep an eye on the listings to see if there is anything showing in the next few weeks that we would like to see as some of the movies in the kids club are PG listed and a bit too old for my children who are four and two. How much does it cost? Cost was a big thing ...

Melissa&Doug Dinosaurs Chunky Puzzle 16/06/2011

Dinosaur Puzzle

Melissa&Doug Dinosaurs Chunky Puzzle I came accross this dinosaur chunky puzzle when looking through items in the Melissa & Doug range on Amazon. My children had previously had a couple of items from the Melissa & Doug range and I had always been very impressed with the quality of the items as they always seem to be superbly well made. I ordered this chunky puzzle as it looked perfect for my son as I was looking for things that I could get him for what was going to be his first birthday at the time. The puzzle The dinosaur chunky puzzle is made out of thick pieces of wood, the wooden base of the puzzle has indented spaces for the seven wooden dinosaurs that you get with the puzzle. Each of the dinosaurs that you get with this puzzle are different colours from each other so that your child can easily tell where the dinosaurs are to go as each space has an identical picture of the dinosaur that belongs there. The dinosaurs are also made out of thick chunky wood which makes them easier for small hands to work with. The wooden dinosaur pieces are able to stand upright due to the chunky make, this means that if your child wants to stand them up and play with them simply as toys for pretend play then they are also suitable for this purpose giving them another use. The puzzle and the dinosaurs that come with the puzzle are all very well illustrated, they are well drawn with good detail and colouring. The background of the puzzle is brown to symbolise the muddy land that the dinosaurs are living on, the sky ...

Bedtime For Little Bears! - David Bedford 14/06/2011

I'm not sleepy yet!

Bedtime For Little Bears! - David Bedford Looking through my son's books in his bookcase it is easy to see a theme emerging as nearly all of the books have bears in them and one of his favourite books is 'Bedtime For little Bears!' by David Bedford. My children have always loved their bedtime stories which have become a big part of their bedtime routine, and as the title of this book will give away, this is a good story for reading to them before bedtime as it is all about the little bear and all the other animals in the book getting ready for bed. About the book Bedtime For Little Bears! is a 32 page hardback book written by David Bedford and illustrated by Caroline Pedler. The book was first published in 2007 by Little Tiger Press. The cover of the book is really well illustrated with the book being a dark blue colour for the night sky, at the bottom the baby Polar Bear is show on the back of the mother Polar Bear as they explore before going to bed. Story Bedtime For Little Bears! is based around the Polar Bear cub who at the end of a long day exploring is still not tired and would like more time to explore in the snow. Mother Bear decides to take the little Bear out to see what other animals are getting ready for bed in an attempt to tire out the little Bear. Over the course of the 32 pages in the book little Bear gets to see what other animals are doing before going to bed including the owl who is stretching her wings, baby hare having a bath in the snow and little fox being cuddled to sleep by his ...

Indesit BAN12NF 07/06/2011

An excellent and reliable fridge freezer

Indesit BAN12NF When we moved to our house more than three years ago we needed to buy a few new appliances for our kitchen including a new fridge freezer. It needed to be big enough for a young family but also within our tight budget which we had set for moving to our new home, especially as there were so many other expenses to think about at the time. After looking about at a few fridge freezers we opted for the Indesit BAN12NF 260 litre frost free fridge freezer which we bought from Currys. Although available in white we opted for the silver version of this fridge freezer as it was the one that was going to fit in with all the other appliances in our kitchen. This particular fridge freezer has an energy efficiency rating of A, which means that this fridge freezer is one of the most energy efficient on the market which was certainly one of the things that sold this fridge freezer to us. Another selling point was the fact that this Indesit fridge freezer was completely frost free meaning that there would be no build up of ice inside the fridge or freezer, meaning no defrosting needed here. I believe that this is a huge plus as defrosting any freezer has to be one of the most dreary jobs available. Price and availability We bought this Indesit fridge freezer in Currys over three years ago and from memory it was about £300. Having a look online I can see that this model is available in Currys at the moment for £279.99. It is listed at the same price with Dixons, £299.99 with Comet ...

Melissa & Doug Slice and Bake Cookie Set 03/06/2011

Melissa & Doug Cookie Set

Melissa & Doug Slice and Bake Cookie Set I had previously came across a couple of items from the Melissa & Doug range and been very impressed with the quality of the items. With this in mind I had a look online at the various items they offered and spotted the Melissa & Doug Slice and Bake Cookie Set. Young children seem to love pretending that they are making things with pretend food, I certainly have seen that my children like to make things and serve them up to each other and anyone else who is about so this set seemed ideal. This cookie set looked really good and something that would fit in well with the cottage my daughter has in the backroom of our house which has a play cooker in it. What is in the box? The Melissa & Doug cookie set comes complete with twelve cookies which are made out of wood and twelve toppings for the cookies which are again made out of a nice quality wood. The toppings are either white or brown and are painted with sprinkles, icing or what look like small sweets, so that your children can serve different kinds of cookies to each other. The cookies and toppings fit together with the Velcro which are attached to them, these are easy for your children to put together and are also easy for them to separate when they want to. Also in the box you get a baking tray which the cookies can be attached to, again with Velcro. There is also a small oven glove for your children to wear, for them to use to put the tray in and out of their pretend oven, a wooden knife to slice the toppings ...

Tesco Wooden Train Set 31/05/2011

Can I have a shot Daddy?

Tesco Wooden Train Set I believe that every little boy should get a train set to play with so when I spotted the Tesco 56 piece wooden train set, available for the price of £10 when I was browsing for Christmas presents for my children it was one of the first things that I picked up. The box does state that the train set is suitable for ages 3+ which seems to be the standard on any toy, but I reckoned it looked suitable for my son who was not quite two when I bought it. And for anyone who is thinking it, yes I also believed that it looked like it would be a fun toy for me to play along with together with my son. What's in the box? When you open the wooden train set box there are 56 wooden pieces which I believe is excellent for £10. Included are 22 pieces of wooden track which are made out of real wood as well as a large plastic bridge which builds into the track as well for the train to be pushed along. When fitted together the track does not take up too much room which is good if your house is overrun with toys like ours seems to be most of the time. Also in the box you get one little train and three differently coloured carriages which all attach to each other magnetically, you can also buy extra trains or carriages in Tesco if you want to add extras to the set. There are also six wooden signs which include a stop sign and a traffic light sign and there are some wooden buildings, four wooden people and six wooden trees to make up the scenery. All of the pieces in the box are of a ...

EDF Energy 27/05/2011

Customer service still exists!

EDF Energy I realise that utility companies do not make the most interesting of subjects to review but I felt the need to do one on EDF energy as I have recently had a couple of good customer service experiences with them. It may seem like simple things that they have done but it is nice to know that one of the big 6 energy companies appears to want to offer their customers a good service. Who are EDF Energy? EDF Energy were created in 2002 when the French energy company bought over Seeboard, London Energy and SWEB energy. EDF Energy are one of the so called big 6 energy companies which also includes British Gas, EON, Npower, Scottish and Southern and Scottish Power. I am always shopping around to try and save on utilities and insurances and have been with four of these companies at some point over the last few years so have experienced a few of the companies customer services or sometimes perhaps a lack of it. Why EDF Energy? As mentioned above I am always on the lookout for a cheaper deal and decided to look at my options for Gas and Electric especially as my previous supplier Scottish and Southern had promised me a cheap deal only to hike my direct debits twice in quick succession as they, in my opinion, had quoted me direct debits thet were far too low to try and entice me in. I decided this time to look myself online at my options and compare prices of all the various companies. EDF Energy were coming out with the biggest savings for me and were also offering a ...

Apple iPod shuffle MB227ZO/A 1 GB Second Generation 20/05/2011

I love to shuffle

Apple iPod shuffle MB227ZO/A 1 GB Second Generation As much as I admire people who are super motivated and are able to get themselves up and out exercising without any problems, I am definitely one of those who needs some motivation in the form of music while I am out running. It's not that I wouldn't go out a run without music, just that if I do then I become bored a lot easier and will end up out for a shorter time, covering less distance. When I decided that I needed to get myself back into some sort of exercise regime after a good couple of years without doing much exercise, I went out and bought myself an Apple iPod shuffle 1 GB. Having owned, and enjoyed using, a previous version of the iPod shuffle a few years earlier I believed that it would be a safe choice to plump for this iPod to help me with my training and keep me motivated. HOW MUCH DOES THIS COST? My iPod shuffle 1 GB cost me £40 to buy but I have had it for a while now. Although this version still retails for about the same price, you can now pick up an Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB for about the same price which I think is excellent value for money. WHAT DO YOU GET IN THE BOX? When you open the box there are just a few things in there. As well as the most important part which is the iPod shuffle you will get the connector stand which helps you to both connect your iPod to your computer and to charge your iPod. You also get a set of headphones, which do the job without being anything spectacular. You should also get a couple of booklets in the box ... 19/05/2011

Grab yourself a bargain on INTRO Livingsocial is one of the growing band of website's which offer consumers cut price deals through group buying. The company is based in Washington D. C. and offers various local deals accross USA and Europe so that you can pick and choose deals close to where you stay. LivingSocial is a relatively new brand offering its first daily deal in July 2009 and growing to an amazing 26 million+ email subscribers worldwide now. This does seem huge although I guess the majority of that number are in the USA. I joined the site a few months ago at the same time as I joined a few other group buying sites, subscribing to the site's email alerts for Glasgow deals and more recently Glasgow family deals as well. Up until now livingsocial is the only one that I have purchased from and I aim to give you my opinion based on my experience so far. HOW IT WORKS When you sign up to you will enter your email address and pick your city from the list on the site. Your email address will then be used to send you a link to the daily deal on offer for your city of your choice. These deals will give you hugeley discounted offers for various things like restaurants, beauty treatments, spa days, hotel stays, yoga courses, days out and a whole list of other random things. If you wish to buy any of the offers then you can login on the livingsocial site using your email address and a password that you will have set up on registration. Once logged in you can then make ...
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